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This is a channel where we do nothing but competitions and challenges and act like idiots while doing it! We love Jesus and live to make his name known. IDreporter has given us a great opportunity to do that! All are welcome and loved so we hope you'll stay awhile, but don't spend your whole life on IDreporter! Go smell a leaf or something!
Philippians 3:20- "But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ"

The Edge Games!!The Edge Games!!

The Edge Games!!

2 bulan yang lalu

Bungee Cord Volleyball!!Bungee Cord Volleyball!!

Bungee Cord Volleyball!!

5 bulan yang lalu

Baby Sports Battle!!Baby Sports Battle!!

Baby Sports Battle!!

8 bulan yang lalu

Slippery Tag Challenge!!Slippery Tag Challenge!!

Slippery Tag Challenge!!

9 bulan yang lalu

Sumo Suit Parkour Battle!Sumo Suit Parkour Battle!

Sumo Suit Parkour Battle!

11 bulan yang lalu

Apex Legends In Real Life!!Apex Legends In Real Life!!

Apex Legends In Real Life!!

11 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    Copyright Infringement6 detik yang lalu


  2. author

    British polandball3 menit yang lalu

    At 3.25 listen through the next 10sec of the vid and someone in the background said what the f***

  3. author

    Lucas Ngo3 menit yang lalu


  4. author

    Koreena Stovall4 menit yang lalu

    You name should be Hunter

  5. author

    Jeffrey B. Wicklund12 menit yang lalu

    Bobby is going to win

  6. author

    Gav2n12 menit yang lalu

    connors laugh really reminds me of big jiggly panda

  7. author

    Lilac cat studios13 menit yang lalu

    Did some one die from drowning?!

  8. author

    Stephen Privett13 menit yang lalu

    your breath

  9. author

    Jeffrey B. Wicklund14 menit yang lalu


  10. author

    Stephen Privett16 menit yang lalu


  11. author

    crazy fire20 menit yang lalu

    9:16 Playing favorites are we?😑

  12. author

    Lilac cat studios22 menit yang lalu

    I FUCKING LOVE Mark's back words mario

  13. author

    alexi smith22 menit yang lalu

    2020 vs 2017 Luna

  14. author

    Misticks112 GD23 menit yang lalu

    Best idea is to buy bad boat with 200 dollars

  15. author

    Lilac cat studios26 menit yang lalu

    Yay! It's meh boi Marky

  16. author

    xXShrekLifeXx Hailey26 menit yang lalu

    Me: Omg I love shrimp chips Bryan: *Smells* EEEEEEEWW Also me: What the heck🙄

  17. author

    Peanutbutter6329 menit yang lalu

    Mirp. I love Team Edge lol

  18. author

    Nathan RAMOS33 menit yang lalu

    This is creepy AF

  19. author

    Morning Vloger34 menit yang lalu

    7:16 j-Fred is trying to get dirtier

  20. author

    asw popo34 menit yang lalu

    I love this game plz do MORE!!!!!

  21. author

    Austin C.34 menit yang lalu

    Bobby makes weapon out of knife IQ 0

  22. author

    Lilac cat studios36 menit yang lalu

    I didn't know Chad was the sheriff!I didn't even know he was in the video! I feel so dumb

  23. author

    Freaky Friends39 menit yang lalu

    He’s bald.

  24. author

    Ty Morin41 menit yang lalu

    Have there ever been a team edge video without Bryan

  25. author

    Medina Tatarevic42 menit yang lalu

    That was a 2/3 not a 3/3

  26. author

    daca faca43 menit yang lalu

    Yayyyyyyy I love this sooo muchhh

  27. author

    amelie stevenson44 menit yang lalu

    haha j-fred your hat boinsted and it landid on your hed

  28. author

    Beepboop46 menit yang lalu

    “Kobe” me thinking how it was such a small and normal thing to say but it’s so sad now “Kobe’s dead” me thinking oh I guess this is a new episode *checks the time the video was posted. .... oh that’s creepy

  29. author

    ieatbabyyoda50 menit yang lalu

    what are those eyes in the upper left corner? 0:41

  30. author

    KI Ghost53 menit yang lalu

    Whitney kind of got a butt

  31. author

    Jia Dong Chan55 menit yang lalu

    but I like to play knifes at home 😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁

  32. author

    Lilac cat studios58 menit yang lalu


  33. author

    AppleGamer 123458 menit yang lalu

    Why is Matt so evil now

  34. author

    Travis WestJam Yang lalu

    I drink 30 cups of water a day.

  35. author

    Hector NegronJam Yang lalu

    12:10 Bryans reaction XD

  36. author

    Kishwar SultanaJam Yang lalu

    J-Fred: Kobe's Dead Me: He is!!??

  37. author

    Aiden RitzJam Yang lalu

    for the second trivia question,......................... silence

  38. author

    Cindy AllenJam Yang lalu

    I dont like Matt 😡😡 Bryan and J Fred better ☯️

  39. author

    Sherri GillepsieJam Yang lalu

    The flumengo first came up when matthias bought it for the matthias channel

  40. author

    Spycake the fake Still fakeJam Yang lalu

    In real life you use REAL MINES

  41. author

    Mckd,d d, DmddmdmJam Yang lalu

    I have

  42. author

    Aiden RitzJam Yang lalu

    a doorbell (did not search)

  43. author

    Oof PhantomJam Yang lalu

    Why at 9:10 sounds like transformers age of extinction sound track

  44. author

    Hugo ArteagaJam Yang lalu

    I feel bad for joey he got like nothing

  45. author

    Edward the blue engine productionsJam Yang lalu

    Lucia: Are you ok Daddy Bryan: Im ok baby The cutest thing ive heard

  46. author

    Sebastian HamplJam Yang lalu

    :what's five nights at Freddy's :YES

  47. author

    Kyle KeesJam Yang lalu

    a glove duuuuuuuuuuuuh

  48. author

    Emelia HermansonJam Yang lalu

    if i'm right bobby i think hates glitter

  49. author

    P.T Rick The D.JJam Yang lalu

    This looks like the humans from wall-e sliding no offense

  50. author

    Martinez RolandoJam Yang lalu

    BoBBy no

  51. author

    Lesley PerezJam Yang lalu

    It’s funny when they hit you with the spatula

  52. author

    Martinez RolandoJam Yang lalu

    J Fred yes

  53. author

    ROBLOX GamerJam Yang lalu


  54. author

    Carsyn AllenJam Yang lalu


  55. author

    Cindy AllenJam Yang lalu

    It is air

  56. author

    RishiC - GamesJam Yang lalu

    Bobby try and break a bad on his head? That is what Team Edge said

  57. author

    Cassie CoteJam Yang lalu

    I love the fnaf challenges 🐻🐰🐤🦊

  58. author

    Ben NJam Yang lalu

    Frost time hu

  59. author

    Nathan CrakerJam Yang lalu

    Anyone 2020

  60. author

    Danny Giron-PerezJam Yang lalu

    WHY NOT NEXT NIGHT 2????????? PLEASE NEXT PART 2!!!!!!!!! 🙇🏻‍♂️

  61. author

    Casey JohnstonJam Yang lalu

    They were as cheap as dollar store toys

  62. author

    Cindy AllenJam Yang lalu

    It is a needle

  63. author

    Logan MordauntJam Yang lalu


  64. author

    Turquoise - GamingJam Yang lalu


  65. author

    Max NovaJam Yang lalu

    Do more!!!!!!!!!!

  66. author

    Jastej ChahalJam Yang lalu

    They said witheny and bobby hate each other now witheny is like you can do it

  67. author

    Mimik UJam Yang lalu

    Kevin's last word "Aww"

  68. author

    TTV. TwitchJam Yang lalu


  69. author

    Itz JakeJam Yang lalu

    Please do more fnaf vids

  70. author

    Hannah DecheubelJam Yang lalu

    2:46 my right ear really enjoyed that one😌👊🏻

  71. author

    Naomi FordhamJam Yang lalu

    Matt I’m you friend I’m a little girl 👧 that is mean😈

  72. author

    Force a nature ScoutJam Yang lalu

    Brian:you got to stop them from getting in Mat pat:clear rage

  73. author

    DarkTheDevilJam Yang lalu

    I haven’t watched this in 3 years

  74. author

    mcm 232Jam Yang lalu

    They should have had matpat form game theory

  75. author

    Mackenzie LeavittJam Yang lalu

    I ❤ fnaf

  76. author

    Play4 gaming2 jam yang lalu

    2:06 is so funny

  77. author

    Ian Tsoi Yin2 jam yang lalu

    8:35 Joey: Mondays , Wednesdays and Fridays ...... Bobby: Pacific Standard Time!

  78. author

    Marius Meyer2 jam yang lalu

    Stop trying to copy mr beast just because he had to work his ass of to get to where he is today does not mean that you have to copy his style of video making

  79. author

    landon stocks2 jam yang lalu

    This video was a awesome and funny concept really liked this style of challenge and collab.

  80. author

    Mr Bear2 jam yang lalu

    Connor and Gunner could just be Conner

  81. author

    Nature's Finest2 jam yang lalu

    You guys should try one with trap doors where you fall. You jump on it and the floor beneath you gives out and you fall. I think it would be intense.

  82. author

    Ike and Zack2 jam yang lalu

    Did anyone notice that they were writing on the mustard

  83. author

    kermit The Frog2 jam yang lalu

    9:23 Bryan says wtf when foxy pops up

  84. author

    Demon Slayer Mini2 jam yang lalu

    The person that made this room probably played RE2 Remake

  85. author

    Cyrus Octavious (STUDENT)2 jam yang lalu


  86. author

    Jaxon Yonke2 jam yang lalu

    Bobby cheated

  87. author

    x Ludicrous x2 jam yang lalu

    Ive seen that energy sword in some other game but I can't remember what...

  88. author

    Blue_Flaming03 jam yang lalu

    Boby after EVERY slap Boby:OOO0O000OOO000O!