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JonTron 2015 Q&A!!JonTron 2015 Q&A!!

JonTron 2015 Q&A!!

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Jon Spills the Beans

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A JonTron's Winter Tale

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Official JonTron MERCH!!

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The Monkey Song

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Monster Party - JonTron

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  1. author

    Jalil Reynoso11 menit yang lalu

    1:58 when you see it, you'll remember that Hol Horse exists

  2. author

    Arthur Pendragon17 menit yang lalu

    pokemon with little girls

  3. author

    Eniment harp19 menit yang lalu

    9:55, ded

  4. author

    Dat Boi37 menit yang lalu

    I just imagine at 9:33 that as he’s advertising, the bucket just drops

  5. author

    trickr38 menit yang lalu

    no joke i saw this a few years ago and i had nightmares lmao

  6. author

    Bernard Bernoulli40 menit yang lalu

    Oh no, oh no. I got to it, I got to the point I realized I never would've wanted to see this video.

  7. author

    Dubstepbee Corsi43 menit yang lalu

    and now ladies??? and gentlemen jontrons top 34 architecture buildings based on this list 34 whatever this is 11:08 33 museum of pop culture seriously what even 32 Scottish parliament building BURN IT TO THE GROUND 31 the jenga building or whatever its called 30 forbidden city its not even a city 29 pyeng yung ice rink seriously feed your peeps 28 golden gate bridge its outta his haaaaaandz 27 the shard (aka the eye of suaron) 26 elephant tower (elephant noise) 25 the space needle 8:38 24 christler building GREAT record man 23 taj mahual sorry about your wife 22 jontron for real try harder 21 Washington monument MURICA 20 notre dame (during fire) not as good as the original 19 every modern office building (maniacal laughter) 18 every modern apartment building (more maniacal laughter) 17 great wall of china still can walk around it 16 berge callifa that guys probably dead 15 the grand cathedral from skullgirls (im pretty sure) 14 segratta familia SEIN WIENERS IN 13 ouayama technical college JUST SAYIN 12 anchorwatt beotiful 11 minecraft buckingham palace but that in B for BLOCKS 10 notre dame (originally) solid A 9 st bassils cathedral (plays tetris theme) 8 pyramids of giza god damn aliens 7 the empire state building the BRONX 6 roman pantheon does your local target look that great 5 leaning tower of piza look ma im a tourist 4 budapesht parliament house i fucked up the spelling there i know it 3 goofys house GUH HUH 2 notre dame (after fire) YOU CANT DESTROY ME 1 the cathedral of st john the divine what can i say its his house

  8. author

    Beau44 menit yang lalu

    I thought those jr high school “movie” productions were bad...

  9. author

    legandery daber Collazo mendoza44 menit yang lalu

    Got em

  10. author

    Bernard Bernoulli47 menit yang lalu

    The animation looks like an fmv lucasarts cutscene but horrible looking

  11. author

    Ewan Dodds51 menit yang lalu

    Noid? More like nonce

  12. author

    Aviator LawJam Yang lalu

    Everyone: FLEX TAPE Flex Seal: Am I a joke to you?

  13. author

    Sticky AngusJam Yang lalu

    Why do women bitch at each other for years but men can just hug it out

  14. author

    Comrade ClydeJam Yang lalu

    U know it's bad when Jon's genuinely speechlrss at about 15:08

  15. author

    The Totally Typical CousinsJam Yang lalu

    IM CRYING 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 me and my friends reactions were priceless

  16. author

    Computer 8-BITJam Yang lalu

    Me AND Boys when 5 part whas comfirmed AND giorno Say kono giorno giovanna ni wa u me aru 16:20

  17. author

    fnaf man2 jam yang lalu

    this man bought 15 goddamn burgers for a joke

  18. author

    ESP4thaWin2 jam yang lalu


  19. author

    Canada Ian692 jam yang lalu

    The bloody face slimmer song got me😭😭

  20. author

    Gordon Freeman2 jam yang lalu

    That fucking desk gag. Beautiful.

  21. author

    Alice Sheep2 jam yang lalu

    Fun Fact: The Kid who played Buzz in the Phantom cab is also Larry Foulke AKA Solo Wing Pixy's live action actor in Ace Combat Zero.

  22. author

    Cameron2 jam yang lalu

    What about Takeshi's Castle? aka MxC

  23. author

    Redstar26132 jam yang lalu

    If you buy that belt, you can "relax"

  24. author

    NightVixen2 jam yang lalu

    PART 3!?!?

  25. author

    Darryl Smith3 jam yang lalu

    I've watched this video probably a hundred times and I only just now realized he said that's the deadest nigga I ever seen. They just bleeped it out with the crow sound

  26. author

    YOU'RE THE BEST3 jam yang lalu

    Warowl 2.0

  27. author

    Dominic BlackBoxsDev3 jam yang lalu

    "smoking a beer with my friends" How high do you have to be to smoke beer?

  28. author

    Elver Galarga4 jam yang lalu

    Nobody: Bonfire: 1:05

  29. author

    DameonSpawn4 jam yang lalu

    As someone who's recently turned 21 I can testify that those gross $1 cranberry vodka shots behind the counter of a lot of gas stations definitely smell like old lady perfume.

  30. author

    Simple-Commentator-not-really4 jam yang lalu

    I feel like I should make a joke about the Minutemen from Fallout 4

  31. author

    Big guy 316014 jam yang lalu

    Jymn Magontron

  32. author

    Luke Winter5 jam yang lalu

    You know that he was trying to be funny he knew that Notre Dame was burning already when he made that video he was just trying to cash out because it was the popular subject at the time

  33. author

    cheyenne john5 jam yang lalu

    Swagbucks does not work

  34. author

    duracell9145 jam yang lalu

    0:43 pause it looks like john looks like he is getting sucked

  35. author

    GamingWithDrew5 jam yang lalu

    That girl at 21:38. I'm assuming she's part of the gag, but her acting is really believable. There's no way Jon stood around for hours waiting for someone to ask him for directions, or did he? I'm genuinely thrown off by this, but it's funny as shit either way.

  36. author

    Long Gone5 jam yang lalu


  37. author

    Joseph Paris5 jam yang lalu


  38. author

    Aidan Birch6 jam yang lalu

    This gives me a good laugh when i’m upset

  39. author

    Trenton Quant6 jam yang lalu

    Peking Duck is the best bird you’ll ever have. Chicken doesn’t taste like food afterwards.

  40. author

    noa tim6 jam yang lalu

    10:12 Also Me when I get debug mode on a game

  41. author

    Canada Ian697 jam yang lalu

    Please cast in a comedy movie I beg 😂

  42. author

    Epic Fortnite gamer dab7 jam yang lalu

    educational and funny lmao gg

  43. author

    xDrInv1nc1bl3x7 jam yang lalu

    I want more vids like this. It was amazing

  44. author

    Epic Fortnite gamer dab8 jam yang lalu

    jon’s rap was actually good

  45. author

    Chairman Meow8 jam yang lalu

    this house is everywhere lol. its been in multiple pornos and also a tim and eric sketch

  46. author

    McKhardigan8 jam yang lalu

    15:04 music anyone?

  47. author

    oh yeah yeah8 jam yang lalu

    im dance when this music appears 2:24

  48. author

    Jhourdan8 jam yang lalu

    i died when he pulled out the macdonalds bag with A MASSIVE FUCKING LENS IN IT

  49. author

    Aaron Calinao9 jam yang lalu

    This guy is gay

  50. author

    Shooting Star9 jam yang lalu

    Me rewatching all the Halloween videos since im getting a feeling he won't upload a new video this october 😢😢😢

  51. author

    Mr. Bagel man Jr9 jam yang lalu

    I was thinking when I saw the picture is that a spider sex toy

  52. author

    SparksOfGaming10 jam yang lalu

    Funniest Scene: 8:42

  53. author

    RANDY TYSON10 jam yang lalu

    This video is claimed by a song that came out in 1919...

  54. author

    sticky BOI10 jam yang lalu

    I love how Jon finds this so funny the whole video

  55. author

    H10 jam yang lalu


  56. author

    Bill Brown11 jam yang lalu

    19:37 who's she in the purple dress? That confused me so much

  57. author

    Blake Watson12 jam yang lalu


  58. author

    Vanya Calderón12 jam yang lalu

    6:36 Me: * actually is standing while watching *

  59. author

    Robotic Fizz12 jam yang lalu

    Man I remember these shitty games me and my brother asked for the Wii for Christmas and she got us some knock off game boy thing with a bunch of weird games I remember the only game we liked was the fishing game where we could kill all the fish

  60. author

    Tash13 jam yang lalu

    What's up with his eyebrows xD

  61. author

    SUPERYANYAN Custodio13 jam yang lalu

    iss dat realy phil

  62. author

    Oscar karlsson14 jam yang lalu

    smoking a beer

  63. author

    ProjectFlashlight61214 jam yang lalu

    Sebastian the Cat was the star of a late 80s Soviet cartoon series that ran for nine seasons. _Sebastian Demonstrates Proletarian Consciousness,_ 7x18, is the best episode

  64. author

    alireza pourjafari14 jam yang lalu

    was that guy...markipliar?

  65. author

    InvaderPet14 jam yang lalu

    The Disney knock-off characters make sense once you know that the Jymn Magon guy worked at Disney (look him up on IMDB).

  66. author

    Wizzle Wazzle14 jam yang lalu

    What video is playing at 17:25?

  67. author

    James Couturier15 jam yang lalu

    15:02 That’s inspector Roy from 5:25

  68. author

    Tyler Bergen15 jam yang lalu

    This is hilarious but the best is by far the health inspection...I laughed so hard watching this the first few times and still chuckle at parts to this day. I love his impression of the inspectors Midwest accent? The “h” annunciation is hilarious..

  69. author

    Space Moth15 jam yang lalu

    The whole "To the moon though" meltdown gets me every time.

  70. author

    kristen yarbrough15 jam yang lalu

    Is that elsa thing a fetish site??

  71. author

    Angel Defender916 jam yang lalu

    11:34 lmao

  72. author

    CowboyJoseph6416 jam yang lalu

    I... never knew this video even existed until now.

  73. author

    Xander Napont16 jam yang lalu

    It’s been five years. Five long years of being stuck in this time loop of watching this video on a near monthly basis with no real explanation. I just ask myself: “why?” Why do I subject to myself to the Jon Tron man? He has so many other videos. Well made, well written videos with far more interesting topics; yet, I continue to watch his zoo race video. It’s 3 AM. My ethics exam is tomorrow and I didn’t study. Kant proposed that we should not treat each other, or ourselves, as mere means to an end, yet I continue to use myself and Mr. Tron as mere means to a sad inevitable end. Is it my natural moral obligation to watch this video? How is this post going to effect the rest of the viewers? All ethical questions that I ponder as my dorm gets brighter and brighter. All I really know is: funny man scream hahaha! 👍🏼

  74. author

    Vulpes Ailurus16 jam yang lalu

    What have we done to you Dan?

  75. author

    Spider bean16 jam yang lalu

    11:50 what is the name of that music?

  76. author

    Farzher16 jam yang lalu

    i was banned from classic wow for killing too many snowflakes... looks like we still needprivate servers

  77. author

    Tedd Grass16 jam yang lalu

    i have been watching jontron for over 3 years and i have never seen this video... thanks youtube

  78. author

    Mitescent16 jam yang lalu

    They released a new one for the Switch.... God has left us and IT... BUBSY killed it

  79. author

    Price Rowland16 jam yang lalu

    So I looked it up and Phil isn't just spokesperson for the company he actually _owns_ it with his brother and the thought that a business genius of this caliber exists keeps me up at night

  80. author

    John Griffith17 jam yang lalu

    If your useing youtube as tv your on useing youtube right

  81. author

    Steve Steve17 jam yang lalu

    I've only seen Arin once he's started growing some scruff, and he looks so innocent without it.

  82. author

    Jack Nedry17 jam yang lalu

    Too much pepper, not very much needed.

  83. author

    Price Rowland17 jam yang lalu

    I firmly believe that Phil Swift is not a paid actor he is just a deranged psychopath that burst onto set and started screaming and sawing boats in half.

  84. author

    xNuka17 jam yang lalu

    It's so hard to believe this was made almost 4 years ago. I remember when this first released.

  85. author

    TornadoWhirl3317 jam yang lalu

    Dead channel. ;_;

  86. author

    Bandana Dee17 jam yang lalu

    What're your thoughts on the Sydney Opera House?

  87. author

    Dat Harambe17 jam yang lalu

    My question out of this whole thing: is the vodka actually good

  88. author

    wafflesarecool117 jam yang lalu

    I just started to watch these videos last week and I’m blown away by the production value, how much money does this dude make to have all these sets built and everything? I mean even in other videos he will have a skit that’s a few seconds long in between scenes or for a joke he said and the set is really well done, and now this one they have a millennium falcon cockpit and everything

  89. author

    Aldaroth17 jam yang lalu

    2:03 whos cutting onions in this motherfucker, getting out of the military soon, oof big feels.

  90. author

    Core sans is disappointed In your recent Videos18 jam yang lalu

    Johnny... New... English- what wha-

  91. author

    ShawnTheBarnesGamer18 jam yang lalu

    whats the music in the beginning from, it sounds so familiar

  92. author

    the undead phantom18 jam yang lalu

    Someone: i am going to eat pineapple on pizza. 90/100 people 4:52

  93. author

    TheGamingNovice18 jam yang lalu

    Holy shit. Jakks Pacific was started by the same guy who headed LJN. It all makes sense now.

  94. author

    Randominator18 jam yang lalu

    Well the deterioration of society due to relaxed drug laws is factual.

  95. author

    GABRIEL FIEDLER18 jam yang lalu


  96. author

    Tommy Wiseau18 jam yang lalu

    So much jojo at 1:57

  97. author

    Summorr18 jam yang lalu

    The ending. I love it.

  98. author

    Cap and Glasses19 jam yang lalu

    i was on the train, i plugged my earphone, turned up the volume full, and what next?? i laughed so hard and everyone saw me like i was the bucket that stabbed by phil LOL

  99. author

    Tywdawg Stuff and more stuff19 jam yang lalu

    Your bird is adorable