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Angel Olsen - ChanceAngel Olsen - Chance

Angel Olsen - Chance

6 hari yang lalu

Angel Olsen - SummerAngel Olsen - Summer

Angel Olsen - Summer

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Ozuna - NibiruOzuna - Nibiru

Ozuna - Nibiru

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Sondland Screws TrumpSondland Screws Trump

Sondland Screws Trump

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The Black Keys - GoThe Black Keys - Go

The Black Keys - Go

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The Black Keys - Lo/HiThe Black Keys - Lo/Hi

The Black Keys - Lo/Hi

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Marvel Meets The IrishmanMarvel Meets The Irishman

Marvel Meets The Irishman

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  1. author

    John Michael Cruz27 detik yang lalu

    I didnt even know if this is real

  2. author

    muadhib00155 detik yang lalu

    Nice suitcase Castor! Lol

  3. author

    Priscilla JimenezMenit Yang lalu

    You notice Devon Nuñes isn't there anymore since it came out he's part of the Ukraine Scandal too

  4. author

    holymackenawMenit Yang lalu

    is Trump a english native speaker?

  5. author

    SharpNote142 menit yang lalu

    Wow, the President is concerned with toilets. We are a third world country!

  6. author

    tammy goodman2 menit yang lalu

    what? LOL

  7. author

    Raj Nair2 menit yang lalu

    I half expected her to deliver an uppercut ... good thing she didn’t 😂 god!! Haven’t laughed so much in a long time ... now we need version 2.0 with aunt chippy

  8. author

    ricaard3 menit yang lalu

    To paraphrase Rick James, "Sudafed is a hell of a drug..."

  9. author

    Aidan Coutts3 menit yang lalu


  10. author

    Rock n Roll3 menit yang lalu

    Jimmy almost felt his balls dropped when Jack Black jumped at his table.

  11. author

    M S4 menit yang lalu

    They miss the opportunity to title this video: ‘Jack Black talks about Jack White’

  12. author

    Jem Thirtysix4 menit yang lalu

    love elton, his music, and his humour :D

  13. author

    Kyle Joultz4 menit yang lalu

    So true, I too get triggered by priuses!

  14. author

    Berta Griese5 menit yang lalu

    Mickey really is a total cutie but she's also not the brightest star on the sky :-D

  15. author

    nbbim20125 menit yang lalu

    Is Aunt Chippy her mum????

  16. author

    deployedkitty5 menit yang lalu

    That's how you recognize corrupt, lying Republican politicians - with their total lack of substantial arguments they try to bog down everything with procedures. Chill out, you sad little hotdog-scented losers. It's not like your boss will ever be impeached. Your majority's fanatical, unquestioning loyalty in the Senate will make sure of that.

  17. author

    Thiago Rodrigues5 menit yang lalu

    Am I the only one who sees Kristen as Eleanor, Idina as Tahani, Jonathan as Chidi, and Josh as Jason? xD

  18. author

    Queen Lynette 505 menit yang lalu

    OMG!! Love it. Poor girl!!

  19. author

    Woy GDG6 menit yang lalu

    That was faker than all of your mothers' tits

  20. author

    Positive Mentality6 menit yang lalu

    69 is the greatest rapper ever

  21. author

    MaximMate6 menit yang lalu

    can you imagine how many dislikes this would have if he were a woman doing this.

  22. author

    Flemming Ploug6 menit yang lalu

    When you let out as much bullshit on a daily basis as Trump does.....im sure 15 flush's will be a bare minimum to keep the toilet semi-clean.

  23. author

    Mickey B6 menit yang lalu

    That point of order BS. Wow💩

  24. author

    Ben Lynar7 menit yang lalu

    Someone get grandpa his meds!!!

  25. author

    freedomisnocrime8 menit yang lalu

    Wheres John Wayne, Steve McQueen and Laurence Olivier?!!

  26. author

    John Michael Cruz8 menit yang lalu


  27. author

    Bakstru8 menit yang lalu

    "All the money 'I' make from it goes to childrens hospital." This is incredibly stupid and nothing but fraud. To my knowledge Jimmy have never once made public what he actually makes from the books. Realistically he could be making $0 from each book sold, or all potential profit could be written to another family member. Meaning, in the end not a single $0 goes to donations.. People these days needs to understand that the world only cares about two things, Money and Power. And that people, no matter who it is, will do anything in their power to get more money no matter the cost.

  28. author

    P1ck13 Ju1c38 menit yang lalu

    A generation desperate not to fade into history, SAD!!!

  29. author

    cryptnick9 menit yang lalu

    Republicans are full of poo (point of order). 🙄

  30. author

    Erdal sayan9 menit yang lalu

    American’s must be so proud.

  31. author

    M N9 menit yang lalu

    Who is working in the theatres on Christmas Day??

  32. author

    shrikant maknikar10 menit yang lalu

    1) Mike shinoda 2) Eminem 3) T. i

  33. author

    TatiLovesLife10 menit yang lalu

    Gwen looking hotter as she ages

  34. author

    turki albogmi10 menit yang lalu

    I know it’s stupid and weird and creepy to say that and honestly I feel the same every time I see comments like that But I’m really falling for the this girl 1:15 I think she soo beautiful and super cute

  35. author

    jenna daneels10 menit yang lalu

    AHAHAHAHAAA!!! 😂 😆 🤣

  36. author

    Alex Felton11 menit yang lalu

    "If they can whack a President, they can whack the President of the union"

  37. author

    Ketan Bhave11 menit yang lalu

    But why are his staff members soo damn scared of him?

  38. author

    don dony11 menit yang lalu

    typical unnattractive whit males making trashy jokes

  39. author

    Simarker ,12 menit yang lalu

    Either she's getting a raise or she's quitting the job soon

  40. author

    dear diary12 menit yang lalu

    I wNt to see more of 50 cent .. hes all rounder

  41. author

    Mc Muffin12 menit yang lalu

    Jimmy and his fake laughs

  42. author

    Akshay Thapa12 menit yang lalu

    Best Entrance Ever 👏👏👏

  43. author

    Ralsalsic12 menit yang lalu


  44. author

    Mohsin Khan12 menit yang lalu

    *America is F**ked when Their president is talking about Sinks and toilets, "They take a shower water dripping out dripping out very slowly* WTF

  45. author

    theEXOaudio12 menit yang lalu

    the secret is don't ever tell people that you have a twin. so that you can get away with it.

  46. author

    The Inspiration Ruum13 menit yang lalu

    Wait what

  47. author

    Plippy :p13 menit yang lalu

    the worse hair color in the music industry

  48. author

    Peter Romero13 menit yang lalu

    This tops any of ELLEN'S scares!

  49. author

    yung filthy dick13 menit yang lalu

    Why's hulk kissing thanos??

  50. author

    Stove Sublevel13 menit yang lalu

    Trump would be better suited working as a public toilet 10 cent fee attendant.

  51. author

    Francisco Betancourt14 menit yang lalu

    Now I really hope Mr. Yang shuts Kimmel’s mouth after he is elected

  52. author

    Samuel Rodriguez14 menit yang lalu

    Still looking amazing

  53. author

    Jorge Stolfi14 menit yang lalu

    The Republicans will go down in history like the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae. I have never seen such a moving and heroic display of unwavering loyalty since that dinner that Al Capone opened by smashing the skull of one of his lieutenants with a baseball bat.

  54. author

    Julia Aveti14 menit yang lalu

    If I didn’t know any better I’d say Jimmy is quite obsessed with the president, his show revolves around Trump.

  55. author

    Jean Pau Prince/Brooklyn Dorisca14 menit yang lalu

    The camera pans off into the sky fading looking down at me screaming ... WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

  56. author

    Zennicca Oplado15 menit yang lalu

    John pranking Jimmy is like Jim pranking Dwight.. amazing

  57. author

    Marc F. Nielssen15 menit yang lalu

    "Rudy's family in Transylvania". Love it.

  58. author

    liam Hill15 menit yang lalu

    I guess better than Obama at least.

  59. author

    James Sabatini15 menit yang lalu


  60. author

    Junior Gonzalez15 menit yang lalu

    I got lost in her eyes

  61. author

    Esther Kpikpi16 menit yang lalu

    Best thing I’ve watched all day

  62. author

    katy k16 menit yang lalu

    I guarantee you that woman has ptsd now.. Every 1hr she just flinches and can't go into new spaces now

  63. author

    Donald Jones16 menit yang lalu

    You are a racist Jimmy bring back racist content a stavering black we blackpeople know how you think albino racist fake nationality you don't have one

  64. author

    Garry Jua16 menit yang lalu

    Great man

  65. author

    Assozial Nətwork16 menit yang lalu

    Do you realize at what you are actually laughing? You´re laughing at yourselves. It´s your "democracy" failing in an unprecedented fashion. It´s your president talking unbelievable insane nonsense. You are paying for this clowns, the mad projects they support and further your way to expensive health care bills, if you have health care after all. You Americans laughing at this is the cherry on top of this madness. It shows to the world how stupid you really are.

  66. author

    Ganblade Production17 menit yang lalu

    Am I alone waiting for him to say "shut up" and hit her?

  67. author

    witold kosmola18 menit yang lalu

    David Frank Guetta of Beverly Hills California was the first guy to bang Cami and get her pregnant.

  68. author

    Argumemnon18 menit yang lalu

    Reminds me of Creepy Watson.

  69. author

    Dancing With Nature18 menit yang lalu

    The poor lady sitting on trump's left looked like she was thinking, "What planet are you on, fool?!"

  70. author

    MrSilverPants6818 menit yang lalu

    I expected him to be more interesting

  71. author

    AcE 31619 menit yang lalu

    Best ever!

  72. author

    Sand Stew19 menit yang lalu


  73. author

    DEVANSH19 menit yang lalu

    For YEARS my brain has been confusing Jack White and Jack Black

  74. author

    Directioner Forever20 menit yang lalu

    I loooove my harry🥺❤️

  75. author

    Dawn Carnell20 menit yang lalu

    You, Jimmy Kimmle have taken thinking’s too far!! You should be in trouble right along with all you tv bashes!!!!!! No funny!!! Bye 👋🏼

  76. author

    Elijah Cassidy20 menit yang lalu

    All this tells me is that Kimmel's staff are scared of him

  77. author

    afterkwiss20 menit yang lalu

    I feel like Idiocracy makes more sense than the reality we're living in.

  78. author

    V20 menit yang lalu

    That was amazing

  79. author

    allyourcode21 menit yang lalu

    epic unison XD

  80. author

    Eric Vandross21 menit yang lalu

    She's on Joe Rogan. Something's wrong with the dislike button 🤔

  81. author

    Michael RCH22 menit yang lalu

    Sustainability is a dirty word to Trump and the GOP. Their slogan should be "F*ck the future - we want everything for us, now!!"

  82. author

    NicolaiBolas22 menit yang lalu

    They were setting up the whole time for Jimmy to replace his wax figure, and the ending did not disappoint.

  83. author

    Cheow Chye Ee22 menit yang lalu

    LOL..I tried not to laugh each time I see trump talks but I can't help it. He's the most embarrassed president the USA has ever had. If anyone would dispute with me about him, please speak it out. How the fcuk he can be a president???????????????????

  84. author

    Good Janet22 menit yang lalu

    'He's got tickets to his own show. And everybody wants to go-o-o. And they all want to be in the front row, singing along like theirs no tomorrow' ;) Only true Maroon 5 fans understand

  85. author

    LtDan23 menit yang lalu

    He absolutely killed that entrance

  86. author

    Mighty MOSA23 menit yang lalu

    So Kimmel is a Terrifying Boss !

  87. author

    soldaditomemo23 menit yang lalu

    Its incredible how money made this individual just plainly stupid... or was it just hatched that way??

  88. author

    dem damn24 menit yang lalu

    You see how he has that serious look on his face like he knows wtf he's talking about.

  89. author

    Ketan Bhave24 menit yang lalu

    "Presidents are people too" Look at your own videos on Trump Mr. Kimmel.

  90. author

    Anonymous Reviewer24 menit yang lalu

    That whole episode was a plot to scam the phone insurance company for a new iPhone

  91. author

    No Worries Health & Wellness25 menit yang lalu

    "You can't handle the water." Sounds like a cut scene from Dune.

  92. author

    Arbaz Ali Khan25 menit yang lalu

    Luckiest phone drops

  93. author

    Craig Brown25 menit yang lalu

    why dont you get ben assfleck and jim kibble and have a threesome already...

  94. author

    Enrique Velez25 menit yang lalu

    They literally want to make the impeachment unwatchable... So that less people watch.

  95. author

    akshay kr26 menit yang lalu

    I once tripped really bad in my classroom walking upto the teacher. The entire class laughed.

  96. author

    Chris Cairns26 menit yang lalu

    Outstanding. 👏🏻

  97. author

    Guido Arce26 menit yang lalu

    pretty sure this was what he understood when someone tried to explain to him the flint situation

  98. author

    L01 J26 menit yang lalu


  99. author

    Slat3r26 menit yang lalu

    Obama and Joe, held money aid from the Ukraine, until the prosecutor got fire that was investing the company joe Biden son was working for. There nothing imaginary about that, anyone can look it up even in Ukraine news site, how can jimmy just stand there and lie to the audience and they all laugh and clap cheering him up.

  100. author

    Santosh Kumar26 menit yang lalu

    OMG, This is ridiculously interesting. It is a fun, very much hilarious..... I am laughing like hell..... ❤😂😃😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂