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9 hari yang lalu



16 hari yang lalu

he asked for foot picshe asked for foot pics

he asked for foot pics

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my boyfriend moved inmy boyfriend moved in

my boyfriend moved in

2 bulan yang lalu



2 bulan yang lalu

do u wanna know a secret?do u wanna know a secret?

do u wanna know a secret?

4 bulan yang lalu

Testing Cheap Amazon WigsTesting Cheap Amazon Wigs

Testing Cheap Amazon Wigs

6 bulan yang lalu

I'm jealous of himI'm jealous of him

I'm jealous of him

7 bulan yang lalu

I'm a crazy dog momI'm a crazy dog mom

I'm a crazy dog mom

7 bulan yang lalu

it was an emergencyit was an emergency

it was an emergency

8 bulan yang lalu

my new hairmy new hair

my new hair

9 bulan yang lalu

yes, I'm dating someoneyes, I'm dating someone

yes, I'm dating someone

9 bulan yang lalu

the psychic tea was too hotthe psychic tea was too hot

the psychic tea was too hot

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10 bulan yang lalu



10 bulan yang lalu

i owe you an explanationi owe you an explanation

i owe you an explanation

11 bulan yang lalu

We Need To TalkWe Need To Talk

We Need To Talk

11 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    Girly Gamer2723 jam yang lalu

    Pleaseeeee do Christmas diy treats and presents like you usually do 😭😭😭

  2. author

    charlotte withycombe4 jam yang lalu

    I think it is amazing you should do more

  3. author

    Sofia Sea4 jam yang lalu

    Who is watching this after the boxing fight welp Logan 😂😂(no hate please)

  4. author

    Zaynab Najafi4 jam yang lalu

    Why does it say season 1 episode 1 if it’s episode 11

  5. author

    Azfar shafiq4 jam yang lalu

    Guess u love JoJo

  6. author

    Gabriela Zambrano5 jam yang lalu

    Vexx will be happy to help you

  7. author

    Star thompson5 jam yang lalu

    Jesus in god loves you god bless you and your family and friends in aways pray whan ever u want

  8. author

    Noémi Setét5 jam yang lalu


  9. author

    Jazz McGregor5 jam yang lalu

    You can ask Vexx cause he spray paints Like if u agree 👇🏻

  10. author

    Faith Guevara6 jam yang lalu

    watching this a year later still makes me cry to this day🥺

  11. author

    Aspen Taylor6 jam yang lalu

    I loved it so much though

  12. author

    The Chosen6 jam yang lalu

  13. author

    Cassy6 jam yang lalu

    Title: My biggest fail yet?? *she must be kidding*

  14. author

    BTS army ysa's park mochi jiminie gacha6 jam yang lalu

    I miss this

  15. author

    Dianne Smith7 jam yang lalu

    Lauren/LaurDIY: Doesn't feel real enough guys Matt/Camera man: Alright ("Put hands out")

  16. author

    Queen Diamonds7 jam yang lalu

    Yo I got so scared because you weren’t wearing your mask 😅😅

  17. author

    Mercedus Prouty7 jam yang lalu

    HOW MANY POLAROIDS DOES SHE HAVE!?!?!?! i can't even afford one lol

  18. author

    Mariah Witts7 jam yang lalu

    It's so good!! It would have been good without the black too!!

  19. author

    Strawberry milk tae7 jam yang lalu

    So like I dress like a soft girl because I have a very soft and sensitive personality and it kinda just goes making me the ultimate soft girl because I am soft inside and out. Thank you

  20. author

    Andy Holloman7 jam yang lalu

    She is hot

  21. author

    Riya Malhotra7 jam yang lalu

    9 million ppll Let's. Get There!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. author

    Riya Malhotra7 jam yang lalu

    9 million soooooonnnnn

  23. author

    thatssopopy8 jam yang lalu

    you should get vexx to teach youuu!!!!

  24. author

    Jeremiah Robertson8 jam yang lalu

    There is this quote in our school saying you is kind you is smart you is beautiful and when you said the nice stuff to Matt it sounded like the quote from my school.

  25. author

    Gacha想概Candy8 jam yang lalu

    there goes lauren doing the ahegao…...

  26. author

    fatima shit8 jam yang lalu

    2019 and i am crying

  27. author

    Ellie Marjorie8 jam yang lalu

    This is how many times Lauren said okay ⬇️

  28. author

    sophlasque8 jam yang lalu

    I miss them ☹️

  29. author

    Robyn Dalton9 jam yang lalu

    this video is super fun to watch

  30. author

    The Unknown9 jam yang lalu

    Lauren. Lauren. Lauren! I don't know what to get my boyfriend for Xmas and I'm freaking out pls help me!

  31. author

    Maylee Yang9 jam yang lalu

    If I was u I would love it in real life I suck at painting your so good👍!!Pls shout out me

  32. author

    Reyna Valenzuela9 jam yang lalu

    Lauren please say happy birthday Adalyn watch when she doesn't read it please read it laurennnnnnnnnn

  33. author

    Reyna Valenzuela9 jam yang lalu

    I wouldn't wear these outfits out because people will make eye contact lol I still love you Lauren

  34. author

    Yushin Channel9 jam yang lalu

    Vexx is a mural artist and doodle artist

  35. author

    maiela pacheco9 jam yang lalu

    2:31 💔

  36. author

    Qbert9 jam yang lalu

    girl you did great

  37. author

    Andrea Grills10 jam yang lalu

    Um do you even listen to The Rolling Stones or AC/DC?

  38. author

    Olivar Karen10 jam yang lalu

    Its a masterpiece

  39. author

    Sonia Tan10 jam yang lalu

    lauren’s diy makeover was cooler but mias outfit was better ahhaha

  40. author

    Alexis Akira10 jam yang lalu

    Please do the singers 1. Brendon Urie 2. Billie Elish 3. Ariana Grande 4. Tayor Swift NO K-POP STUFF PLEASE *OPINION*

  41. author

    Alexis Akira10 jam yang lalu


  42. author

    M.Alejandra Pena-Almendarez RN11 jam yang lalu

    Okay you know what I’m sorry sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry

  43. author

    Graciela Castro11 jam yang lalu

    Catherine Paiz/Mcbroom her brother Ryan is really good at this type of stuff. Collab?

  44. author

    Elizabeth Tillotson11 jam yang lalu

    I love all of your vids

  45. author

    Gianna Mae11 jam yang lalu

    I can’t find that pink cheeta jean jacket anywhere! Anyone know the brand or have a link? I couldn’t find it on the forever21 website!! Could anyone help a girl out? It would be very appreciated😊

  46. author

    unicorn poop12 jam yang lalu

    Where is Roly

  47. author

    Sergio Silva12 jam yang lalu

    Do addidas super stars plain white

  48. author

    Jeyla Hoang12 jam yang lalu

    Why can’t you call

  49. author

    Cattusorb12 jam yang lalu

    Graffiti with Vexx

  50. author

    Alyssa Lopes13 jam yang lalu

    I made crystals ind second grade😂🤣 like if you love Lauren

  51. author

    Meagan Hartsock13 jam yang lalu


  52. author

    Agnieszka Luff13 jam yang lalu

    Her: that’s as good as it’s gonna get Me: thats amazing

  53. author

    Jorge Torres13 jam yang lalu

    I swear I grew up watching them I’m going on a nostalgic run through IDreporter

  54. author

    Princess Jhuanna14 jam yang lalu

    I miss this ship😭💖 please getback u guysssss...😭 you guys are really cute couples...😭

  55. author

    Mila Tyacke14 jam yang lalu


  56. author

    Ifrah Haleema14 jam yang lalu

    2 0 1 9 Anyone

  57. author

    AanyaG14 jam yang lalu

    this is awsum

  58. author

    Dog lover123 YouTube14 jam yang lalu


  59. author

    Gregory Wilkes14 jam yang lalu

    I love your channel it is the BEST channel on youtube

  60. author

    Fluffy the Cat14 jam yang lalu

    Bla bla bla😂

  61. author

    Savvy Av14 jam yang lalu


  62. author

    Noriza Rizvi14 jam yang lalu

    nailed it

  63. author

    Kristy Robertson14 jam yang lalu

    Lauren fav number is my fav number

  64. author

    Alyssa -_-14 jam yang lalu

    Ws anyone els impressed when it only said LAURDIY

  65. author

    Vintage.Heart_15 jam yang lalu

    When you wanna watch crafttopia but you have HBO max.....

  66. author

    Rosey Vlogs15 jam yang lalu

    Logan good job 🤯🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😯😯🤼‍♂️🏹

  67. author

    bri15 jam yang lalu

    bro, 2019 anyone?

  68. author

    Hadley Bright15 jam yang lalu

    Do a part 2

  69. author

    Jillian the art rockstar15 jam yang lalu

    He fetched like my dogo

  70. author

    Keri Brichacek15 jam yang lalu

    Lauren: I hate it Everyone: better than what I could do

  71. author

    angel rivera15 jam yang lalu

    Lauren why are ppl quitting IDreporter 😭😢

  72. author

    DoItWithQueenAnna15 jam yang lalu

    Honey you sleigh queen

  73. author

    DoItWithQueenAnna15 jam yang lalu

    Queen of diy

  74. author

    Yahaira Vlogs16 jam yang lalu

    When are u going to do a house tour

  75. author

    shoham cohen16 jam yang lalu

    Its acually good tho

  76. author

    Mikayla V16 jam yang lalu

    You did amazing!!!!

  77. author

    ItzEdenGaming.16 jam yang lalu

    Can you do Sam and Colby next?

  78. author

    maya Mohamed16 jam yang lalu

    Lauren: i cant do it i cant do it i cant do it i cant do it i cant do it Me: shes prob going to do it Lauren:doesn’t do it Lol lol lol

  79. author

    Kaylee Alexa _16 jam yang lalu

    I was literally at this same place yesterday lol

  80. author

    Joy’s Life16 jam yang lalu

    I thought it looked great

  81. author

    Banana Banana16 jam yang lalu

    2:50 So I don’t want to put you down or anything but uh, well, “mooses” isn’t a word....

  82. author

    Molly Grant16 jam yang lalu

    Wait was sit still look pretty playing during the hair elastics

  83. author

    Rihanna Laguna16 jam yang lalu

    Did anyone else realize that josh said bam what.. like luv and Maddie reference👀

  84. author

    maya Mohamed16 jam yang lalu

    What show is it

  85. author

    Princess Tinyy16 jam yang lalu

    do a shoe haul !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. author

    Mia Flores llamas17 jam yang lalu

    You can ask the ace family maybe cause Catherine brother Ryan does graffiti

  87. author

    Sarah Weldon17 jam yang lalu

    How women think: "Jeremy can't say no to things that are for cramps"

  88. author

    isaac martins17 jam yang lalu

    Fácil 💎

  89. author

    Ninneth Nunez17 jam yang lalu

    Your so close to 9 million 🥳🥰 Congrats in advanced I know your gonna make it soon 💝

  90. author

    Natalia Gomez17 jam yang lalu

    Lauren it’s great u should be proud

  91. author

    Taylor Lam17 jam yang lalu

    hire spider man yknow Miles

  92. author

    Jake Contreras18 jam yang lalu

    You should do a kalab with sketch art he's a spray painter like a master😂 but with sketch art!!!!!

  93. author

    Anais Watterson18 jam yang lalu

    1% of the comments- I love this song! 99% of the comments- who’s here after the breakup 😭😭😭😭😭😭 My 0.01%- this :c

  94. author

    Kaylee Glascoe18 jam yang lalu

    Lily and Lauren WON😍❤

  95. author

    sarah18 jam yang lalu

    I want 😔

  96. author

    kash money mama tingz18 jam yang lalu

    “I don’t wanna marry someone else” 🥺❤️

  97. author

    Zoey Hansen18 jam yang lalu

    Ok but like you're high-key pulling off the septum it looks so good on you!!

  98. author

    Jenny Tay18 jam yang lalu

    Dude it's SNOWING HERE 😂

  99. author

    Ana Maya18 jam yang lalu

    December 2019?🥺❤️

  100. author

    Ana Maya18 jam yang lalu

    Yes I still come to watch this 🥺❤️ I miss them with all my heart