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  1. author

    Ck MoHari Yang lalu

    It make me wonder about this Jesus

  2. author

    David WardHari Yang lalu

    MSM hid the facts surrounding the grooming gangs and attacked the character of anyone that tried to bring it to light, MSM simply can't be trusted with the truth, nor can the judiciary, politicians or the elitists that frequent of universities.

  3. author

    Ck MoHari Yang lalu

    What I find funny in every person that don't believe in God they always bring Jesus wasn't real are this are that

  4. author

    tasbehaHari Yang lalu


  5. author

    Noelle OscarsonHari Yang lalu

    Can we get a manuscript of this video?

  6. author

    Amsi HernandezHari Yang lalu

    32:45 The moderator was completely oblivious to the fact that she just proved Ann's point. We'd like to deal with our own criminals before taking in more criminals.

  7. author

    amphimixisHari Yang lalu

    The pot calls the kettle black: Did this guy discuss any of the fake news or conspiracies pushed by Fox News or any of the conservative outlets in the UK? This guy cherry picks facts and fails to mention any of the many errors and lies pushed by conservative mainstream media, just like he fails to mention how Trump lost the popular vote in the states by several million. Media should be questioned, but this guy is poisoning the well with right wing dog whistle catch phrases. Now here we are with more conservative comments calling people libtards.

  8. author

    Christina Vicky, i.H.R CIS RegisterHari Yang lalu

    Mr. O'Neill did an analysis focusing on the results published in some media outlets. What is lacking in this University analysis of research studies, is the analysis of the interaction between professional / official agencies with permission to transmit written material in the light of events, through journalists, documentarians, historians and regulators of texts for the press.

  9. author

    Vertex DracoHari Yang lalu

    They do know we're talking about the future right? Not right now...

  10. author

    Chris HHari Yang lalu

    msm can be trusted LOLLLLLLLL

  11. author

    Kill SlugHari Yang lalu

    Tommy Robinson is a Zionist sympathizer and a racist. I don't approve of the hate speech legislation in the UK but if this man ends up in prison for the rest of his life I could not care less. This puppet deserves nothing less.

  12. author

    Henry WalkerHari Yang lalu

    It’s okay to be white 👌

  13. author

    Vertex DracoHari Yang lalu

    Move all humans to Mars?!... Haven't seen a strawman that big since burning man.

  14. author

    Evolution Of ConsciousnessHari Yang lalu

    Quick Reminder guys. If there were no GOD there would Be no atheists, PLAIN And Simple/Easy to Understand. ][

  15. author

    Steve ButlerHari Yang lalu

    Wow! Never has the USA done such a HUGE Full Gala State Reception for Australia as Trump did for their new P.M. Trust me, it was like the World Cup of State Dinners! Bannon says it: A USA-Ally gets that Reception. Trump's readying USA for an ACTUAL World War on Individual Rights, that's maybe never- ending. It's all around us for the last 70 years. But, we're romantically blinded by our desire to believe singing about Peace, Love and Happiness will turn today's Stalin's and Lenin's into Tree-Huggers who shed tears for lonely people who don't a Birthday Card. Hell no. They killed 100,000 000 of their own people. Stalin kept over 40,000 US soldiers as prisoners of war in death camps nobody talks about. Even our Globalist leaders didn't save our prisoners of war by negotiating their release in North Korea. Abandoned them to suffer and die. Peace at what cost? Meanwhile, Totalitarian-Fascist Dictators for 70 years in China, North Korea, Russia, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, etc, remain enemies of Individual Freedom & Rights. They are all STILL AT war against what our US Constitution declares: Individual Rights. T But, that's human nature. Trump wanted to, "Make America Great, Again. Bamnon wants to Make America Awesome. Our U.S. way of life is far from perfect. There have been inexcusable violations of human rights in the USA. Native American genocide. Slavery and long-term African-American racism socially & institutionally. Internment Camps for Japenese in WW2. Abuses of power against people without resources is still a serious problem. But, unfortunately, I now understand why Trump fired Bannon, and said he'd 'gone too far and said some crazy things. ' But, the fact that Nigel Farage has become a big influence in the USA, and Mike Pence's speech against China in 2018 at the Hudson Institute in proves Trump is or has gotten the bigger message. Trump wanted to beat the Globalists harming the USA. Trump was after the pesky trees he saw making America weak. Bannon wants to destroy Totalitarianism, Fascism, and bring Individual Freedom to the world. Bannon sees the Forest. And, Bannon is out to build a world-wide movement. Well, I wish it wasn't so. But, humans are very apt to war...if they think they can win an advantage. To, Soveriegn Borders, Culture, Language, Monetary System, and long-live our USA. Therefore, Trump 2020! Brexit! Free Hong Kong!

  16. author

    Desyduk UKHari Yang lalu

    How much of the British press do foreigners own,; Saudi, Russian and American shareholders? QED.

  17. author

    Apoorv BansalHari Yang lalu

    chutiya CPIM Leader talking as if it is the first time our Constitution has been amended

  18. author

    steven herroldHari Yang lalu

    my father used to say the republicans are right and the democrats are evil i used to wonder what he meant by that now im beginning to understand

  19. author

    Will HoldenHari Yang lalu

    16,000 plus lies. That's how many Brendan's pal Trump has said since he took office. But in this unside down world its everyone else's fault. Spoofer of the highest order.

  20. author

    CBfrmcardiffHari Yang lalu

    A decade ago the students would never have voted against this (admittedly over simplistic) notion. They're sheep. Sheep ten years ago, sheep today. No long term perspective. Caught up in the narratives of the echo chamber. When I was young, I read all the mainstream media, thinking that thereby my opinions were well informed. And in some ways that was true. I was certainly plugged in to the zeitgeist - the zeitgeist as determined by the class of people who contribute to newspapers. But there was a lot going on which didn't get attention. I was well informed in only a shallow sense. Nowadays I am frequently shocked and terrified by the hysterical coverage in the mainstream media, and the infiltration of the culture war into even the best reporting.

  21. author

    Carlos HernandezHari Yang lalu

    Have kids like mice 🐭 and we have the privilege to send their kids to grammar school, high school and college. We also pay for their medical benefits and everything else.

  22. author

    Stephen MugaHari Yang lalu

    At 2:02 he says that Al-Khwarizmi was the first to developed algorithms. Wrong. What algorithm did he write? What a horribly ignorant statement! What happened was, in the 12th century, one of Al-Khwarizmi's books was translated into Latin, where his name was rendered in Latin as “Algorithmi”. That's it!

  23. author

    Desyduk UKHari Yang lalu

    Since this debate there is still no evidence of Russian collaboration with Trump or his campaign. Since this debate Congress and Senate have heard under oath that the earlier stories referred to by Mr Barr in the New York Times and Washington Post were based to a great extent on the so-called Steele-dossier of fabricated news compiled by the ex MI6 agent Steele, allegedly paid for by Hilary Clinton supporters with connections to the National Democratic Committee. In addition senior members of the FBI have since been dismissed or removed from their posts, pending further action, for amongst other things, falsifying evidence, lying to the court and leaking and allowing to be leaked selective and false stories to the NY Times and Washington Post, even by the now dismissed Director of the FBI. Fact checking of fabricated evidence and the motive of FBI sources for leaking tainted selected information to the press, completely illegally but which agrees with the Mainstream Medias Mindset to hound Donald Trump, still appears not to be their strong points. To Mr Cameron Barr I would say: I commend the good and honourably expressed intentions in your speech, but these facts that have subsequently come to light prove that you still cannot be trusted. Your abhorrence of Donald Trump and your desire to help hound him from office is despicable and anti-democratic. Stick to factual stories not woven with your opinions and prejudices.

  24. author

    Mark KennyHari Yang lalu

    Listen people, realise what is in store for you when these people outnumber us. War is coming.

  25. author

    Mark KennyHari Yang lalu

    What a joy to watch high IQ people speak with minimal use of notes, I do not include this speaker in my complement.

  26. author

    Paul DenmanHari Yang lalu


  27. author

    Paul DenmanHari Yang lalu

    Everyone knows

  28. author

    MiximusRiderHari Yang lalu


  29. author

    Mark KennyHari Yang lalu

    How many white People go to African universities (if there are any) and then complain about anti white racism? I am fed up to my back teeth of people who are here by our kindness who complain about the people who made their lives better, white People. Please return to your African roots, unless you think it’s better to stay here and destroy the civilisation that has given you everything you could not have in the third world shitholes you came from. Please leave.

  30. author

    VaticansHolocaustHari Yang lalu

    Such a racist and sexist. He declares an articulate intellectual black woman is “nobody”.

  31. author

    tasbehaHari Yang lalu

    She is a good speaker and her style is definitely something I might be a fan of

  32. author

    God Was BoredHari Yang lalu

    I agree that mainstream media is a joke... but you throw white people under the bus? Are white people the problem with everything in the world? Are men responsible for all the problems in the world? Seems kind of racist and sexist, if you ask me.

  33. author

    Michael DuffyHari Yang lalu

    Did she measure the 90% by net worth or readership?

  34. author

    Tanya DuckworthHari Yang lalu

    This the Leftist mouthpiece!!!! No wonder the young today are voting for Bernie!!!

  35. author

    Angry Young Man Vanquisher of TyrannyHari Yang lalu

    Palestine was partitioned like India

  36. author

    Tanya DuckworthHari Yang lalu

    So this guy thinks, socialist country!! Is OK!! =Hitler, Stalin,

  37. author

    E SoulHari Yang lalu

    Rebuttal. When billions of people stop lying, then billions of people 'will' find Spiritual liberation. Unless this speaker can invalidate this simple requirement, his surmon is just noise.

  38. author

    My Locus 101Hari Yang lalu

    Are we supposed to believe that the MSM(these days) only reports the facts, the truth, whole and nothing but? Are we supposed to believe they don't push narratives, create click bait, and other nonsense? Overall that was a pretty weak argument in support of the MSM if you ask me.

  39. author

    Thomas GrahamHari Yang lalu

    I was with her until her marriage bullshit. If "until death do us part" being violated 62% of the time is not "Lord of the Flies" what is. She's smart, she has some good points, she's a bigot till the end.

  40. author

    FuturesHari Yang lalu

    how on earth does denying god lead to all those hellish concepts Peter puts forward - you need only open your eyes to bask in the wonder of magic of the chaos life as we no it - no good needed just a working human beings

  41. author

    Warminster100Hari Yang lalu

    This video is approved and sponsored by George $oro$!! Sorry I had to leave to throw up about minute 3.

  42. author

    jamakoHari Yang lalu

    Jeez. Owens? Isn't that the lady who said Hitler wouldn't have been so bad if he hadn't killed 6mio jews, all the rest was just fine? What is she doing at Oxford?

  43. author

    Sami AliHari Yang lalu

    Theo the fetus

  44. author

    Tony MartinHari Yang lalu

    Blacks are no more under represented than working class White people in journalism, yet the Guardian, BBC and Labour Party all run internships baring White people (Including White working class) from applying.

  45. author

    FuturesHari Yang lalu

    idreporter.net/v/video-34LGPIXvU5M.html idreporter.net/v/video-EuwmWnphqII.html

  46. author

    MarcusHari Yang lalu

    Stunned by this👏 Did the motion pass?

  47. author

    FuturesHari Yang lalu

    with the media mostly conservative supporting its no wonder Labour were hammered - they managed to turn JC who in 2017 gained massive support expanding the party massively - and then then the establishment set to work and after quite a short time turned him into a jew hating, terrorist loving UK hating, IRA supporting lunatic - nonsense but believed by people

  48. author

    Jackson WhitakerHari Yang lalu

    Mohamed is a devil’s imp he followed satin down to hell I bet he was happy there

  49. author

    Chandramouli RamachandranHari Yang lalu

    Britain citizens should note that Yechury had been shunted out of country's politics only on account of supporting corrupt leaders of Kashmir. Let him debate this before Indian citizens and win election. Or he can discuss Irish situation in Oxford union

  50. author

    Cesar VargasHari Yang lalu

    This man is probably forgetting that everything he is trying to make sound as fact, is just a "THEORY." He said it many times "Theory". Satan also said to Eve "....did God really say that?" Don't be fooled.

  51. author

    agwtaw2Hari Yang lalu

    It's a no from me.

  52. author

    i980 b678Hari Yang lalu

    go and get speech lessons.

  53. author

    School Of HopeHari Yang lalu

    it's feel very pleasure when I was this speech. Just amazing explanation. February 22, 2020

  54. author

    american womanHari Yang lalu

    The only guideline that should be used by any media is TELL The FACTS! Most main stream media today has become a propaganda arm of the globalist agenda. Populist opinions have been abandoned by MSM.

  55. author

    Thomas GrahamHari Yang lalu

    Funny, a year later even Ann has turned tales on Donald Trump for the fraud he is.

  56. author

    dreadfulHari Yang lalu

    not for nothing but the chick next to him is kinda of hot

  57. author

    Faux PasHari Yang lalu

    Those “muslim” scientists he was talking about weren’t really muslim they have been accused of blasphemy for holding non-islamic point of view regarding god. Many of them actually if not most. And i don’t know even if they were muslims what does that mean ? There’re bright intellectuals across all religions and beliefs. What kind of god that would send a book if misunderstood will turn you into a terrorist? If your core beliefs are peaceful then why extremist aren’t extremely peaceful. Islam teaches peace for those who are believers, non believers what will they get? Well 3 options: pay jizzia if you’re a jew or christian with submission and humiliation , convert to islam , or fight and die. Here’s peace for you. Oh of course you misunderstood it. Because it’s quantum physics not a religious mombo jumbo. And i don’t see any case where that’s justified unless you’re a medieval war lord in the middle of the desert. Some ideas just won’t go away and they would be polished and cleaned but this can only happen when we admit that there’s a problem that needs to be fixed.

  58. author

    Zsombor HHari Yang lalu

    Right-wing politicans/activist hate freedom of the press, meanwhile leftists want you banned from social media for saying mean words. What a world we live in

  59. author

    FuturesHari Yang lalu

    go read chomsky and hermans manufacturing consent

  60. author

    Vijar YulkmanHari Yang lalu

    I wonder what happened to the other part of the debate ha ha ha, not biased at all And for people who don't believe in God, spend an awful lot of time talking about it lol I laugh my ass off.

  61. author

    FuturesHari Yang lalu

    The media is owned by a tiny group of companies mostly owned by billionaires

  62. author

    MarcusHari Yang lalu

    Profanity and fallacy. Sit down boy👇

  63. author

    Mike StanfieldHari Yang lalu

    it's cannibalism ...

  64. author

    Nemo SaysHari Yang lalu

    The motion was defeated kind of proved the motion. js

  65. author

    Mike StanfieldHari Yang lalu

    " The media swamp " idreporter.net/v/video-dqLiU1gYlNw.html

  66. author

    MANJAKOLI1Hari Yang lalu

    Oh brilliant Meedhi ! Fuck islam!

  67. author

    stefan stossHari Yang lalu

    some epopel people at universities maybe only in usa are trying to make high IQ a crime the media doesnt speak with professors on or off the air maybe makin git a requirement that journalists must have a phd media doe snot imply journalists journalists dont worship the establishment whether scienc eor religion while worshippin gscienc estupid media people are hating religion and are not investigating polluiton and other stress side effects of capitalism media is gossipp very profitable

  68. author

    FuturesHari Yang lalu

    isn't he funded by billionaires?

  69. author

    Mike tHari Yang lalu

    Socalism is insurance companies grouping a bunch of people together so they can have health care. Would rather have insurance companies take my money to make this happen than the government which we know take twice the amount of energy and money to make things work, just look at the US post office.

  70. author

    Angela BHari Yang lalu

    Yes!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  71. author

    Ciccio BelloHari Yang lalu

    Can Ms Onovo not say “ a small group of really really rich men “ Age if she must... old.... but by describing their colour she is reinforcing racism.

  72. author

    Fahrenheit 2019Hari Yang lalu

    I want Mehdi Hassan to roast the EDL and Britain first.

  73. author

    Nate NateHari Yang lalu

    all media is control by Rothschild federal reserve banker's killers CIA,, you bet not say this or that

  74. author

    FenrirHari Yang lalu

    What was she talking about in the first minutes?

  75. author

    SamueljhHari Yang lalu

    Mf really started clapping by himself 💀

  76. author

    sovelar57Hari Yang lalu

    So weird that you didn't mention Fox news ...

  77. author

    Zah 8442Hari Yang lalu

    Well said Sir. This is proof that regardless of religion really honest people are still excite on earth that’s why almighty god still blessing and not destroyed the earth.Other major issue on earth it’s money loving business boss and politicians. A big hug to you and salute to Oxford for hosting the event.

  78. author

    john cummingsHari Yang lalu

    S hwarzt is a dimoctate a bias idiot after wnat trj p as achieve

  79. author

    Estevao DavidHari Yang lalu

    I am not a South African and I am BLACK african and I am deeply sorry on what is really happenning out there for all the sides and parts but something I will say for what I have been noticing so far... "No matter how bigger is your weapon that can destroy everything, no matter how intellingent you're that can slave any kind of source of people for being poor or else, NEVER understimate ANY source of PEOPLE NEVER bacause one day will be really dificult to overcome the issue that you have caused just because you're not God that knows what the future is going to be like" hope u will fix the issue in the better way

  80. author

    Cathy AllenHari Yang lalu


  81. author

    Shree RamHari Yang lalu

    Nice! I like every debate of Oxford Union... Thank you all Oxford alumnae....

  82. author

    Aspartame69Hari Yang lalu

    makes ypu wonder why these people leave wakanda to bless our backwards universities with their insight.

  83. author


    Yes true media can't be trusted

  84. author

    stap0510Hari Yang lalu

    All these conservative snowflakes in the comment section.

  85. author

    Edward WhittakerHari Yang lalu

    Great speech, even greater when considering what the Johnson government will do...even worse than May's if such a thing is possible.

  86. author

    bodie of ci5Hari Yang lalu

    I'm now imagining Hitler saying things like Bomb Britain, Make it so!

  87. author

    Nicholas NicklebyHari Yang lalu

    Mainstream media sucks .. I’m only here for the comments section

  88. author

    Shane CoxHari Yang lalu

    Oh the irony of a person standing there complaining about racism whilst referring to "white males".

  89. author

    GazzaHari Yang lalu


  90. author

    Steve JosephHari Yang lalu

    This is a despicable war criminal who should be in an ICJ jail

  91. author

    Abu HurairaHari Yang lalu

    It's amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world everyday always just exactly fits the newspaper

  92. author

    Michael O'SheaHari Yang lalu

    I *love* the looks he was shooting at the other bloke who apparently argued that some people's opinions mattered more than others'

  93. author

    ziaur rahmanHari Yang lalu

    What is he saying and about what?

  94. author

    Rosli rahimHari Yang lalu

    He is just trying to sell a religion-of-no-god. He failed to provide proof that god does not exist.

  95. author

    Bass Town NcsHari Yang lalu

    awesome video

  96. author

    The Mud SharkHari Yang lalu

    Where's parts 2-6?

  97. author

    Saint Tranny the HarryHari Yang lalu

    Only a complete idiot would think that the media can be trusted. You leftist/Marxist indoctrination centers disguising yourselves as universities aren't fooling anyone but the most gullible and inexperienced among us. Looking at YOU, Oxford!

  98. author

    Ali DHari Yang lalu

    I could do better, buuuuut I'm not white so nevermind

  99. author

    Raghav R.Hari Yang lalu

    She is one of the best examples of women empowerment

  100. author

    hookalakahHari Yang lalu

    There is no one on the left who can go toe-to-toe with Steve Bannon in a debate or discussion. His knowledge of American and world history, his understanding of the nature of war and the military, his grasp of geopolitical issues, and his political acumen makes him an insurmountable foe to leftist pundits.