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Sanders vs. Warren FeudSanders vs. Warren Feud

Sanders vs. Warren Feud

3 hari yang lalu

Oscar Nomination SnubsOscar Nomination Snubs

Oscar Nomination Snubs

4 hari yang lalu

Trump Statue Burned DownTrump Statue Burned Down

Trump Statue Burned Down

8 hari yang lalu

Deadly Iranian AirstrikeDeadly Iranian Airstrike

Deadly Iranian Airstrike

14 hari yang lalu

Bloomberg’s BloopersBloomberg’s Bloopers

Bloomberg’s Bloopers

15 hari yang lalu

Hollywood vs. TrumpHollywood vs. Trump

Hollywood vs. Trump

15 hari yang lalu

Trump's Jewish InsultTrump's Jewish Insult

Trump's Jewish Insult

Bulan Yang lalu

Buttigieg's Bad WeekButtigieg's Bad Week

Buttigieg's Bad Week

Bulan Yang lalu

Bloomberg Spending BigBloomberg Spending Big

Bloomberg Spending Big

Bulan Yang lalu

  1. author

    Jean-chritophe Desjarlais14 menit yang lalu

    Those "old ass gender norms" are what keep girls and women protected from abuse and exploitation.

  2. author

    Jacob Cleary15 menit yang lalu

    Trump is blinded by his foolish pride. When he gloated in victory (not before so many lives were lost) he created very nasty karma for himself and all of his allies. If I were corrupt like Trump (if not worse) my dear sweet children would have the urge to strike me down. Never gloat in victory.

  3. author

    Jean-chritophe Desjarlais18 menit yang lalu

    This is an assault on family and good sense. These people should be censored. At least flag this video everyone.

  4. author

    Paul Babich50 menit yang lalu

    Quaker oatmeal saves the day again.

  5. author

    Ultra Instinct ShaggyJam Yang lalu

    She snatched his key? He should’ve pushed her in the pool. Power tripping cunts.

  6. author

    sunil j2 jam yang lalu

    I want answers pope...or get ready for my words against all ur people...i saw it...sorry no one is going to help u...if the num is not killed and their family pay for these. Nuns lives...its time for soul is against u...u want everybody to keep quiet...let them tell through the roof...let fire come out through the internet till such a nun be ORDERED TO BE KILLED BY A LUCIFER LED POPE...DINCE DEVIL CAME AS MOTHER MARY IN MANY APPARATIONS AROUND WORLD AND SPOKE LIKE A MESSENGER ANGEL AND U BELIVED...DEVILS SPIRIT FOOLED U...HMM

  7. author

    Kiflaam3 jam yang lalu

    we miss you shep

  8. author

    mohseen ali3 jam yang lalu

    I am utterly confused. I don't know what I love? I don't know what I good at? Please help if u can.

  9. author

    godfrey143 jam yang lalu

    Filthy skanks should have their sons taken away from these castrating harpies.

  10. author

    Alicia Pink4 jam yang lalu

    I want to become a doula. I think doula care should be covered by insurance

  11. author

    Tito Perez4 jam yang lalu

    I was gonna try to say something edgy but i honestly feel horrible for all the women that suffers frim endomitriosis etc

  12. author

    Chris Perkins4 jam yang lalu

    Adorable creation of God our Father

  13. author

    Sabon4 jam yang lalu

    its like saying, i am yes but i am no

  14. author

    Francis5 jam yang lalu

    It's true Jewish folks have been killin it in Real Estate Development selling Condo units and Villas.

  15. author

    Dodder5 jam yang lalu

    I cannot think of anything more selfish or irresponsible than being a single mother. The very last person that the mother is thinking of is the child. They don't care that the child grows up with one half of their identity missing. What happens when the child gets older, sees other kids with fathers doing daddy stuff like fishing, working on the car, feeling safe and protected in that way no woman can ever do. Is the mother going to tell her daughter that her daddy was a test tube that a man ejaculated into for money? So she had an abusive relationship. Who chose this guy? YOU DID!! Bad boys get you all wet and you think you can change him into a loving daddy with only eyes for you. You can't so he is labelled as abusive, a deadlbeat etc and all the time it is you and your poor decisions that have made this problem. Let's hope that your daughter still speaks to you after her 16th birthday. Once they know the truth their love for you turns to hatred. It's not nice knowing that you are the product of mommy's selfishness and and daddy being paid to wank into a pot.

  16. author

    Calum Tatum5 jam yang lalu

    This just highlights the problem of trying to improve equality by focusing on identity politics and intersectionality. All it does is keep people fighting each other instead of real sources of concentration of power (violence, rigged financial system, public losses and private profits, etc). This is why corporations are all for identity politics and intersectionality: because they know it doesn't challenge real power and keeps the people believing they're getting justice.

  17. author

    Roseanna Lopez5 jam yang lalu

    Thats theft taking the mans key, an that blonde lady needs to go soak her head in the pool coz er prejudging mouth is vile

  18. author

    Ibn Walid Al Qurashi6 jam yang lalu

    Word Muslimeen,,, and tattoo doesn’t even exist (Not) even from day one...

  19. author

    Mimi Devlin6 jam yang lalu

    Mom never believed because she went to mass every day

  20. author

    Mimi Devlin6 jam yang lalu

    I remember cleaning the age 7......then it all started

  21. author

    dark star6 jam yang lalu

    I try but fail miserably in everything in love

  22. author

    dark star6 jam yang lalu

    What if you aren't really good at anything

  23. author

    Paul DiBenedetto6 jam yang lalu

    These ladies need to realize that as soon as their kids are 2, that boy might like you, and like women. But if you're an overbearing b***h that boy is going to learn what we men do all the time, and that is avoid b*****s. So you can try and force feminism upon him, but he'll have his own mind. And he'll humor you and say "Yes Mom". But as soon as he's out of the house, he's going to talk to men alone. He'll think for himself. And in less than a few hours the feminist attitudes you tried so hard to inculcate in him, will be discarded.

  24. author

    Skhanyiso Mthethwa6 jam yang lalu

    Lol dancing in front of men for money but then later blame them for patriarchy

  25. author

    eric dietz7 jam yang lalu

    It takes balls to insult people and convince them to vote for you. This is why trump gets the idiot vote. i hate to admit it, but there are enough stupid people out there to elect anyone IF they get off their ass and vote.

  26. author

    Tom Gaffney7 jam yang lalu

    Holy hell Betsy Devos is a next level piece of shit.

  27. author

    MRS J8 jam yang lalu

    Why do they feel like someone has to answer to them then when they get there ass beat they want to play victim!!

  28. author

    WEAREONE378 jam yang lalu

    More global warming bollox...its been hotter than this in the past, don't fall for the government bullshit on another way to tax and change. WATCH THECROWHOUSE EVIDENCE SHOWS GOVERNMENT WEATHER MANIPULATION AND CONTROL

  29. author

    Mithrill8 jam yang lalu

    I might be bi or curious. I'm telling you...I think "femme" boys/ men are wonderful. I mean do they like it when we call them beautiful, cute, gorgeous, etc. I'm trying to understand and don't want to offend anyone

  30. author

    Mike Hunt8 jam yang lalu

    Now you corporate media propaganda punks are defending Lyndon Johnson. Everybody who saw this guy knew he was an evil gangster thug. He probably was in on Kennedy's assassination and he sent 100's of thousands of young men into the meat grinder in Vietnam knowing it was pointless. What did he call the civil rights bill, you lying corporate shills?

  31. author

    Testiclops9 jam yang lalu

    Horrible mothers, horrible women.

  32. author

    Testiclops9 jam yang lalu

    They destroy civilizations.

  33. author

    Roxy Gyo9 jam yang lalu

    Mr. President, why don't we all on this planet Earth sit down and drink a cup of coffee? What do you say? We take a nice cup of coffee, camomile for some, and we just talk. No more dirty money, no more weapons, no more innocent people suffering! Don't you think it is about time to sit and talk nicely, after two World Wars? I am 25 years old, with all this political tensions I AM TIRED TO TAKE THIS SEROQUEL, YOU HEAR ME????? I AM TIRED OF HAVVING ANXIETY OF MY FUTURE BECAUSE OF ARROGANT MEN WHO CAN'T LOVE EACH OTHER!!!!!!!

  34. author

    Reverse Flash10 jam yang lalu

    Feminism is the complaint of a woman who doesn't have a man to tell her what to do.

  35. author

    Reverse Flash10 jam yang lalu

    Women of privilege abusing the men that gave it to them

  36. author

    Reverse Flash10 jam yang lalu

    "I'm raising my son as a feminist so that other women know that they can treat him like a resource just like I do". "I'm raising my son as a feminist so that other women will view him as the child that he is while they go off and screw Tyrone". "I'm raising my son as a feminist because I am demented and it is part of my subconscious revenge on men".

  37. author

    Mudzir Mohamad (HQ)10 jam yang lalu

    racist women

  38. author

    deanmoncaster10 jam yang lalu

    "God is your enemy" Well I won't be worshipping him then. Great effort there moron churchies!

  39. author

    The Way11 jam yang lalu

    You people love division.

  40. author

    Dudley Milbin11 jam yang lalu


  41. author

    Maria Silva12 jam yang lalu

    Show the raw video don't mean nothing in this context...more fake news...they want to delay the impeachment late for that

  42. author

    Ebyy Gaming13 jam yang lalu

    She looks like Lil tay in 30 years

  43. author

    jack mayhoffer13 jam yang lalu

    To add some class and sophistication, ladies and gentlemen YOUR President Donald J Trump.

  44. author

    Asnee13 jam yang lalu

    1:12 at least she thicc

  45. author

    Joey Cappella14 jam yang lalu

    Chelsea handler mind your business and stay out of it

  46. author

    Think Positive Be Positive :D14 jam yang lalu

    ❤ This is so beautiful. I'm happy you discovered your path.

  47. author

    Richard Webb15 jam yang lalu

    The nuns were only doing what they had been taught - a belief in the misogynistic, homophobic, and racist biblical text, and belief in a genocidal god that advocated for the rape of women and children, and murdered the entire population of the world other than Noah and his incestuous family from which presumably all Christians are descended. Praise be.

  48. author

    CommanderCronus15 jam yang lalu

    I'm searching for a channel run by somebody who knows a lot about the history of UFO's and related paranormal phenomenon and reports on the topic with some degree of accuracy. This isn't it.

  49. author

    No one16 jam yang lalu

    Why are people giving af about the cuts?! This man doesn't believe that this tragic shooting happened

  50. author

    Salam masboob17 jam yang lalu

    That was rude to the US a president like seriously you have to yell profanity

  51. author

    Eddie Chavis17 jam yang lalu

    It resonates differently because the Torah is talking about us!

  52. author

    DAVID EASTWOOD18 jam yang lalu

    Poor white people hate president Obama, but they love the affordable health care act.

  53. author

    HyperKid T18 jam yang lalu

    The inmate had to use there skills to break in the car

  54. author

    Dlisha Lee18 jam yang lalu

    I can’t stand full throttle Tomi Lauren

  55. author

    ThatPerson.19 jam yang lalu

    I'm a VERY gay teen, homophobes where u at cuz all imma do is laugh and so is Miss Gaga

  56. author

    Tiktok Animation19 jam yang lalu

    Haters gonna hate

  57. author

    Zach Oswaldo19 jam yang lalu

    Asians do better in America than whites. I don’t understand this.

  58. author

    Roberto Gaming19 jam yang lalu

    I feel bad for you two reasons one the lady and money

  59. author

    The Bats Shadow20 jam yang lalu

    What is amazing is that millions of people still attend and support these "churches', and have no idea of the centuries old cover-up that their monies have supported, and when it is brought to their attention ,they are so quick to forgive and dismiss these actions when the crime did not even happen to them specifically. Catholicism is very corrupt. On the subject of "statutes of limitation " , a crime of this nature should still be a crime no matter when it was committed.

  60. author

    joe joe20 jam yang lalu

    Do you think Anderson Cooper is an aggressive top or submissive bottom?

  61. author

    Aliev Makmud20 jam yang lalu

    this video is total lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. author

    mark spannar20 jam yang lalu

    The Sandman is coming after the huff post. Nothing but fake news and propaganda.

  63. author

    mark spannar20 jam yang lalu

    More fake news on this hack. The huff is gonna get Sandmaned soon.

  64. author

    Dianna Ralston20 jam yang lalu

    A embarrassment to all, just another swamp roach..

  65. author

    Fuck Donald Trump Phonky ass lol pos21 jam yang lalu

    Lmmfao thanks trump

  66. author

    Mike D21 jam yang lalu

    Ukraine wants the money back Jo Biden.🤨

  67. author

    Jeanne Tackett21 jam yang lalu

    He’s a liar. Wants fifteen minutes of fame. Wait till u hear about him. Man what a bunch of pr!!!s

  68. author

    Greenstorm21 jam yang lalu

    Would you rather hear him say "African-American?" Is that politically correct enough for you?

  69. author

    Cheri Trulove21 jam yang lalu

    What does this say about US ?

  70. author

    Stephanie Trusler21 jam yang lalu

    People should be holding signs praising god that Fred Phelps is dead and rotting in hell

  71. author

    Lona Krasniqi21 jam yang lalu

    I love let it go and ther all so cute awwww

  72. author

    Scott Greasey21 jam yang lalu

    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸. I cant wait to see the how the Left reacts to four more years. I can’t believe they are that much of fools to see how they’re destroying their party. They have done absolutely nothing since President Trump took office.

  73. author

    Colin21 jam yang lalu

    Keep on going man

  74. author

    Edgar21 jam yang lalu

    don't let the republican politicians assassinate this parnas guy

  75. author

    Edgar22 jam yang lalu

    don't let the republican politicians assassinate this parnas guy

  76. author

    Idylchatter22 jam yang lalu

    We've heard very bad things too, but not about her.

  77. author

    Christopher Forry22 jam yang lalu

    I really hate the way fake smiles while she talks...

  78. author

    Jasmine Green22 jam yang lalu

    I loved this

  79. author

    Ron B22 jam yang lalu

    The imbecile finally got Ukraine to launch an investigation! What a nincompoop.🤣

  80. author

    Logical Conservative22 jam yang lalu

    Wall Street Journal: _"Mr Shefir, in a statement last year, said that his conversation with Mr Parnas and his associate, Fruman, was about their request to arrange a meeting with Mr Giuliani, and that military aid wasn't brought up."_ Whelp. Back to the drawing board, Dimmocrats.

  81. author

    Xb0x Legend 122 jam yang lalu

    I would have pushed them into the pool

  82. author

    MegaLBoogey23 jam yang lalu

    Peter Strzok and Lisa Page have ties to Iran. Peter attended school in Tehran, Iran and Lisa’s mother is a naturalized American citizen from Iran.

  83. author

    Mark O'Brien23 jam yang lalu

    Anyone who's studied Sandy Hook knows it was a HOAX! From "Robbie Parker" yukking it up to parents showing zero grief to the photoshoot of the little blonde "Parker" girl posing with Obama AFTER the shooing (in the same red dress), to the lack of bodies, the Army-Navy phony swat team, the hired actors pretending to be parents, emergency vehicles illegally parked-in to keep them from leaving, all of a dozen kids wearing lightweight clothing supposedly being evacuated during the wintertime, the fact the utilities were OFF at the school, the complete lack of any scheduled activities at the school and the fact that donation-seeking websites were actually online PRIOR to the 'shooting' doesn't have to be ex-law enforcement (as I am) to realize this was a SHAM! Kudos to Alex for sticking to the truth!

  84. author

    Avinash RaoHari Yang lalu

    She is sexy ..

  85. author

    Rcl XorHari Yang lalu

    No mention of Bernie denying the whole thing of course, just a paragraph at 0:18 talking about Warren's allegations as if they were fact. Why am I not surprised?

  86. author

    Raman NgasoringHari Yang lalu

    Roman Catholic institution is a medicine which is ‘the cure is worse than disease’. and not only inside the institution but also the way they convert into Christian around the world is completely wrong because you can’t persuade anyone with anything to become Christian. I don’t think you can buy ticket to heaven.

  87. author

    Tiki80Hari Yang lalu

    I am muslim.. and experienced a subtle "flirt" by an imam/teacher.. I was 16/17.. I took arabic/quran online lessons from this "religious imam" through skype. He used to call from pakistan and could show his monitor on my screen.. so in that way he could teach the letters n how to read etc.. but as time went he questioned things that were irrelevant, like how many friends I have, do I have fb and If I did why.. who else lives in the home.. do I pray. How do I dress etc things sounded very judgemental from him. One day he wanted me to turn my web cam on bcuz he wanted to see me.. I didnt lie and said my webcam wasn't installed w my computer, but he kept insisting. He did turn his on. I had no interest in his personal life or looks etc and it was going on during my lesson time.. I got uncomfortable with him. I told my parents and my dad called that teaching center to have me quit their online service. But he didnt complain anything on his name. A month later. We get call from them informing that they have fired that teacher for getting complains from others about his irrelevancy questions and teaching from home which goes against their policy. A week after I get this email from him, basically writing a curse like letter from causing him loosing his job. When we had nothing to do with it. He went far as writing "on the judgement day, I shall hold onto your mothers neck in front of god for justice" I mean the assholery of him n such ppl like him should just die away.

  88. author

    Ethan WeeterHari Yang lalu

    Israel was not crippled by Obama. They actually flourished under Obama’s Presidency, did they not? Trump hates Jews, and only has Jared there because of Ivanaka, who he seems to want to marry.

  89. author

    Aceboog BHari Yang lalu

    And now let's do one on agent orange aka Trump. Starting with before he was even elected. He committed sex crimes but yet women still voted him.

  90. author

    Michael JordanHari Yang lalu

    holly shit we got him this time he ha ha trump 2020 in a landslide

  91. author

    Stephen LavoieHari Yang lalu

    they are a couple of ass clowns who are gay for eachother

  92. author

    Chris SandersHari Yang lalu

    LBJ could of killed JFK, I don't know.

  93. author

    Woo&ChunkHari Yang lalu


  94. author

    Jamerson XTHEXHari Yang lalu

    I'm trying to focus on the real issue.....but 1:12 God DAMN

  95. author

    check left hookHari Yang lalu

    So bankers aren't ruthless killers who finance loss of life for paper?

  96. author

    Kinz LhamHari Yang lalu

    It goes both ways. This attractive half asian man has only been into white girls but all of them rejected him so when he wanted to date me I thought it’s only because he couldn’t get white Girls and that made me insecure. And I felt like he’s settling for an Asian girl but deep down he wants a white girlfriend but finally he told me I’m too different for him and I let him go. C.

  97. author

    Theresa ZydelHari Yang lalu

    Wow, what a beautiful story.💙

  98. author

    mrdrenalin69Hari Yang lalu

    Politicians should have to take an IQ test. She clearly is of very low intelligence. Very low.

  99. author

    Malkam EYEofRAHari Yang lalu

    Yippee. ... _ _ _ ...

  100. author

    Tracy SmithHari Yang lalu

    I found this really lovely and heartwarming, she's an inspiration wot a lovely lady ❤