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  1. author

    Abdullah Khan14 jam yang lalu

    Bihar hi biker cartoon Jain

  2. author

    5deathburger15 jam yang lalu

    Finally found someone who can defeat Thanos.

  3. author

    AwpWilliams15 jam yang lalu

    So basically I HAVE to go to finals because it's in my hometown....

  4. author

    Emery Evans15 jam yang lalu

    I need soundtrack

  5. author

    MrCool15 jam yang lalu

    Can you please bring one piece burning blood to the Nintendo switch with all the DLC すべてのDLCを搭載したNintendoスイッチを使用して、燃えている血を1枚持ってきてください。

  6. author

    Ahmad Salem15 jam yang lalu

    Still waiting for Fahkumram’s theme

  7. author

    Jay Cornu15 jam yang lalu

    can't wait

  8. author

    SuperStarPlumber15 jam yang lalu

    Your punches only tickled, like a tiny feather.

  9. author

    Rana 52615 jam yang lalu

    O yeah

  10. author

    Cococrash1115 jam yang lalu

    Awesome Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare Video.

  11. author

    Anarchitron16 jam yang lalu

    Alright, I'm gonna say it since none of you will. This is just Sagat without an eyepatch. I guess Capcom was like "no, go away, we already let you borrow Akuma, gtfo of here"

  12. author

    Trickster16 jam yang lalu

    another Leroy fest no thanks i got better things to watch....this game is getting boring

  13. author

    Bao Tuan16 jam yang lalu

    Hope they will add more ibo gundam in game. :D

  14. author

    EEE H16 jam yang lalu

    My mans Nick sure is a hands talker

  15. author

    Siti Nur Ezzati Noor Hisham16 jam yang lalu

    Jin buff please please

  16. author

    shenell johnson16 jam yang lalu

    Hope someone destroy's knee

  17. author

    Black hero 20117 jam yang lalu

    I hope bssjgssj vegeta is gonna be next for the dbfz roster!!

  18. author

    COUNT THE17 jam yang lalu


  19. author

    Eavy Eavy17 jam yang lalu

    It's illegal to make a character this cool

  20. author

    Paul Verra18 jam yang lalu

    start at 30:14

  21. author

    aRmOnDo Plays18 jam yang lalu

    When's Fahkumram?

  22. author

    Jeremy Low18 jam yang lalu

    0:47 *"Stuff of legend"*

  23. author

    Uriah Medrano18 jam yang lalu

    I'm excited for Haomaru. But I hope that the next DLC is Setsuka from SCIV. There's a character I've been wanting to make but I need Setsuka for it

  24. author

    Alex Sagita18 jam yang lalu

    Bandai : Final at New Orleans USA. FANS : USA... USA.... USA.... USA....!!! The Winner is : ....... Not USA Player.

  25. author

    Homebrew Gaming18 jam yang lalu

    Glad Ganryu came i, love Sumo characters as i sued to be in Sumo, minus his stalker like character *sigh*

  26. author

    VegaMomos :318 jam yang lalu

    Misugi was missing her scene

  27. author

    [CCG] Äëthër Dàrk18 jam yang lalu

    Cuando sale...Acepto Teorías, Opiniones?

  28. author

    RCJ Studio19 jam yang lalu

    Proud of muay Thai.

  29. author

    nLshhh19 jam yang lalu

    Just give us Tekken Tag Tournament 3 already!

  30. author

    GRAN FF19 jam yang lalu

    Alguém do brasil

  31. author

    「 Glitch Goat 」20 jam yang lalu

    0:23 Is he voiced by EoH Giorno?

  32. author

    Retro20 jam yang lalu

    soo when exactly is this game coming out bruh

  33. author

    WTB pro rally20 jam yang lalu

    I really just wish this was a better game in general. I get what they were trying to do but if you come up with a new and good idea then you should be able to at least do 3/4 of what you did to make the breaker series so popular with new mechanics.This was a big let down for many PC users.

  34. author

    Kevin Franco20 jam yang lalu

    Xbox one;(

  35. author

    patgreed20 jam yang lalu

    I don't know how many of you know this, the Creator of gundam is almost 80 years Old. I am NOT saying that he is going to die anytime soon, but if have been paying attention to the news you would know that a lot of famous people around his age have passed away in the past 3 years. I know that most of you feel the same as me when I say " I would Hate myself for all of eternity if I didn't meet him once and at least said hi to him before he died". I say that all gundam fans in California should write a strongly worded message to the Gundam company and the staff of Los Angeles's anime expo and ask that if they can bring him down as a special guest for this year's Anime Expo with a live Q&A panel and autograph session. Gundam FANS FROM NEAR AND FAR, UNIGHT, BECOME ONE POWERFUL ENTITY AND SEND A EMAIL AND OR LETTER TO THE GUNDAM COMPANY AND STAFF OF ANIME EXPO!!!! You all have a great day, bye.

  36. author

    Ahmad Fikri20 jam yang lalu

    Ps 2

  37. author

    Niño Malo20 jam yang lalu

    Grey hair? Looks like they are running out of colors for goku transform.

  38. author

    Bs Kata20 jam yang lalu

    I can't wait for it\(^o^)/

  39. author

    Heel Zhinkaiger21 jam yang lalu

    Bro! I’ve been playing this game for 5 in a half months! And I need more martial pack! ^^

  40. author

    Musashiden21 jam yang lalu

    So saddening to see Gundam breakers assets use for mobile trash instead of a 4th game. New GB doesnt count that one can burn in hell.

  41. author

    Zilau21 jam yang lalu

    You know the other reveal trailer of Leroy it said the back story of him. And with the song on this one it, it make him one badass character for a movie or a videogame of his own. Really.

  42. author

    Mika kuchiki21 jam yang lalu


  43. author

    De Ming Tan21 jam yang lalu

    What about story chapter 9 and new Artemis Gundam.

  44. author

    Romar Frazer21 jam yang lalu

    Hope the chat will be open

  45. author

    IkerThatBot22 jam yang lalu


  46. author

    guy22 jam yang lalu

    Is this the last dlc

  47. author

    Kevin Luis Batista23 jam yang lalu

    Wow!!! it reminds me of Kung-Fu soccer.

  48. author

    Uzair Khan Javed23 jam yang lalu

    Still no TEKKEN FORCE!!!!

  49. author

    alan 20071123 jam yang lalu


  50. author

    JazzyJoeXD23 jam yang lalu

    Physical release????

  51. author

    Martin Fernandez23 jam yang lalu

    Captain Tsubada meets Rocket League

  52. author

    Zarina Hussin23 jam yang lalu

    I love this trailer and music

  53. author

    Dassan DavisHari Yang lalu

    Bandai can u have naruto utimate ninja series ps2 have q HD collection on ps4

  54. author

    ogün VarliHari Yang lalu

    wakashimazu buff pls

  55. author

    Justin BrummettHari Yang lalu

    Will this game be in English?

  56. author

    Electro ShootinStarrHari Yang lalu

    Hello I'm from the future please don't add anymore naruto characters

  57. author

    Edfy 1Hari Yang lalu

    Physical release?

  58. author

    Rui RodriguesHari Yang lalu

    Jun misugi is the best ...

  59. author

    DJ Zee JayHari Yang lalu

    Please add in the World Youth / Road To 2002 / Golden 23 and Rising Sun arc as well! Don't limit the game to just the Middle School / Junior Youth Arc. Otherwise we'll miss out on a lot of awesome players.

  60. author

    R.V STROHEIMHari Yang lalu

    Me trying to Sleep My brain : 0:19

  61. author

    johnj7269Hari Yang lalu

    1:15 did she punch him in the butt?

  62. author

    Nicolas19200Hari Yang lalu

    D'où vient la musique impossible de me rappeler ou je l'ai entendu

  63. author

    Sonia M. E. H.Hari Yang lalu

    Tekken world tour 2020 asombroso genial que bien Bandai Namco Entertainment America super genial regresa TEKKEN WORLD TOUR 2020

  64. author

    Moyashii 09Hari Yang lalu


  65. author

    Leroy ClevelandHari Yang lalu

    Why is Siegfried fast as hell with a big weapon and nightmare is slow lol figured it's a glitch

  66. author

    Chris WrightHari Yang lalu

    Aww yeah, the 🌎 tour finals are on 🇺🇸 soil this year. New Orleans to be exact.

  67. author

    THE PRO KINGHari Yang lalu

    If they dont add jinpachi then...

  68. author

    THE PRO KINGHari Yang lalu

    Lol I'm playing tekken 7 rn with a hori fight stick and I jus see this

  69. author

    VillainsHari Yang lalu

    please change the title to "Leroy World Tour 2020"

  70. author

    Hikikomori GamingHari Yang lalu

    Neo Cyclone vs Dragon Tiger

  71. author

    Romeo Is DeadHari Yang lalu

    Everyone says I say his last name wrong. Haha bitches. I told you I say it right.

  72. author

    Zozo ZozoHari Yang lalu

    اكو عرب بطيارة 😂😂❤️

  73. author

    Chris WrightHari Yang lalu

    A muay thai fighter that speaks Thai? Terrific!!!!!!

  74. author

    NamelessHari Yang lalu


  75. author

    Chris WrightHari Yang lalu

    Any word on the price of FighterZ pass 3?????

  76. author

    Noe CasesHari Yang lalu

    So it does mean season 4 will have?

  77. author

    Ib FubukiHari Yang lalu

    still wait for michael

  78. author

    infinite potentialHari Yang lalu

    Are you tekken the piss?

  79. author

    Ultra RileyHari Yang lalu

    Fahkumram = Sagat Bruce = Adon

  80. author

    Yellow LettersHari Yang lalu

    Who's ready for omega shenron?

  81. author

    Cཽlཽaཽiཽrཽaཽuཽdཽiཽeཽnཽtཽ PཽrཽiཽnཽcཽeཽsཽsཽHari Yang lalu

    If you visit Ivory Coast in Africa please consider getting a fighting style from there placing it on a beautiful and likeable brand new black woman with her own moves, beautiful hair and stylish womanly clothes and heels, like the other women have. Unlike Master Raven please let her have her own skirts and dresses like the other women but think outside the box with her, don't stereotype her. Maybe consider hair pulling as ra/rg just for laughs 😁😁

  82. author

    Crow ZeroHari Yang lalu

    Steve’s gonna get his beads at New Orleans

  83. author

    Khalid GHari Yang lalu

    Not before Fahkumram!!!

  84. author

    GAME OF LEGENDHari Yang lalu

    NATUREZA 🙏🙏🙏

  85. author

    The IncrediblesHari Yang lalu

    Please make it to World Youth arc at least

  86. author

    esqueleto anti lolicon e otakuHari Yang lalu

    0:48 thes jojo referenci

  87. author

    Ahmed AliHari Yang lalu

    Thanks bandai namco

  88. author

    noisr1Hari Yang lalu

    Is the game in Arabic language?

  89. author

    Lewizna BieliznaHari Yang lalu

    Wow Poland!

  90. author

    Aziz AlreyahiHari Yang lalu

    Put tekken characters in super smash bros ultimate I love both games and tekken should put Captien falcon in tekken and smash put Kazama or heihachi in smash

  91. author

    Leonardo FariasHari Yang lalu

    Only six days left

  92. author

    Capone ArdeleanHari Yang lalu

    Such a great feeling.

  93. author

    NIGHTCAPHari Yang lalu

    I was the only one who thought this hunter was a Ferryman from the comics? It's almost the same

  94. author

    Bill GatesHari Yang lalu

    where is karl heinz schneider? カール・ハインツ・シュナイダーはどこですか? Kāru haintsu shunaidā wa dokodesu ka? Be sure to add French, German and English football teams to the game 必ず、フランス、ドイツ、および英国のサッカーチームをゲームに追加してください Kanarazu, Furansu, Doitsu, oyobi Igirisu no sakkāchīmu o gēmu ni tsuika shite kudasai We are waiting 私たちは待っています Watashitachiha matteimasu

  95. author

    Yasir.M. AliHari Yang lalu

    Tekken >>>>> Moron kombat !!

  96. author

    Yasir.M. AliHari Yang lalu

    Can't wait for kenshiro DLC !!

  97. author

    Toprak AydoğanHari Yang lalu


  98. author

    Kyriacos OmerouHari Yang lalu

    Stay down f-maggot

  99. author

    MRrandomdude42Hari Yang lalu

    I haven't played a football game since fifa 98 ( song 2 is still stuck in my head ) as a child, THIS LOOK GOOD!

  100. author

    Chetan TyagiHari Yang lalu

    I play pacman with sound off and this was a disaster