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Why Palm Oil Is So CheapWhy Palm Oil Is So Cheap

Why Palm Oil Is So Cheap

2 bulan yang lalu

What’s Next for JuulWhat’s Next for Juul

What’s Next for Juul

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How WeWork Makes MoneyHow WeWork Makes Money

How WeWork Makes Money

4 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    Manny A.Hari Yang lalu

    Yeah but do they have Cheez-its tho

  2. author

    R3dM3gHari Yang lalu

    I've been on a 14 hour flight in economy and it was god awful

  3. author

    Commander XananymousHari Yang lalu

    5:45 this is where the moment Gordon should have been

  4. author

    GrandMasterLynxHari Yang lalu

    As long I can watch something or play video games I can do the 20 hour flight

  5. author

    Michael0.098Hari Yang lalu

    i use to work here i hated it lol

  6. author

    Natasha C. BooromHari Yang lalu

    I have always had a poor opinion of Megyn Kelly. However, now she is growing on me. That does not erase the racist, transphobic, xenophobic, classist, or right wing extremist propaganda she has said will say on global television. I'm glad this interview exists on youtube.

  7. author

    Endah L. PuriHari Yang lalu

    Because of capitalism. What else? Lol

  8. author

    Reb32573Hari Yang lalu

    Shit... and I thought my flight from LA to Manila was long... would've had 5 more hours added on.

  9. author

    DVII BinionHari Yang lalu

    Excessive human crap

  10. author

    starHari Yang lalu

    There are 52 weeks in a year meaning if you get a bi weekly paycheck you get paid 26 times in a year....the idiot who put this video together is multiplying by 24 and not 26...

  11. author

    Saul SalasHari Yang lalu

    If the subway in front of my job closes I will lose my fuccin mind cuz I’m done eating the bullshit @ my work

  12. author

    Mikko SaloHari Yang lalu

    Time to get some oil/weapons...if we havent got them we go get them

  13. author

    Nina AhgaseHari Yang lalu

    im suddenly thinking about titanic

  14. author

    opalfish sparklequasarHari Yang lalu

    Effing pathetic. On the bright side, it's visual shorthand for who's a douchebag with no self confidence.

  15. author

    The Raven WarlordHari Yang lalu

    Four pilots? Wow

  16. author

    Connor AsdfHari Yang lalu


  17. author

    GhostlyHari Yang lalu

    As a flat earth believer that globe scale was not accurate to the shape of the earth (I'm not actually a flat earther)

  18. author

    SkullCrusher117Hari Yang lalu

    Not gonna lie, the food *is* the best part of a cruise. Especially the open buffet.

  19. author

    Maribel GuangorenaHari Yang lalu

    I love them! And the special drink of the month!

  20. author

    KanistoHari Yang lalu

    i'd take some bribe to write kick ass review too thank you

  21. author

    Aimee TambweHari Yang lalu

    I bet if you try to tell one of the students there the koala joke they'd tell you "iT's bEcAusE tHeY're mArSuPiaLs"

  22. author

    sailorjoonッHari Yang lalu

    Ok but It's worth the money I love vanilla ice cream

  23. author

    Dee BHari Yang lalu

    The guy who made that bunker surely know the ins and outs of that bunker and cant easily kill off the people who purchased it. Smart move. STONKS! Id rather build my own than buy these

  24. author

    jmassy86Hari Yang lalu

    What a waste of produce and people....imagine how many hungry poor people they could feed

  25. author

    Bea Beangca DonorHari Yang lalu

    What about the people who clean the plates? Spoon and fork an such?

  26. author

    Colby JonesHari Yang lalu

    I’ve been on this flight, and I can verify that it is... very long and your legs feel frighteningly different. The snacks were cool though 😂

  27. author

    Rigs 83Hari Yang lalu

    The Boston bid was run by land developers who wanted to accelerate the gentrification started by Menino

  28. author

    Dee BHari Yang lalu

    Ive been having doomsday vault videos. Sounds just right since we have a looming WW3 and virus spreading.

  29. author

    Nathan ChisholmHari Yang lalu

    Man im hungry✌️

  30. author

    ReasonHari Yang lalu

    I see a lot of Filipino chefs! mabuhay!

  31. author

    Hermione GrangerHari Yang lalu

    Respect for all their hard work...I took the tour in person and the kitchens are very busy!

  32. author

    johnell mccoy 3rdHari Yang lalu

    You lucky I was not there I would of gave you the Nate turner

  33. author

    Sam and BellaHari Yang lalu

    Welcome to Multiculturalism which means Employ everyone that is not of white decent..

  34. author

    Aaron PedersonHari Yang lalu

    What's dumber? A Berkin bag or a $200 cantaloupe?

  35. author

    Matt von WahldeHari Yang lalu

    When I see something that has this much material, handwork, and quality control., I am amazed that they don’t cost more. People need to get real about what it takes to make good stuff. I would rather buy from a Canadian firm, but I understand why people don’t care. I use my CG coat in extreme cold conditions, when working outside.It’s filthy dirty, but it still keeps me warm and nobody sees my patch on my arm when I’m working on my tractor in the mountains

  36. author

    Son GokuHari Yang lalu

    I'd love to see some strongmen like brain, Eddie, Robert, Nick in this ship. A chef's nightmare 🤣🤣🤣

  37. author

    Joshua LeeHari Yang lalu

    Sanji: Weakness disgusts me

  38. author

    ImThatKid85Hari Yang lalu

    Bring Gordon Ramsey aboard.. Let's see what he thinks

  39. author

    Giant OofHari Yang lalu

    Homeless people love it

  40. author

    Kristofer MercerHari Yang lalu

    I just got an ad, from the same channel, on his own video.

  41. author

    Kevin ZhaoHari Yang lalu

    I was on this ship for a week from Orlando. Let's just say I gained 20 pounds afterwards.

  42. author

    chnalvrHari Yang lalu

    Thinking about all of those toilets flushing that stuff away 24/7! How big is the sewage tank on that thing?

  43. author

    Melissa T.Hari Yang lalu

    How do they not have any days off? That's terrible!

  44. author

    Priscila PuenteHari Yang lalu

    Buses rides are worst than any flight Don’t be crybabies

  45. author

    AlexanderHari Yang lalu

    longest passenger flight - ~20 hours longest publicly known B-2 spirit combat sortie - ~44 hours, with at least airborne refuelings 😱🤢🤢

  46. author

    Senior Auto bots roll outHari Yang lalu

    Also Chris Kyle never called himself a hero this guy is probably just embarrassed that he got punched and wanted money

  47. author

    SirenFistHari Yang lalu

    _Wallet Cries_ *"Shh...We'll buy more Doujins and steam games instead..."*

  48. author

    ThuannHari Yang lalu

    Apple= collage girls be maoning

  49. author

    Cookie ChrisHari Yang lalu

    What It's Like To Test The World's Longest Flight "IN BUSINESS CLASS"

  50. author

    Fast FuriousHari Yang lalu

    Shit brings me back memory as a cook in the military. Long as hours.

  51. author

    700 CLUBHari Yang lalu

    Remember me , I was the on,y one who was tested under the influence of to many

  52. author

    Go CPNGHari Yang lalu

    Paul Mooney Caught On Theres A IDreporter Video On It

  53. author

    351cleavlandHari Yang lalu

    I've read enough comments from news articles or videos on YT to understand that employees on these ships work more than 10 hours a day. Often that overtime isn't counted on their paychecks. The cruise looks enticing but its depressing when its done at others' expense.

  54. author

    Omer OzdemirHari Yang lalu

    nothing like trying to sleep eight hours in coach. There's gonna be fights.

  55. author

    Abu RasasaHari Yang lalu

    0:42 is the dog real?

  56. author

    chuckyHari Yang lalu

    wow... very impressive

  57. author

    Anurag GhoshHari Yang lalu

    Hun isn’t it weird how this popped up during ww3 assumptions like these people be *smart*

  58. author

    Elijah VincentHari Yang lalu

    Apple is like Disney: once a great company, then became the figure of corporate greed. I hope Apple and Disney both lose money someday because of that. So glad I switched to Android!

  59. author

    Jose GallegosHari Yang lalu

    In my close location Elmhurst Party City used to be here it was opened 2 1/2 years ago but was closed 6 months ago

  60. author

    霧裡探花水中望月Hari Yang lalu

    Wow. Eighth meal of the day? The privileged do eat like hobbitses.

  61. author

    aking1121Hari Yang lalu

    Um i has royal carrib and I ate 3 times break noon and dinner.....and only other thing was like icecream and a hotdog area free anyway obviously I was missing something

  62. author

    LostgearsHari Yang lalu

    I know english and bad english. Am I hired?

  63. author

    Alkaizer EliteHari Yang lalu

    It's hard to harvest bird nest in the wild. These birds are sensitive on smell .. once a human stick his body any part . The bird will smell it won't nest there...

  64. author

    Mason MonizHari Yang lalu

    I NEVER order drinks when I go to fast food bc I usually don’t dine in and go home and have water bc soda is disgusting

  65. author

    marakimaHari Yang lalu

    I was cruise ship crew (entertainment dept.) for 7 years, then woke up to how environmentally destructive the whole industry is. All of the company claims of caring about the oceans are bs, and there is no way to make these pollution machines clean. Please don't cruise.

  66. author

    Mike PondoHari Yang lalu

    I believe trump is an. Alien from the planet ur. Anus.

  67. author

    Mrplug420 magHari Yang lalu

    How can I test plane flights ?

  68. author

    msbrownbeastHari Yang lalu

    None of the line and staff kitchen members are white. Thy are most probably from impoverished countries, and would accept the harsh conditions and low pay working on a ship

  69. author

    B R I C K.Hari Yang lalu

    I once had alligator on a cruise. I wonder what the logistics were to make that happen.

  70. author

    Drew JacksonHari Yang lalu

    i gained 20lbs watching this

  71. author

    Logan WorthingtonHari Yang lalu

    What song is playing at the beginning and the ending !

  72. author

    Emil EmilioHari Yang lalu

    Suckers!! 🤑🤑🤣 duped by a "slick" car salesman! It's "Limited Edition" coz there's only limited numbers of Tesla owners willing to "rice" their rides. Hahaha!

  73. author

    Rowan RobinsHari Yang lalu

    This girl looks like she is hiding something in her cheeks.

  74. author

    Eric ZetterlundHari Yang lalu

    In other breaking news: Water is Wet! Omg, what a breakthrough. This guy is a visionary. Why is it when a rich dude repeats what scientists have been saying then all of a sudden people start to listen?

  75. author

    MeMad MaxHari Yang lalu

    "Months without a day off" F that.... kiss my ass... I got a life and better shit to do than to living to work, and working to live...

  76. author

    Shufkat AliHari Yang lalu

    Oh my! This chef's face is resembling like lobsters face after spending so much time with lobsters.

  77. author

    Shufkat AliHari Yang lalu

    So you mean those former prisoners have become elite class these days.

  78. author

    Rushi PatelHari Yang lalu

    Captain must die with his/her ship. Country leaders should be no exception. Waste of TAX money

  79. author

    Shufkat AliHari Yang lalu

    i still believe they are giant cockroaches , these are illicit creatures for being eaten by humans.

  80. author

    Malcolm CanningHari Yang lalu

    Tyson got some kneck bleeding actor.. listen to the MORONS screaming.. FFS

  81. author

    DFW riderHari Yang lalu

    I flew an 18 hour flight in economy before, it sucked but after the first 14 hours i was sort of numbed to it and didnt really care about the rest, tacking on another 2 hours would have been no big deal.

  82. author

    shaun brownHari Yang lalu

    Served with USMC in 2013 (former british infantry), helmand province, you guys are fuckin legends, can any marine get in touch? Id love to get hold of a USMC sweatshirt again, ( popular amongst british soldiers for some reason )

  83. author

    Gabriel CerulloHari Yang lalu

    The interviewer is a noob

  84. author

    Jai'Rae BrownHari Yang lalu

    Air Force Academy? No? 😔

  85. author

    Bill KappHari Yang lalu

    This dude can eat shit. You wanna stop climate change.... end capitalism.

  86. author

    Richard SchlossHari Yang lalu

    That's quite the ad! I just liked the video hoping my like converts into a steep discount on my next RCL cruise!

  87. author

    Rommel MendozaHari Yang lalu

    i worked in a cruise line you must try 15 days cruise after a week guest don't want to eat anymore

  88. author

    1 HourHari Yang lalu

    Thought it said Real turtles

  89. author

    TOMCRUISEHari Yang lalu

    I’ll Be The Type To Try And Fight My Drill Sargent

  90. author

    ZuhnHari Yang lalu

    “education doesn’t matter where it comes from it’s how it’s used”

  91. author

    NutNbutSpeedHari Yang lalu

    Wow, only goes one way and it's limited to the places it goes, no wonder! What a waste, then again it's Detroit and the stupid politicians who run the city.

  92. author

    Top3Hari Yang lalu

    Shipping this to Africa Would have done a better Job 😞

  93. author

    Janghee LeeHari Yang lalu

    All this to protect an orange

  94. author

    Dawson VlogsHari Yang lalu

    You gotta love living in Utah and watching this.

  95. author

    Chiba RyunosukeHari Yang lalu

    This... is actually very creepy.

  96. author

    Kid ThomasHari Yang lalu

    Universal currency period..

  97. author

    Yvonne SabbaheenHari Yang lalu

    11 million meals a day 😳😳😳

  98. author

    Askar Niko02Hari Yang lalu

    Because have crazy people want n buy n created for . If people did not have watch did not die but if human did not have water n food will die so . Stupid people . N only selfish people or on have good n kiness keep money for donated for people need in help or diffrent . .

  99. author

    Daniel CizmarHari Yang lalu

    Climate change is already very profitable!! Big factories, mills, oil, natural gas contribute to climate change while bringing in a good profit! I’m done with the cold and snow! Lets make the earth warmer and make a good buck doing it!

  100. author

    Connor BrownHari Yang lalu

    Nobody: Passengers: Macarena Macarena