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David Dobrik Too
David Dobrik Too

Hi! I'm David Dobrik (obviously)! Welcome to my second channel! Here you won't find any vlogs but you'll see videos with my family: Scotty Sire, Liza, Zane and Heath, Toddy Smith, Alex Ernst, Big Nik, and many others! We'll be making you LAUGH and CRY with challenges, reaction videos, PO BOX openings! Subscribe for weekly videos :) Love you.



2 tahun yang lalu



2 tahun yang lalu



2 tahun yang lalu



2 tahun yang lalu



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3 tahun yang lalu



3 tahun yang lalu

  1. author

    Leah Hussain7 menit yang lalu

    360 challenge watch this whilst In bed

  2. author

    No No20 menit yang lalu

    This was posted one day before my birthday:)

  3. author

    Axel Servin33 menit yang lalu

    Wait Natalie still David's assistant still? What happened

  4. author

    dan and shay54 menit yang lalu

    I haven’t watched in 2 years and for past 5 days it’s been “omg I hope I don’t run out of videos”

  5. author

    Sawyer RogersJam Yang lalu

    RIP couple

  6. author

    Charlie SluggerJam Yang lalu

    Hearing liza scream about Barney made my day

  7. author

    Julia PerdomoJam Yang lalu

    1:26 was so cute😂

  8. author

    Nurnabi SumonJam Yang lalu

    What's the name of that last song

  9. author

    TouchGroun D2 jam yang lalu

    0:58 the commitment of squatting to get a perfect shot xD while theres an emergency

  10. author

    elias Kampoory2 jam yang lalu

    Sponsored by RaiD ShadoW LegendS😂😂😂😂😂

  11. author

    Anthony Anderson2 jam yang lalu

    I wish I had a boyfriend

  12. author

    yolo2 jam yang lalu

    4:04 4:24

  13. author

    yolo2 jam yang lalu


  14. author

    Gabby Guerra2 jam yang lalu

    why tf am i barely seeing this

  15. author

    acissej a3 jam yang lalu

    1:17 the sound his tooth made 😂😂

  16. author

    Ethan Polianos3 jam yang lalu

    Japanese dude: " you got something to eat" Jason: talking about how Josh is a lesbian 😂😂

  17. author

    Dallas Gaming3 jam yang lalu

    no one;

  18. author

    Mila Dakovic3 jam yang lalu

    Help my toes just concaved at the sight of this

  19. author

    ReikokuXCM4 jam yang lalu

    Taylor is so hot

  20. author

    James Pham4 jam yang lalu

    That was erin

  21. author

    AndreS4 jam yang lalu

    anyone see the thumbnail, jason look at corinna’s ass lmao

  22. author

    Icy Army5 jam yang lalu

    Am i the only one who really wants to see jeffs dick

  23. author

    Gigi The Pup5 jam yang lalu

    I like how in the sponsorship when David was talking he couldn’t help but laugh a little after every sentence lol. 😂

  24. author

    Rileigh Mahon5 jam yang lalu

    Hey hey hey!!!!!! My teacher is Cusin’s with Jeff

  25. author

    Maddie Harper6 jam yang lalu

    i hope everyone has a good day, especially David dobrik

  26. author

    J.C BASKETBALL6 jam yang lalu

    Im your no.1 fan here in the philippines hope to meet you someday.

  27. author

    farhan omar6 jam yang lalu

    that girl is trying not to laugh cause her laugh is so ugly lol

  28. author

    Cassi Lambert6 jam yang lalu

    I remember this video.

  29. author

    Maddie Harper6 jam yang lalu

    you are my favorite person on earth

  30. author

    Maddie Harper7 jam yang lalu

    love your smile

  31. author

    Raj Gaming TV7 jam yang lalu

    David Blaine did the same trick on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, ever noticed ???

  32. author

    Dark8 jam yang lalu

    David Buys this own merch oh wow my Merch is taking off

  33. author

    Greta S8 jam yang lalu

    Esther and Sara seem really close, it’s sweet

  34. author

    Rolene Van Zyl8 jam yang lalu

    David you look beautiful I think so bye

  35. author

    jena abduwani8 jam yang lalu

    I wish i could meet you guys but i live on the opposite side of the world

  36. author

    TheJessica9 jam yang lalu

    I cried with lisa😭🤧

  37. author

    Alex Guizzotti9 jam yang lalu

    Here’s what an actual cost of a new standard Ferrari ballpark is $250,000 initial cost Taxes $ 1. Ownership fees, every 10,000 miles requires $15,000 service 2. New tires : $1,000-2,000 per wheel 3. Gas: average 13-18 mpg 4. Maintenance package $50,000-80,000 Any repair is triple the cost compared to BMW repairs Every 10,000 miles on the vehicle costs you around $20,000 or more based on buying it new and selling it used. That’s why you never buy a Ferrari even if you make millions a year. I’ve seen guys pay $75,000 for a used Lambo with 70,000 miles on it but never $250,000 for a new vehicle that is just plain stupid.

  38. author

    Melissa Crane11 jam yang lalu

    so there was a giant dangerous fire near his friends house and the title his scaring my assistant ...

  39. author

    Anisah Azad12 jam yang lalu

    He got the "I wanna put a cheerio box in my PP" FROM sml

  40. author

    Lenerd Hd13 jam yang lalu

    When he is talking about his ads... He always is on the brink of bursting into the biggest laughter ever..

  41. author

    kalibxr13 jam yang lalu

    erins reaction for the paintings is the bestttt

  42. author

    WingedKuribros14 jam yang lalu

    damn this video was crazy high

  43. author

    marina putrus15 jam yang lalu

    where does David say that Liza is his best friend? I wanna watch it

  44. author

    Niki Magfirah Febrilla16 jam yang lalu

    Sara looks like Bella Hadid

  45. author

    YNW Mitae16 jam yang lalu

    This man did not just take his seat and put it in the middle of a parking lot

  46. author

    Christopher Vaughn16 jam yang lalu

    He looks like he in an ambulance

  47. author

    MightyBacca PvP17 jam yang lalu

    Durte dom is a dirty motha fucka. Fuck him

  48. author

    Hi_its_ me_ Bye_bye17 jam yang lalu

    i miss this.

  49. author

    Lulus Drawings17 jam yang lalu

    Can u pls get back with Liza I just cried after watching ur break up video

  50. author

    B&Ë Fámïłÿ 177618 jam yang lalu

    Omgg 4:09 when he says everything it sounds exactly like it did in drake and josh 😂😂💓

  51. author

    Ciomara Villela18 jam yang lalu

    That was where they broke up😭

  52. author

    Skc Productions19 jam yang lalu

    I’m very smexy

  53. author

    Skc Productions19 jam yang lalu


  54. author

    Skc Productions19 jam yang lalu

    David let me work for youuuuuuu

  55. author

    Joy Sierra19 jam yang lalu

    Oh how I miss this 🥺

  56. author

    Dylan20 jam yang lalu

    Me (an australian currently surrounded by huge fires): haha that's cute

  57. author

    Stella Contreras20 jam yang lalu

    I miss you two being together 😞

  58. author

    Erica21 jam yang lalu

    Lol California Reaper. LOVE YOU HEATH!!❤🖤💙🧡💚💗💛💜😊🤣

  59. author

    Noob gamer22 jam yang lalu

    Thought the kid in the thumbnail was vardon

  60. author

    bryancurtislyles1223 jam yang lalu

    Thanks for these.

  61. author

    Hailey Hernandez23 jam yang lalu

    u should make long vlogs on ur first channel, instead of short clips...PLEASE

  62. author

    Idk23 jam yang lalu

    2:31 ahahah

  63. author

    Emily Rooster23 jam yang lalu

    In the begginning of the vid David sound like jojo siwa “HEYWHSFWHXYHWGAYZHDGUJKSHDUSJSG”

  64. author

    Gamez CarlosHari Yang lalu

    Idc what anyone says, she wanted to fcking pipe

  65. author

    Efrain TorresHari Yang lalu

    What is the song?

  66. author

    It’s JellyHari Yang lalu

    😭😭😭❤️ I wish i was there!! I really want to meet you all some day!

  67. author

    Katie GiordanoHari Yang lalu

    The girl with the hat, GIORDANO. Hit me up! We have the same last name.

  68. author

    Katie GiordanoHari Yang lalu

    The girl with the hat, GIORDANO. Hit me up! We have the same last name.

  69. author

    idkHari Yang lalu

    That gramma had gr8 biceps

  70. author

    Alexa ChavezHari Yang lalu

    alr alr but why is jacob hells cute 🥵🥵👊🏽

  71. author

    Timmy bucketsHari Yang lalu

    Who else heard Carly ? 😂😂😂 “get your fake id, get your fake id” 3:47

  72. author

    don't come here pleaseHari Yang lalu

    The way she looks at him...😂😂😂

  73. author

    Жопа твоего СоседаHari Yang lalu

    А вот на счёт русских женщин было обидно..

  74. author

    Lizbeth ReyesHari Yang lalu


  75. author

    Stephanie PerriHari Yang lalu

    Still my favourite couple, so much love for them!

  76. author

    Stephanie PerriHari Yang lalu

    Probably my favourite video on the internet

  77. author

    Jvhary ColemanHari Yang lalu

    If you look at David real hard doesn’t he look like the kid all grow up from that Santa Claus movies with tim Allen

  78. author

    Ibrahim AbdelhadiHari Yang lalu

    360 vlog... just saying

  79. author

    Abby WareHari Yang lalu

    Dived looks like in ediet

  80. author

    Shyrley RamosHari Yang lalu

    Is Gorge Bush lmao

  81. author

    Shyrley RamosHari Yang lalu

    Man... I miss this vibes.

  82. author

    Chelle FontanillaHari Yang lalu

    BOY BAWANG is from the PHILIPPINES 😍 Hi there Filipinos who love watching these videos.

  83. author

    Th3 W4yneTr4inHari Yang lalu

    I love david but I also only knew him as lizas BF for 2 years XD

  84. author

    Megan MillerHari Yang lalu

    please get harry styles in the vlog for carly and erin PLEASE

  85. author

    yakout el oualiHari Yang lalu

    2020 anyone ??

  86. author

    Michelle PVHari Yang lalu


  87. author

    Drew BoswellHari Yang lalu

    Is that a weed plant?

  88. author

    lo lo lifeHari Yang lalu

    0:55 couldn’t stop laughing

  89. author

    Axel KingsleyHari Yang lalu

    “Where’d you meet Gia? The swing set or the slide?”

  90. author

    Marilena PobleteHari Yang lalu

    His phone has Liza on it. So cute!!!

  91. author

    Riyad HussainHari Yang lalu

    Wasn't that Chris Evans in the blue shirt when David met RDJ? Completely ignored him 😂

  92. author

    Celeste LiveHari Yang lalu

    1:22 the one time someone out does David

  93. author

    Dimitrios FotisHari Yang lalu

    I watched good boys

  94. author

    miKro CHari Yang lalu

    Pleeeeease what is the song around 2:57 I beg of you

  95. author

    Just MikeHari Yang lalu

    Awesome show dude

  96. author

    John LeggHari Yang lalu

    You need to move Alex back in and have him in the vlogs more

  97. author

    kenyon andreanoffHari Yang lalu

    😂 love the video so fucking funny😂😂😂

  98. author

    emily hillHari Yang lalu

    Liza: Wow.......that really got me......* sniff *.... David: Is it cause ur so close to ur sister? Liza: No! It's cause I'm so close to the screen! 😂😂😂

  99. author

    emily hillHari Yang lalu

    The way she looks at him, I want someone to look at me the way liza looks at him.

  100. author

    Gabriela GarciaHari Yang lalu

    David Dobrik hangs out with so much famous people that has to start hanging out with little boys