Hello everyone! My name is Michael, I have a myriad of interests. And through out my life, I’ve put these interests to work for me. Having been an entrepreneur from age 10 when I ran my first garage sale for my parents, I have never held a traditional 9-5 job. I have, however, done a little bit of just about everything, all leading back to building businesses and investing.
It has been my experience that investing in Realestate is the safest and best (yet slowest) way to generate wealth, so my channel will represent my honest journey through the wild world of Realestate.
I also enjoy investing in stocks and crypto currencies, however I am no expert, yet 😉
I make it my goal to learn as much as I can about everything, every day.
Watch out, Bezos! I’m coming for ya! 🤑

Giant Water Bug!Giant Water Bug!

Giant Water Bug!

3 tahun yang lalu

Weird Bent Tree???Weird Bent Tree???

Weird Bent Tree???

3 tahun yang lalu

Unboxing: Bark Scorpions!Unboxing: Bark Scorpions!

Unboxing: Bark Scorpions!

3 tahun yang lalu

Underwater Tornado!Underwater Tornado!

Underwater Tornado!

4 tahun yang lalu

Ackie Monitor Care GuideAckie Monitor Care Guide

Ackie Monitor Care Guide

4 tahun yang lalu

Hawk Moths in Slow MotionHawk Moths in Slow Motion

Hawk Moths in Slow Motion

4 tahun yang lalu



7 tahun yang lalu

Emperor Scorpion Molting!Emperor Scorpion Molting!

Emperor Scorpion Molting!

7 tahun yang lalu

Sax Mouth Piece Review 6Sax Mouth Piece Review 6

Sax Mouth Piece Review 6

7 tahun yang lalu

How to Calm Your DragonHow to Calm Your Dragon

How to Calm Your Dragon

8 tahun yang lalu

  1. author

    Emmburla2 jam yang lalu

    Fuck that guy who sent them to you like that! My succulents were sent to me with more care then that!

  2. author

    FNAF Plush Master10 hari yang lalu

    There probably around 30 years old

  3. author

    nickizcool2015 hari yang lalu

    Awesome crabs bro

  4. author

    Nanang Sunarya16 hari yang lalu


  5. author

    Siren Head16 hari yang lalu

    I had a water beetle in my pool one time too

  6. author

    Maryland iz le crabby boi18 hari yang lalu

    Hes gonna die =/

  7. author

    Ry The Zombie29 hari yang lalu

    This is amazing quality for 2012.

  8. author

    Jorge BenavidesBulan Yang lalu

    hermit crab owners do your research on these special beings! pet store employees are NOT reliable. In addition, if you do not own any , do not purchase any of them. They are treated terribly , so do not fund this industry.

  9. author

    derpyturtle 927Bulan Yang lalu

    I just got some hermit crabs and they are nowhere near the size of them. They are my favorite animal. They are so cool 😁!!!

  10. author

    Forry g 5Bulan Yang lalu

    8 years later...do you still collect these ??? I remember this video . You very brave lol !

  11. author

    Dearest, MangoBulan Yang lalu


  12. author

    David ThompsonBulan Yang lalu

    Kind for a day!

  13. author

    Aryan Khan2 bulan yang lalu

    Did a guy just say he got bit by a boatman and it hurt First of all water boatman are harmless to humans lol Also backswimmers are the ones that bite

  14. author

    Shelby Frymyer2 bulan yang lalu

    Do you mind telling me what you paid for them?

  15. author

    Scout Hanna2 bulan yang lalu

    Just got home and looked in my pool. There was about 300 of these in it

  16. author

    IMiss Mr.Kitty2 bulan yang lalu

    All of the Jerusalem crickets I've seen in the wild have dark yellow to orange colored heads. These don't look too healthy..

  17. author

    Meraj Khan2 bulan yang lalu

    miraj Khan 03428oo4367 call me of Pakistan I'm

  18. author

    Alex Johnson2 bulan yang lalu

    U not Sergio Flores!

  19. author

    hxneymiilk2 bulan yang lalu

    ha me and my friend call them bikini bottom long legs. I have a couple in a tank up on my deck. One died, lmao.

  20. author

    R D2 bulan yang lalu

    I call them seizure swimmers because they spaz out when you pick them up

  21. author

    • BlueJayFrost •2 bulan yang lalu

    How to kill a water wasp: Step one: *catch it* These boys can be hard to catch and can jump hella high for their size,so be quick. Step two: *throw them in the fire.* Easy step;throw the net and all in,it takes too long to get them out. Step three: *that was it.* If you didn’t know this comment is a joke,you don’t have to go that far,just step on them if you want them dead.

  22. author

    • BlueJayFrost •2 bulan yang lalu

    Apparently they are also called water wasps.

  23. author

    Pritam Pes2 bulan yang lalu

    1:28 hya flash, the Green Lantern 😜😂 🇮🇳

  24. author

    Ants&us2 bulan yang lalu

    Hello everyone, We sell antfarm at ETSY.etsy.me/2lFUZ49

  25. author

    Sensual.S3XY.Seduction2 bulan yang lalu

    Obv this is for veiw or they unpacked the box before hand and placed them in a differ box....no labels for shipping... NO company let alone mailing service would allow them to be shipped out that type of way...j.s.

  26. author

    Grace Denham2 bulan yang lalu

    You do not tap it to scare it

  27. author

    Grace Denham2 bulan yang lalu

    You need to learn how to hold one and do not fors them they get vary depressed you can't pick them up

  28. author

    MY H3AD2 bulan yang lalu

    That 3 dislikes are probably from spider haters lol

  29. author

    The obvious Future2 bulan yang lalu

    Omg that packaging imagine them being bashed between each other while being shipped they didn’t get any sponges to drink from

  30. author

    Trina Bina3 bulan yang lalu

    They kind of look the same from far away and it’s hard to tell which is which because they both move and generally swim away from you fast. I think that dude is a backswimmer though..and their bite HURTS.

  31. author

    Tina Martin3 bulan yang lalu


  32. author

    KIM K3 bulan yang lalu

    Waterboatmen don't bite it's the backswimmers that bite 🤬

  33. author

    Paulzilla 9113 bulan yang lalu

    Shitty audio quality

  34. author

    Exmandrew3 bulan yang lalu

    How do u get rid of them

  35. author

    Pakhtunland Films Productions3 bulan yang lalu

    The hell of bugs

  36. author

    Jason Karl3 bulan yang lalu

    So damn cool. Bahahha so much going on and so many different personalities. You have some that are lazy and hiding in the corner, some that are terrified, some that are ADD as fuck (oh look over there, there's one, eww there's one, oh look another over there. Then there's some that are like, man I'm going whoop some ass but unfortunately can't catch them and Lastly you have the one Alpha Male/ Bully type and he's like hey look at me, I'm Dope as F***. Ife got one in my left pincher, one in my right and another in my mouth. You guys ain't got shit on me, woohoo🤪😜😝😁. Anyone else notice? Had I finished the video first then I'd of seen that you noticed the same thing, in regards to the beast baby scorpion

  37. author

    Canyon Main3 bulan yang lalu

    It's alive!!!

  38. author

    GachaGlassesGamer3 bulan yang lalu

    Please give them a nice home! Whoever packaged those babes can got to hell. Make sure they have a beautiful home and do your research 😁👍🏻

  39. author

    Winter Wolf3 bulan yang lalu

    What kind a aquarium do you even need?

  40. author

    Captain Cringe3 bulan yang lalu

    A war

  41. author

    Antonio Hernandez3 bulan yang lalu

    Found one of these in my pool I poked it with the pool it darted at me I left it alone for awile then me and my brother dicided to take it out it flopped around till we put it back in we named it and its still there its name is taddy cuz I thought it was a tadpole

  42. author

    Octo Girl Or something3 bulan yang lalu

    Frick it’s age restricted

  43. author

    LEGEND SHADOW3 bulan yang lalu

    How does a hose make cute tornados

  44. author

    Anthony !3 bulan yang lalu

    They are not small at all

  45. author

    Jayden De La Cruz4 bulan yang lalu

    you know how cruel that is ? comes with no FOOD, and btw dont put crabs on carpet as their r so much dust and chemicals for them to pick up.

  46. author

    The burnt chicken nugget who loves you4 bulan yang lalu

    Are these feeder insects

  47. author

    ImmortalBlood4 bulan yang lalu

    Its a backswimmer because its swimming kind of slow water boatmen swim fast and they don't bite

  48. author

    Moi' s Ark4 bulan yang lalu

    Wow u sound so excited

  49. author

    Daley Boy4 bulan yang lalu

    That was in our pool

  50. author

    Carl Gause4 bulan yang lalu

    all king ants die after mating look at Ants Canada

  51. author

    Jonavikingo214 bulan yang lalu

    Video starts at 13:40 ur welcome

  52. author

    Ryan W4 bulan yang lalu

    I captured a hermit crab from the beach once and brought it home and then BAM! it exploded. It was like a gun shot. What happened?

  53. author

    Alisson Luna4 bulan yang lalu

    OMG I am jealous I want one they are ADORABLE!!!!!omg it’s so cute I only have a little one🥺🥺🥺they are soooooo mega cute especially there eyes🥺🥺🥺I wish I had one🥺🥺🥺

  54. author

    Lando4 bulan yang lalu

    I found a click beetle in my car, on the passenger side seat. I had left my windows open by my boss's house. Luckily. I didn't see him while driving, thank God. I thought it might've been poisonous, so I looked it up.

  55. author

    unknown o.o4 bulan yang lalu

    I have these all the time!!

  56. author

    orissa Mccollum4 bulan yang lalu

    WHAT that is weird and gross

  57. author

    The Happy Oyster4 bulan yang lalu

    Never package hermit crabs like that Those poor guys don’t have any moisture

  58. author

    Lets_Get_Faded 184 bulan yang lalu

    You better give them sum water and food stat lil guys had nothing in the packaging 🤦‍♂️

  59. author

    AbleReason4 bulan yang lalu

    Nice! Hypnotic. The slo mo at the end really paid off. Interesting how when the skinny leaves or petals got sucked down it seemed to help the vortex go deeper instead of disrupting it. You might try different nozzles to see if there's an even better one for this. Good stuff.

  60. author

    Benjamin Reiffen4 bulan yang lalu

    Still not as creepy as the Jello commercials with Bill Cosby

  61. author

    Hamza SR4 bulan yang lalu

    i love ur scorpion but leave her alone if you mess with her and aggravate her it stresses her out and she'll eat her children. and upgrade her home too

  62. author

    M.J 75 bulan yang lalu

    There is no king 😂. Mannn , ants and bees are feminism colonies. Men just sex slaves for the queen. 😂.

  63. author

    Randy H.5 bulan yang lalu

    Those things reproduce like mad and fly back into your pool if you remove them without killing them. Pain in the leg, literally, the fuckers bite.

  64. author

    Miles Navarra5 bulan yang lalu

    WTF it's the Green Lantern

  65. author

    Pancit Canton5 bulan yang lalu

    how do you breed this and what do they eat?

  66. author

    Matt5 bulan yang lalu

    Damn that mouse is almost dead

  67. author

    Jaden Gamer5 bulan yang lalu


  68. author

    Michael Tiller5 bulan yang lalu


  69. author

    Carlos Diaz5 bulan yang lalu

    I bet it’s looking for a real estate agent.

  70. author

    Ben Moak5 bulan yang lalu

    Man, this channel is a blast from my past

  71. author

    Gaylene Morley5 bulan yang lalu

    Hay some of them are nor liking the crickets sir they are frighten

  72. author

    quupertti5 bulan yang lalu

    Is that fucking Cisco Ramon

  73. author

    Star anisee5 bulan yang lalu

    I love them, how cute!

  74. author

    enelio farina5 bulan yang lalu

    I'm guessing it's a botfly

  75. author

    Btsvirall__6 bulan yang lalu

    You obviously shouldn’t own one, he has tail rot. If he doesn’t like the camera don’t shove it into his face. Don’t throw a towel over the animal it will scare them more. If you get clawed or bitten wash your hard immediately with soap and water. If he or she is scared or nervous find some calming music for them. What you did was completely wrong, you should never just “throw a towel over him”. Would you rather put your bearded dragons health at risk? Or get a couple of scratches trying to help it? Please find better ways to treat your animals. If you continue on this path it’s considered animal abuse

  76. author

    octothot6 bulan yang lalu

    Once I wanted to swim in my aunts pool.I got in and saw that little fuckass swimming around.I cam a tad bit close and this cunt started chasing and biting me.I am now terrified of these little bastards.

  77. author

    Teresa odosi6 bulan yang lalu

    holy mother of $8&5

  78. author

    AllwaysGamer6 bulan yang lalu

    WhAt drUgs ArE u DonE?

  79. author

    cartoon network asia inc. cartoons6 bulan yang lalu

    Thats the drone no king ant just a queen

  80. author

    Mike Meza6 bulan yang lalu

    That me

  81. author

    Prenolepis Empire6 bulan yang lalu

    That’s Prenolepis imparis. Ants don’t have queens.

  82. author

    1 Pole 1 guy6 bulan yang lalu

    Can I buy those from you

  83. author

    Grofor Armas6 bulan yang lalu

    Unboxing a crab? WHAT THE FUCK

  84. author

    Loop Is Dedz6 bulan yang lalu


  85. author

    Scales136 bulan yang lalu

    Nice I got mine from Rare earth to

  86. author

    stefanI7 bulan yang lalu

    Hmmm...just looking at the title and the thumbnail, i can say "Let's catch a predator"

  87. author

    Med RS7 bulan yang lalu

    Is it illegal to beat him up with his own sax???

  88. author

    The1200r7 bulan yang lalu

    That sounded pretty good. I would rather have that in a parking lot than some bum hitting me up for money, that is what annoys me. Follow a parking lot bum around with that sax and see if you can run them off of the property. Good job buddy!

  89. author

    S.S.E.G mk7 bulan yang lalu

    No that is sooo mean u cant just put them in a box and hold them like that u are being very mean to them

  90. author

    Rogelio Villanueva7 bulan yang lalu

    Siempre graba el mad pendejo

  91. author

    crosshairs7 bulan yang lalu

    that ant is like can you put me down now i'm finished

  92. author

    Coco Piña7 bulan yang lalu

    What am I doing watching this

  93. author

    Kokilaya kokilaya7 bulan yang lalu

    Male die cause he know that queen get so ugly when she is pregnant and become a mother. If she keep her beautiful wings and stop getting so fat they both live happely ever after

  94. author

    Quagsire Clearaszerg7 bulan yang lalu

    Whack, ant porn

  95. author

    Ant X7 bulan yang lalu

    Poor creatures probably went through hell in the mail 👿😠

  96. author

    The Seven Dwarfs of Bridgeton Lane7 bulan yang lalu

    And you think this is okay 😔

  97. author

    Martyn697 bulan yang lalu

    She will never has sex again because she stores all the sperm she will ever need to make other ants.

  98. author

    Rob Reiken7 bulan yang lalu

    I got 2 in my open lid water tank that I sometimes play with in my hand & keep them as pets just like the frogs that come n go in my garden pond

  99. author

    Kokilaya kokilaya7 bulan yang lalu

    This male is a motherfucker

  100. author

    Li Raven7 bulan yang lalu

    He wont let go because hes scared for dear life. Also, they cant see in light well at all- they come out at night. Check out for good info on care: www.hermitcrabassociation.com/phpBB/index.php Mine are slightly larger, ive grown for 8 years. Theres one seller on Amazon and ebay( out of Florida ) that sells the larger polished shells, for a decent price...the thing with shells is you need 5x more than u think because shell requirements are specific (weight, shape, smoothness, ridges), and online buying is hit or miss. You need shells to prevent fights, or they will fight club their way to thunderdome👍