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The Joker vs. PennywiseThe Joker vs. Pennywise

The Joker vs. Pennywise

22 hari yang lalu

Top 10 Copycat TV ShowsTop 10 Copycat TV Shows

Top 10 Copycat TV Shows

29 hari yang lalu

Ad Astra Ending ExplainedAd Astra Ending Explained

Ad Astra Ending Explained

29 hari yang lalu

  1. author

    Kids In America17 detik yang lalu

    I count Dr house and Sherlock Holmes

  2. author

    BritishCamperMenit Yang lalu

    Bad mojo, stop trying to do zombies

  3. author

    Justin WebsterMenit Yang lalu

    The English Patient - the entire movie

  4. author

    John ValenciaMenit Yang lalu

    It's funny how Obi-won said the attack on the Jawa's was too accurate for sand people. Knowing Storm troopers were the ones who attacked the Jawa's. They tore up the rebels in the first scene in Star Wars

  5. author

    The WendigoMenit Yang lalu

    SJW's think mojo are trump supporters/nazis/racist/white males for saying donald trump wasnt the unhealthiest racist president.

  6. author

    samuel robertson2 menit yang lalu

    Bullet by hollywood undead

  7. author

    Anthony Marshall2 menit yang lalu

    Friday the 13th 2 when Alice Hardy gets stabbed with an ice pick

  8. author

    Georgia Andrea2 menit yang lalu

    How ridiculous. Bale is a nice guy. So you won’t allow someone to be angry for a reason once in a while? Fuck you.

  9. author

    MichaelTheGamer 2.02 menit yang lalu

    How is Football (Soccer) #1? It’s usually a one goal game in 90 min and the players are just faking injuries to get free kicks.

  10. author

    Defaulty Boi2 menit yang lalu

    Hitler in the movie:hey kid Hitler in real life:shooting everyone he sees Me: WHAT?

  11. author

    Nathan Riches2 menit yang lalu

    You forgot "Explosions throw people", where people near an explosion get thrown by the shockwave. Mythbusters even debunked this one. Also, as a sub for "Everything! Must! Explode!", there's "Every vehicle gas tank is a bomb"

  12. author

    UMN Mode2 menit yang lalu

    PS, I love Elvira, the character, not the actress. She has a very lovable personality. But she ain't no queen.

  13. author

    laura clifford3 menit yang lalu

    The fact that they put Freak Show over Coven please say sike for me it's 1. Murder House, Asylum 2. Coven 3. Hotel 4. Roanoke 5. Freak Show (I'm scared of clowns) 6. Cult (again, I'm scared of clowns. Watched the first episode but that's it) Haven't watched Apocalypse yet bc I live in Germany and it isn't available on netflix yet ugh

  14. author

    Σαπλαχίδης Θεόδωρος3 menit yang lalu

    I agree 7up is great

  15. author

    Danial M3 menit yang lalu

    No one know who is the best joker. Because there are no real joker. So choose your best joker on your own.

  16. author

    Junior Rendon3 menit yang lalu

    Definitely forgot Luisito comunica

  17. author

    UMN Mode4 menit yang lalu

    Also, Elvira ain't no fucking queen of goth girls or women. For starters, there IS no queen. Secondly, you're not even goth, who da fuck you think you are assigning a queen to people that aren't even yours. If a queen were to be chosen, it would be by the goth people. I really can't stand that people, usually those in media, assign royal titles to people. It's so reminiscent of the oppression of the past. Like the kings queens and nobles making decisions that would affect everyone, with no say from anyone else.

  18. author

    Victor 280zilla4 menit yang lalu

    Why can’t we have more movies like this?! This movie was phenomenal #LONGLIVETHEKING

  19. author

    Reem Meer4 menit yang lalu

    Worst pitch ever

  20. author

    Lisa Johnson4 menit yang lalu

    UGH, I LOVE these guys. One of my favorite bands

  21. author

    Charvin Strife5 menit yang lalu

    When I see Nicki Minaj for caption I view the vid, ohhh wait wrong content. lol

  22. author

    Key Richardson6 menit yang lalu

    I’m a simple girl. I see Big Mouth and I click.

  23. author

    Dhanya6 menit yang lalu

    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - one of my favourite animes Death note - only honourable mention??? Where is Naruto though????

  24. author

    Emily Battle7 menit yang lalu

    The proclaimers, 500 Miles

  25. author

    Lennon Sliger8 menit yang lalu

    Now, IT

  26. author

    Mistress Gineva8 menit yang lalu

    Kuma from Godzilla : Am I a joke to you?!

  27. author

    Adam Ali9 menit yang lalu

    I expect nothing less from my rival.

  28. author

    Brandon Bonett9 menit yang lalu

    10: Himself 9: Himself 8: Himself 7: Himself 6: Himself 5: Himself 4: Himself 3: himself 2: himself 1:James Bond...

  29. author

    Tomas Del Campo9 menit yang lalu

    When naruto is still genin level in shippuden but thinks of kage level sasuke as his rival. Don’t @me

  30. author

    Isabelle Danner9 menit yang lalu

    FINALLY!!!! something biblical!!!!!!!!

  31. author

    LUX9 menit yang lalu

    What you might've not know is that the toe monster's appearance. is actually based off another story in the book called "The haunted house" I think

  32. author

    margareth michelina10 menit yang lalu

    5:36 He scared so much, he turned himself to be a manga

  33. author

    Daniel Pérez10 menit yang lalu

    Just questioning the decomposition of the walkers destroys the entire TWD universe lol. Some walkers are just a pile of bones, they shouldn't be able to move. In a few weeks their brain would decompose, eliminating any chance of a "world ending" scenario. Other thing that dont make sense is the Whisperers technique. The whole "logic" of the guts technique is that the smell of the dead hide people from the walkers. The Whisperers use dry skin as a mask, so the "smell" of the dead would disappear, making them visible to walkers. Plus, they never explain how exactly they move the horde around.

  34. author

    honeylver10 menit yang lalu

    I remember watching “Scary Stories To Tell in The Dark” I remember the main character the girl. She said “WHAT IS THAT” Me: a hoe

  35. author

    Fallen But Saved10 menit yang lalu

    David hogg was more insufferable than cordon. Top 3 of this list should've been 3. Jake Paul 2. Brett Kavanaugh 1. Trump. The latter two 100% because of the leftist media bias

  36. author

    canine wolf11 menit yang lalu

    Witcher 3 has over 800 awards and over 100 hours of gameplay so I think it deserves a spot on this list

  37. author

    Flying Thor11 menit yang lalu

    Bokurano that is all, people who have seen it will agree with me.

  38. author

    MarryJanesBud11 menit yang lalu

    Why is Constantine cancelled but arrow is like 8 years deep?

  39. author

    Joseph Lowry12 menit yang lalu

    I don't know much but all I know is that he's an complete asshole to all others.

  40. author

    katelyn Chapman12 menit yang lalu

    I have not seen the new Joker movie yet but I feel like that Phoenix and Ledger did both a really good job on the voices and that's from watching character analysis

  41. author

    Albert Nave12 menit yang lalu

    How about when Stan couldn't handle Kenny dying?

  42. author

    Memento Catharsis12 menit yang lalu

    I had to fend on a man who picked me up hitchhiking while I was on 6 hits of whiteonwhite LSD. I felt enormous and I left the guy by the highway after throwing his keys into a field. He kept going on about how he needed falatio and then grabbed me by my neck. I immediately broke his nose and jammed his left eye in before I lost it kicking him in the crotch. I was a giant is how it felt. Like literally a massive creature. I have military training as well so that probably had something to do with it.

  43. author

    Noob Master12 menit yang lalu


  44. author

    Joel Bamber12 menit yang lalu

  45. author

    balalalalalalal Besson Seavey12 menit yang lalu

    i love generator tho

  46. author

    Th3littl3rootguy212 menit yang lalu

    I'm the only one who thinks Harley is the closest the Pokemon anime has been to a LGTB character? Also, is there anything more satisfying than watching Filo kicking the spear hero in the nuts? P.D: please someone give Yunyun a hug

  47. author

    Stupid junk tom13 menit yang lalu

    Just realized they forgot about call of duty finest hour for the stalingrad list that's how you start the game!

  48. author

    Hi Paddy13 menit yang lalu

    Boys in the hood my favourite

  49. author

    SugarMaple13 menit yang lalu


  50. author

    Crash TV14 menit yang lalu

    Heath ledger is a better joker because he took the acting to another level like he gave it a meaning to be the joker he brought him out of the screen and into the world

  51. author

    JJ Reichner14 menit yang lalu

    Overall awful list id 1 song thats the same

  52. author

    James Grassia14 menit yang lalu

    Definitely THEM!

  53. author

    MINEDUGGERY15 menit yang lalu

    To me Batman is a mixture between Punisher and Ironman. I love the hatred and the brute force of Punisher and I love the nice suit of Ironman. I never liked Batman that much. But his villains are great.

  54. author

    Joel Bamber15 menit yang lalu

    Heroes is one of the greatest songs written ever....check out five years....master piece

  55. author

    Edward J. Rapp16 menit yang lalu

    #1 CA??????????? PLEASE. Song is shit.

  56. author

    xPockyCrazy16 menit yang lalu

    No mention for "Jazz Man"? pity

  57. author

    JJ Reichner16 menit yang lalu

    2 is really awful as well

  58. author

    cneddy2216 menit yang lalu

    Could you dig with a Pokémon in that Pokémon game? Just tunnel under the truck

  59. author

    Mr. Ali16 menit yang lalu

    1:42 Wrong he exactly killed her by made her roll on her back which caused her to chock by her own vomit.

  60. author

    GT Nation16 menit yang lalu

    Im a little surprise Yamaha is not number 1 because he sucks

  61. author

    Tay Ee Chuan Bryan17 menit yang lalu


  62. author

    dinowars17 menit yang lalu

    trust me WatchMojo once you get robbed at your house your opinion about home alone's motivation will change and also criticizing motivations of toons like Roger Rabbit is just useless

  63. author

    jpfan198917 menit yang lalu

    I was aware of almost all of these but number one threw me for a loop.

  64. author

    Dijete Sunca17 menit yang lalu

    Kim's fake butt is a fact not a rumor come on people

  65. author

    XInfamousBullet18 menit yang lalu

    Never gunna give you up? Come on... I mean it’s a meme for gods sake. You been Rickrolled.

  66. author

    Boss Lax31618 menit yang lalu

    Its not just the internet glorifying these things though

  67. author

    Jakarius Smith18 menit yang lalu

    Oreo O's got revived

  68. author

    john toth19 menit yang lalu

    Watch mojo sucks after this interpretation of these songs

  69. author

    JJ Reichner19 menit yang lalu

    8 van halen was awful pick

  70. author

    Nathan Riches19 menit yang lalu

    I honestly thought Cara Delevigne was quite good in Paper Towns. Also, using Rotten Tomatoes scores as a basis for whether their acting was bad is ridiculous. You even stated yourself regarding Carmen Electra "whether people hated the movies because Carmen Electra was in them or Carmen Electra's acting was bad because the movies were bad, we dont know" Sure you did use actual review quotes for some, but the constant referring to Rotten Tomatoes is damaging to your own credibility.

  71. author

    Joseph Lowry20 menit yang lalu

    LOL 😆🤣😂 6:04

  72. author

    NoOffenseBut20 menit yang lalu

    american dad label for Tom Hanks is so accurate, ive referred to him as such a dad figure to me, like i feel like he makes such a soothing father figure, and reminds me of the good qualities in my own father.

  73. author

    inivas ahgnisabus21 menit yang lalu

    Half of these where great tbh.

  74. author

    dudeguy wubwubwub21 menit yang lalu

    Oh shit drifter you lose your light and now being an anime list making channel host? Wait who's running gambit then?

  75. author

    David Buchanan21 menit yang lalu

    Hears Nico nico nii Proceeds to rip ears off

  76. author

    death b4 bondage21 menit yang lalu

    Those devil's died on the same day

  77. author

    Anime_Angel _1021 menit yang lalu

    Kazuichi Soda and gundham. like soda will deffo lose da fite for sonia. (Ok i had to makw a name pun outta soda lmao)

  78. author

    90 321 menit yang lalu

    Where is Montserrat Caballe??

  79. author

    Mark overman21 menit yang lalu

    Larry bird is not better than Kobe 🤬😂

  80. author

    SuperApril3421 menit yang lalu

    What about Tremors? Aren't worms bugs?

  81. author

    Jose Contreras22 menit yang lalu

    There’s another giant mantis like Kamagurus and a kaiju spider Komunga

  82. author

    HappinessHealthPeace22 menit yang lalu

    Sandra Bolluck and him would make a great couple best wishes to both

  83. author

    delfin746122 menit yang lalu

    people never mention "Harvest Home" a 70s horror that's about a small town in New England and a weird cult. it's super creepy and fairly close to the book it's based on. Those who like this kind of thing should check it out. and of course, "The Children of the Corn", another rural cult story

  84. author

    Nini Reacts22 menit yang lalu

    Heath will always be the best Batman there is

  85. author

    Pit Friend22 menit yang lalu

    Seriously? No Mothra even as an honorable mention?

  86. author

    Aron Guy22 menit yang lalu

    I guess all of these rivals aren't "half-bad"! 😁😁😁

  87. author

    tuan vandersluis23 menit yang lalu

    it's hard. I like both Darth Vader & that woman in sleeping beauty.

  88. author

    Owen Baker23 menit yang lalu

    Rip dale and senna

  89. author

    It's Richard23 menit yang lalu

    Anime has always been lame

  90. author

    3ngag323 menit yang lalu

    Watchmojo: *Makes a Top 10 instant death technique list* Death Note: Am I a joke to you?

  91. author

    BrendanSpain2524 menit yang lalu

    As weak a rival Harley was to May, on ash's side of the spectrum, trip from unova was honestly his worst rival ever! Seriously he was a joke! Especially since Paul was unlike anyone else he had before. Even Gary for that matter! And that's saying a lot.

  92. author

    9bout24 menit yang lalu

    Joker is DC's Spideman💀

  93. author

    Destiny Villar24 menit yang lalu

    Poor man... Saitama just punched his snake so hard, dude wont be able to have kids welp

  94. author

    aiden reed24 menit yang lalu

    I don't like Amon Amarth, Sorry.

  95. author

    Faith100024 menit yang lalu

    All this is stupid compared to the Seven Deadly Sins I MEAN DID U EVEN WATCH IT MELIODAS IS A BADASS

  96. author

    hobosdominecraft125 menit yang lalu

    Imagine you and your best friend going to a concert to enjoy yourselves and one of you die...

  97. author

    Jesús Malverde25 menit yang lalu

    Every single fast and furious that exists and to come in the future

  98. author

    zeyphrBW sd25 menit yang lalu

    Sprite is superior

  99. author

    phantom power25 menit yang lalu

    Coke and Pepsi

  100. author

    Raccoon Priest25 menit yang lalu

    damn u should of mention when they punished the scientist, idk y but it’s one of my favorite scene do to how disturbing it was