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  1. author

    Francisco Correa25 menit yang lalu

    Whats with the crappy editing, like seriously... are we in 2003?

  2. author

    Ruth Bsweet29 menit yang lalu

    Top 👍🏻

  3. author

    Iniya Raj30 menit yang lalu

    Omg 😱 its preeti zinda.....

  4. author

    Ali Love34 menit yang lalu

    What is the song in the background?

  5. author

    Kaylinn Manuel37 menit yang lalu

    Preity ❤️😍

  6. author

    Axel Ferril41 menit yang lalu

    Like si vienes de un tik tok

  7. author

    PD MX42 menit yang lalu

    His real life charater reminds me of Keanu Reeves. Cool calm guy, not the popularity-chaser guy (well they r fam anyway😅)..i mean the humble in silent guy type😍 *my english suck, sorry

  8. author

    gurbakshish toor43 menit yang lalu

    Pretty f**king Zinta..... what???. They really be trying to reach Indian audiences now. And i am sold....

  9. author

    Riley Wilson46 menit yang lalu

    The last three originals 😭😭😭

  10. author

    Jade Nguyen47 menit yang lalu

    Eddie has grown up so much. We’ve seen his actor become a man on this show.

  11. author

    Jade Nguyen48 menit yang lalu

    I like how there are more Indians fans at a *Marlins* game!

  12. author

    Tanja EversJam Yang lalu

    Kiss Robert evers 🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  13. author

    Tanja EversJam Yang lalu

    Kiss Robert evers 🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  14. author

    Catherine CampbellJam Yang lalu

    This reminds me of the Friends' episode episode where Ross and Rachel pretend to be married at his parents party so people won't know that they conceived a child out of wedlock.

  15. author

    Babyccino AuJam Yang lalu

    The mom: *There must only be one.*

  16. author

    Megan ReillyJam Yang lalu

    I'm not crying ! Your crying !

  17. author

    Simon the QuestionableJam Yang lalu

    Wrecks: your weak Nightmare: I’m you

  18. author

    Tanja EversJam Yang lalu

    Kiss Robert evers 🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰👰👰👰👰👰👰❤❤❤❤

  19. author

    Tanja EversJam Yang lalu

    Kiss Robert evers 🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰👰👰👰👰👰👰❤❤❤❤

  20. author

    maniackyjrJam Yang lalu

    If Barbara was here she’d be like you only handed out pink shoes and I only have grand sons and for that reason I’m out!

  21. author

    Pelé RonaldinhoJam Yang lalu

    Oxi eu acho q tô no lugar errado. Kkkkk

  22. author

    MsApricot96Jam Yang lalu


  23. author

    Khrystyna DukhovaJam Yang lalu

    Why did Maya and Jack had to break up?

  24. author

    spidy oneJam Yang lalu

    is that terminator

  25. author

    CharlieActualJam Yang lalu

    Everyones talking about Dr. Wilson, but no one mentions Wei Shen

  26. author

    Alvaro EgasJam Yang lalu

    I own 2. One for office one for home❤️

  27. author

    NAWWJam Yang lalu

    This guy is inspiring he was homeless and he doesn’t play the victim or blame others but rather he takes responsibility and steps up and becomes successful

  28. author

    Jennie DeClueJam Yang lalu

    Wow what most of us ladies have gone through and can understand what it's like loosing a baby, this made me think how I felt and brought up emotions after I miscarried my 2 babies

  29. author

    Jessica WessonJam Yang lalu

    His indecisive self is going to want to get back with Amelia now that she’s keeping this baby this is why I don’t like him he had to be told by Teddy to marry her smh

  30. author

    habibbi alikafeJam Yang lalu

    Lmao I'm surprised so many of y'all would actually buy this shit 😂😂😂

  31. author

    Sushi LittleJam Yang lalu

    Watch. Replay. Cry

  32. author

    Damo TrentJam Yang lalu

    Jennifer channeling her inner DIANA. No show on black women's hair would be complete without a Ms.Ross look.

  33. author

    JaviiJam Yang lalu

    Ok so third time’s a charm

  34. author

    Seth Garza-LopezJam Yang lalu

    Season 6 episode 6 (week 5)

  35. author

    Lil NickiJam Yang lalu

    -I got to go send an e-mail😫

  36. author

    jackie BarnesJam Yang lalu

    I was so excited when this happened

  37. author

    Seth Garza-LopezJam Yang lalu

    Season 8 episode 15

  38. author

    Ilahmae Cunanan2 jam yang lalu


  39. author

    Ilahmae Cunanan2 jam yang lalu


  40. author

    Ilahmae Cunanan2 jam yang lalu


  41. author

    Ilahmae Cunanan2 jam yang lalu

    Awesome show

  42. author

    AzureFire-Studios2 jam yang lalu


  43. author

    varun kenekar2 jam yang lalu

    Release season 3 in India !!!

  44. author

    Matthew Duggan2 jam yang lalu

    Is this the next episode

  45. author

    Cabecool10 / Skelemaster7672 jam yang lalu

    The look on Ken’s face as he grabs the trophy is my favorite thing

  46. author

    John Contreras2 jam yang lalu

    Where’s you get a bunny?

  47. author

    Valeria Lopez2 jam yang lalu

    Best scene ever 💕

  48. author

    yvonne miller2 jam yang lalu

    Go Sofi!!!! So happy for you, Girl!!! The sky's the limit!

  49. author

    Symbol ism2 jam yang lalu

    Man that girl in the blue dress is sexy af.

  50. author

    Simone Antunes2 jam yang lalu

    Cadê a 6 temporada pelo amor de Deussssss

  51. author

    Heyitstori2 jam yang lalu

    Also they seriously are suing Maggie like she’s not already broken over it it’s not her fault it was already a long shot for any surgeon Maggie was her best chance and it’s not her fault that she died also the hospital wasn’t the best so that had something to do with it

  52. author

    Daniel Del Borrello2 jam yang lalu

    So glad Darlene got that sleep she has been begging for it this season

  53. author

    chase warner2 jam yang lalu

    Please people people like her or the reason you're watching the show lol

  54. author

    Dreissy Sop Reyes3 jam yang lalu

    Ahhh that’s her IRL husband!!!!

  55. author

    sneakymia13 jam yang lalu

    when the backbones of the hospital, the mamma bear and papa bear break down, its hits hard in your gut

  56. author

    Malibongwe Shezi3 jam yang lalu

    Haven't watched this show in a while and whoa the kids have grown up!

  57. author

    Daylane Sousa3 jam yang lalu

    Omg 😂😂😂

  58. author

    Antanasia Coleman3 jam yang lalu


  59. author

    Antanasia Coleman3 jam yang lalu

    This is awesome

  60. author

    MICKGZ143 jam yang lalu

    I LOVE HER...

  61. author

    Stephanie Marlow3 jam yang lalu

    I was so sad about Bailey’s miscarriage and mer’s back in season 6 but am really glad there close enough to be there fore each other. I’m also glad all the interns made it.

  62. author

    D. Felix Photo3 jam yang lalu

    I don't want to call any shark racist but damn. I been watching the show since they came on and is it me or they always have to give black businesses the hardest negotiations for the most no brainer investments. I've seen white women have organic honey and get the deal they wanted. Yet a black person can have the cure for AIDS and mr wonderful would want 54% or the company and a 50 cent royalty for $96.55. 🤣🤣🤣

  63. author

    Eternity3 jam yang lalu

    Grey could have just paid for the girl's medical bills herself. We all know how rich doctors can get. But she decided to commit insurance fraud, which I don't think a lot of people understand the gravity of. She basically stole money that wasn't hers. It would only be hers if her daughter got sick, otherwise she only owns the premiums for when the insurance expires.

  64. author

    Heidi Lam3 jam yang lalu


  65. author

    David Badaro3 jam yang lalu

    Who the hell thought not putting wheels would be a good idea

  66. author

    TexasEdd3 jam yang lalu

    I don't know how many times I've watched. . . Waterworks every time ♥️

  67. author

    Chloé Grace3 jam yang lalu

    Idc how long this show has been on, scenes like this ALWAYS HAVE ME IN TEARS. It’s that Greys Anatomy magic. I love this show for life.

  68. author

    Ana Romero3 jam yang lalu

    What episode was that?

  69. author

    pedro lopez3 jam yang lalu


  70. author

    Sofia Pirez3 jam yang lalu

    The third time's the charm

  71. author

    pedro lopez3 jam yang lalu

    este hospital ya es cualquier cosa las enfermeras no tiene nada que hacer que estar paradas y quien decoro todo se fue a la mierda cerooo credibilidad como serie medica

  72. author

    Heyitstori3 jam yang lalu

    I’m actually ready to see what happens with mcwidow

  73. author

    Doom guy3 jam yang lalu

    Anything is possible when dealing with zarathous.

  74. author

    Nosabebo Nasr3 jam yang lalu

    the name of song plz

  75. author

    Thrasher Tshirt3 jam yang lalu

    Avenge Minotaur

  76. author

    Thrasher Tshirt4 jam yang lalu

    Yo ghost raptor just pulled a *VIBE CHECK*

  77. author

    Nathaniel Lee4 jam yang lalu

    Oh my god what the hell are you bitch

  78. author

    Monica Cimorelli4 jam yang lalu

    This is such a Piper and Phoebe thing to do 😂

  79. author

    Kendre Fleck4 jam yang lalu

    The show will never b the same without Roseanne

  80. author

    Fer Uriel Gónzalez4 jam yang lalu

    She forgets her first husband!! Fuck u Owen

  81. author

    Fer Uriel Gónzalez4 jam yang lalu

    Teddy deserve better!!!

  82. author

    DeadlyOxBlood4 jam yang lalu

    Mom: Dinners ready! Me: 0:38

  83. author

    devora4 jam yang lalu

    memorized drug commercials "my pain is real" is HORRIBLE

  84. author

    Thrasher Tshirt4 jam yang lalu


  85. author

    Thrasher Tshirt4 jam yang lalu

    Shaman: dad, dad get up dad Witch doctor: silent its like the scene in lion king

  86. author

    Lokedrick White4 jam yang lalu

    She is lashings

  87. author

    Aaron Edwards4 jam yang lalu

    Hello my name is Aaron Edwards and I've been Listening to Theme songs on IDreporter but I also watched shows like this one. It's called the conners. And the thing I heard about the show was. Jackie slapped Becky and the reason why She did it is because Eventough it's not right thing to do. Becky was doing some Rude things to upset her. Jackie you are good Lady. But ask you one favor please get along with your family and think Happy thoughts because you deserve a nice comment from me. And the only reason why I'm saying this is because you deserve to be treated with respect just like everybody else. So please don't hesitate stand up for yourself and take action. Thanks for your time and help. Have yourself a safe Journey

  88. author

    Zoya Spencer4 jam yang lalu

    Rock? Why even mention a genre no one plays anymore besides classic rock. Nothing past the 90s gets played.

  89. author

    Thrasher Tshirt4 jam yang lalu

    I’m sorry is chrome fly supposed to be good?

  90. author

    Thrasher Tshirt4 jam yang lalu

    I hate mega tento

  91. author

    Princess Anayah4 jam yang lalu

    When she said periottt she sounded more older lol 😂

  92. author

    TC Nance4 jam yang lalu

    Good For Them!! Enjoy Every Minute of Your Retirement!!

  93. author

    Antanasia Coleman4 jam yang lalu

    Good show

  94. author

    Finesse God5 jam yang lalu

    Robert: I wish you had a chance to talk. I'm taking that opportunity to let you know I'm out.

  95. author

    Beached Mermaid118715 jam yang lalu

    He's pretty good, but he doesn't sound as insane as Louie in the movie did

  96. author

    N M5 jam yang lalu

    This show fell off after season 3.

  97. author

    Kenya Lissete5 jam yang lalu

    They have messed up Owen’s character so much...I hate this so much

  98. author

    Jessica B5 jam yang lalu

    The girl that delivered the suing document looked like a teen than adult. It’s also so random!

  99. author

    B GT5 jam yang lalu

    Jesus Christ I hope when I pass I hope my loved ones get a letter exactly like that! That entire sequence is exactly how I want to go out! LOL

  100. author

    Paige ge5 jam yang lalu