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    Chell Lewis40 menit yang lalu

    Superhead and lil Wayne type of ish

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    Javier V.41 menit yang lalu

    Don’t Fall For False Prophets Masquerading Themselves As “Woke” or “Born Again Christian” They’re Still Doing The Anti Christ’s Bidding Tricking You ‼️ The Lord Jesus Christ Is The Truth, NOBODY ELSE

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    Tyriq The Pharaoh41 menit yang lalu


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    I Got 5 On It42 menit yang lalu

    That red koolaide Trump and Kanye are passing a mf.😂😂😂😂

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    wonderfullee 12342 menit yang lalu

    What man of class and composure. In order for Fizz to feel good about what he is doing he has to downplay relationship with Omarion. He knows it's a snake move. Peroiddd

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    onejohnangelo43 menit yang lalu

    Quarter Mexican..... This guy is in a sad place

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    BettyJean Coleman43 menit yang lalu

    Vendetta? Yall ever heard of the truth. Sometimes people just tell their story and what happened. His age doesnt matter. Point is it happened and that man has the right to tel the truth and his oen story. Mooney also isnt running he has Alzheimer's so the timing leaves him with an inability to fight back but again, doesnt back track from another mans truth

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    Jerry Billett43 menit yang lalu

    These 2 bodied Eminem with that slim shady diss track. Real rap fans know this fact.

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    TG3 Grant44 menit yang lalu

    Cuz yo security got a gun you feel you can talk shit, sucka , corny ass man

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    coldstne145 menit yang lalu

    Michael Franzese is the real Michael Corleone! I could listen to Michael recount his schemes and being a made man all day... he’s the real deal not some Hollywood storyline!

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    Don Doe45 menit yang lalu

    Vlad did what suckas do. Colin is no Muhammad Ali sir.

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    ScoeLaFlare45 menit yang lalu

    Hope jonny beat the shit out this dude 😂

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    John M45 menit yang lalu

    He said yooo I’m done that’s just what it is 😂

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    TheKing613248 menit yang lalu

    Micheal Jordan’s dad was murdered because Micheal has a huge gambling problem and owed money to some scary guys. There’s a reason why he retired and came back.

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    BuiltLegendzTV48 menit yang lalu

    As a black man I must admit this Kaepernick situation is aggravating. These characters make him into a MLK or Malcolm X but in actuality how could you be the voice of the people if you was willing to take money from an institution to shut up about what you stand for. The real revolutionary leaders would have never.

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    J.P. Rivera48 menit yang lalu

    If hes a trump supporter that fucks kids too the elite and the cia r the true rapists drug dealers and most definitely kid fuckers peice of shit bitch

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    Manuel Garza49 menit yang lalu

    Before there was Eminem there was MK Ultra! lol 😆I remember that Max got flows 4 $ho!👍👍

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    D Roc49 menit yang lalu

    “Damn nick you talk too damn much!” She left your ass cause you too soft!! You got lucky and she was lonely on some type level and needed a person she felt safe with. Annnndddd em hit your wife up without requiring an 18year commitment. 😆 Annnddd if you wanna find someone you there is always a way with your statue. So don’t play that game!! Your soft like a 🥨.

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    Kudoe Edney51 menit yang lalu

    Them mf good Vlad !!!!

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    DuuudeMaaan51 menit yang lalu

    Rico too funny

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    Thelonious Sheafe53 menit yang lalu

    This is the second time I saw the interview not knowing that I saw it in its entirety the first time that I watched it before

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    Robert Gibbs53 menit yang lalu

    He was Satan's puppets Satan was using him he came out of nowhere like Houdini he did get caught he's facing aggravated robbery and kidnapping charges the scumbags name is Donald Moses if that girl hadn't escaped from the trunk he would have killed her for sure God was with her through the situation but at least the police caught the Devil he's locked up

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    chris rucker53 menit yang lalu

    This whole idea of being a "guest in hip hop" is nothing but gatekeeping bullshit

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    Wakeuptheblacknation54 menit yang lalu

    VLad stfu and let the man speak

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    Wakeuptheblacknation55 menit yang lalu

    Michael J White don’t get the respect he deserves

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    Haks Hustle56 menit yang lalu

    Real question & tbh I couldn’t care less about Trump or any of that stuff but what racist things has Trump actually said? Even the Mexico thing, didn’t he specifically say we want them to send their finest, we welcome the good individuals but the criminals we need to keep them out? I could be bugging or maybe people rather read headlines but I’m sure he even said they’re many fine Mexicans who are incredible people... I’m just asking though, what racist comments has he actually made?

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    aaronvod57 menit yang lalu

    Sadly I have 🤣🤣😂😂😂

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    Tyson Jordan57 menit yang lalu

    Dude honestly, if your going to sit there and try and argue a point with people they weren’t there.. then I’m stopping watching this shit. A dj trying to tell real gangsters what other gangsters did and did not do. Instead of trying to argue and be right about everything how about letting others opinions be spoke? Why ask him a fucking question if you think your know the answer more then they do. Man this is getting real stupid... real quick.

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    Zoes Dada58 menit yang lalu

    No one is more corrupt than American law enforcement.

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    Jasonjjw west58 menit yang lalu

    I love Boston because of the Irish! They keep it real! 😂😂😂

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    Kudoe Edney59 menit yang lalu

    Gotta fuck with nick, nick shit hit.

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    aaronvodJam Yang lalu

    No it’s funny that she said uncle Fizz , their kids (yes even fizz and Moniece’s son ) called the adults uncle and aunt( uncle fizz , uncle o , auntie apryl) . They’ve been to birthday parties , baby showers etc . These kids have been around each other as cousins ,and now they see their mom dating Uncle Fizz ,and Fizz’s son is seeing him date Auntie Apryl , Uncle O’s ex .

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    ClassicJam Yang lalu

    She is so precious. Hurts to hear that she had to go through that.

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    James EdwardJam Yang lalu

    I heard Vlad is starting up the Vlad Informant Family, it’s going to be a bunch of reporters and informants for the FBI.

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    West WestJam Yang lalu

    Bigg Tray Deee a real one

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    Rory JonesJam Yang lalu

    This country is a republic bruh!

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    TheRossini72Jam Yang lalu

    I will say it again, truth is hard to handle, opinions are what people want the truth to be..

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    Kudoe EdneyJam Yang lalu

    I really like Vlad but bro you saying you got 2 guys with guns and making you mad bc he isn’t dick riding, so what, that mean you gotta keep working everybody don’t know vlad Lord Jamar if you see this comment you better get on his ass, you got me disappointed with this one Vlad.

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    Claudio StivalettiJam Yang lalu

    too many hits to the head like all the ufc guys! Shit for brains! Makes a psycho bitch porn star pregnant and votes for trump as a being a mexican. LOL ! fucking idiot

  40. author

    TheeRealSIZZLEJam Yang lalu

    He gets hit in the head for a living and made babies with a dope fiend porn star.....I don't need political advice from him👍

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    KyraGucciGamezJam Yang lalu

    Yea he a lil suspect

  42. author

    Tae2RealJam Yang lalu

    He had the act the whole thing out 😂😂😭

  43. author

    Psychotask1Jam Yang lalu

    God dammit ! So what the hell happened already ! Who the fck kill this guy and how ?

  44. author

    Jason MaxJam Yang lalu

    what if Suge kicked Snoop ass when he told his security not to come up too

  45. author

    T MolyneauxJam Yang lalu

    mcnuggets got that money because he isn't a stupid bald fuck of a wrestler

  46. author

    Citizen ShaneJam Yang lalu

    Steven A. Is just that dude. He was dolo but Vlad had security.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  47. author

    Ricky DixonJam Yang lalu

    I think you are so beautiful, Pussy Cat.

  48. author

    Royal Princeton And FamilyJam Yang lalu

    That’s why the bills lost them 4 Super Bowls lol and he killed Jordan daddy 😂😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

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    Jasonjjw westJam Yang lalu

    This clowns defended China? WTF?! Ignorant asses.

  50. author

    M. WillJam Yang lalu

    I understand why she did what I did.

  51. author

    Millions Social MediaJam Yang lalu

    Laundering money in today’s day and age isn’t that difficult. Just get a bunch of money, put some laundry detergent over it, and throw it in the dishwasher. Woala!!! You’ve just laundered money.

  52. author

    John WickJam Yang lalu

    Lmao when Kodak get out he finna snap on her azz mock my words!

  53. author

    traci fridayJam Yang lalu

    Godfrey you are a mess

  54. author

    leo barringtonJam Yang lalu

    Knowledge is power! Thanks Godfrey ✊🏿

  55. author

    J. Eric SandovalJam Yang lalu

    People and their goddamn CYNICISM are so weak. Kaepernick was right from the giddy.

  56. author

    Demond BrownJam Yang lalu

    Em pistol wit niggas nic betta stop playin

  57. author

    flysocietyJam Yang lalu

    I'll launder my money by burying it in the backyard. You really don't need banks if you getting money on a large scale

  58. author

    Señor EloteroJam Yang lalu

    My 5 yo niece interviews her imaginary friend better than Vlad with anyone

  59. author

    tayonnatJam Yang lalu

    Scorpio ♏️ shii

  60. author

    Pish DemJam Yang lalu

    Steven A Smith is the Man😂😂😂

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    Dolls BillJam Yang lalu

    Police vlad feeling got hurt bout to cry...I’m not some random blogger

  62. author

    codys worldJam Yang lalu

    But because a black person invented it doesn't mean it's only for blacks. Jus like what whites invented doesn't mean it's only for whites

  63. author

    DJ BLESS 1NEJam Yang lalu

    he always was a sucka...

  64. author

    Endtimes Support GroupJam Yang lalu

    PAC had a social message “I fucked yr wife” nice social message. Intelligent writing creates intelligent listeners. Big wins every time.

  65. author

    Knowledge VariableJam Yang lalu

    was there an edit when asked about Austria?

  66. author

    DononyJam Yang lalu

    Did son say Trump is "very genuine"???

  67. author

    Abdi IbrahimJam Yang lalu

    it's clear he settled up nipsy hustle

  68. author

    Dolls BillJam Yang lalu

    Vlad tryna divide and conquer tryna play 2 brothers against each other...with the max k joke...sound like police tactics to me.... vlad the police 👮‍♀️

  69. author

    Ariel SanchezJam Yang lalu

    Icebk wtf bro. NOT COOL!

  70. author

    Wes WesJam Yang lalu

    Dam my ears hurt by listening this squirrel 🐿

  71. author

    Lamonte HallJam Yang lalu

    Our generation Malcolm X ✊🗣

  72. author

    aaronvodJam Yang lalu

    I’m not Christian per say but I grew up in that environment and even if I didn’t agree with the antics , the artist my mom listened to ( yolanda Adams , mahalia Jackson (she scared me her voice is hauntingly beautiful ) , Shirley ceaser, Donnie McClurkin , etc) had that feeling , that message , it was the only way I could really grasp what Christianity meant for them . They had a way of spreading the word . Koonye, Cultye , Jimye Jones ( lol) nah I can’t do that . That’s some blasphemous shit man. Remember when ppl had the Beyoncé church services too ? Your religion is your business however this is very disrespectful imo that’s like me going and making a gospel album knowing I’m not Christian and trying to market it and be all in the church corrupting shit . I understand some people change and they find their way , but this , something isn’t clean in the buttermilk.

  73. author

    _Saucyam _Jam Yang lalu

    He had Mark Sanchez fumble the ball in the jets vs patriots game

  74. author

    TheRossini72Jam Yang lalu

    I told people that over the years ,folks trying to smoke anywhere outside in's a county thing here.

  75. author

    Matt CumminsJam Yang lalu

    Look at this man, 70 years of age A true gentleman and one heck of a made man, in my opinion the best wise guy too ever live. Hats off too ya OG billionaire gangster

  76. author

    J.P. RiveraJam Yang lalu

    This is where the he will fuck diddy came from

  77. author

    Kia Mocha WilliamsJam Yang lalu

    Nivea... I LOVE YOU GIRL💕💕💖💜💕💕. Blessings to you and your kids. May you be GREATER & EVENMORE AMAZING THAN EVER B4

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    Jorge LealJam Yang lalu

    Vlad is a russian agent!!!

  79. author

    stavros RabchenckoJam Yang lalu

    Hes a cool cat this guy

  80. author

    Wes WesJam Yang lalu

    I believe him. Dre is soft

  81. author

    nabali the oniJam Yang lalu

    Damn I ain't know zias had blinking problems.whay causes that?

  82. author

    Biggie RozayJam Yang lalu

    Tooka the best out

  83. author

    Tyrene WatkinsJam Yang lalu

    Smart move 313

  84. author

    Ben ShippinJam Yang lalu

    But he had that 90’s crack money...

  85. author

    Dee DixonJam Yang lalu

    I only clicked on this to see what hes got on his fucking head... looool. Why would you haha

  86. author

    AfuBloxJam Yang lalu

    So how many cocaine did he snort

  87. author

    777 BlackJam Yang lalu

    Vlad you have 3.6 subscribers..You don’t have 3 million viewers watching every episode...

  88. author

    Demond BrownJam Yang lalu

    Ja got 50 stab n more than likely paid that shooter that shit was real

  89. author

    Killa SkrillaJam Yang lalu

    I never really fucked wit boosie music but he definitely one of my favorite artist regardless. He a real one.

  90. author

    visionaryJam Yang lalu

    MUCH RESPECT To No Malice! Much Respect, MUCH RESPECT

  91. author

    Cohen DavisJam Yang lalu

    I use to be Micheal's enforcement back in the day -T. K. Kirkland

  92. author

    A KJam Yang lalu

    He held out for the money? Wat happened to I don't want to fight my friend? Ya didn't say shit about that now did he cos all the sudden he got a new excuse lol

  93. author

    Killa SkrillaJam Yang lalu

    Lol at the generation born after 96 that wears skinny jeans, lipstick and nailpolish, purses and gets very offended at anything you say, get their feelings hurt and go and pop a bunch of presctiption pills to kill the pain... But then again its our fault. We shoulda guided the youth, we fucked up. Fucked up thing is these lil emotional fuckboys got automatic machine guns too. So if you try to tell em something they might get offended and shoot you.

  94. author

    --Jam Yang lalu

    Son of bitch respect our women

  95. author

    Whatta VlogJam Yang lalu

    I just bought a 1911 for $100, so yeah, I'm sure anyone can get a Hi-Point for $20.. P.S. I don't live in Chicago.

  96. author

    Deejay HudsonJam Yang lalu

    AHA! Detective Vlad Cracking The Case!

  97. author

    Tito RochaJam Yang lalu

    Hey vlad guess what smith doesn’t even remember that interaction how does that make you feel?

  98. author

    John MJam Yang lalu

    First thing John said was ... what?? The blonde mustache 💀😂😂😂

  99. author

    DeShauneJam Yang lalu

    Black men don’t ch-

  100. author

    Personal_Rarity DuchessJam Yang lalu

    This bitch is Raw jus like me Especially at the End 💯👌🏽❤️