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    massaweed420am8 jam yang lalu

    Hol up, did this fuck boi just call Badbunny an "attractive person"?? I need this dudes dope connect, obviously he's on some powerful shit to think she's attractive.

  2. author

    Soge 018 jam yang lalu

    EA Bioware: *It just works!*

  3. author

    Da_Ocsta8 jam yang lalu

    Some dudes don't deserve a c***.

  4. author

    Nathan Nate8 jam yang lalu

    All the people who give money to people just so they can buy a house, they're the ones ripping themselves off LOL

  5. author

    Matthew Sprecker9 jam yang lalu

    If you enjoy entertaining then "money" isn't your concern. You do what you like and understand that money is thoughts, occasionally actions, and not all money should be actions.

  6. author

    Soju Nation9 jam yang lalu

    Im really digging dbz kakarot too😁✌

  7. author

    Zombie Xee9 jam yang lalu

    Aw, I remember one night I was shooting my mouth off at this little punk. Little did I know that he'd run off and grab his big indian friend. Well, I was standing there chatting with a this chick then, BAM out of nowhere I catch this dude's punch in my right temple. Never saw it coming, sucker punch from the right. Everything goes black and I stagger back. When my sight pops back in it only my left eye I can see out of, cause the blood had run into my right eye. The dude was so slow that I was able to dodge every swing after that easily, even being down one eye. He was big and had a hell of a punch but he was so slow. A couple minutes in everyone took off cause someone said the cops were there. I looked into the window and saw this huge flintstone lump on the side of my face. Still got the scar running out of my eyebrow.

  8. author

    UploaderNine9 jam yang lalu

    CLASSIC, The douchie streamers always go with "I was joking" when their bs gets called out. And this is one douchie chick. I predict 6 cats and a fixed income in her future.

  9. author

    JDM9 jam yang lalu

    My d be confused should be hard or not? Dont want to be called a masoganist.

  10. author

    DashCamAndy9 jam yang lalu

    9:59 - That look CLEARLY says "my eyes are UP HERE, incel!"

  11. author

    King BigBird3279 jam yang lalu

    I need to get into some bar fight don't want to be this man.

  12. author

    The Nasty9 jam yang lalu

    I love it when you talk about being able to tell when someone has never shed blood in a real fight. Some people might think that’s a joke but I know exactly what you’re talking about. People can literally get sense knocked into them.

  13. author

    Chip Skyler9 jam yang lalu

    I mean if this white knight pay for an escort maybe then he starts using his brain. Pay 5$ for fugly and rotten chick.

  14. author

    KhaosS9 jam yang lalu

    I hit level 250 but my apparently I need to eat a shit ton of food to do that

  15. author

    iHaveTheGaul9 jam yang lalu

    I honestly thought she was memeing but everything could happen these days I mean DSP somehow is still around

  16. author

    Cythreulig9 jam yang lalu

    D-girl's voice is... oof. 😍

  17. author

    Ponce Von Fontlebottom9 jam yang lalu


  18. author

    NerfBeard '9 jam yang lalu

    9:17 First time "Pussy Wizard" actually touched a woman in his life. Y I K E S

  19. author

    ALJustice09 jam yang lalu

    More like because the devs are clearly biting more than they can chew

  20. author

    Nathan Nate9 jam yang lalu

    The female who said "and that you leech", i have no respect for her, she's an idiot lol Her personality just gives off a "poison" vibe, like if i spend any kind of time with her anywhere in the vicinity of me, i would feel depressed, lol.

  21. author

    Nathan Nate9 jam yang lalu

    Some of these people don't even make content, they just sit there and watch shows or something so people can watch them watch shows. Some don't even talk, and they say if you join and view twitch streams without donating, you're a leech? LOL I don't take anything they say seriously, i just ignore those ignorant idiots. lol

  22. author

    Nathan Nate9 jam yang lalu

    I have never joined a female twitch room, or any for that matter and never will. I would just ask myself "do i even have a life?" if i ever donated money to a lazy person sitting on their ass in front of a webcam.

  23. author

    Angrygrape13379 jam yang lalu

    Wait, is that The Santa Cruz Joker? Oh the irony of calling others incels.

  24. author

    Nathan Nate9 jam yang lalu

    Twitch is the last place which should be mentioned when talking about women's day. There are a lot of female cancer personalities on that cancer site.

  25. author

    -9 jam yang lalu

    Last door I held open for a girl this year, she didn't didn't acknowledge me and looked bothered she had to cross my path through the doorway.

  26. author

    Doof Senpai9 jam yang lalu

    I'm with you on all the things you talked about. I'm just a little confused about the bar fight thing. You saying guys that never got into a fistfight aren't men?

  27. author

    NerfBeard '9 jam yang lalu

    If you negatively criticize any SJW infused piece of entertainment such as movies, comics or etc., "journalists" say you're an alt-right troll. If you criticize any female, specially on Twitch, for any given reason, you're an incel. That sums it up.

  28. author

    Nathan Brooker10 jam yang lalu

    What a fucking yikes, I met my gf at the lowest point in my Life and she’s been with me through the hardest times of my life when I got a health problem, my drug addiction till my sobriety even when I left work for health stuff and was struggling with rent she never wavered in her love for me, and I’m forever grateful that’s love she coulda left like this bitch woulda ghosted cause it essentially is not benefiting her, she has no fucking clue what a real relationship is clearly

  29. author

    Eekiki10 jam yang lalu

    soyboy white night: No man gets called out for this Wings of Redemption, DSP, LowTierGod: Are we a joke to you?

  30. author

    Seth Renegade10 jam yang lalu

    7:47 actually do that more in your future vids 😂😂 : a mickey impersonation will totally bring more views. As for her, I wonder if her fans like seeing her begging and frustrated for a while before throwing a bone or two so that she continues.

  31. author

    PUMA Chomper10 jam yang lalu

    She is just a waste of air...... No ,I really thought for some time but that is all I can muster..... P.S Also this is not a guy this thing should definitely identify as Them or They....

  32. author

    Cythreulig10 jam yang lalu

    Ummm... Ummm... Ummm... Ummm... Listen to the question, acknowledge it, take a moment to consider your response, get it straight in your head, then speak. This just further shows the wrong people get the breaks. XD

  33. author

    bluemoondiadochi10 jam yang lalu

    Cool, now we need boob size verification. oh, and weight too (you can use cute animal symbols such as cheetah, seal, elephant, rhino and whale for this).

  34. author

    Alex Legault Frechette10 jam yang lalu

    It's ironic that she asks "Why are you so special? Who are you?" when the person asks to talk to her. What makes HER so special that people have to pay $5 to talk to her? lol... The deep seated narcissism is strong with this one.

  35. author

    Chris Muñoz10 jam yang lalu

    9:57 dude be like: bruh, nice neck.

  36. author

    Albert Wesker10 jam yang lalu

    “Profit means not incel”... Huh?? 🤔

  37. author

    Lucifer 77210 jam yang lalu

    You just know he's praying she'll make him her wife.

  38. author

    Talûn-karkû The Warchief10 jam yang lalu

    Jizzed in my pants

  39. author

    Steven Steele10 jam yang lalu

    Bunny and DSP should date each other and stream together. . .I'd watch Almighty Teven Watch that while he streams and goes on about Parallel universes.

  40. author

    Wang Tsunglo10 jam yang lalu

    the gif at 00.30, the guy with blue eyebrows holding up a garbage bag with a $ on it. where does that come from?

  41. author

    G MAN AWESOME10 jam yang lalu

    I FUCKING KNEW IT SOY BOY COME TO DEFENDS🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  42. author

    Chris Conley10 jam yang lalu

    Medical school. Lmao. Ok.

  43. author

    Bob Brizzo10 jam yang lalu

    Gundam, I know you wouldn't agree, but you should make a channel exposing these "chicks" call it, thots r us! Love ya bro

  44. author

    ToxicTierGaming10 jam yang lalu

    I hope thats not the reason for delay and they are just fine tuning the game as a whole, but this tracks.

  45. author

    Casual Goats10 jam yang lalu

    10:24 so that's how Memology 101 manages to get the best quotes.

  46. author

    Boxes World10 jam yang lalu

    Look at how he shrivels up like the fat nerd he is over touching female skin. Lmao, and this is the same dude calling others incels.

  47. author

    Reime10 jam yang lalu

    How big is his nose? Simple.

  48. author

    luckyson1310 jam yang lalu


  49. author

    Assoluto Cosmico10 jam yang lalu

    She looks like she fishing for the paypig/findom crowd. Some dudes like that humiliation shit and give these chicks money for that.

  50. author

    huge plays10 jam yang lalu

    She's capitalist through and through

  51. author

    tnix8810 jam yang lalu

    Fuck consoles, PC master race

  52. author

    Harry Phantom10 jam yang lalu

    The underworld movies

  53. author

    The Hippo Creative11 jam yang lalu

    Delayed due to Stadia performance.

  54. author

    Undead Exile11 jam yang lalu

    Can we all get together and start a revolution? Our goal is this- To backhand all women like BadBunny and to break the nose of every soyboy. We will first have to vote gundam into presidency so he can inact a few laws in our favor.

  55. author

    MR. OBVIOUS11 jam yang lalu

    She's not even attractive. Women really live life on easy mode.

  56. author

    Oliver Von arx11 jam yang lalu

    “ ‘t wuz jus’a prank, brah...!” - yeah, sure... Cause we’re all re-💩-ed... 🤣

  57. author

    Bodacious Bootyhole Bandit11 jam yang lalu

    Don’t give her a sub, take the 5 bucks and burn it, easily more worth it.

  58. author

    Oliver Von arx11 jam yang lalu

    Lol!! That guy didn’t realize her look at all; he was way to concentrated staring at her b00bs... 🤣😜

  59. author

    ChuckImania11 jam yang lalu

    ...fuck if I were his homie I would have had to bust a Mice of Men on his ass... "Just look at the rabbits beta.... look at the rabbits..."

  60. author

    Danish Human Being11 jam yang lalu

    I hope CD Project at least learned from Witcher 3. That whole downgrading the graphics, while it still being part of the code, was a bit of a dick move.

  61. author

    ZoanBlade9011 jam yang lalu

    DBZ Kakarot footage? Nice. I should get it. It looks good.

  62. author

    Mr Hoax11 jam yang lalu

    Good. Good. It shouldn't run on consoles at all.

  63. author

    The Infidel11 jam yang lalu

    Whores gonna be Whores ...why bother

  64. author

    Carl M11 jam yang lalu

    She's doing a dominatrix act. Some pay-piggies need a strong pimp hand.

  65. author

    Dano84 Gaming11 jam yang lalu

    I've been console most my life but more recently pc gamer in the last few years as well and I agree with your take. Why delay until damn near the next gen release, for your "next gen" game and focus on current gen. I'd rather them put it out on pc, optimize or improve then blast off on next gen. They could use pc to build more hype too and maybe even drive some console sales for next gen. I know I pre ordered on xbox anyways and even an earlier release to pc probably wouldn't sway me fully but then again, I'm just recently gonna check out witcher 3 on pc and that might skew my thinking

  66. author

    D Howison11 jam yang lalu

    She is an ugly vile person. Keep it up Gundam

  67. author

    MisterIdjit11 jam yang lalu

    Yeah, I don't think she can act her way out of a paper bag. Not even doing an apology tour, she's pulling the "just kidding" card. Even bullshit doesn't reek this bad.

  68. author

    BLee Jr11 jam yang lalu

    Bullshit meter -> Very high. She's not acting. She's miserable. She needs to graduate to full on nude camgirl. Because really that's what she wants to do. Or she can continue to rant while literally sitting in a chair asking for money for... sitting in a chair.

  69. author

    Nobody11 jam yang lalu

    They can't release the better PC version first because investors won't like that.

  70. author

    DimitriFox11 jam yang lalu

    Jesus when he starts yellnig for no reason

  71. author

    hell13hound1311 jam yang lalu

    I hope she meets guy that beats her.

  72. author

    David D11 jam yang lalu

    We really live in a society when 5/10 girls thinks theyre hot shit.

  73. author

    Mr Hoax11 jam yang lalu

    Cringe.... too much......

  74. author

    Emcee Hammer11 jam yang lalu

    I do agree with her when she ses if you tell people your a nice guy you're not a nice guy. One of the biggest bullies I've met used to always tell people he was a nice guy.

  75. author

    relaxesonsand11 jam yang lalu

    "So much exposure on her face she was like a lightbulb with eyes" LOL

  76. author

    Black Man11 jam yang lalu

    I watched her channel for about 2 hours after you uploaded your last video, and she for the most part doesn't have anything of substance to say. She doesn't go into any specifics, doesn't bring up any sources except MSNBC for one particular thing involving impeachment, and when she does talk about stuff, it's all super vague and non specific, and when she talks about the right, it's all only insane delusional made up nonsense, it's all just straw mans and insane caricatures of what she thinks the right is. Oh and here's a gem, she ACTUALLY thinks women have it so hard on twitch, and how it's sooooo much easier for men on that platform and spent something like 5 minutes or so whining about it.

  77. author

    Adam Courier11 jam yang lalu

    These two are living memes. One is a white knight who will lose interest after he eventually realizes that she won’t touch his PP and the other is a woman who will lose everything once her looks go.

  78. author

    David Forrester11 jam yang lalu

    Blaming the plane when it's clearly human error.

  79. author

    Trollstank11 jam yang lalu

    5:54 Airheads?

  80. author

    Cocktails & Consoles11 jam yang lalu

    Can I just call BULLSH!T on the whole “it was just a joke”? That look on her face was legit pissed that people wasn’t showering her in money for the pleasure of staring at her slumped in her chair. Trust me, she’s NOT that good of an actress.

  81. author

    Rowsdower11 jam yang lalu

    Bunny Lebowski is the light of my life.

  82. author

    Devin Paul11 jam yang lalu

    Brutal honesty, your humor's a little moist, bro. Gotta leave that shit in the sun for awhile.

  83. author

    Mr. Happy Sack11 jam yang lalu

    Wow, that chick has a fat face. She won't age well.

  84. author

    BakaTakoUwU11 jam yang lalu

    Sorry pappa Gundam I need to take a break from your videos, all these thotties are causing me a massive migrane.

  85. author

    Nobody11 jam yang lalu

    Incel is the new hater

  86. author

    David Forrester11 jam yang lalu

    Reminded me of that one star citizen video.

  87. author

    zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba11 jam yang lalu

    @4:20 Those Pegasus work benches aren't terrible. Light duty. Good for wood work.

  88. author

    manny1988fyi11 jam yang lalu

    Tell me more bout this werewolf movie! You son of a bitch! I'm in!

  89. author

    Wayne Fitzgerald11 jam yang lalu

    Papa is a savage straight up!

  90. author

    Dominator11 jam yang lalu

    You know I find it very fitting that the Bernie supporter is asking for money.

  91. author

    RoomerJ11 jam yang lalu

    January and we already have a "cuck of the year" candidate.

  92. author

    zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba11 jam yang lalu

    Fuck the video. Sucks to hear things are rough on your end of the screen dude. Makes a guy worry. Hope it works out for you in a positive way.

  93. author

    ZigZach12 jam yang lalu

    Lemme call you homer, cause you a SIMP son!

  94. author

    ZigZach12 jam yang lalu

    They're so entitled it's disgusting - and they call white men entitled because we have something called "white privilege", which frankly doesn't exist.

  95. author

    Kryptonic G12 jam yang lalu

    Uhhh being a woman, uhhh yea, no. No incel shit here Bunny is garbage. She is classless as hell. She was begging for money, having a tantrum, and tries to play the just joking and kidding bs when called on her bs. The real joke is her calling what she does entertainment.

  96. author

    ZigZach12 jam yang lalu

    I don't understand the mentality of those console gamers. PC gamers are aids yet according to them no one is allowed to complain about their sacrosanct exclusives and it's the end of the world when they're ported to PC.

  97. author

    uchnsn12 jam yang lalu

    You can see how that white knight is mad from sexual frustration. EXPOSED BY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIVE ME CREDIT GIVE ME PUSSAH! MEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! screeching idiot.

  98. author

    Noka-San12 jam yang lalu

    this is why I don't watch very many people on twitch

  99. author

    David Dunes12 jam yang lalu

    Spot on

  100. author

    David Forrester12 jam yang lalu

    Horrible feedback