The rugby bible 2018
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    rugby farmer2 hari yang lalu

    Johny sexton is better

  2. author

    SuperMarioLiam SML15 hari yang lalu

    Beauden Barrett all the way

  3. author

    Kevin McConnell19 hari yang lalu

    Shite music

  4. author

    Liam WonsonBulan Yang lalu

    Personally Barrett is better and he is just faster which is everything in that position

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    John SmithBulan Yang lalu

    Should have been general vs genius

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    YaboiPlankBulan Yang lalu

    3:14 Name of song please

  7. author

    Morgan Hughes123Bulan Yang lalu

    Half of sections clips are from 4 years ago or more and the other half are of him scoring tries from the 5 yard line

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    Kathleen WillatsBulan Yang lalu

    Go Barrett

  9. author

    Callum WireBulan Yang lalu

    Beaudin Barrett easy

  10. author

    Hawk SBulan Yang lalu

    Sexton is smarter and more technical. Barrett has a natural flair that you really can’t teach

  11. author

    Thaddeus Griffin2 bulan yang lalu

    Sexton is the iceman, Barrett is superhuman

  12. author

    ADO POG2 bulan yang lalu

    Johnny sexton is better

  13. author

    Tecla Mago3 bulan yang lalu

    Barret is better off at 15 cause he can be very stingy at times scoring on his own plus he has got a weaker form of the tee than sexton

  14. author

    Halen Ball-Vant3 bulan yang lalu

    That was amazing at 0:47

  15. author

    Lynne Roskilly3 bulan yang lalu

    Beauden Barrett all the way

  16. author

    Sharudin Salleh3 bulan yang lalu


  17. author

    Ethan Goliath4 bulan yang lalu

    Johnny sexton is the best for me

  18. author

    Osama Bin Wheelie6 bulan yang lalu

    What’s with rugby videos on IDreporter and absolutely fucking shite music

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    Corey Okeeffe6 bulan yang lalu

    Your really comparing sexton Barret ?😂😂😂Barret is world class and sexton just overrated sexton doesn't offer nothing can't run with the ball all he's does is an up and under and a loop wow anyone can do that where as Barret actually runs with the ball and causes team nightmares sexton only won world player of the year of the year cause Ireland and Leinster'won the double last season otherwise he would not of won it

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    george Rhodes6 bulan yang lalu

    It is like comparing Beauden and Owen Farrell both very different Beauden ,personally, is better as you can play him in a different role as well as him being able to play a good fly half

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    kstringer247 bulan yang lalu

    1:13 What an outstanding run by Sexton! One of his best - made the highlights for sure! Haha.

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    Lewis Beard7 bulan yang lalu

    Any body else see that obstruction at 4:54

  23. author

    Mandi Jones7 bulan yang lalu

    Beauden Barrett is the best he wow hes soo good

  24. author

    Allen MacDonald7 bulan yang lalu

    People forget Bauden Barret can do everything Sexton does,but everynbody knows Sexton cant do what Barret does

  25. author

    Riccardo Gentili8 bulan yang lalu

    13:31 Barrett vs Sexton Barrett wins :D

  26. author

    Riccardo Gentili8 bulan yang lalu

    Barrett >>>>> Sexton

  27. author

    Riccardo Gentili8 bulan yang lalu

    Sexton who??

  28. author

    Riccardo Gentili8 bulan yang lalu

    Do you really want to compare the Irish with the greatest number 10 of history after Dan Carter? Ahahahah

  29. author

    Theo Howes8 bulan yang lalu

    Barret all the way he is by far more amazing

  30. author

    Nick Edward8 bulan yang lalu

    Sexton isn’t even in the same league as barret and barret is over 5 years younger.

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    Will Stephenson9 bulan yang lalu

    Barrett’s miles better at attacking play and sextons better at controlling the game . Sexton draws in the defender and offloads at the last minute putting his body on the line and has to take some brutal hits . On the other hand brides Barrett is the one that is on the end of these passes and therefore scores more tries. Meanwhile I think farrels the best defensive number 10 in the world

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    Benji Bill10 bulan yang lalu

    Barrets far better in defence

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    Oliver Burke11 bulan yang lalu

    Barrett any and every day of the week. They both have skill, but his speed is such a salient feature in all these clips. Like a missile all opponents are just a finger away from. Irreplaceable feature! :) I like his kicking better too. But Sexton's exciting to watch too.

  34. author

    pulpy77711 bulan yang lalu say what you want about Sexton but he aint never been turned inside out by a 7 before. Some say Barrett is still looking for Underhill in twickenam to this day haha. (This is just a bit banter by the way, dont take it seriously)

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    Joe Dove11 bulan yang lalu

    Sexton for the win

  36. author

    Federico Gaab11 bulan yang lalu

    jhonny sexton general (player of the year 2018)

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    Salt Salty11 bulan yang lalu

    Stats would say Farrell has been better than Sexton at club and International level for pretty much the past 3 years. 2018 for England, Farrell has got more points, 4 more trys, more try assists, 42 more tackles, more penalties won, more turnovers won, more metres made, equal defenders beaten, more clean line breaks, and basically equal goal kicking percentage, similar story for club level, plus he captains his country, has only 23 fewer international points, 14 fewer caps, been on the same Lion's tours, beaten the ABs with England and the Lions, won a six nations grand slam, won the six nations multiple times, been nominated for world player of the year 3 times, won the premiership multiple times, and been European champion twice, oh and he was also the main man in England's 3-0 whitewash over Australia, and has been England's first choice fly half for pretty much as long as Sexton has been Ireland's, and has proved he can be a world class player at both 10 and 12 for England. All this and he is 6 years younger than Sexton, and has at least 2 world cups left in him if he stays fit and on form. Sexton on the other hand, was overshadowed in his prime, and is now coming to the end of his career unfortunately. The argument that "Sexton controls the game better" is invalid, because Farrell does it equally as well. The real question should be Barrett vs Farrell, considering they are both similar ages, and if all goes well for them, will be the next Wilkinson vs Carter debate. So far I'd take Barrett, but I'd also take Farrell closely in Second place, and I'd have him all day over Sexton. Sexton is a great player, an Irish Legend, but putting his career parallel to Farrell's so far, he is getting matched 6 years too early.

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    Connor OneillTahun Yang lalu

    After watching the whole video I’m quite surprised, Barrett doesn’t seem to bring much to a game, he’s just really really fast.. okay he’s an absolute world class player and has achieved so much at such a young age and I take my hat off to the guy, but for me if I had to pick one for my lineup I’d pick sexton purely as he creates the game. Has so much knowledge and you never know what to expect.

  39. author

    Dave TTahun Yang lalu

    There's no comparison. Barrett is head and shoulders above the rest. Look at the opposition he's playing and scoring against including a world cup final. How many world cup finals has Sexton played in? None.

  40. author

    Hayden DoyleTahun Yang lalu

    I am a South African but johny is better then Barrett Barrett is just faster

  41. author

    JOBO 23 gaming/skitsTahun Yang lalu

    You mother fucker you just had to show my country south Africa v the all blacks mother fucker I will murder you and barret 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

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    Tutai JessieTahun Yang lalu

    This vid shows old clips of sexton, mainly about sexton then Barrett, Barrett’s highlights are longer than this clip But in saying that both wear & play in the 10 jersey differently I don’t doubt sextons attributes But Barrett is better in my books

  43. author

    Sho YamadaTahun Yang lalu

    Sexton at 10 Barrett at 15

  44. author

    Max ChambersTahun Yang lalu

    Sexton is the best 10 in the world but Barret is the best player

  45. author

    Raging GabTahun Yang lalu

    Best attacking fly half vs best defensive fly half

  46. author

    James MongeyTahun Yang lalu

    Did anyone notice the argos theme song

  47. author

    James MongeyTahun Yang lalu

    Sexton as of last week is the best player in the world According to the people

  48. author

    Best10101Tahun Yang lalu

    Everyone saying Barrett is a better all round player but who just won world rugby player of the year??

  49. author

    Rory AllenTahun Yang lalu

    10:13 try says it all. Barrett has to put it under the posts for himself. Sexton scores in the corner as he's the only one of the two able to kick conversions accurately and consistently. Also great forward pass at 10:51...

  50. author

    Kenny WennyTahun Yang lalu

    Sextons ways better

  51. author

    Adam CumminsTahun Yang lalu

    Do one with tadgh furlong

  52. author

    Eat My ShamrockTahun Yang lalu

    Barrett can win games on his own with a bit of magic, and Sexton can win games on his own with his tactical brain. It very much is the General vs the Try Machine. Barrett is a once in a lifetime attacking talent but as we've seen vs the Lions and vs Ireland, he struggles to impact the game without constant go forward ball. Sexton is more adaptable and can tackle like a loose forward, carry like a 12, pass like a 9, field like a 15 and manages the game like a seasoned coach. Sexton's style of play wouldn't gel too well with the All Blacks, and likewise, Barrett would struggle to shine in the same way if he was playing for Ireland. They both suit their systems down to the ground and I'd love to see them face of at the World Cup next year.

  53. author

    Oscar ToshTahun Yang lalu

    that is the best rugby video on youtube i have ever seen !!! who agrees ?

  54. author

    Jamie AllenTahun Yang lalu

    Gonna be honest the remix for sorry miss Jackson is lowkey offensive

  55. author

    hazza242Tahun Yang lalu

    The way the irish 8 absolutely laýs out hog is beautiful

  56. author

    Lucas GuinnessTahun Yang lalu

    Sexton period Sexton player of the year 2018

  57. author

    Marilee BarnardTahun Yang lalu

    Beuden Barrett 🥉🥉🥉

  58. author

    jack murphyTahun Yang lalu

    Everyone always says sexton is too slow and even tho beaudy has the edge, sexton can still turn on the gas when needs be

  59. author

    tronlegacy134Tahun Yang lalu

    I think the clash between them proved who can do it in the tight games. Barrett doesn't have the same tacticl IQ of Sexton.

  60. author

    Tadhg EllisTahun Yang lalu

    I’m a all black fan but Sexton is better I have to admit

  61. author

    Tadhg EllisTahun Yang lalu

    Just look at Ireland vs all blacks landsdown road and soldier field do I need to say anything more

  62. author

    Luke FallonTahun Yang lalu

    I’m from New Zealand and I gotta say sexton is a game changer

  63. author

    Rory BirthistleTahun Yang lalu

    Have to say sexton as i think northern hemisphere rugby is a slower game so it is a little harder wheres southern hemisphere rugby is quick ball so u look better cause the trys look fancier and its all about pace. So sextons a better 10 as his passing, kicking and set pieces are better but he dosent score as much tries and look as fancy a player as barret thats why he wins the player of the year in my opinion

  64. author

    MagZTahun Yang lalu

    i’ll save your time right now, click off the video at 9.06. Your welcome

  65. author

    Footy 190Tahun Yang lalu

    The only thing seperating these two is that Barret has a world cup to his name

  66. author

    Byron BarkerTahun Yang lalu

    Sexton - more complete player all round. Barrett - speed is his weapon, not a great kicker in open play or at poles. Sexton - best all round I think.

  67. author

    SamTahun Yang lalu

    Yeah Man ! I probably Jinx'd them, Good Game Ireland, LOL

  68. author

    Darren OconnorTahun Yang lalu

    Sexton all day long baby.. hon the irish....

  69. author

    Donal GeaneyTahun Yang lalu

    Sexton just destroyed Barrett so........

  70. author

    S FTahun Yang lalu

    Barrett is the better player but not a better 10, his skill set is better used at 15 imo

  71. author

    SNIPPY 72Tahun Yang lalu

    Hands down johnny any1 can run but johnnys reading of games is unparallelled

  72. author

    Dumindu RandikaTahun Yang lalu

    Poor Comparison!! Totally different types of players!!

  73. author

    Adam SheehyTahun Yang lalu

    I’m Irish and I think Beauden Barret is better

  74. author

    Divan LourensTahun Yang lalu

    Show more of Beauden Barrett!

  75. author

    Don’t Forget to drink bleach kidsTahun Yang lalu

    sexton is a beast and a veteran

  76. author

    Chris CloeteTahun Yang lalu

    You can barely compare the two...Barret is miles ahead of sexton

  77. author

    Liam WhiteTahun Yang lalu

    Sexton all day long

  78. author

    Tamati ThompsonTahun Yang lalu

    Beauden Barrett

  79. author

    James LittleTahun Yang lalu

    Pass from Kearney(?) To Sexton was forward 😂

  80. author

    Conor DoyleTahun Yang lalu

    Sexton is the best

  81. author

    Donal GeaneyTahun Yang lalu

    Barrett is a better try scorer we can all agree, however I’d much rather have Johnny Sexton at 10 to run my team he’s has superior mind and playmaking ability to run a team and more of a natural leader than Barrett. Barrett will score try’s, Sexton will set the team up for success. Easy choice Sexton

  82. author

    Marco SwanepoelTahun Yang lalu

    Beuden barret becuase he is faster than saxton he is stronger and he is a better ball carierer plus NZ is the only team that won 4 or 5 world cups in a row

  83. author

    red assassin878Tahun Yang lalu

    Sefton is good, but Barrett is a absolute freak. In 2016 and 2017, he won the World Rugby Player of the Year award, and is the second player to win the award in back-to-back years.

  84. author

    Ben MitchellTahun Yang lalu

    I understand why people keep trying to compare these two 10s but yet seem to always forget that their playstyles are completely different. Both are lackluster in certain areas and are amazing at others but that's what makes both of them so good.

  85. author

    Lib CommentTahun Yang lalu

    Sexton superior- amazing game manager

  86. author

    Mr UVTahun Yang lalu

    Sexton is a GREATER Flyhalf. Barrett is a GREATER rugby player.

  87. author

    Sarah MallonTahun Yang lalu


  88. author

    Glen SmallTahun Yang lalu

    I am constantly surprised at the unbridled euphoria of Northern Hemisphere rugby teams when they do what they are paid handsomely to do........score tries. It's like soccer. Each player does his job and the team scores tries. Why should that be so surprising to the players and their fans? We will exclude penalty goals because they are just very boring and everybody hates them. Boring, boring, boring. Fans of creative, expansive, running rugby watch Southern Hemisphere teams, and they are never disappointed. Is the North catching up? Nah

  89. author

    I am not A treeTahun Yang lalu

    Were is Farrell

  90. author

    Patrick CampbellTahun Yang lalu

    Sexton is a better 10 Barrett is a better player

  91. author

    Ben MartinTahun Yang lalu

    Barrett’s a better try scorer, sexton is a better 10

  92. author

    Doc GonzalesTahun Yang lalu

    Count how many men Barrett beats against Sexton with the ball in hand. Barrett all the way, no contest

  93. author

    Noah KavanaghTahun Yang lalu

    Just look back to chicago sexton and murray outclassed smith and barret like if you agree

  94. author

    B McTahun Yang lalu

    Sexton a more skillful player and Barrett more of a try scorer if they were both in the same team just imagine!

  95. author

    i ITahun Yang lalu

    Ireland copy abs moves

  96. author

    Lochlainn GarveyTahun Yang lalu

    Barrert’s got jet engines for legs, has a class off load, and stays pretty well in defense- he’s in good company with a Canes and AB set up with a massive back three, always at least one play maker in the center, and very quick tight and loose pack. Couldn’t put him in a team ahead of Sexton though- doesn’t have close to the out-in-front and pace passing of Sexton, Barret has proven he can’t kick a drop goal or be relied on in tight games to nail the place kicks. Sexton stands up well def, 9/10 gives you go forward or finds space with a versatile kicking game. Barret is a fancy dagger, Sexton is the Swiss Army knife.

  97. author

    Sseal RugbyTahun Yang lalu

    Why is there so much more sexton there’s more Barrett’s highlights out there anyway

  98. author

    Sseal RugbyTahun Yang lalu

    Pretty much all of sextons tries are just him putting the ball over the line

  99. author

    ShaunRLTahun Yang lalu

    Sexton, Barrett, Foley & Farrell, 3 irish surnames and Sexton.

  100. author

    Peter KeaneTahun Yang lalu

    He is no Olly Campbell, he is better.