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Is Japan A Dying Country?Is Japan A Dying Country?

Is Japan A Dying Country?

2 bulan yang lalu

From Farmboy To Mala KingFrom Farmboy To Mala King

From Farmboy To Mala King

6 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    Youngboon Lim30 detik yang lalu

    While im on my Road bike 35km/hr Plus to 45

  2. author

    R8ted236 menit yang lalu

    Literal kid does not pay anything I wish I can do that if I was the kid I would buy everything and just walk away but without paying

  3. author

    yeastori20 menit yang lalu

    That would be the ultimate gift for the US, as it gives them justification to help Taiwan lead a regime change in the mainland

  4. author

    Yvonne Anne36 menit yang lalu


  5. author

    森林彬49 menit yang lalu

    Is this normal?

  6. author

    Dafini Dafini51 menit yang lalu

    many from Myanmar also studying in Northeast India

  7. author

    Yusuf Patrick59 menit yang lalu

    I feel ebikers will be a road hazard to us drivers

  8. author

    Wilson Luy TanJam Yang lalu

    The real question is will China have to take Taiwan by force .

  9. author

    Grunge LadJam Yang lalu

    Who cares

  10. author

    Logan BeriJam Yang lalu

    Taiwan is part of China.

  11. author

    Peter SiuJam Yang lalu

    It only takes 38 hours.

  12. author

    dah mackintosh2 jam yang lalu

    Eh e bike also have battery leh womt cause' fire hazard' meh . I swear gahmen gon ban ebike once alot ppl start using.

  13. author

    Senator2 jam yang lalu

    ...any attempt to take Taiwan would result in nuclear war...if they win the nuclear war ...they will have successfully conquered Taiwan

  14. author

    yan c2 jam yang lalu

    xi jinping got no ball. if this is Putin, the island of taiwan will be flooded with blood. If china really wanna win this war, first thing to do is to have 2,000 nukes pointing at the U.S first as deterrence, then attack taiwan systemtically, disregarding civilian causality--scorch earth!!! It is so simply.

  15. author

    Mike Wong Hong Kee2 jam yang lalu

    中國人不打中國人,放屁👉Chinazi 🇨🇳

  16. author

    eduardo marquez2 jam yang lalu

    My friend in taiwan said if china take taiwan by force some of thier figther planes also go to china to relaliate thats the reason why china did not take taiwan by force lmagine how many f16, mirage ,And some of hundreds of fighterplane taiwan have if this plane reach mainland china and do the same as china did ?

  17. author

    yan c2 jam yang lalu

    just tactical nuke taiwan to dust and this problem is over

  18. author

    Sally Dela cruz2 jam yang lalu

    China is just Greedy

  19. author

    Brian Daclac2 jam yang lalu

    This is how China is taking over other countries LOL.It is the same way China took over Tibet by sending 6 millions Chinese and made sure Tibetans speak Mandarins.

  20. author

    Idkwhat Idowithmylife2 jam yang lalu

    At age one I was scoop my turds and going “Mom dad look what I found”

  21. author

    GameDesire2 jam yang lalu

    I haven't seen the video yet, just saw the thumbnail but already have one word about that: Asian.

  22. author

    Its Just Like That2 jam yang lalu

    This is probably the most press-like mini documentation that doesn't lack too much It's only spoiled by comments stating that the "only" reason is 3/4 of their life being at work. Which is not wrong but not fully correct The same time this issue isn't solely on japan, America has it too, russia has it too and china has it even more. You don't need to mention some countries wherein there's barely a population to call it a country. The only reason Japan can't keep it shut is because almost nothing that obvious can be hidden there. People move to Tokyo or other developed areas, of course, it has the opportunities and services that the modern world can give. But the thing is one city has it's capacity and overloading that capacity can lead to diminishment.

  23. author

    Joe Om2 jam yang lalu

    Better question is could they take South Korea? If it was a tagteam match... 🇰🇷🇺🇸 vs 🇨🇳 🇰🇵

  24. author

    Victoria Lim2 jam yang lalu

    2:37 “The lucky ones get a home with wealthy people abroad... the others, we don’t really know.” I’ve heard from a friend who used to work in the zoo that some of these horses are sometimes sent to the zoo to be shot and killed. I’m not sure if this is really true now because this is what I heard several years ago, but wouldn’t be surprised if that is still the case today because that’s what happens in the race horsing industry beyond Singapore as well. If we really love our horses, perhaps it’s an industry that we shouldn’t support. That said EQUAL is doing great work and I’m very happy that there’s things being done to save some of these retired horses.

  25. author

    Jason Orleck3 jam yang lalu

    In life you have 3 choices fight for your life Die on your knees Or go out on your feet No country is perfect america isn't perfect we made mistakes but we didn't repeat them.

  26. author

    bird of paradise3 jam yang lalu

    Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen is the U.S. lapdog! She’s such pathetic as herself is also Chinese but willing to be the U.S. sidekicks n betrayed China n the Chinese people🙏

  27. author

    Chieh Yang3 jam yang lalu

    Taiwan has a very weak electrical power system. China can take that system down easily and quickly with their new missile systems like DF-17. Game Over! Taiwan can do nothing but to surrender to China's term after a long lasting power outage. It is a matter whether China actually wants to do that or when. It would be a hard cold fact for Taiwan to swallow. U.S. arm sales would do nothing but leave a heavy debt for Taiwan. There is no need for a traditional type of warfare.

  28. author

    Breadbugzombie9643 jam yang lalu

    China could try but that would be the end for China. China would face the military power from America, Russia and many many more countries that would join forces and destroy China to dust.

  29. author

    equi nox3 jam yang lalu

    ...DF-41 will take care of everything..!

  30. author

    kelly kuang3 jam yang lalu

    That miku shit should be in TLC

  31. author

    Ron Secord3 jam yang lalu

    Cars and E bikes arent the problem,people are the problem.

  32. author

    Porco Rosso3 jam yang lalu

    I will be interesting to see China's immigration policy for the Burmese.

  33. author

    Mike Lee3 jam yang lalu

    Taiwan must go nuclear + develop its defence industry.

  34. author

    Chad X4 jam yang lalu

    taiwan is the next kurds

  35. author

    twigx4 jam yang lalu

    I did the splits thing in taekwondo. You will not believe how painful it is, even if you don't go all the way down. I remember crying on the first time, but eventually as you do it, it gets easier. But I wasn't pushed down, I was just weak.

  36. author

    Dan V4 jam yang lalu

    fascist China will try but it will stop as soon as the body bags start flooding back home

  37. author

    Dan V4 jam yang lalu

    take taiwan by force? they cant even control Hong Kong how the hell they are going to take on taiwan?

  38. author

    Emishimaru - Sama4 jam yang lalu

    Still better than 3rd world countries, though..

  39. author

    Anuksonamun4 jam yang lalu

    I am happy for them both as they are a lovely couple with beautiful children. As for myself, I will not surrender my faith (for no man). If I was to marry, he would have to convert to mine (Catholic) because if I convert to his then I am saying to the Lord, that another prophet is more important than Christ and I would be denying Him. Come the judgement, I too would be denied by the Lord. So I would not and cannot convert to any man's faith if it is not the same as mine. Beautiful family.

  40. author

    shin chan5 jam yang lalu

    The school apparently don't teach them the truth about their military dictatorship. Of course china is funneling money to military officials so that they can control the oil while providing low quality education to keep the locals in check.

  41. author

    Inday Garutay5 jam yang lalu

    We Philippines Filipinos not aftaid of China ... we fight even we dont have chance of winning .. but we fight ... we fight the colonizer Spain America and Japan we fight fight fight them and we got our Independence from them ....

  42. author

    Inday Garutay5 jam yang lalu

    Taiwan defend your own and be a man standup you dont have any war experience !!! filipinos Philippines not so hightech but we are experienced in war we battle tested !!!

  43. author

    Synpaste5 jam yang lalu

    and Here I am forgetting to put semi colens

  44. author

    CodeMan0016 jam yang lalu

    They need to start fucking

  45. author

    southern exposure6 jam yang lalu

    The weak and ineffective government cant even hold on to its own country they are cowardly and would never even try to take Taiwan by force, even talking about it would make the Chinese people realize that their governments grip is easy to shake of if they stand together for freedom. #freechinafromchina

  46. author

    abu maawi6 jam yang lalu

    stupid statement.... yall go a middle of know where ad

  47. author

    Vladimer Kozovec6 jam yang lalu

    Dont worty taiwan chinise airforces We destroyde it self

  48. author

    Vladimer Kozovec6 jam yang lalu

    Lets start war men I cant w8 to see the riech again

  49. author

    ΒΑΣΙΛΙΚΗ ΝΑΖΑΡΗ6 jam yang lalu

    Seok cheol from eastlight 💖💖💖

  50. author

    flyin' K6 jam yang lalu

    Could British take N.Ireland by force ?

  51. author

    Suga_Genius7 jam yang lalu

    They have it never easy. They fight always hard for the dreams and having pressure much. I hate it even sometimes how people talk about kpop and see not the hard work. Every singer or dancers or other dreams which people having is not easy to reach. You have to fight for it and to truly want it. You know never what can be possible for you and not until you not try it and give your best.

  52. author

    Angel Ugonabo7 jam yang lalu


  53. author

    Angel Ugonabo7 jam yang lalu

    This kid is adorable

  54. author

    vishal das7 jam yang lalu

    That mother is toxic for him . Someone save this little boy's passion. 😠☹

  55. author

    RUDY XXX7 jam yang lalu

    China defeated U.S. in the Korean war ....even with help from Europe. ....🙏

  56. author

    Na Me7 jam yang lalu

    Who needs e-bike👎 just buy motorcycle 👍

  57. author

    Mohamed A. Hussein7 jam yang lalu

    Pax vobis, Mainland China will never occupy Taiwan by force since that would entail the shedding of Chinese (Han) blood. The PLA will not stand for that. The HK Police is having trouble with RIOTERS and they cannot even themselves without being criticised. In any other country these rioters would have been dealt with most effectively with live ammo. The Chinese are not like that. What Taiwan is buying from Trump are more like Molotov cocktails and pavement bricks. Germany was unified peacefully and so will Zhongguo, God Willing.

  58. author

    Temasek SDQ7 jam yang lalu

    Wonder how Singapore (Tumasik) was when it was under Srivijayan and Majapahit kingdom rule?

  59. author

    Goh Goh7 jam yang lalu

    Wow !!!!😲😲😲 this Indians are very brilliant !!! They can teach a elephant calf to talk, cooking and serves the peoples !!!😲😲😲😲😆😆😆😆😆😆👎👎👎👎👎👎

  60. author

    michael129918 jam yang lalu

    There is 24 million people in Taiwan - lol

  61. author

    Sensei Neal8 jam yang lalu

    Salute to the guy who married miku

  62. author

    doc74748 jam yang lalu

    I'm not saying that women shouldn't be allowed to work, but shoehorning women into the workforce by modern society the last few decades is a large factor in why we're seeing plummeting birth rates.

  63. author

    Mark Fischer8 jam yang lalu

    Not nearly good enough. The US should secretly sell or lease and deploy intermediate range missiles with nuclear warheads targeting Chinese cities. Once active announce it.

  64. author

    kobe24j9 jam yang lalu

    If you think US will back TW then you live in a delusional world! TW will be like another Turk left.....

  65. author

    Simply seungkwan9 jam yang lalu

    The other child saying little sister, fighting, good girl [I can't flipping translate this into english] broke me heart 😭😢

  66. author

    bruno earth9 jam yang lalu

    Asia need to united just like nato. Balance power for peace!

  67. author

    Its Shünmi9 jam yang lalu

    Electric fan will save the dayyyy

  68. author

    ForAmerican9 jam yang lalu

    China made it clear often that any attempt to separate Taiwan will meet the Chinese military force. I do not think it is just a word. China pushed back the US military in Korea before. China will do it again if necessary.

  69. author

    Its Shünmi9 jam yang lalu

    Wow thats hot.

  70. author

    ForAmerican9 jam yang lalu

    "Expanding and destabilization of other nations." He is talking about US policy. Keeping military all over in Asia, Korea, Japan, Okinawa, Philippines, Thi, and others. The Us policy of meddling in other nations to destabilize the government. How many CIA spies are working in Asia? 20,000?

  71. author

    Tenshi9 jam yang lalu

    The real question is whether China can defeat Taiwan in 1 day or 1 week

  72. author

    Yijun 25259 jam yang lalu

    His mom is such a Fui Bo! I agree with his dad, and his mom is like eating and learning. Nigga being lazy bruh

  73. author

    Kosmos779 jam yang lalu

    Wait, Arduino is a programming language?

  74. author

    octizzled !!10 jam yang lalu

    this is why south korea is disgusting to me.

  75. author

    YoBro10 jam yang lalu

    No babies, no future slaves. Hmmm. Could be trouble...

  76. author

    Notorius Juan10 jam yang lalu

    It will not make you ready to the world when you be 18 years old, id you have good grades this doesn't make you the best. If you can handle your life, your grades won't matter, and his parents are really pushing him.

  77. author

    jose rolon10 jam yang lalu

    Lol he married an anime poor bastid

  78. author

    Al Liu10 jam yang lalu

    wow i wish my high school did this lol

  79. author

    ʕ •ᴥ•ʔD r a g o n G a c h aʕ •ᴥ•ʔ10 jam yang lalu

    Her at 11: Solving each math problem Me at 11: *Slowly closing the fridge till the lights turn off*

  80. author

    Kefin Janitra10 jam yang lalu

    Good luck

  81. author

    hatsuki10 jam yang lalu

    I'm currently in Fuhua and moving to Sec 2. Honestly, I don't think some kids understand how people feel. I was teased for being depressed, received a few death threats and I didn't do anything wrong. I tried seeking for help for almost 2 years. Mistreatment is what I get in return.

  82. author

    Dim Sum11 jam yang lalu

    No such thing in foreign relations. Only strategic partners.

  83. author

    FirefracYT11 jam yang lalu

    Don’t compare your kids with other kids other kids are not your son or daughter and they can’t be the same

  84. author

    E sprite11 jam yang lalu

    This is the truth about k-pop industries

  85. author

    fsxmantra void11 jam yang lalu

    why do people still questioned whether china can take taiwan by force? hey... taiwan is unequivocably a province of china and it will remain so till the end of time, so bugger off yankee doddle!!

  86. author

    Dim Sum11 jam yang lalu

    Any time but MUST refrain from do so.

  87. author

    Colin Chow11 jam yang lalu

    The US is a double headed snake, recognize only China but support the separatists of China by selling arms to them and giving them training to fight the mainland.

  88. author

    Dr. D4nk memes11 jam yang lalu

    They need to fuck more

  89. author

    Shalley Ina11 jam yang lalu

    See what happen after 5g launch by china in 2020

  90. author

    karthik9t011 jam yang lalu

    Really want son like him. .but most parents have idiots as their kids

  91. author

    Ivo The Street12 jam yang lalu

    The consequences outweighs the outcome

  92. author

    Ivo The Street12 jam yang lalu

    They can try but it is no easy task

  93. author

    Mariah Work12 jam yang lalu

    Art heals

  94. author

    Sanskar Tiwari12 jam yang lalu

    Tuition doesn't mean good grades Good Self study does guarantees good grades

  95. author

    Shadow Darkness12 jam yang lalu

    i am a pure cyclist. and i have become a rude cyclist in recent years. in the 90's and early 2000's, i can cycle happily on footpath and on road because pedestrians and drivers back then, was way much courteous. now, i treat everyone as an enemy. the only road users who is courteous is the motorcyclists.

  96. author

    Sanskar Tiwari12 jam yang lalu

    1 hour is too much time Me, spends eternity on IDreporter watching cat videos

  97. author

    njnaz1312 jam yang lalu

    Soon cars will be ban on road🤣

  98. author

    MrHighway12 jam yang lalu

    They are already bleeding population and the solution is to get the child beaters to work more. Japan so smart!

  99. author

    Operation turn them into sweets12 jam yang lalu

    Dr stone😂

  100. author

    Dabing Noob Gamer12 jam yang lalu

    bruh lemme guess age 12 he kearns how to drive a ferrari