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  1. author

    Ella KHari Yang lalu

    I think the 2000s one should’ve been “Justice” type of outfit

  2. author

    Amanda MoratisHari Yang lalu

    Dude. Less is more. So much clutter and mis matched and not in a cute way.

  3. author

    Adilah WeaversHari Yang lalu

    My sister just left and I didn't hug her.

  4. author

    Itz Juz MeHari Yang lalu

    "Yeah, I've never had one(Airpods) heh hehehehhe" Same Mark same. Lets cry in broke together

  5. author

    Kafa celaHari Yang lalu

    she can b my friend😁whenever U come to Pl or Uk we can go and have a spliff...and talk about our future exes😬😂wdut??

  6. author

    SOMMYA VASHISTHAHari Yang lalu

    Love the background music❤️

  7. author

    Miko Hwang [Мonbebе]Hari Yang lalu

    " спасибо " "люблю" ЮЮЮЮЮЮЮ ВСЕ ПОЙДУ УМИРАТЬ

  8. author

    M JHari Yang lalu

    Actors reading verbatim? Why not have the actual people ?

  9. author

    TonysProdigyHari Yang lalu

    Knowing that I’m 21 and making the same amount she does makes me feel pretty good 😭😂

  10. author

    vetjansvcsHari Yang lalu

    Oh yeah tell the judge you were born a thief and watch what happens

  11. author

    vetjansvcsHari Yang lalu

    You are not a girl get over it!

  12. author

    IDK IDKHari Yang lalu

    When I was 5 I was comfortable in bed lights out 7:30

  13. author

    MilouLoisHari Yang lalu

    rachelle is cute af

  14. author

    Liz 287Hari Yang lalu

    So basically he has a house which he doesn't even use but bought all these junks just to make it look cute? Doesn't seems such a saving move

  15. author

    lee hyunminHari Yang lalu

    03:50 I didn't want to look there but-

  16. author

    Skye NewmanHari Yang lalu

    Who else thinks that some of the people in this video are incredibly talented and need to be more famous ASAP?

  17. author

    Tony CiavarellaHari Yang lalu

    When are you doing merchandise?

  18. author

    joshua sebastianHari Yang lalu

    am i the only one who noticed Yuta saying achoo bless myself?

  19. author

    ShakHari Yang lalu

    The alcohol bottle wasn’t water, Graham’s just a freak of nature

  20. author

    Jotaro KujoHari Yang lalu

    Description : DEPRESSION She: -smile-

  21. author

    ArtisttrwHari Yang lalu

    Live rent free: just sleep in the houses you are selling.

  22. author

    AtinyzennieHari Yang lalu

    Yuta: *sneezes* BLESS MYSELF

  23. author

    Beata KrzemińskaHari Yang lalu


  24. author

    Rafaella CastilloHari Yang lalu

    It’s 3 am rn I-

  25. author

    Sabrina NHari Yang lalu

    Pink is amazing... so honest, gives credit where its due. Love the infectious laugh. Such a great video...😀

  26. author

    سمر سمرHari Yang lalu

    Love Billie Eilish

  27. author

    Linda EasleyHari Yang lalu

    Love the Art Decco style on everything in the 1920s 👍 The 1960s - just NO

  28. author

    Tooofey MohammedHari Yang lalu

    ❤️ .

  29. author

    Xav MusicHari Yang lalu

    Me making people happy since 2000

  30. author

    Claummy :3Hari Yang lalu

    Still my Luke :3

  31. author

    joe mamaHari Yang lalu

    george harrison playing guitar ? in the 1950 one

  32. author

    Nel 123Hari Yang lalu

    The only problem I find when I shop for jeans is that it that it slip down my waist and sometimes even belts can't hold them😅😅😅

  33. author

    Wisnu WardhanaHari Yang lalu

    so fvkin' gorgeous 😍

  34. author

    Jenna TjosaasHari Yang lalu

    😂😂 at 2:45!! It’s hysterical!!! But also sad...but also funny but also awkward!!! There’s so much going on there! I totally get it but you also kinda hope the daughter doesn’t pick up on it. Cheers for out earning him though👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻!

  35. author

    only:Brawl stars SupercellHari Yang lalu

    I'm on the most watched channel right now♥️

  36. author

    Leo GIERHAKEHari Yang lalu

    How does he have an 1.6 M salary, when just IDreporter at 150 k a month makes him 1.8 M per year? Does he calculate after taxes ?

  37. author

    Tyler deLougheryHari Yang lalu

    6:10 Graham the alcoholic

  38. author

    Asian ImportHari Yang lalu

    Zac's face changed when Lily said "We've known each other for so long"... He realized he's in the friend zone.

  39. author

    london482Hari Yang lalu

    Graham is everywhere this year! On all his favourite channels, imagine millennial money and glamour money tours! Ok 👌

  40. author

    GordinXHari Yang lalu

    2:20 Is that boy George Harrison?! <3

  41. author

    Woop WoopHari Yang lalu

    “And I use this for everything!😂” so, when someone texts you that someone died in your family you respond”😂😂😂”

  42. author

    Vea SantiagoHari Yang lalu

    If I don’t listen to the dude who said don’t listen to anyone’s advice, am I listening to his advice?

  43. author

    Top CommentHari Yang lalu

    Wow. Such a cheapskate

  44. author

    Linda EasleyHari Yang lalu

    I remember wearing Daisy Dukes in the 70s 😎 Along with saddle back Ditto jeans , too

  45. author

    Tara CaoHari Yang lalu

    2010... still the same for rn

  46. author

    M AHari Yang lalu

    Plastic bags really bad for the environment that's why they charge for the bags in the UK so we bring our own reusable cloth bags

  47. author

    Half moonHari Yang lalu

    The way NCT screams when it's Taeil's turn to flirt agdudjfhehxgdushdvdhsizjxgdhs I LOVE THEM!

  48. author

    Donté MillerHari Yang lalu

    millionaires are always so frugal

  49. author

    Raquel UtrillaHari Yang lalu

    What Taeyong it’s thinking: If SM watches this were getting jobless

  50. author

    Half moonHari Yang lalu

    Taeil and Hyuck ARE SO SILLY 😂🤣😭

  51. author

    Half moonHari Yang lalu

    Taeil and Hyuck's friendship is THE CUTEST! The kisses, the hugs, the mutal respect for each others talent, the sillines. I love them so much. I feel like if Jungwoo was in this interview he would be with Hyuck and Taeil (I miss Jungwoo) their friendship is so wholesome 😭. They're not just friends but family.

  52. author

    Raquel UtrillaHari Yang lalu

    This is every Nctzen Dream

  53. author

    Chloe Aundrea AntonioHari Yang lalu

    So it’s not normal for people to sleep at 2:30 - 4:00 ?

  54. author

    grace casaleHari Yang lalu

    the girl w the bangs styled the dress so welllll

  55. author

    adrianaHari Yang lalu

    Can graham react to this

  56. author

    Niko MauuHari Yang lalu

    *What emoji do you use most a lot* Me as a 14 ur old: 🖕🏽

  57. author

    OF• C R Æ Z YHari Yang lalu

    Fds to entendendo nada mais to aqui ksksksm

  58. author

    Kit kat KoalaHari Yang lalu

    I am ten and I am making a song Here are the lyrics I thought loved one more time’ Didn't know a thought could change your mind I thought u were mine I guess I was wrong

  59. author

    Niko MauuHari Yang lalu

    I’m 14 and I don’t even sleep until I’ve watched asmr that’ll give me tingles until I fall asleep 🤷🏻‍♀️

  60. author

    Lyle SHari Yang lalu

    she does not look 16 wtf _FBI Open Up?_

  61. author

    witlingHari Yang lalu

    Hookah is apparently his bae💀.

  62. author

    Tom GroebeHari Yang lalu

    This guy so weird

  63. author

    Mona AmeriHari Yang lalu

    Graham is giving away all the secrets!!!

  64. author

    Rolake OmiHari Yang lalu

    im so proud of him!!

  65. author

    sweet lifeHari Yang lalu

    6:12 and 6:47 camren in top 💕

  66. author

    dreamiesleevies !Hari Yang lalu

    why did this make me cry lol

  67. author

    Walter MercadoHari Yang lalu

    Graham " I sleep on nicholas cage every night" Stephan

  68. author

    stephanyHari Yang lalu

    I watch this every time i have my period. I've watched for 4 months now

  69. author

    Matthew NolascoHari Yang lalu

    2020 here? Recommendations?

  70. author

    Robby TroncozoHari Yang lalu

    She’s wack, dude in the yellow BIG WACK, dude in the purple a homie

  71. author

    James HushHari Yang lalu

    Looking jacked Graham! That equinox membership is paying off!

  72. author

    Brendan MHari Yang lalu

    the dude who’s 71 looks exactly like don rickles

  73. author

    Jeff BaezHari Yang lalu

    Yo, Graham and I have the same trash can! 👌🏻

  74. author

    awab 77Hari Yang lalu

    He is the ultimate fuckboy

  75. author

    Ince LubatHari Yang lalu

    i love you halsey!!

  76. author

    Caleb ChapmanHari Yang lalu

    I feel bad for you my guy, California is basically a communist state now, good luck.

  77. author

    Midonassa NassaHari Yang lalu

    Kak itu hamil beneran

  78. author

    rainbow petalsHari Yang lalu

    Taeyong is so adorable! And Mark so awkwardly adorable haha!

  79. author

    awab 77Hari Yang lalu

    The first one with Curley hair is so cute

  80. author

    Daniela BórquezHari Yang lalu

    Eagle rock?

  81. author

    Curious KidHari Yang lalu

    Graham: every video of mine takes 8-10 hours to make Me: *Laughs in animation*

  82. author

    Elizabeth WinpiglerHari Yang lalu

    Oh my god he made it 😂😂

  83. author

    HeyItsJoeyFHari Yang lalu

    Glad I don’t have to do this lol

  84. author

    Aulia AnggrainiHari Yang lalu

    where is wonho

  85. author

    Prince Memer Dickson IIHari Yang lalu

    𝗖𝗼𝗺𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁𝘀 5% 𝖿𝗈𝗋𝗍𝗇𝗂𝗍𝖾 45% 𝖦𝖾𝗈𝗋𝗀𝖾 𝖧𝖺𝗋𝗋𝗂𝗌𝗈𝗇 50% 𝗉𝗈𝗍𝖺𝗍𝗈 𝗄𝗂𝖽

  86. author

    JDB JDBHari Yang lalu

    Wow myn is 10 pm on weeknights and 2 to 3 am on wwekends

  87. author

    Siti KhadijahHari Yang lalu

    jeez earn $180k per month, have debts and don't have savings? oh lord. i barely made $1k per month and i have savings and no debts. this is ridiculous.

  88. author

    NancyHari Yang lalu

    Wow he’s human too

  89. author

    Ra cLyHari Yang lalu

    Idk but why am I crying ? 🤧 Friendship like them please😔

  90. author

    Melissa HewettHari Yang lalu

    This made me so emotional, you never know who your real friends are

  91. author

    myemoheart000Hari Yang lalu

    taeyong hisses ....regardless of his emotion. 🤣🤣

  92. author

    Shannon BouchardHari Yang lalu

    70s girl looks like she's wearing a merkin.

  93. author

    Auto FocusHari Yang lalu

    This isn’t a house. It’s just another tool for marketing.

  94. author

    myemoheart000Hari Yang lalu

    so jaehyun becomes flirty when he's got good hair day

  95. author

    Ninja MasterHari Yang lalu

    1930s: what the hack is that

  96. author

    Jennifer NgoHari Yang lalu

    Did he just say he didn't cook often?? But in his video he said that the best way to save $ is to not eat out LOL I AM CONFUSED

  97. author

    just yzzyHari Yang lalu

    My grandpa

  98. author

    Eric FangHari Yang lalu

    It’s sad how I’m watching this and being blown away by their income and knowing I’ll never amount to some of them

  99. author

    La Vie De JessHari Yang lalu

    whattttt???!!!! lol! awesome!

  100. author

    myemoheart000Hari Yang lalu

    how fo you smjle when scared???? 🤣🤣🤣