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    Alles KunstMenit Yang lalu

    zarya always sounded to me like: "I'm going for gatovnistie" which actually sounds like a german word haha maybe it's because I'm Form Germany? idk

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    Arian H3 menit yang lalu

    Out of all games in history this has to be the one where people take every little bit serious and try and expert so many things.... if you change one little thing the community notices and usually hates it

  3. author

    anne lmaooo5 menit yang lalu

    courtney looks drunk, ian looks tired the girl with purple hair looks sober.

  4. author

    Kevin Weichert5 menit yang lalu

    Why does that first kid look like he's Freddy Mercury's kid

  5. author

    Pc Gamer5 menit yang lalu

    He should do reaper and habanero it would be pretty good

  6. author

    Bob Barker6 menit yang lalu

    What did you achieve in your life? i'M aN aCcEnTs ExPeRt

  7. author

    Ken Rehill7 menit yang lalu

    He has become the leader of the free world.

  8. author

    Iron wolf 20058 menit yang lalu

    This is really bad

  9. author

    Toya Sr8 menit yang lalu

    I heard that cats meows are actually used only for humans and they have a different way of communicating with other cats which isn't as vocal. Would this mean that when the cat was left alone and persistently meowed it was calling out to its owner?

  10. author

    Rakunx9 menit yang lalu

    I LOVE how his name is “Currie” 😂 (Curry)

  11. author

    sleepy_elle9 menit yang lalu

    this is actually really amazing. way more interesting than i thought it’d be

  12. author

    RurouniPedro9 menit yang lalu

    Some men just want to watch the world burn.

  13. author

    Nick Hartley11 menit yang lalu

    Give up on chilli's and grow Marijuana again man. Spicy buds

  14. author

    suu11 menit yang lalu

    All science is flexible in hypothesis

  15. author

    KAIJU MECHA11 menit yang lalu

    Just give him an ordinary shoes..it’s more like showcase for the shoes, rather than the real marathon

  16. author

    SelectionLP13 menit yang lalu

    Well it's simple. Never bite the hand that feeds you.

  17. author

    Frogwell13 menit yang lalu

    Just looking at it, it doesn’t look safe to eat. I CANNOT handle spicy food. I can’t even handle a jalapeño. But I do wanna try a California reaper Liek as in stab it with a toothpick and lick the tip of it. I’d never eat a whole one

  18. author

    Bonny Bonny15 menit yang lalu

    Nobody:......... History: No human has ever run a sub 2hr marathon Kipchoge: Say no more Haters: Aaah! its the shoe

  19. author

    Bill Kong17 menit yang lalu

    Oh god the two profs sparring was cringey. White dude just wants to sell his paper but Black dude was not letting white dude get away with it

  20. author

    Water lily18 menit yang lalu

    I actually saw the strawberries as gray at first, but they quickly became more and more red overtime, weird.

  21. author

    Srirag Sankar Sreedevi19 menit yang lalu

    so dark, DC comics want to meet you 😂

  22. author

    Jeraimie22 menit yang lalu

    I don’t know why, but I just discovered this series, and I love it.

  23. author

    M.B.B23 menit yang lalu

    And what would happen if you cross breed a Carolina reaper with another/equally hot pepper?

  24. author

    Bill Kong26 menit yang lalu

    He should have introduced compact spaces at some point to talk about compact dimensions

  25. author

    kcwflare on yt26 menit yang lalu

    also centrifugal force right

  26. author

    Dhavamanee Ganesh26 menit yang lalu

    How to explain "I don't know" in 5 different levels 😂(no offense) ?

  27. author

    John McPhillips27 menit yang lalu

    Dude there’s like 43 quintillion possible positions much more than a few billion

  28. author

    Gio2797Gaming B.28 menit yang lalu

    EA - surprise mechanics Me - NO!

  29. author

    Ammar Yassir28 menit yang lalu

    "you have to be a spitter or a swallower"

  30. author

    Bianca Figueroa28 menit yang lalu

    The books to spiderwick chronicles better

  31. author

    Nuno The Dude28 menit yang lalu

    Cats : Intorverts Dogs : extroverts

  32. author

    John McLachlan29 menit yang lalu

    you remind me of gregg turkington

  33. author

    SoyNutsAndKale31 menit yang lalu

    Fish and chips, Fish and chips, Fish and chips, Fish and Chips

  34. author

    Cao Ji Bai31 menit yang lalu

    And they say white people couldnt eat spicy food

  35. author

    Elian Rodriguez34 menit yang lalu

    This man can chug lava

  36. author

    Indy Keningar34 menit yang lalu

    "i don't believe there's such thing as bass and tenor and stuff" but... That's not how it works?

  37. author

    viewtube.35 menit yang lalu

    I love this guy's vids. but this one sucked, sorry.

  38. author

    Lisa R35 menit yang lalu

    I put a reaper next to my Thai chili laden dinner dish and my Thai food turned into a glacier and slid off the table and onto the floor coming to a rest underneath the table. Then my reaper burned a hole thru my table and melted my Thai dish so that I could eat it. I never have my camera when crazy stuff happens.

  39. author

    ALicia c36 menit yang lalu

    This is why immigrants are good.

  40. author

    Chris Scott38 menit yang lalu

    Love the videos Eric. You should online training courses. It's so fascinating to hear these subtle nuances.

  41. author

    CrashArenaTurboFan39 menit yang lalu

    It's very possible to score a corner kick goal, add a ton of left or right spin and hit it kinda hard. Simple

  42. author

    EGO〆 ANDY40 menit yang lalu

    Did you heard about lavangi mirchi 😏😂

  43. author

    SoyNutsAndKale41 menit yang lalu

    “Do I really need both my kidneys?” Me: Boi

  44. author

    My Guise43 menit yang lalu

    There’s something to be said here about blissful ignorance.. That kid came to just as many conclusions as the expert did, just in a much less roundabout way. (I love physics with all my heart, but I’m also a cynic... Burn me at the stake)

  45. author

    Madtrack43 menit yang lalu

    Bruh the shoe switched colour mid way while I was looking at it

  46. author

    Samuel Medrea44 menit yang lalu

    Its nice to see him admitting that Fisher was right 👍

  47. author

    Diaz Hirano45 menit yang lalu

    5:45 I'm gonna wipe out this whole universe

  48. author

    Survivalist Redo46 menit yang lalu

    I swear I saw this video a few years ago

  49. author

    itsw4d346 menit yang lalu

    **sad Lucas and Dustin noises**

  50. author

    social media46 menit yang lalu

    Why is he sounds like Jensen Ackles a lil bit?

  51. author

    common man49 menit yang lalu

    Biological torture method research.

  52. author

    A B50 menit yang lalu

    9:56 how it feels when I try and get inside the wife after a scotch night.

  53. author

    Madtrack52 menit yang lalu

    Bruh when the put the filter on the paper objects they look grey. I’m not joking. I feel like I have some optical deficiencies.

  54. author

    Daniel Hayek54 menit yang lalu

    This series is great but the theme music has always seemed off to me. It feels like interludes for an uptight drama piece, doesn’t quite fit the mood.

  55. author

    Madtrack55 menit yang lalu

    Bruh to me they do look like gray.

  56. author

    PDX LockPicker55 menit yang lalu

    I wanna know how do you remove an intermediary like a bank. And say you're cutting out a middle man, but you introduce another intermediary like coinbase?

  57. author

    Alex Zevach55 menit yang lalu

    6:38 that was breathtaking.

  58. author

    NaZoTo57 menit yang lalu

    The shoe looks grey and teal then i stared at it it longer and it adjusted to pink and white... I did not even look away

  59. author

    Hirnlego99957 menit yang lalu

    If you think cats are antisocial, maybe it’s you, scientists find www.washingtonpost.com/science/2019/01/16/if-you-think-cats-are-antisocial-maybe-its-you-scientists-find/

  60. author

    Superdupper Me58 menit yang lalu

    There's no aliens period. God created the universe and he knows all the stars by name and he created us humans to live on this planet called earth and it's no coincidence that earth harbors life unlike other planets

  61. author

    joneslaakso59 menit yang lalu

    Annoying female reporter.

  62. author

    oxy Gh0stツJam Yang lalu

    who is the guy in the middle

  63. author

    ALIEN REd WOLfJam Yang lalu

    Had 8 fresh Reapers in a row at the first annual Melbourne Chilli Eating Comp.... Came 3rd after vomiting into my hands and rubbing it my eyes accidentally. FML.

  64. author

    Arcadio 238Jam Yang lalu

    How does this man ever use the restroom

  65. author

    Korina GaonaJam Yang lalu

    Maika Monroe could so be her twin!

  66. author

    Event HorizonJam Yang lalu

    Btw, most people HATE coconut. I hope the taste isnt in there.

  67. author

    Brandon IveyJam Yang lalu

    Lesson Learned: Man breeds hot peppers to get high

  68. author

    Garen GopherJam Yang lalu

    Imagine having to rub one out in space and having your load floating around

  69. author

    J L C YJam Yang lalu

    i’m out of breath just watching this video

  70. author

    Kavitha MothaJam Yang lalu

    Btw did you die your hair and YES!? Your perfact

  71. author

    James TimlinJam Yang lalu

    This man has alien technology for intestines! He turns the hottest over to the medical community. Which medical community? The Defense Department Medical Community? Weaponize the hottest peppers in the world! What an economical weapon for the government to purchase.

  72. author

    Code MauveJam Yang lalu

    6th Level of Difficulty: "Beep boop bop bop beeeeeeeeep boop bop"

  73. author

    Mikayla KennedyJam Yang lalu

    who’s gonna feed Phil

  74. author

    Long Lê NhậtJam Yang lalu

    this doesn't help much. I would just stop my car and cry. So confusing

  75. author

    Roland TexJam Yang lalu


  76. author

    Dan NguyenJam Yang lalu

    North England saying "cut your foot". If he didn't spell it out I wouldn't know what they were saying.

  77. author

    Lane ShaefferJam Yang lalu

    It’s crazy to me how they can breed plants like this lmao

  78. author

    Papa_miaJam Yang lalu

    After he finished, he even ran another sub 2hr marathon as his celebration. Legend.

  79. author

    Joey SongJam Yang lalu

    If you want it hotter, fly down to NE region of India.

  80. author

    Always Falling ShortJam Yang lalu

    Musicians speak in a way that bewilders me. It feels so abstract and unintuitive.

  81. author

    Matthew GrahamJam Yang lalu

    I don’t want to be racist but black people are normaly faster

  82. author

    Codi JohnstonJam Yang lalu

    Why does Mille’s outfit remind me of my modern studies teachers outfit 😂😂😂 ... (Not saying I hate Millie 🤪 love all the cast of stranger thingzzzzz xx)

  83. author

    NaldificJam Yang lalu

    This guy can talk me into killing myself.

  84. author

    surgeJam Yang lalu

    As a die hard heat lover this man is my hero

  85. author

    Gadolini RutherfordiumJam Yang lalu

    The heat changes with watering. Less water means more heat.

  86. author

    Bayyinah98Jam Yang lalu

    I dont think god intended urine Flying around outer space

  87. author

    Mr DeathMatch GamesJam Yang lalu

    por que IDreporter me recomienda esto recien ahora? jaja gran pelicula n.n

  88. author

    Ray CharlesJam Yang lalu

    He has become death, destroyer of anuses

  89. author

    Shayla NGOJam Yang lalu

    gangs:aye, yo, do u..ah *smoke* ? Melody:uh, yeah gangs:OoOOoh what type Melody: ah, you know... *whispers* BUBBLES... gangs:yooOoooOoOoOo

  90. author

    Jayden LawsonJam Yang lalu

    Homer Simpson ate the Carolina Reaper

  91. author

    Matthew YimJam Yang lalu

    I'm lost at level one, then this kid comes along and shows me up...

  92. author

    Minko XVJam Yang lalu

    This man has people pay him to hurt them. He has the ability to make some of the hottest peppers in the world, and people want to eat it. That's the most evil super villain thing I've heard.

  93. author

    neo neuJam Yang lalu

    I thought pepper x is the hottest

  94. author

    Thando MntungwaJam Yang lalu

    What are we gonna do if we actually find them.....

  95. author

    mg towJam Yang lalu

    I loved seeing that liberal in pain in the begging.

  96. author

    ZackieJam Yang lalu

    When he said comp meant competition, I felt that ✊😔

  97. author

    Masekle PS4Jam Yang lalu

    So the cure for people have large hearts is in space?

  98. author

    Lars HaJam Yang lalu

    Man this guy is called currie and makes hot peppers