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How South Park is MadeHow South Park is Made

How South Park is Made

15 hari yang lalu

Baby Yoda vs Babu FrikBaby Yoda vs Babu Frik

Baby Yoda vs Babu Frik

13 hari yang lalu

Top 10 Bleach BankaiTop 10 Bleach Bankai

Top 10 Bleach Bankai

Bulan Yang lalu

Top 10 Anime of 2019Top 10 Anime of 2019

Top 10 Anime of 2019

Bulan Yang lalu

  1. author

    Brian DunstanHari Yang lalu

    Kanye West is the biggest joke,,he said he's the biggest rock star,,ha ha, I think he meant the biggest rock smoker,,how can anyone describe that childish howling he does as music,,,I would really love to smash his goofy teeth out,,,but I know he would just start crying,,

  2. author

    Justin PrengerHari Yang lalu

    WatchMojo: “We hope this video never ends up on a list like this” Dislikers: Allow us to introduce ourselves

  3. author

    Gackd GamingHari Yang lalu

    Peeps counting dead ants n stuff lol

  4. author

    THE TOY FROM THE 1980'S CHANNELHari Yang lalu

    i went to central Washington university at the time of that party where people got sick. A friend of mine was one of them

  5. author

    Father Gabriel StokesHari Yang lalu

    Personally for me, when President Charles Logan gets arrested on 24 during the tribute for President David Palmer, who was assassinated.

  6. author

    James BHari Yang lalu

    Ok just listen to Rainbow's Stargazer and then tell me why Dio and Richie Blackmore are not in this list. Nuff said

  7. author

    The YouTuber without videosHari Yang lalu

    Who got a Harry Potter add before the video

  8. author

    Desiree DesireHari Yang lalu

    0:38 I don't know about any other parents but my 7 year old loves this old Mike Meyers movie. I thought she might like this cat movie as well 😂

  9. author

    Broly The Sarcastic SavageHari Yang lalu

    I bet this video triggered plenty of Harry Potter fans 😂

  10. author

    Jo DimataHari Yang lalu

    Wow 🤩 wow 🤩 wow 🤩 I'm so agree with that list. Guns N' Roses in the top #1 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 It changed my life completely ❤️

  11. author

    pedro sanchezHari Yang lalu

    Damon Albarn = Banksy

  12. author

    Chains The PunkHari Yang lalu

    Speaking of Nazis has anybody seen The green room. Patrick Stewart is a motherfuking scary-ass in that movie. He's way too good of an actor.

  13. author

    DragonGodess18Hari Yang lalu

    9:47 Ron would be excellent at CinemaSins

  14. author

    DuckHari Yang lalu

    Caesar is not the most surprising death in Jojo’s. It was foreshadowed for the entire episode of his death. If anything I’d actually say Abbacchio because it literally happened instantly, and most people did not see it coming.

  15. author

    RickyHari Yang lalu

    Just rename it “Most overrated and woke movies of the last decade” and we are set

  16. author

    EastlilclawsHari Yang lalu


  17. author

    Explosion studios INCHari Yang lalu

    How the hell is 745 mill disappointing

  18. author

    Chrstphre CampbellHari Yang lalu

    Why aren't they are netflix anymore ? ( ended with season 19 ? )

  19. author

    saathvik SharmaHari Yang lalu

    Are you kidding? Where is the fire drill from the office or the CPR moment, that is so iconic to comedic television

  20. author

    Vann WilderHari Yang lalu

    Phoebe 🙏

  21. author

    The DevilHari Yang lalu

    Bro those pancake sausages slap

  22. author

    Henry Scott SorrellHari Yang lalu

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

  23. author

    Chuck CapellaHari Yang lalu

    I believe that dk is way undervalued... No agnostic No agent orange....pennywise??? WTF

  24. author

    MissSallyB1Hari Yang lalu

    *immediately bawls from thumbnail*

  25. author

    MyRegardsToTheDodoHari Yang lalu

    2:15 Why is Voldemort in that picture on the right side next to the staircase?

  26. author

    louie JonesHari Yang lalu

    Rush Hour should be #1

  27. author

    Henry Scott SorrellHari Yang lalu

    Back To The Future

  28. author

    Alberic EtzelHari Yang lalu

    These are not insults. It's just honest truth tho.

  29. author

    Henry Scott SorrellHari Yang lalu

    Forrest Gump and Cast Away

  30. author

    Ainah's field plowerHari Yang lalu

    this dude has shoved "LEGO" all up his ass. it's cringy

  31. author

    Lucifer MorningstarHari Yang lalu

    I swear if you make a video with 10 worst things about living in Middle Earth i will unsubscribe... xD

  32. author

    Rhonda HicksHari Yang lalu

    I can set and listen to the Prince of Darkness 24 hours a day 365 days a year and never stop, And kick the first person's ass that touch's my Fucking Stereo, I Love seeing him in concert because he loves it LOUD like I do, Love Him, Been listening to him since I was 12 yrs Young and I'm 50 yrs Young now and I'm seeing him for my 50th Birthday, So you keep Rocking OZZY, And I'll be Rocking with you, Love you Prince of Darkness, YOU'RE TRUE NUMBER 1 FAN OF ALL TIME, 🌷👄♥

  33. author

    Zachariah AbrahamHari Yang lalu

    Honestly, I just think it was simply boring.

  34. author

    John BratmonHari Yang lalu

    You've got to be kidding. Who came up with this list, Justin Bieber? Ozzy over Dio? Ozzy's vocal lines almost exactly followed the chord progression of Tony Iommi; unadventurous, standard. Dio's vocal lines soared above, around and through the chord progressions while complimenting them; his singing was other worldly, an instrument unto themself. They're not even close. Ozzy was too high to even write songs in Sabbath; that was left to Geezer & Tony, whereas Dio co-wrote the classic Sabbath album "Heaven and Hell" with Tony. Don't get me wrong, Ozzy is a great singer, but his style pales next to Dio. And Bruce Dickenson. And Rob Halford. And...

  35. author

    George SequeraHari Yang lalu

    Slipknot > System Of A Down

  36. author

    ElijahHari Yang lalu

    I’d say pipe organ is harder than the accordion 🤔

  37. author

    SiiKIZ3ROIHari Yang lalu

    Chance The Rapper and Melissa McCarthy have multiple sketches that could’ve made this. Some of the Kyle Mooney stuff. Vanessa Bayer Miley Cyrus Show. What’s up with that.

  38. author

    Dora The explorerHari Yang lalu

    Number 1. *not marrying naruto*

  39. author

    Valentin LaperriereHari Yang lalu

    1st la Marseillaise 2nd USSR anthem 3nd New Zealand anthem

  40. author

    Anthony GonzalezHari Yang lalu

    Humanity/SEELE, Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion. [SPOILERS AHEAD] During the finale of the iconic series, every member of NERV is killed off during SEELE's final attack of their HQ. Save for Shinji and Ritsuko, the latter of which is killed off by Gendo during a botched suicide explosion, every member of NERV met their end when SEELE's forces stormed HQ in ruthless fashion, mercilessly killing any and all members, be they combatants or not. With the goal of forcefully starting the 3rd Impact and Rebirthing humanity in their own image, the likes of Asuka and Misato are killed just before 3rd Impact begins. Every surviving member at that point is subsequently killed off after it starts, leaving them all bodiless piles of orange soup, with the likes of Gendo being literally bitten in half by Eva unit 03, his lower torso left standing where it is. Although Shinji survives and Asuka makes a return after her demise, it's left unclear if any of the others were lucky enough to get a redo.

  41. author

    4everAmericanHari Yang lalu

    Do you guys think Steel Battalion would make a better VR Game? Because honestly I can see the potential for something like this. It could that this game just came out at the wrong time and ahead of its time.

  42. author

    Veronica PiccininiHari Yang lalu

    The Number 1 makes total sense. DADA class was cursed by Voldemort, so no teacher could last one year (at least for whatever reason J.K.Rowling had in mind). Dumbledore and other wizard could have easily break the curse or at least even bothered themselves to find a way. But nooooooo. Instead they just left the curse just like that, putting students into danger. This is one of those situations you just facepalm and say “What. An. Idiot.”

  43. author

    James smithHari Yang lalu

    The Ez squeeze ketchup didn't bother me it was just ketchup in different colors.

  44. author

    DANA SAEEDHari Yang lalu

    I love everything about Hogwarts school.

  45. author

    Hollywood GoldHari Yang lalu

    Woman voicing this video, the 1st video you FLAT OUT LIED ABOUT. Of course Janet Jackson and Timberlake did this on purpose. Stop insulting everyone's intelligence. I guess you think EVERYONE wears a STAR covering their nipple everyday. You failed to mention Jackson married a Billionaire for his money, and divorces him days after the pernup expired taking 100's of millions form the dude. Why would a so called Christian marry a Muslim? MONEY. I was in the entertainment business and you're FLAT OUT LYING about how most of these people careers went. Shame on YOU. Until black people stop using the N word I don't want to hear about anyone being shamed for saying it. EVERYONE needs to STOP using the N word. I don't care if you're black or not. Anyone who says the N word, IS A RACIST.

  46. author

    Joe KerrHari Yang lalu

    No Batman Begins & Batman Vengeance?

  47. author

    Simmi DeLuxeHari Yang lalu

    No Cowbell mentions?

  48. author

    क्षितिज ठाकुरHari Yang lalu

    i know mineta is pervert but he still is a good character. he is good friend with deku and he cares about his friends too.

  49. author

    Benjamin JonesHari Yang lalu

    Actors: Never work with children or animals or worse still a combined version of them in a force sensitive creature that embodies both... the you might as just give up!

  50. author

    LittleSunshineAMVsHari Yang lalu

    A Ravenclaw calling the stairs made by Rowena Ravenclaw stupid... _-sounds of hurt Ravenclaws everywhere...not me though, I'm a Hufflepuff_

  51. author

    FarrukhHari Yang lalu

    you know hogwards is just imaginary right ?

  52. author

    gamerguyzx87Hari Yang lalu

    Why did this come out right as I'm reading through the books and watching the movies like my god

  53. author

    louis pellissierHari Yang lalu

    include dwarves but not the elves? check some mmorpg's and you'll see elves are way more popular as character than dwarves

  54. author

    Mark KaiserHari Yang lalu

    Team Cap all the way 🇺🇸

  55. author

    general baconHari Yang lalu

    IDreporter took this as the inspiration for youtube rewind 2019

  56. author

    Jackie McCannHari Yang lalu

    Show hands, who’s still angry over L’s death?

  57. author

    LeoHari Yang lalu

    I enjoyed this movie so much. The monsters, gore and action was amazing!! The soundtrack was bad ass and fun! In all honesty I didn’t even realize it was 2 hours from how fun it was :) would love to see a sequel

  58. author

    ThexExaltedxOneHari Yang lalu

    The technology thing isn’t as bad as you make it seem. It might have been like that for Harry (kinda) but the rest of the Wizarding World doesn’t really utilize the technology because they have magic. You could see this throughout the entirety of the books and movies.

  59. author

    Graciela MontanoHari Yang lalu

    Aw, your little profile pick makes you look like a witch. Obviously, not the scary ugly ones. The hollywood witches like from AHS. I mean to say: how adorable are you ^_^

  60. author

    ina koticiHari Yang lalu

    So many simpsons parodies

  61. author

    BruhHari Yang lalu

    I honestly love evan peters He is hot He is talented And he is so underrated

  62. author

    Susana DiasHari Yang lalu

    Mario partys

  63. author

    Super SonicccHari Yang lalu

    Nintendo switch: Anywhere, anytime, anyone Nintendo switch lite: Anywhere, anytime

  64. author

    Vampeery 13Hari Yang lalu

    Sasuke vs Itachi and Naruto vs Pain should be way lower on this list. Plus Kakashi vs Obito was way better then either of those fights. And how in God's name is Guy vs Madara not on here? This is one of the few videos I completely disagree with.

  65. author

    Alex BanachHari Yang lalu

    My fav is ,,Never cry Werewolf''

  66. author

    KIRAMH1023Hari Yang lalu

    I don’t think I’ve seen anyone with whiter teeth. She’s like glowing. Why did they start showing the narrators on these vids? Takes away all the mystery.

  67. author

    Perry StoneHari Yang lalu

    Just bought the game again, only 5 percent in. Hope they make a remaster for the first

  68. author

    file115Hari Yang lalu

    7 th must be a son of a bitch?

  69. author

    omar juarezHari Yang lalu

    Force ghosts behind rey woulda done al the flaws justice . Smfh robbed

  70. author

    ShadowViking95Hari Yang lalu

    Well, Voldemort cast a curse on the position teacher of the dark arts. That the teacher will only have the position 1 school year.

  71. author

    Heinrich. da. 3rdHari Yang lalu

    You never see these anime deaths coming.... unless you read the manga..... Btw Todd Haberkorn singing is life.

  72. author

    Aidan Likes Fordson TractorsHari Yang lalu

    Okay, these guys obviously haven't played any instruments.

  73. author

    DSRX200Hari Yang lalu

    why tf is metallica not there ONE is the best fucking solos and best known so why not put it there

  74. author

    Jotaro KujoHari Yang lalu

    Kakyoins final moments?

  75. author

    Mr SpookyHari Yang lalu

    Mr Crabs is clearly addicted to money. He honestly needs some mental support or something

  76. author

    Amadeo Mena VicenteHari Yang lalu

    No objections.

  77. author

    James HendersonHari Yang lalu

    No Desmond Dekker but plenty of lame American ska copyists. Mkay. Madness and The Beat piss all over the Bosstones and Operation Ivy.

  78. author

    Ace DyllHari Yang lalu

    Why the fuck is this on watchmojo

  79. author

    JT23Hari Yang lalu

    Frenchie reminds me of octane

  80. author

    Chris BrazHari Yang lalu

    I wanna hang out with Doug and Robert Englund. Lol

  81. author

    Fionn McgrathHari Yang lalu

    He protecc He atacc But most importantly He'll be back

  82. author

    Ajmal HussainHari Yang lalu

    Death of the little girl in Bridge to Terbithia is more devastating than most of the deaths om this list

  83. author

    JRed657Hari Yang lalu

    Used to love purple ketchup as a kid. No shame 😂😂

  84. author

    sam adam ChalhoubHari Yang lalu

    Noooooooo rise of sin tzu was my fave. No way that was the worst... Dark tomorrow was a million times worse than that.

  85. author

    Cherry BattungHari Yang lalu

    Imagine you’re an introvert teen trying to blend in and keeping away from spotlight and then receive a howler in front of massive people. Wow! Perfect timing! Thanks for boosting my confidence 😅

  86. author

    Kenroy KentishHari Yang lalu

    Where's Batman Telltale🤔🤔🤔

  87. author

    Fallen GuardianLRHari Yang lalu

    This is, and will always be my favorite anime. It’s the first one I’ve watched and actually loved it , so great

  88. author

    Jabriel GrahamHari Yang lalu

    Now do Top 10 Most Difficult Reality Stars To Work With

  89. author

    Gundam tregillieHari Yang lalu

    Saiki isn’t a loser

  90. author

    Jonathan N.Hari Yang lalu

    Yoshikage Kira?

  91. author

    Shed LifeHari Yang lalu

    Lauper changed the lyrics from Hazard's version to something more palatable: "The track in its original form was written by a man (Robert Hazard) who intended the song to have a very different meaning, celebrating the willingness of modern girls to join in with males' partying hi-jinx. ("Fun" can be taken as a proxy for "sex", one assumes.) The song was suggested to Lauper by producer Rick Chertoff when they were in preproduction for the album "She's So Unusual". Lauper strongly disliked the lyrics and the way it portrayed women as pliant objects for male sexual amusement. But she decided to rewrite the song's lyrics to transform it into something that chimed with her feminist sensibilities. It is quite a subtle and subversive reconstruction. One could be forgiven at first listen to think that Lauper was still pushing an image of women as being shallow and hedonistic. But she isn't. If you read between the lines, it has been transformed into an anthem for young, independent, working women, who are finding their feet for the first time. Of note: one of the refrains is, "When the working day is done oh girls they want to have fun". The unstated assumption here is that girls work. There are no ifs or buts, no contingent clauses; Lauper is singing about a world where she assumes this is now the norm. It's also not a song that pines for the love or approval of men. This is reflected in the video, which portrays women together as a tacit sisterhood having fun together, not seeking out men for fulfillment. You can still find some elements of Hazard's original lyrics, now subverted through subtle changes. For instance, the line, "Oh momma dear we're not the fortunate ones" (an allusion to women still being treated as second-class citizens in many respects, one assumes) is an altered version of Hazard (or his in-song character) telling his father thankfully that "we are the fortunate ones" because a girl has come into his room just to have some fun." Found on Quora, What does Cyndi Lauper mean with "Girls just want to have fun?"

  92. author

    Brody_UniverseHari Yang lalu

    Everyone is really hating on Cats for beating Phantom and the other musicals, but it’s the SONG and not the musical. Plus half of you people don’t even know much about Cats. Anyways Memory is an extremely iconic song that by itself is amazing, but knowing the story makes it even sadder and heartfelt. Plus ELAINE PAIGE! But in my opinion all of these are like 0.0001 points away from each other

  93. author

    Andrew KlosowskiHari Yang lalu

    The cutest girl in class falls in love with the class nerd guy: the perfect love story!

  94. author

    TFE ninameHari Yang lalu

    Chuck Norris was lucky that he did not come to hospital waste after his birth, read this: When Chuck Norris was born and the doctor examined him, he had a nasty message for his parents. He first asked the parents to sit down and then told: I have a nasty message about your baby son; he will never be a really good fighter and certainly not the power and martial arts techniques like Jesse-Jane McParland. His parents then wanted to leave Chucky baby with the doctor, but that was not allowed.

  95. author

    joeker777Hari Yang lalu

    Owls Don't Poop They regurgitate Pellets. The Defence agenst the Arts Job was Cursed By Voldemort hence no teacher lasted more then 1 year

  96. author

    Saz FretzHari Yang lalu

    lol I'm 57 and I loved that purple ketchup!

  97. author

    Alexander LarsenHari Yang lalu

    Palpatine no longer is scary as Rise of the sky walker utterly destroyed his character lol

  98. author

    Sebastián CarisHari Yang lalu

    3 Breaking bad included on the video? Do you actually think that the viewers will ve happy with this? You're Goddamn right

  99. author

    James HendrixHari Yang lalu

    So am I the only one to notice that Doctor Stranges lost sling ring on his wall at the start of the movie ?