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The Art of Selling FightsThe Art of Selling Fights

The Art of Selling Fights

5 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    The Truth Will set you free56 menit yang lalu

    collecting views on Colbys name hmmmm....?

  2. author

    Julien Lefebvre59 menit yang lalu

    That thumbnail is insane, it looks like the cover of a comic book story where the crazy villain is gonna beat the hero, like when Bane broke Bats spine lol.

  3. author

    Ricado SantosJam Yang lalu

    weird to think back on a time when Anderson Silva was an underdog challenging the champion, or when the light-heavywheight used to be this crazy no-man's land, with about 10 guys who could become the champion at any time. This is why i really like these videos, they really take me back

  4. author

    charles sturdivantJam Yang lalu

    Not sure if you already did it but an idea of a list of ufc fights that have been overturned. Sounds interesting. Great videos btw big fan

  5. author

    Joshua BellesJam Yang lalu

    Overeem is juiced to the gills

  6. author

    john loaJam Yang lalu

    oh yea, they forgot to include that vitor belfort is in his 40's, of course his bodies gonna transform

  7. author

    Donny SouthwellJam Yang lalu

    I gave this video a thumbs down for the random ads in the middle of the video

  8. author

    YouTube comment guyJam Yang lalu

    Best commentator on MMA on point. Every video makes me belly laugh

  9. author

    Horrible little awful Ghoul2 jam yang lalu

    Do ten gayest mma fighters

  10. author

    Horrible little awful Ghoul2 jam yang lalu

    Henry cejudo when he stands next to anyone

  11. author

    Horrible little awful Ghoul2 jam yang lalu

    Nope royce was chosen because he could be controlled unlike rickson(who Royce said was 100x better than him). Why would you want a worse fighter? Commented this before and I’ll do it again. Said by big john on jre.

  12. author

    Horrible little awful Ghoul2 jam yang lalu

    #1 Daniel Cormier. He’s been switching the labels on his piss and Jon’s piss for years!

  13. author

    Aaron Bruce3 jam yang lalu

    sponsored by espn….great, another sport killed by snowflake anti white liberal bull shit corporations.....what a shame....

  14. author

    hell bound3 jam yang lalu

    Nice Charles Bronson reference

  15. author

    CJ Destruction3 jam yang lalu

    Would UFC reject me because I’m 5’0? Probably

  16. author

    Durag Demigod3 jam yang lalu

    Rory Macdonald’s sounds like a plot to an episode sitcom bout mma fighters 😂 Which btw I think would be fuckin hilarious. Imagine a show like Brooklyn 99 or The Office, only w/ mma/pro wrestling 🤔 fuckin brilliant

  17. author

    Tommy Jusinski3 jam yang lalu

    USADA beat Johnny Hendricks👊🏻👊🏻

  18. author

    ARS4 jam yang lalu

    Felt so bad for Aldo as he never did anything wrong, he was just on the wrong end of conor bringing in the casuals.

  19. author

    Livin' Rob4 jam yang lalu

    Casual fans vs Hardcore fans? Get over your cunty selves! MMA is the only sport to criticize it's fans.

  20. author

    Bruno de Santi Albanese4 jam yang lalu

    Royce was definitely number one

  21. author

    Siya Dube4 jam yang lalu

    1:00 why u tryna stop Giants from fighting dude

  22. author

    Christian Belzer5 jam yang lalu

    Thumbs up for Poochie

  23. author

    Ray Reyes5 jam yang lalu

    so many events sometimes I forget what promotion I'm even watching

  24. author

    Vigus DNA5 jam yang lalu

    Man Shaq today would whoop that big dude & the Brazilian hulk lmao

  25. author

    Vigus DNA5 jam yang lalu

    Lebron looking goofy as hell throwing punches at 0:00:30 (30 seconds in) LMAO 😂 Charles Barkley was right , when he said guys in the NBA Can’t Fight Lol

  26. author

    Jon Chapman5 jam yang lalu

    I’ve no idea why Renzo is so beloved by MMA fans, he’s shown himself to be a classless thug many times, just like the rest of his family

  27. author

    Neli Weerasekara5 jam yang lalu

    khabib N.1 of all time unless he loses to ferguson. Shut up mate

  28. author

    NoHoCaLiCuBaNn205 jam yang lalu


  29. author

    Aaron Bruce5 jam yang lalu

    come back rumble.....

  30. author

    Anthony Wanten6 jam yang lalu

    You can't call a guy who pokes everyone in the eyes and fcking hit a pregnant woman with his car an ran the greatest of all time that's not about opinion bro

  31. author

    ARS6 jam yang lalu

    1. B.J. Penn 2. B.J. Penn 3. B.J. Penn 4. B.J. Penn 5. B.J. Penn 6. B.J. Penn 7. B.J. Penn 8. B.J. Penn 9. B.J. Penn 10. B.J. Penn

  32. author

    David S.6 jam yang lalu

    I watched Dana catch that chair like 20 times

  33. author

    Last Minute Heroics7 jam yang lalu

    My old ass been there since 1992. I saw the guy trying to fight with boxing gloves.

  34. author

    Oj Blackcat7 jam yang lalu

    You missed the worst nickname of all. Alice "The Soccer Mom" Yauger.

  35. author

    Dk loud7 jam yang lalu


  36. author

    Jonathan Boyles7 jam yang lalu

    9:55 is the reason i love stephen thompson😂

  37. author

    James sevensix8 jam yang lalu

    You cannot put jon PICTOGRAM jones on the goat list. He's been juicing his WHOLE CAREER.

  38. author

    Jeremy Michna8 jam yang lalu

    Wow you lost alot of respect from me mentioning sajad whatever and then brazilian hulk, sajad will never enter ufc with those fake injected muscles and you should know what that shit is, also over 400 lbs u gotta be 265 to be in ufc he aint ever dropping over 100 lbs or you dont and you guys are some instagram hypers just making bullshit to make bullshit. Might as well mention anyone who says they gonna be in the ufc

  39. author

    Tim Matter8 jam yang lalu

    Anderson Silva is a piece of shit and got what he deserved

  40. author

    Corby Dinsburger8 jam yang lalu

    You are Joe Rogan Jr.

  41. author

    Mitch Reed8 jam yang lalu

    Conor McGregor for never shutting up..

  42. author

    Daniel C8 jam yang lalu

    Anybody notice the Mandela effect when Darth Vader says "No" I am your father, instead of "Luke" I am your father?

  43. author

    Corby Dinsburger8 jam yang lalu

    There are a few moments in this that you sound identical to Rogan. Its uncanny.

  44. author

    Jonathan Boyles9 jam yang lalu

    Demetrius Johnson for Ben Askren is the worst trade deal in the histort of trade deals.

  45. author

    Joao PSI9 jam yang lalu

    You guys are acting pretty ignorant here. How can you not take social media in consideration? The fact that colby covington only has 271K followers on Instagram is a big indicator that he's not the star he thinks he is. Same goes for Usman and Cejudo. Stylebender, Masvidal, Diaz, Khabib, Conor, Paige van Zant etc. Look at those numbers and compare these with Colby etc. Not naming these indicators makes your video look pretty lazy.

  46. author

    Corby Dinsburger9 jam yang lalu

    Cyborg is a dude..for sure.

  47. author

    Corby Dinsburger9 jam yang lalu

    That would have been so dope if Overeem came out with the super shredder helmet and

  48. author

    Romeo Yusupov9 jam yang lalu

    You sound like Joe rogan

  49. author

    Corby Dinsburger9 jam yang lalu

    That last photo of Nate where his face looks like hamburger and hes given the finger. I fucken love that photo. It's deeper than just what's on the surface. Resilience.

  50. author

    19. SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY9 jam yang lalu

    so this is what makes you guyses feels like you something special? is this the kind of things you peoples like to watch? why because you wants to be some kind of tough guy that you are not? why do you idiots think you tuff by watching this shit bout sick idiots like youselfs?

  51. author

    Chris Petrill9 jam yang lalu

    Well, now the quickest KO is Mazvidal vs. Askren

  52. author

    SpeechlesslyElegant9 jam yang lalu

    Some of these r hard to watch doesn’t seem like there’s any training to be a ref just step in the cage and bam ur a ref

  53. author

    Daniel Racy10 jam yang lalu

    No Rufino dos Santos mention? He beat Carlos Gracie under gracie rules and some time later was cowardly jumped by 3 gracies on the street. The same thing happened with another fighter but I don't remember his name, this time it was 4 gracies.

  54. author

    EJF SFC10 jam yang lalu

    Sad but the UFC is completely overshadowed by USADA.

  55. author

    Dylan LaRocca10 jam yang lalu

    "George Masdival" lol

  56. author

    Timmy Smith10 jam yang lalu

    Jones overshadowed by USADA.

  57. author

    Dovydas Rimkus10 jam yang lalu

    1.Anderson Silva 2.Jon Jones 3.Gsp

  58. author

    j n10 jam yang lalu

    Surprise no one wants too fight khabib

  59. author

    DesertFox73 •10 jam yang lalu

    If you include WEC Aldo won 10 title fights in a row and is 11-3 overall in title fights (and was on an 18 fight win streak before losing to McGregor). That’s pretty incredible

  60. author

    •Uuudd •11 jam yang lalu

    Fedor is a true homie for that.

  61. author

    terroszmata11 jam yang lalu

    amazing vid

  62. author

    rotcehvelasquez12 jam yang lalu

    When will we see "10 Championship WINS on Home Soil"? with fights like: Connor McGregor winning in Dublin, Michael Bisping winning in London, Santiago Ponzinibbio winning in Buenos Aires, Weili Zhang winning in Shenzhen, Tim Kennedy winning in front of the troops, and a lot of brazilian fighters winning in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo or other brazilian city; and maybe San Jose-base fighters winning in Strikeforce events in San Jose.

  63. author

    jbot9112 jam yang lalu

    McGregor really knows people well. It must help a lot in competition.

  64. author

    jbot9112 jam yang lalu

    Rashad was fucked over by his camp and everyone knows Greg Jackson is the biggest wierdo scumbag. Hes always asking all of his black fighters to fuck his wife. Makes everyone in the gym super uncomfortable. That's why I had to leave.

  65. author

    rudina ziu12 jam yang lalu

    Holly home vs cyborg

  66. author

    Mike M12 jam yang lalu

    I think mighty mouse is overshadowed by himself, ( due to being a flyweight ) most dominant champion in ufc history but no one talks about it. Might Mouse needs to be on this list

  67. author

    Jordan Crowley12 jam yang lalu

    #11, Dana could do whatever and be whatever he desires to be. Dana has that special that most do not.

  68. author

    Michael Spoto12 jam yang lalu

    that skull caving in cringes me out no matter how many times i see it.

  69. author

    Jacob Junio13 jam yang lalu

    69th assembly ha

  70. author

    ahoejin13 jam yang lalu

    2:00 wtf is a battle rap???? Its rap battle

  71. author

    Jack Mehoff13 jam yang lalu

    The Diaz brothers one makes no sense. Guess u couldn't think of 10. That one is a reach at best. It would make sense if Nick still fought, n when Nick was killing it Nate was still young. Cromier one is dumb too. This list sucks. I only a few were actually over shadowed.

  72. author

    Feels Man13 jam yang lalu

    1. Alexander Emelianenko

  73. author

    David Dudley13 jam yang lalu

    If the Gracie's had their way there would have been no rule changes

  74. author

    Brandon Cruz13 jam yang lalu

    Yep! MMA is a joke:-D

  75. author

    Lesy Lesy13 jam yang lalu

    Once you learn their story you respect them

  76. author

    Bobby Caldwell14 jam yang lalu

    Matt serra does not belong on this list. We only know his name because of GSP.

  77. author

    R.Razor Vell14 jam yang lalu

    Mike Goldberg is our Jim Rose of UFC. wtf

  78. author

    Jules14 jam yang lalu

    I don't get what the big deal is. It's a speedo. Americans are so weird with what offends them and what doesn't.

  79. author

    Week Old Watermelon15 jam yang lalu

    Seems kind of cheap getting all sweaty before the fights.. both should be toweled off before the fight etc... I dunno

  80. author

    Aaron Graf15 jam yang lalu

    Their all on steroids

  81. author

    Aaron Graf15 jam yang lalu

    11:30 he's product of Russian gean manipulation

  82. author

    You’re my bitch Sit the fuck down15 jam yang lalu

    Joe rogans voice is soooooo basic that literally EVERYONE commenting on mma sounds just like him. UFC should fire that weak pussy joe rogan and hire this guy instead!

  83. author

    dmaster22515 jam yang lalu

    5:01 sure they just stopped beating each other, but it seems kind of disingenuous to act like theyve been the victims of some sort of atrocity by saying, "theyve put their lives on the line," and only serious questions are allowed. MMA nowadays is generally safe, compared to the early days, and fights are stopped before fighters get to the point of putting their life on the line. But I do understand that theyre tired physically and mentally and dont really feel like getting creative on the spot. but he couldve just said that instead of acting high and mighty.

  84. author

    ZeroMalarki15 jam yang lalu

    Top ten houses joke was banging. Actually chuckled.

  85. author

    Elena16 jam yang lalu

    all these homoerotic fears - "I'm not gay, I swear"

  86. author

    Allan Carson16 jam yang lalu

    Did anyone notice Emelianenko's Russion mob tattoo's get a cover up later in the second photo ? Left and right shoulders.

  87. author

    IDunHave Name17 jam yang lalu

    Jon jones

  88. author

    Dale Michael18 jam yang lalu

    Dis shit y I hate white peeple

  89. author

    Michael Casimer18 jam yang lalu

    You must hear this all the time but you sound like Joe Rogan

  90. author

    Jamil Dakroub18 jam yang lalu

    How would khabib handle the loss?🧐🧐

  91. author

    I Pee Nuts18 jam yang lalu

    Why the frick is there a laughing leprechaun in the thumbnail?

  92. author

    Zach Russell18 jam yang lalu

    The Johnny Hendricks situation just points out how nothing ever happens when Judges, Referee's, etc screw up. There's zero punishment, zero repercussions, nothing. Only the diehard GSP fans and 2 blind judges think GSP won that fight, everyone else gave it to Hendricks, yet nothing was done about it. Everyone just moved on.

  93. author

    Yautja Prime19 jam yang lalu

    By this logic everyone gets overshadowed eventually. Aldo had a LONG run before getting put on the back burner but he never had fan appeal and can't entertain on the mic. Like it or not, fighting isn't the only thing you need to be good at in this sport. Being well rounded as a person is even more important than your capability in the cage.

  94. author

    eugene ceballos19 jam yang lalu

    Wheres jon jones?

  95. author

    Dr. King Schultz19 jam yang lalu

    It's easy as fuck to be a Diaz fan.

  96. author

    Ad Ga20 jam yang lalu

    Fedor Emelianenko, no doubt about it. Even GSP said this himself in an interview on "Inside MMA".

  97. author

    JanPospisil4220 jam yang lalu

    Awww, poor JJ. If only he was allowed to blind and intentionally injure people in the past!

  98. author

    Sarthak Mohanty20 jam yang lalu

    5:33 wow didn't know that Bellator has its own Joe Rogan 😂

  99. author

    Julius Caesar20 jam yang lalu

    D.C is the dirty boxer of all Times...Miocic is the best of the best..

  100. author

    Ganja Trooper21 jam yang lalu

    Moral of the story? filthy casuals.