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  1. author

    Stelios Kontos20 jam yang lalu

    Wer hat fabrizio von Berlin Tag und Nacht erkannt

  2. author

    Jess Foreveryoung20 jam yang lalu

    "When Dana White is mad Dana White is funny" so true! I love a good Dana White rant 🤣😂🤣😂 Everyone hates Dana but I love him! He says whatever is on his mind and doesn't give zero fucks! I respect that quality in people!

  3. author

    Warwick Balor20 jam yang lalu

    You should put a link to “the white hummer that smashed into Kevin Nash”

  4. author

    Chris Redfield21 jam yang lalu

    Thats because Vitor actually used to go by Victor Gracie...and Rogan knew who he was before he joined the UFC. Do some research before you make a video about it.

  5. author

    Joseph Rudowicz21 jam yang lalu

    Bisping showed off his fake eye long before October of 2019.

  6. author

    robert solimanm21 jam yang lalu

    Worst background music ever

  7. author

    Kent Inouye21 jam yang lalu


  8. author

    Machiavelli21 jam yang lalu


  9. author

    Riley Knights21 jam yang lalu

    Anyone know the background music ?

  10. author

    Kent Inouye21 jam yang lalu

    LA Beast sighting!

  11. author

    The New King21 jam yang lalu

    Why don't yall use discord? It's like skype but the audio is far superior

  12. author

    Warpicus21 jam yang lalu

    Pointless video

  13. author

    John Tattersall22 jam yang lalu

    Alot of people disrespect Bisping and see his short lived reign as a fluke. Maybe. But many don't realise that he spent nearly 10 years, consistently and continuously as a top 10 ranker. Think about that for a second. NOBODY else has managed that, without a lengthy title reign

  14. author

    Thomas Mcskimming22 jam yang lalu

    Fucking hell that guy’s voice is annoying as fuck!

  15. author

    lariog3122 jam yang lalu

    Shout out to Stipe the gatekeeper of gatekeeper lists

  16. author

    ExO' Hypertronics22 jam yang lalu

    Schadenfreude 😂😂

  17. author

    Dannynorw22 jam yang lalu

    Hahaha wheres that pussy ass hater Toe hold at now? 😂😂😂

  18. author

    Teddygram141222 jam yang lalu

    Kenny Florian?

  19. author

    Lone Wolf22 jam yang lalu

    Do you have any relations with Joe rogan?

  20. author

    Joseph Diaz22 jam yang lalu

    Eye Really didn’t know about Bisbings I .....👁👃👁👂 and fuc(k)3D up ear...

  21. author

    Supermoist _grandma22 jam yang lalu

    Tony ferguson the type of guy to give chuck norris a nightmare

  22. author

    One Deep Savage22 jam yang lalu

    I feel like every single time Woodley won a fight Dana was pissed

  23. author

    Brody N.22 jam yang lalu

    I thought Tony Ferguson would be #1.

  24. author

    caveman lovesmoke22 jam yang lalu

    God dana us such a tool. Fkn leech

  25. author

    Derek Rusher22 jam yang lalu

    dos anjos was on that JUICE for a couple years man what a fucking beast at 155 I mean he;s still a really really god fighter but his body never look like it used to at 155 juuuust before usada started getting real crazy

  26. author

    just a thought22 jam yang lalu

    I wonder how much of changing camps helps with competition inside the gym let’s face it you get better if you train with better competition day in and out. I’m sure if a former Olympic wrestler shows up at a gym everyone will learn better take down defense.

  27. author

    Ben W-N22 jam yang lalu

    Bruh Kurt Angle in the UFC 😍

  28. author

    Heshi23 jam yang lalu

    Does winning the title once and not even being able to defend it really absolve a fighter from being a gatekeeper? Lol, I think not. The majority of their career was still spent being a gatekeeper. Especially if they return to gatekeeper status once more after losing the title.

  29. author

    KaylaKaze23 jam yang lalu

    I don't know what this guy is talking about. The Sapp/Noguiera fight is just Noguiera getting his ass kicked, only surviving the first round because Sapp kept letting him stand back up. Noguiera could do nothing against Sapp's size. It almost looked like Sapp was trying to not take him out too fast. He looked like he was beating up a little kid. Then his tap-out was almost comical. There's no way you could convince me that fight wasn't fixed.

  30. author

    Thamer Alhajeri23 jam yang lalu


  31. author

    Thamer Alhajeri23 jam yang lalu

    ThE *G*a*O*t

  32. author

    Donna Lee23 jam yang lalu

    why does one even bother to show up being 11lbs overweight?

  33. author

    Texas Turner23 jam yang lalu

    Without the eye pokes Jon Jones loses his main advantage.

  34. author

    Shaun Higdon23 jam yang lalu

    Diego Sanchez????!!!!

  35. author

    Shanty Town23 jam yang lalu

    Is there a rule against shitting on opponents? Cause that hands/ feet in pants, nut shots is pretty fkd up. That one guy who accidentally shat himself during one kept popping into my head

  36. author

    ARA Rivadeneira23 jam yang lalu

    Todd Anderson is the guy I’ve been looking for! Holly won that fight! Boo!

  37. author

    Shaun Higdon23 jam yang lalu

    I remember watching Carlos Condit and I swear to god, once he got that mouthpiece in and got into the stare down... he was a completely different person. Dude genuinely scared me.

  38. author

    Paroxysm Press23 jam yang lalu

    I LOVE gatekeepers. They go hard as hell and take on the best.

  39. author

    Ryan Johnson23 jam yang lalu

    Maybe Marcus Brimage. Good mid to low tire action fighter. Who had to fight the likes of Jimmie Rivera, and champions Conor McGregor and Cody Garbrant.

  40. author

    Ace Windu23 jam yang lalu

    Can I have some cheese with those cauliflower ear!

  41. author

    Aleksander Bogdanov23 jam yang lalu

    I am sorry but it's sort of logical that when you switch camp like Jackson Wink which is maybe the best for another training camp because you feel betrayed/your spouse trains somewhere else, it's not thay suprising if your career will derail Edit: Also i really think Ronda would benefit with bettet trainer tan Edmond.

  42. author

    Ace Windu23 jam yang lalu


  43. author

    HAITI PIHAATAE23 jam yang lalu

    Amanda is a badass

  44. author

    Leon TanHari Yang lalu

    If you don't win the belt, you are by definition a gatekeeper. Thus only RDA, Werdum, Lawler, Bisping, and Nunes.

  45. author

    VizionZHari Yang lalu

    Jon Jones is good but come on No.1? That’s a spot for George St Pierre

  46. author

    Morning Star GamingHari Yang lalu

    40 seconds

  47. author

    Hugo TateHari Yang lalu

    Then there’s that one dude who quit after his first fight when he threw his FIRST kick and broke his tibia and fibia. If the universe was ever trying to tell you something lol good thing he listened 🤷🏻‍♂️

  48. author

    skatelad1amsnHari Yang lalu

    Maycee barber hype trail derailed

  49. author

    Mort BusinessHari Yang lalu

    I must have blinked... because I know Anthony Pettis was on here... right? Or, I guess Showtime is sort of the "reverse...." A star that became a gatekeeper. Different video I suppose...

  50. author

    Ahmeddasavage 98Hari Yang lalu


  51. author

    Steven FernandezHari Yang lalu

    Dustin the diamond missing or did I miss it lol?

  52. author

    YouTube TVHari Yang lalu

    0:42 bent wrist

  53. author

    james fiacoHari Yang lalu

    I'll tell you what referees are held to the same degree of accountability that doctors persons of legal religious authority leaders are. Which is their souls and spirits pick up the tab are paying out. For malpractice negligence neglect. You would think today with all we know about open closed head injuries brain damage from loss of oxygen. There would be no chance in someone mistaking a involuntary movement from the leg as a initiative to keep fighting. Now I wish and pray for my soul and spirit to be held spiritually accountable to the statements I proclaim guarantee nobody else except that level of accountability ever.

  54. author

    13WayzHari Yang lalu

    how do you come up with these video ideas?

  55. author

    Jack LichHari Yang lalu

    Literally thought you were Joe Rogan after a few minutes

  56. author

    Golon WesHari Yang lalu

    War Wandy

  57. author

    Wadu FarmerHari Yang lalu

    silent fighter is more intimidating because all of the sudden inside the cage he became a beast Oh Hi Khabib

  58. author

    Smith JonesHari Yang lalu

    Top 10 Best Gatekeepers

  59. author

    Shantel FullertonHari Yang lalu

    Right now I am watching that with ScreenVariety Tv.

  60. author

    Jacob SchultzHari Yang lalu

    Seriously stop making videos your opinions are liberal as fuck and you try to Carter to people you guys need to grow some.balls and make some real videos and cut some if the losers talking all the Time

  61. author

    FarmertateHari Yang lalu

    A honest asshole is better than a hypocritical one. No cap

  62. author

    I AM BAYTORHari Yang lalu

    1/2/4/5 HENDOOOO

  63. author

    carey caseyHari Yang lalu

    Hunt Is a Kiwi not a Samoan. C'MON MAN

  64. author

    Nestor EncisoHari Yang lalu

    You forgot Khabib!!!

  65. author

    Isaac GeierHari Yang lalu

    There wasn’t a single person who looked that bad? I don’t understand this video.

  66. author

    Pro CowHari Yang lalu

    I never saw any of these but i saw one where mark hunt was some girls dad

  67. author

    Wrestla RHari Yang lalu

    Serra Longo for the win

  68. author

    Kenneth EdwardsHari Yang lalu

    The correct spelling should be Sap.

  69. author

    SinkHollyWoodHari Yang lalu

    15:33 Yea no shame there... Especially since Arona FKN DEFEATED FEDOR but crooked judges awarded the W to Fedor for whatever reason. Look into it.

  70. author

    shrecordingsHari Yang lalu

    Diaz army 💪😎💯

  71. author

    Gustavo TrimoletHari Yang lalu

    no randy coulture

  72. author

    SinkHollyWoodHari Yang lalu

    14:18 Big John dont play

  73. author

    taaj howellHari Yang lalu

    Didn't takada also "beat" Anderson Silva?

  74. author

    Hugo TateHari Yang lalu

    What a fucking waste. Anyone know the name of the chick in the thumbnail at least

  75. author

    Ashton RayHari Yang lalu

    I LOVE Mark Hunt but he is THE gatekeeper!

  76. author

    Rusty ChambersHari Yang lalu

    Donald "I took a dive to keep Conor McRapist relevant" Cerrone. #Rigged

  77. author

    Marco GarzaHari Yang lalu

    Love me some Amanda Nunez. COLD BLOODED KILLER.

  78. author

    JKVltraHari Yang lalu

    I was once eating outside at a restaurant in Chicago and myself and others around me were approached by some weird wannabe super hero guy. It was pretty funny and at the time I thought it was a prank or something but since I've heard of a few of these types and they're serious lol

  79. author

    DAHari Yang lalu

    some people live this life,,, especially when you live in a really dangerous place,,ive had guns put in my face and after living like this for so long i just tell them to fuck off and walk away it seems to confuse people i am so crazy, i am also a life long martial artist so mix that with that level of crazy and ill walk into any situation

  80. author

    Aphid BowlerHari Yang lalu

    that irish guy with the blood condition looks like a skeleton with skin stretched over it and hair implanted. Scary looking.

  81. author

    Guardington KekeHari Yang lalu

    Dana White is the most intimidating man with the most least intimidating name

  82. author

    Adam FromanHari Yang lalu

    Song name?

  83. author

    Hans BotheHari Yang lalu

    Mark Hunt was never a great fighter.

  84. author

    Anthony EdwardsHari Yang lalu

    Knowing joe, he was probably high when he first started.

  85. author

    Tony MagallanezHari Yang lalu

    Mcgrecor vs. cowboy

  86. author

    Dennis AlvaradoHari Yang lalu

    Let's not fuck around here yeah the Mark hunt and Bigfoot was a draw but holy shit. There were no losers in that fight the fans/viewers are the real winners for getting to see a hell of a fucking fight.

  87. author

    Abiola AdedejiHari Yang lalu

    You can uhhhhhhhh you can go ahead and take Maycee off

  88. author

    Omicron9999Hari Yang lalu

    Uhh, if you were trying to prove that some of these guys aren't gatekeepers, you did a bad job. A third or so of the list is guys who are good fighters but always came up short of winning titles or beating world-class fighters. That's pretty much the definition of what a gatekeeper is: good, but falls just short of being one of the greats. Mark Hunt and Rumble in particular stood out from that list. You basically proved they ARE gatekeepers. Sure, they've achieved some impressive victories and winning streaks, but they can't break into the elite ranks.

  89. author

    Denzel WatkinsHari Yang lalu

    He can't beat deontay and your average fat joe does not train like ruiz goodnight

  90. author

    snoeHari Yang lalu

    Should do a top 10 most damaged faces in mma.

  91. author

    Eddy RomanHari Yang lalu

    Do a video on if the Conor fight was fixed or not

  92. author

    David GutierrezHari Yang lalu

    Spotted that office meme thought you were slick 😂

  93. author

    chili cheesemfHari Yang lalu

    Mark Kerr sells cars in Mesa, Az.

  94. author

    Jason ForrestHari Yang lalu

    tap out? what a pussy clothing.

  95. author

    Anthony JacobHari Yang lalu

    No cowboy or Porrier?

  96. author

    Jason ForrestHari Yang lalu

    the arrow meant. insert dick here. lmfao.

  97. author

    Noah BertrandHari Yang lalu

    Who’s watching after the cowboy v Connor fight Just makes him more impressive

  98. author

    Jason ForrestHari Yang lalu

    who gives a fuck. oh he got a boo boo stop the fight. pussy's

  99. author

    Ton PalaciosHari Yang lalu

    cruz and cain were the heartbreakers for me, so much potential and talent lost out to injuries

  100. author

    foxxxboi OwOHari Yang lalu

    Hay, I'd fuck chuck too