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ONE - Hard to Love MVONE - Hard to Love MV

ONE - Hard to Love MV

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HEDY - Rolling Stone MVHEDY - Rolling Stone MV

HEDY - Rolling Stone MV

29 hari yang lalu

  1. author

    It’z Midzy EverglowJam Yang lalu

    Their natural beauty is breath taking they’re all visuals and they’re not even wearing makeup wow we stan!

  2. author

    고마쓰루나Jam Yang lalu

    可愛い顔してキレっキレのダンス踊るからギャップすごいよね♡ 大好きです♡

  3. author

    HornyafJam Yang lalu

    19:46 이 노래 뭔지 아시는분ㅠㅠㅠ

  4. author

    sky flowersJam Yang lalu


  5. author

    Chintothechin EXOJam Yang lalu

    I’ll never know why this only get 5.7 million view!

  6. author

    자흐라ᴵᴺᴴᴼ 🐯🖤Jam Yang lalu


  7. author

    stan shinee ✨Jam Yang lalu

    this slaps 💞💞💞💞

  8. author

    FlopyJam Yang lalu

    Clicked by accident best accident that has ever happened to me

  9. author

    CrescentJam Yang lalu

    İ know that ppl are joking but pls domt call a beuty woman "handsome" it is irritating

  10. author

    Anc3stryJam Yang lalu

    0:45 Nah, no fucking clue mate

  11. author

    자흐라ᴵᴺᴴᴼ 🐯🖤Jam Yang lalu


  12. author

    이슬Jam Yang lalu


  13. author

    Rabia aJam Yang lalu

    I Missing..

  14. author

    ethar AhJam Yang lalu

    I miss them^^

  15. author

    자흐라ᴵᴺᴴᴼ 🐯🖤Jam Yang lalu


  16. author

    자흐라ᴵᴺᴴᴼ 🐯🖤Jam Yang lalu

    IN2IT-ULlala 199k 🔓➡️200k 🔒

  17. author

    Mary CruzJam Yang lalu

    Wanna one los mejores me encantan los amó a todos 👀😍😍😍😘😘🤩🤩💋💋💘

  18. author

    IzzyJam Yang lalu


  19. author

    luv intoitJam Yang lalu

    I'm back lets stream in2u

  20. author

    GG SELBYJam Yang lalu

    Killing it, this is amazing, congratulations

  21. author

    lyn lynJam Yang lalu

    vote X1

  22. author

    Michele MöllerJam Yang lalu

    #daebakshow #divestudios amazing work Eric! Love it!

  23. author

    lyn lynJam Yang lalu

    vote and comment #KBSSongFestival is coming soon~ Guess which K-POP group will attend this festival? Come on! Vote for your idol~🙃 #KBS가요대축제 #KBS歌谣大祝祭 #Gfriend #여자친구 #NCT127 #IZONE #아이즈원 #X1

  24. author

    SamDaysYuuki48Jam Yang lalu


  25. author

    Lavi carat wannable may exol nctzen theb one it fixJam Yang lalu

    2 years Wow😭😭😭😭

  26. author

    Jacky HuangJam Yang lalu

    Who is here after Oppsie (my bad)

  27. author

    Elena De PalmaJam Yang lalu

    Different songs, different meanings but still the same effect on my mind. Thank you Eric. #DaebakShow #DIVEStudios

  28. author

    sygeeJam Yang lalu


  29. author

    JisungBiasedJam Yang lalu

    Well I’m lesbian now

  30. author

    Lucero AralyJam Yang lalu


  31. author

    Lola VitóriaJam Yang lalu


  32. author

    Sésé AyJam Yang lalu

    ennfiinn du frannnnncccaiiisss

  33. author

    crazy about a kimJam Yang lalu


  34. author

    Tina lolJam Yang lalu

    Why do they look so good as men😂

  35. author

    chenles dolphin laughJam Yang lalu

    I can't listen to wanna one without crying...

  36. author

    Maria EduardaJam Yang lalu

    Streeeeeaaaaammm EVERGLOW on Spotify too

  37. author

    Maria EduardaJam Yang lalu

    Follow the girls on Instagram @everglow_0321 and @official_everglow Twitter @EVERGLOW_twt

  38. author

    Maria EduardaJam Yang lalu

    -600k for 77M

  39. author

    Orbital UjungJam Yang lalu

    On the first listen I wasn't feeling it, but here I am 2 weeks later. Loving it

  40. author

    Eduarda AraujoJam Yang lalu

    ATEEZ sempre arrasando vcs são d+

  41. author

    iJinHitJam Yang lalu

    One of the greatest OST’s ever created in K-Drama history😢😢🥺🥺🥺

  42. author

    TheSlotty91Jam Yang lalu

    Actor park comeback please

  43. author

    leleyJam Yang lalu


  44. author

    Brenda Janet Parra AnchanteJam Yang lalu


  45. author

    Karla MedinaJam Yang lalu

    Mamamoo marathon ❤️

  46. author

    Giovanna NicoliniJam Yang lalu

    How should we call our fandom? I really would like it to have a name

  47. author

    Jiovanni JohnsonJam Yang lalu

    Just so the ones who didn't know, knows that this song/album was postponed because of Sulli's death which Choiza(rapper of Dynamic Duo) was her ex boyfriend.

  48. author

    Ram 'Jam Yang lalu

    Omg so beautiful

  49. author

    Riyona Lasrado2 jam yang lalu

    Let me have the signed cd 🙏 #Daebakshow #DIVEStudios btw love the podcast

  50. author

    yuuue2 jam yang lalu


  51. author

    Naima TALHAOUI2 jam yang lalu


  52. author

    Vlerie Perez-Pulido2 jam yang lalu

    I'm not like apart of their official fandom, but I always support them because I mean how can you not support talent? they are soooooo incredible...

  53. author

    HoneyMilkハニーミルク2 jam yang lalu

    Bro I’m literally crying rn! His voice just makes the lyrics of the song stand out

  54. author

    mi2 jam yang lalu

    Yasss Marc E. Bassy & Eric Nam making a song together couldn't be better ! <3

  55. author

    Mónica Matos2 jam yang lalu


  56. author

    Sophia Wahdan2 jam yang lalu

    When Woojin did all of these flips omg

  57. author

    infinite goldenchild shinee2 jam yang lalu


  58. author

    ღSpring Dayღ2 jam yang lalu

    Romanized uwu Yeogi naboda keun saram isseo? Eobseumyeon dwaesseo Mamamoo mamamoo mamamoo Neo bodan naega deo keo neon baekyuksip nan il Mamamoo mamamoo mamamoo Uri kkirikkirikkiri ttak ilsenchi chai Mwon heossori ildan Hwiinin meon nara yaegi Ok? Bepeujiman ki apeseon Jangsa eobtji Small hwiin eojupjani Ilsenchi gajigo eonnideul ireogi? Uri kulhage jom gaja Naman hil singi Neowa naui chai ilsenchi (Eonnin dusangi jom keo) Geunyang badadeuryeo nanjaengi (Geunyang badadeuryeo) Dallajil geon eobseo insaeng (Mworakano) Do you know what I'm saying? Aigo uri eonniga Eodi beondegi apeseo Jureumeul jabeulkkayo? Ibwayo ollaoryeomyeon meoreotne Yeogi nopeun gokkaji Geogi araet gonggineun eottae? Manhi takhaji? Nan geogi mot ga ipjangbulga Gomangomanhae geumangeumanhae Ireol sigan isseum dareun geona gominhae Oh uri hwiini soni an dahni? Naega kkeonaejulkke eonniga i guyeoge jangsin Mamamoo mamamoo mamamoo Neo bodan naega deo keo neon baekyuksip nan il Mamamoo mamamoo mamamoo Uri kkirikkirikkiri ttak ilsenchi chai A-YO banollimhaedo jagayo Naboda deo kkalchangeul Kkarabwayo soyongeobtnayo Hireul sineodo tiga nago Undonghwareul sineodo tiga na Ki sunseoga doremipa Neowa naui chai ilsenchi (iljeompal) Nuga bwado igeon Same Same (Dul da dusangi jom keo) Yeogin umul anui jeonjaeng You know what I'm talking about? Geogi munseuta aju geunyang mul mannasyeosseo Eoheo injeonghae yeoyu neomchineun ge Jangsinincheok nalli uwolhan cheok nalli Choehongman in cheok nalli geurae bwatja dotori Maetdolsonjabiga ppajyeosseo Maetdolsonjabiga ppajyeosseo Jinaganeun jotaeoga useo Jigeum nae gibuni geurae eoiga eobtne Mamamoo mamamoo mamamoo Neo bodan naega deo keo neon baekyuksip nan il Mamamoo mamamoo mamamoo Uri kkirikkirikkiri ttak ilsenchi chai Yeogi naboda keunsaram isseo? Neo bodan naega deo keo Neo bodan neo bodan naega deo keo Neo bodan naega deo keo Neo bodan neo bodan naega deo keo Neo bodan naega deo keo Neo bodan neo bodan naega deo keo Neo bodan naega deo keo Neo bodan neo bodan neo bodan naega deo keo Jal deureo nanjaengideura Naega i badageseo Neo bodan naega deo keo Neo bodan neo bodan naega deo keo Neo bodan naega deo keo Neo bodan neo bodan naega deo keo Neo bodan naega deo keo Neo bodan neo bodan naega deo keo Neo bodan naega deo keo Neo bodan neo bodan neo bodan naega deo keo

  59. author

    Kreative Child2 jam yang lalu


  60. author

    Elliot L2 jam yang lalu

    If you wanna help in letting X1's presence be felt everywhere, on twiter, type #VoteforX1 and there will show many links to show u what polls or rewards or competitions that we can help X1/members vote for. 😁

  61. author

    Rayhana Alzarrad2 jam yang lalu

    Hold the front dooooor why is there no views

  62. author

    Mónica Matos2 jam yang lalu


  63. author

    HKM MELAYU2 jam yang lalu

    I miss IOI..... 😭

  64. author

    Ariany Omonte2 jam yang lalu

    Cuando sabes que aquí no hablan español 🤣

  65. author

    Valeria Wendy2 jam yang lalu

    es una copia de blackpink

  66. author

    catslover2 jam yang lalu

    cada día los quiero más y quiero que estén bien:(

  67. author

    문센2 jam yang lalu

    2019 11 22 애들아 살아 있어 미성 국민학교

  68. author

    Dawson Ting2 jam yang lalu

    198884, where are all the views?!

  69. author

    Mónica Matos2 jam yang lalu


  70. author

    viola trm2 jam yang lalu

    완전 좋아요 매장에서 하루에도 몇번씩 나오는데ᆢ 예쁜 가사가 귀에 쏘옥~~~~ 내가 사는 별의 이름은 야행성이라고들 불러~~

  71. author

    TXT ROTY2 jam yang lalu


  72. author

    Giftaki Rizaki2 jam yang lalu

    Ποιος ήρθε εδώ από Star?

  73. author

    Toubee Lo2 jam yang lalu

    This makes me want to start watching K-drama........

  74. author

    Babíh Biersack2 jam yang lalu

    QUE MV LINDO 😍😍😍

  75. author

    AtomicUndeadz2 jam yang lalu

    So solar thirsting over moonbyuls character.... subtle

  76. author

    Jade Arellano2 jam yang lalu

    i love kpop plz love me oppa

  77. author

    ichigo2 jam yang lalu

    he looks like the baby version of bloo haha

  78. author

    J.K -972 jam yang lalu

    Does anyone know what's the brand of the guitar sammy is holding in this mv?

  79. author

    Moon Light2 jam yang lalu

    Omg i dont know about this comeback, thanks youtube for recommendation

  80. author

    Federica de los Santos2 jam yang lalu

    Vamos Forevers nosotres podemos!

  81. author

    Gacha Korea조선2 jam yang lalu

    It was supposed to be twices song but it changed so it still has the JYP part

  82. author

    HeyItsFay2 jam yang lalu

    Im i the only one who gets russian roulette from red velvet vibes from this mv

  83. author

    zalo_ chan2 jam yang lalu

    Welcome back ~```

  84. author

    alg alg2 jam yang lalu

    احلا مسلسل تاريخي شفته وعلى فكره ترا ما اتابع تاريخي

  85. author

    아발론 스•PØKY-TÂTTØØ•2 jam yang lalu

    Por fin encontre este temazo 😢💕💕

  86. author

    Sophia Wahdan2 jam yang lalu

    I’m so upset that this is age-restricted, now I can’t watch it 😭

  87. author

    Lovely Army2 jam yang lalu

    mamamoo mamamoo

  88. author

    You are the ONE You should LOVE2 jam yang lalu

    Please let her solo...

  89. author

    ::2 jam yang lalu

    작년에 엄청 좋아해서 1일 1곡 하다가 생각나서 또 보러왔당

  90. author

    Omik Tay2 jam yang lalu

    Give me izone comeback as soon as possible by fans in malaysia

  91. author

    McCartney 212 jam yang lalu

    I'm here watching this with my girlfriend… I actually like sus chinos locos.

  92. author

    skz bap jiyong2 jam yang lalu

    Under yg released only two songs, now it's time to shine. I've waited for this moment for so long.

  93. author

    Tom Tam2 jam yang lalu

    i love all ramram's songs aaaaa

  94. author

    Park Ji hyo3 jam yang lalu

    Two years with glass shoes : -8 days

  95. author

    Jeon Jungkook3 jam yang lalu

    I know you will read my comment VARSİTY , I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUU

  96. author

    땡칠이TV3 jam yang lalu

    채동하씨 하늘에서는 편히쉬세요...생각이나서..죄송합니다

  97. author

    Idee S3 jam yang lalu

    My boyyyy is backkkkkk with another bopppppp

  98. author

    Kpop Fanboy3 jam yang lalu

    It’s 2019 and I still love this song. Pringles (lol) was and still is the best debut track in 2016 in my opinion, better than Whistle or Jjan Koong Kwang

  99. author

    Laila Intan3 jam yang lalu

    Gantung woeyy ceritanya 😭😭

  100. author

    Eloise Tuder3 jam yang lalu

    크 이번에도 비주얼컨셉 다 좋은데 이렇게 무너진걸생각하면 너무 아깝.... 컴백날짜 일주일만빨리 잡지ㅜㅜ