Wow Art
Wow Art
Wow Art

Wow Art can be made in under 30 minutes using items that you probably already have around the house! No special tools or skills are required, so ANYONE can make these cute paintings ! Great fun for the entire family !
- Aluminium Foil Paintings
- Cotton Swab Paintings
- Seat Cushion Foam paintings
- Toothbrush Paintings
- Spoon Art Paintings
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I am following my dream of living as full time artist and together with your great help we well be able to create the beautiful paintings !

  1. author

    Christyna Platt31 detik yang lalu

    It’s so cool, the way that a few blobs of paint can turn into the most beautiful masterpiece! I love painting and drawing, but I could never do something like this. Mind blown!🤯

  2. author

    Zahra's Art6 menit yang lalu

    What is the size of this canvas?

  3. author

    Camila Cristina8 menit yang lalu

    Meu sonho. Mas impossível, sou uma negação no quesito pintura. Parabéns ao artista 😍👏👏👏

  4. author

    Mrvvolf9 menit yang lalu

    Wow, art!

  5. author

    Dany Reve11 menit yang lalu

    Yo lo ago todo con pincel 😌

  6. author

    Margarita Montiel16 menit yang lalu

    i’ve learned to never use black as it takes away depth of an art piece but my gosh does this artist make it work like no other

  7. author

    Poonam smart kitchen16 menit yang lalu


  8. author

    Zsuzsanna Walbaum, Levai16 menit yang lalu


  9. author

    Garda7818 menit yang lalu

    You are Very good at painting, and your artwork looks fantastic

  10. author

    xiumin zhan20 menit yang lalu

    非常漂亮!狠喜欢 !

  11. author

    ButterFly vLogs22 menit yang lalu

    Please view my channel sketch

  12. author

    Chaman Ara22 menit yang lalu

    Bhai apne toh gadar hi macha diya

  13. author

    Abhisek Chakraborty24 menit yang lalu

    Show your face

  14. author

    Аделина Гедиева35 menit yang lalu

    Wow, that's so beautiful. I'm in a swarm. As if I learn so, it's beautiful to draw

  15. author

    Thikar Nimisha36 menit yang lalu

    Wow yarr......😃😃👍👍

  16. author

    gracexedits36 menit yang lalu

    *that was so deep when I realised the children from the “then” picture was the people in the “now” picture.*

  17. author

    5기김여진37 menit yang lalu

    Really love your tree drawing

  18. author

    Miro Lopez39 menit yang lalu

    Wow love it....👍👍👍❤️

  19. author

    Ersilia Morales40 menit yang lalu

    Wooo q belleza😱imprecionamte 💓me encanta

  20. author

    Aleksandr Nekadum42 menit yang lalu

    Where is a sheep?

  21. author

    Indranil kanjilal42 menit yang lalu

    best painting ever

  22. author

    ARDUINO HUBBER43 menit yang lalu

    friend you made my day with this awsome painting

  23. author

    Evelyn Cordon54 menit yang lalu


  24. author

    Алина Мальковская57 menit yang lalu

    O my Gad

  25. author

    DrReyesLifeCoachingJam Yang lalu

    I love this! I always have big Hope's that I'll do it. But watching is just as enjoyable

  26. author

    길돌멩이Jam Yang lalu


  27. author

    Vithorya AvilaJam Yang lalu


  28. author

    bobby pukhrambamJam Yang lalu

    my drawing just like your drawing

  29. author

    Monica WheelerJam Yang lalu

    Beautiful 😍

  30. author

    Sadiq KingJam Yang lalu


  31. author

    qualifikasi 1245Jam Yang lalu

    Just ordinary

  32. author

    mig gameJam Yang lalu

    So cool☺☺☺

  33. author

    BittersweetJam Yang lalu


  34. author

    Barbara DownieJam Yang lalu


  35. author

    Quetzalli AndarioJam Yang lalu

    You're my inspiration to paint again after so much time, i wish painted like this, its awesome, i love watch your paintings!!!!! Congrats!!!

  36. author

    Maggie XJam Yang lalu

    most beautiful picture I've ever seen you drew

  37. author

    パスコバスコJam Yang lalu


  38. author

    Horm SultanJam Yang lalu

    Mashallah its look real ✌✌✌✌✌✌

  39. author

    Yesenia AmayaJam Yang lalu

    Me encanta todo lo que haces, símplemente hermoso!!😍

  40. author

    Liliana SolisJam Yang lalu

    Pink no

  41. author

    Liliana SolisJam Yang lalu

    La cago con el rosa

  42. author

    Mohit KumarJam Yang lalu


  43. author

    Deborah SmithJam Yang lalu

    What a wonderful concept and painting you've taught here. and beautiful. But sometimes I think you over-do your paintings a little. Remember our minds fill in things. I kept wanting you to stop and yell out yeah it looks great just stop painting! The fire was outstanding, but a little over done. You got to leave something to the imagination of the viewer.

  44. author

    Leah May2 jam yang lalu


  45. author

    소복쓰2 jam yang lalu

    거...거기에 타이어를 왜..?

  46. author

    linond gacita2 jam yang lalu

    Ahhh so relaxing so wonderful

  47. author

    Amelia Babapulle2 jam yang lalu

    My brain:AW SO SIMPLE MAN Eyes:too easy -_- Hand:NO WAY IM DOING THAT NEVER GUYS Legs:yay freee time

  48. author

    Эльвина Мустафина2 jam yang lalu


  49. author

    Bītch2 jam yang lalu

    Aurora boreal 🥴⭐♥️

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    Mellysp1472 jam yang lalu


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    Guadalupe Perrone2 jam yang lalu


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    HUTAN BORNEO2 jam yang lalu


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    rusee82 jam yang lalu


  54. author

    rusee82 jam yang lalu!

  55. author

    April the Cat Esquire2 jam yang lalu

    Gorgeous painting... Such wonderful techniques, I learn a lot from your videos, thank you.... Who knew Q-Tips equal stunning, beautiful trees??? Next time I need art supplies, I'll be on my way to the Drug Store!!!

  56. author

    mena2 jam yang lalu

    معقوله بس انا عربي هنا؟ العرب لايك.

  57. author

    Sinthia Islam 56562 jam yang lalu

    So nice

  58. author

    Altaf Shaikh2 jam yang lalu

    Unbelievable beauty

  59. author

    Ekaterina 12 jam yang lalu


  60. author

    Darien Lancaster2 jam yang lalu

    Reply to me if you skipped all the way to the end impatiently😀

  61. author

    Lady Art Corner2 jam yang lalu

    I really love the painting! 😍 I also do arts on my channel. Pls support me too by watching it 😊

  62. author

    لويزة مفلاح2 jam yang lalu

    جد رائعة 💖

  63. author

    Salvador Hernandez2 jam yang lalu

    Ona misipael rhoro

  64. author

    Salvador Hernandez2 jam yang lalu


  65. author

    Salvador Hernandez2 jam yang lalu


  66. author

    ItsZentra2 jam yang lalu

    I can’t emphasise how amazing your art is. This is so beautiful

  67. author

    Dayane Maciel2 jam yang lalu

    ♥️ the end song "Onde Step Closer"

  68. author

    Konen Sayyed2 jam yang lalu

    Beautiful 😍❣️

  69. author

    Anu Mortha3 jam yang lalu

    His paintings and background music will definitely make even the old and weak people to get up and enjoy the present...just it was like a new birth by giving peaceful ness ... How many of you agree ..if you agree just hit the like.or give the comment in the section below

  70. author

    Luyên Đỗ3 jam yang lalu

    Đẹp quá bác ạ

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    vicky carolina3 jam yang lalu

    I like the instrument

  72. author

    Surya iancowich YouTube3 jam yang lalu


  73. author

    Leyla Karapınar3 jam yang lalu


  74. author

    Kathy Tittle3 jam yang lalu

    I love the stucco textured wall! This art would totally adorn my living room beautifully!

  75. author

    Roselange Alves Neves3 jam yang lalu

  76. author

    Radha kalyani Chelpaka3 jam yang lalu

    Let's see how many of you saw the video just to relax 😂 not to try it at home . 'CUZ I am one among you..😂😜

  77. author

    MsNovazz3 jam yang lalu

    It is truly a wonderful thing for you to do what you love and at the mean time let people to enjoy it.

  78. author

    eu lá3 jam yang lalu

    Follow me please

  79. author

    Roselange Alves Neves3 jam yang lalu

    Que perfeição 👏👏👏👏👏👏❤

  80. author

    Kbowzer Moua3 jam yang lalu

    Fucken wow! Don't mind my profanity. I just had to. It's so beautiful. I wish I was at a place like that

  81. author

    5기김여진3 jam yang lalu

    When i see video like this i feel i could do this but actually its not

  82. author

    joanir maria3 jam yang lalu

    Estou encantada. Simplesmente deslumbrante fantástico. Parabéns.

  83. author

    Cassia Ferraro4 jam yang lalu

    Apaixonada nesses traços tão perfeitos 🇧🇷

  84. author

    Phuong Le4 jam yang lalu

    ( ♡ ♡ ) ○

  85. author

    Fathan Anggara4 jam yang lalu

    Karya arya bukan?

  86. author

    Kristina S4 jam yang lalu

    I like all your paintings. They are gorgeous.

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    Lệ Thủy Huỳnh4 jam yang lalu


  88. author

    주림4 jam yang lalu

    한국인 댓글 1

  89. author

    Paulo Ikeda4 jam yang lalu

    How can I buy one of your paintings?

  90. author

    Cristy's moments4 jam yang lalu

    My painting skills compared to this: P O O P

  91. author

    Karen Gatica4 jam yang lalu

    Jidjdfokfdisiif idkdidjd. Idkdkfidogkdidkigkgkh Kdkd ok kfigkgghjj Jidkfgjifkdifkfiffidjd XIDJGJFIGJFIDKDIFJFJJJDJFJFJFJFJFKDKDIJFKFDJDJJDJDDDKKD

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    Mamtapappugupta Gupta4 jam yang lalu

    Nice painting 👌👌

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    Puente Amatista4 jam yang lalu


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    Kathy Tittle4 jam yang lalu

    Beautiful! Thank you! Almost makes me think I could do it!

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    Angela Saragoça4 jam yang lalu


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    Keko Jones4 jam yang lalu

    Wow Art

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    hee lee4 jam yang lalu

    Beautiful !

  98. author

    Afnan yasin4 jam yang lalu

    When they put black on the painting I was scared and though it was ruined

  99. author

    sonia abrel4 jam yang lalu

    Que lindo! Parabéns pelo talento.

  100. author

    That one Cat4 jam yang lalu

    I like this style of painting it inspires me :00