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  1. author

    TwistedGamingTVHari Yang lalu

    I do have a question this app won’t make IDreporter delete my account or anything correct?

  2. author

    Classique GraphicsHari Yang lalu


  3. author

    Richard NewsteadHari Yang lalu

    Interesting. My VidIQ hours are far greater than IDreporter suggests. I have a lot of unlisted videos so that's perhaps the problem. They were public until recently so I'm guessing I have "lost" the public hours.

  4. author

    Peka GachaHari Yang lalu

    Wait is this law can only affect american youtubers only🤔🤔🤔🤔

  5. author

    DLS GamerHari Yang lalu

    I started in 2020 and I have 8 subscribers

  6. author

    Sean MurphyHari Yang lalu

    Can everyone please help me out I am new at IDreporter and it really helps me out if u can subscribe our hit a like on one of my videos thanks 🙏

  7. author

    Kaureh RHari Yang lalu

    Lets grow together guys!! I upload videos about pretty much everything but I love making unboxing and reviewing videos!

  8. author

    You2GoodHari Yang lalu

    Thanks so much, Its always been my childhood dream to become a youtuber. Sadly enough i had a really hard time and ran away from home with nothing anymore. Had to build it all up again and after 5 years im back and so much more motivated. Worked very hard to have my own house my own computer and a editing software. Just being able to edit makes me feel so satisfyed and proud. Even tho i got no vieuwers watching my work makes me so happy And hopefully i can make so much more people happy with my videos ! I will do anything to make my childhood dream a reality ! Thanks alot for the tips and will be def using them and wish everyone the best in 2020 !

  9. author

    Aj ki Video😍🕺Hari Yang lalu

  10. author

    joe shmoeHari Yang lalu

    When I click to edit a playlist it just opens it to play, I can't add videos

  11. author

    AtomixPlaysHari Yang lalu

    I started in January 2019 and now have 46 subs.Hope i reach 100

  12. author

    Mariko 02Hari Yang lalu

    I will subscribe to anyone who will subscribe also to my channel. Lets go. 👇👇👇

  13. author

    KidProdigyHari Yang lalu

    I’m loosing views pls help me I don’t understand

  14. author

    Think CitricHari Yang lalu

    Yepp, I also took a break since mid-November, and the average views on my channel haven't decreased that much.

  15. author

    Axel Gabriel Anaya ApolinarioHari Yang lalu

    and who gave this video dislike.

  16. author

    Axel Gabriel Anaya ApolinarioHari Yang lalu

    like and I already shared it ..

  17. author

    Byron TurnerHari Yang lalu

    This is hard honestly.

  18. author

    GOLDY MACC GmaccHari Yang lalu


  19. author

    Stanley OrchardHari Yang lalu

    Yes sir, very much appreciate the head's up on this. Ruthless, vile behavior.

  20. author

    Khaani iiHari Yang lalu

    Subscribe my chanel today is my birthday 🎂

  21. author

    Pianist LadkaHari Yang lalu

    Patience and Hardwork are key to success on IDreporter.

  22. author

    Gaming Pro typeHari Yang lalu

    1 week 15 sub 'think in 3 months 100 sub

  23. author

    karma milletHari Yang lalu

    I've been on IDreporter for 2 months and only got 5 subs...2020 goal is to atleast reach 2k✨ fingers crossed

  24. author

    BroBot_Hari Yang lalu

    the comments are botted

  25. author

    Jello The GSDHari Yang lalu

    Few Left for hitting 100 Lets help each other fellas! Reply when done

  26. author

    ZartexHari Yang lalu


  27. author

    Maham AliHari Yang lalu

    informative video.thanks

  28. author

    AlligatorHari Yang lalu

    the intro is fire

  29. author

    Three Six NineHari Yang lalu

    Click bait and fake idiot content seems to be the big hit on IDreporter. I have 12 subs

  30. author

    Little Pumkin Riley RoseHari Yang lalu

    Thank you

  31. author

    Bass RebelsHari Yang lalu

    Some great tips here as always 😎👍

  32. author

    Team YouphoricHari Yang lalu

    Keep the beard until it can rival mine!

  33. author

    The Real Parker ShowHari Yang lalu

    My channel will be a year old in may

  34. author

    SpeRoHari Yang lalu

    Losing a lot of watchtime hours.. I deleted a video.. But I gained what I lost still its not showing?

  35. author

    Двое на кухнеHari Yang lalu

    so many info!

  36. author

    OctofiniteHari Yang lalu

    What should I do? I have way too many types of videos Should I stick to one type or continue with all types of content?

  37. author

    ThuG VaSaNtOpHari Yang lalu


  38. author

    Immersive Sports ScienceHari Yang lalu

    Vid IQ channel audits should be a separate channel

  39. author

    Diamond Ender Pearl 0135Hari Yang lalu

    Been on IDreporter since July 2016 and only gained 1.05K 😿

  40. author

    Natashas TVHari Yang lalu

    Omg i just saw my name !, 🤕🤕🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

  41. author

    Jay KayHari Yang lalu

    Stand lil bit forward from green the light wont cast on u ..

  42. author

    InnofiedHari Yang lalu

    I see that your CC Subtitles are automatically on when I come to your video, can you tell me How to enable the CC by default ?

  43. author

    Bollywood Hollywood super expressHari Yang lalu

    absolutely loved the intro..... fantastic

  44. author

    Ralph MartinezHari Yang lalu

    What happen if I can't reach the 1k subscribers in 12 months?

  45. author

    Mommygirl0619Hari Yang lalu

    I just started a channel, and trying to gain sincere subscribers. Thanks for the tips!

  46. author

    The b3ginnerHari Yang lalu

    Can you do how to be a good ROBLOX youtuber

  47. author

    Jeff OkriyaHari Yang lalu

    I could download any video from YT last year now it won´t let me . . what´s the deal?

  48. author

    Travel HereHari Yang lalu

    I thought I knew everything about keywords but wow this video was very interesting and has thought me many new things!

  49. author

    AJ GAMESHari Yang lalu

    I'm currently saving up money

  50. author

    LET'S HACK CHEMISTRYHari Yang lalu

    "Is the global age 13 now as per COPPA regulation?"

  51. author

    Last Phage - Clash RoyaleHari Yang lalu

    I've been on youtube for 2 days. I have 0 subscribers. First milestone: 1 subscriber -_-

  52. author

    Last Phage - Clash RoyaleHari Yang lalu

    lmao my goal is 1 subscriber

  53. author

    ringer gamerHari Yang lalu

    Hey do real video's this vid came out februari 8 2019

  54. author

    Tyson MooreHari Yang lalu

    I’ve been on youtube for nearly 6 years and I only have 32 subscribers ☹️

  55. author

    Sub To Rex O BoyHari Yang lalu


  56. author

    rainbow summerHari Yang lalu


  57. author

    KING BermySHari Yang lalu

    I've been becoming more and more a fan on youtube streaming each and every damn day buh

  58. author

    Jarrod SampsonHari Yang lalu

    Good luck to you all in 2020, hoping I can get to 100 subs soon on my new finance channel!

  59. author

    dallas SHari Yang lalu

    Minecraft building spoke to me

  60. author

    Jeffton JonesHari Yang lalu

    Solid video

  61. author

    Donald FeuerHari Yang lalu

    Coppa is a scam itself, it is a ploy to take away our 1st amendment rights! Let's take back IDreporter!

  62. author

    Thomas TengHari Yang lalu

    prob takes more time to grind 4k hrs watchtime but im gona work very hard to achieve it

  63. author

    Thomas TengHari Yang lalu

    Recently i spend money to play games and upload videos to impress people and also i tried to make it more popular

  64. author

    ILOVEYOU3000THEORIESHari Yang lalu

    I've been doing IDreporter for a month and a half and I currently have 69 subscribers! I would like to hit 100 by the end of the month but if not it's totally fine!

  65. author

    CraftyLadHari Yang lalu

    i have vidiq and tubebuddy lol

  66. author

    Industrial Burn Heal VlogHari Yang lalu

    Iv been on IDreporter for 3 years or so. Been going hard for the past year. at 59 subs right now, hoping to get to 10,000 subs this year

  67. author

    TemplarKnights99Hari Yang lalu

    You guys are getting paid?

  68. author

    Sohail TradersHari Yang lalu

    such stupid youtuber , waste my time . he dont know how to give a right title to video .. .thats download of your own videos not youtube videos .stpppd

  69. author

    Remi Chloe LewisHari Yang lalu

    I’ve had this IDreporter account since September 2019 and I need more than 49 subscribers I want to become a IDreporter blogger.

  70. author

    Sonic GamerHari Yang lalu

    I subscribed

  71. author

    Sonic GamerHari Yang lalu

    nice your video is amazing I gave it a thumbs up

  72. author

    Pahla B FitnessHari Yang lalu

    I’ve been fighting the “pigeonhole” thing, but as soon as I looked at it differently (love the idea of being an ambassador!), IDreporter has been taking notice of my content. Btw, I like the beard, it suits you.

  73. author

    Paris VlogsHari Yang lalu

  74. author

    Miracle AgomuohHari Yang lalu

    Im willing to support anyone who supports me 😀

  75. author

    Communist PartyHari Yang lalu

    Jojo is a kids show now, oh my god like seriously coppa is complete bs

  76. author

    Lynn StillwellHari Yang lalu

    Informational, inspiring, and .... entertaining!

  77. author

    EganDoesStuffHari Yang lalu

    I believe I hit two, somewhat, evergreen videos. They were debunking videos by dangmattsmith and azzyland,

  78. author

    HellsDevil GamingHari Yang lalu

    Love the content VidIq! Looking for gaming channels to collaborate! I have a social reach of 5000+ on my other socials. Hit me up in discord if interested! HellsDevil#6666

  79. author

    Daniel Kolbin XHari Yang lalu

    I upload lots of different content on my channel. I fear that’s not the best idea to do but I like other things to do and upload. I don’t really want to go for one niche or topic but might be better. I do have lots of topics. I don’t know what to do. What should I do?

  80. author

    Daniel Kolbin XHari Yang lalu

    When I hit 100 all I thought about was 200 then 300 then 400 then 500 then 600 then 700 then 800 then thing I knew I was at 1k :)

  81. author

    Leala SmithHari Yang lalu

    I just started a IDreporter channel and your videos are helping a lot!

  82. author

    Daniel Kolbin XHari Yang lalu

    Yup, I can relate. ....recently I have been getting more and more views of me doing nothing basically. Btw, yesterday I just hit 20k views in total!

  83. author

    Daniel Kolbin XHari Yang lalu

    1:02 lol

  84. author

    Marc FTMHari Yang lalu

    Do you think is possible to bring back to life a channel that has gone dead after having relative success in the past? I closed down mine temporarily and when I decided to reopen my channel I noticed no traffic whatsoever. I'm considering to close it down and open a new one :(

  85. author

    Clxpz TFHari Yang lalu


  86. author

    Simple StyleHari Yang lalu

    I'm stuck at 5 subscriber anyone crea to help me out

  87. author

    FalconSHQIPHari Yang lalu

    4.000 Hours (Watch Time ) 1,000 Subscribers ______________________________ That , That thing Scares me 👀 MEME!

  88. author

    Erin ShayHari Yang lalu

    One month... And I have 6 subscribers 😂

  89. author

    BrandoHari Yang lalu


  90. author

    Thomas R. ReichHari Yang lalu

    5 days 3 videos 11 subs 3 weeks to 100 I hope 2 months to 1000

  91. author

    RiverFox GamingHari Yang lalu

    My evergreen content still gets views now. I've even redone them recently with updated info and the new ones don't get the views the original ones do. Do you do a personalised service? I really want to work out how to best increase my views and watch time and everything I've tried hasn't worked.

  92. author

    Scully's House of ThrillersHari Yang lalu

    Thought this information may come in handy one day.

  93. author

    Urban Noize MusicHari Yang lalu

    Love these type of videos that just get into the meat of whats needed to get to where you're going. Really causes me to analyze my process even more. Thank you for all that you and crew do Rob!

  94. author

    TASTY FOODHari Yang lalu

    Great info, thank you for sharing, pls support me, I’m new, I will do the same favor back

  95. author

    Urban Noize MusicHari Yang lalu

    The beard looks good on you by the way lol

  96. author

    Cem CelikelHari Yang lalu

    I want Turkish Subtitles.

  97. author

    Baby Time FYIHari Yang lalu

    This video give me more idea . Thank you for this information. I made to information too but in health

  98. author

    PolishTortoise MappingHari Yang lalu

    Oof, so that's why I earn like 1/3 of money from which I earned in summer

  99. author

    SimpsonHari Yang lalu

    Ive been on youtube for about three months and have 24 subs might get 100 in the autumn times