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The All-ROG Gaming PC!The All-ROG Gaming PC!

The All-ROG Gaming PC!

2 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    Michael njoku4 jam yang lalu

    oh great! I always wanted a SATA to SATA adapter that takes up room in my DIMM slot :)

  2. author

    Ziamira4 jam yang lalu

    So how much did AMD pay you to say good things about their product since we know they buy out reviews for good reviews

  3. author

    Alex K4 jam yang lalu

    Хернёй занимаетесь...

  4. author

    Dhalin4 jam yang lalu

    I took a third option when I bought my current display, a Sceptre 32 inch 1080p for $120 (I think this was last year though? not sure). The only thing about it, is that text is nigh-unreadable until I found a DVI->DSub convertor cable and then suddenly the display worked just fine. For some weird reason it did *NOT* like HDMI from a computer, and I don't know why. I tried several different cables, and it even has artifacting when I try hooking a Switch up to it (though it wasn't As noticeable as the PC was). But, the DSub port seems to work just fine.

  5. author

    James Holloway4 jam yang lalu

    My suggestion... Send it to Qatar

  6. author

    status454 jam yang lalu

    So this is now This Ol house show?

  7. author

    XiThePooh4 jam yang lalu

    Brought this and arrived today, beautiful picture and performance. Thanks Linius.

  8. author

    Lorax4 jam yang lalu

    do any of the motherboards for this thing have monoblocks? i only run hardware i can hard pipe :>

  9. author

    Stephen Miller4 jam yang lalu

    Can it play crysis?

  10. author

    Ricco12333214 jam yang lalu

    "sword wielding, shotgun firing, wanker" -Linus 2019

  11. author

    Toastbread4 jam yang lalu

    ok boomer

  12. author

    Rajvansh Singh Bhuee4 jam yang lalu

    Can you send me this kind of pc, my university fees is so much that I can't buy these machines since I need one because I am pursuing my aerospace engineering. Hope I get it at that price.

  13. author

    Joshua4 jam yang lalu

    Windows 7 support is ending while Linux gaming is becoming more and more a trend

  14. author

    Soren Richenberg4 jam yang lalu

    He performed the reach around

  15. author

    Kirinketsu4 jam yang lalu

    Apple charging $400 for 16GB of RAM, good deal btw.

  16. author

    EndCSline 04 jam yang lalu

    more because you're white 3/4 door sized man with a full 17" bag i think

  17. author

    John Monk4 jam yang lalu

    whip that stupid cats ass getting near your shit, gonna fry your shit then you have to send it back because it was "DOA" I never let the husky near me when im messing with PC stuff, you can feel the static when they touch you.

  18. author

    ISparXz4 jam yang lalu

    LOL this vid is made like 3 months ago i know sins fortnite whas in season X

  19. author

    James Grant4 jam yang lalu

    You should modify the rules to your challenge so that your wives can only use the other husband's video's to build their pc.

  20. author

    Edward Johnston4 jam yang lalu

    the truth is I played metro the exodus and the control game in RTX on mode. I wouldn't do it any other way.

  21. author

    Shadow4 jam yang lalu

    "Team GREEN" ahahahaaha good one whoever made it

  22. author

    My Life on The Peninsula4 jam yang lalu

    i feel bad lol six cores that's it. at least get 8 yea know

  23. author

    MythosGandaar4 jam yang lalu

    Well, the audience for iPhone is large and won't all watch news that would report on something like the new MacBook

  24. author

    AugDawg4 jam yang lalu

    Yall need to review keyboards and mice

  25. author

    hemanth kumar reddy medapati4 jam yang lalu

    Simple you need the best one ever...

  26. author

    wack4 jam yang lalu

    if they add everything to one product or IOS they wont be able to give you any new, just chill

  27. author

    TheBibliofilus4 jam yang lalu

    So how would one connect a displayport cable and be able to put the top cover on?

  28. author

    blue03r64 jam yang lalu

    your car senero is exactly what tesla does.

  29. author

    PoPoft4 jam yang lalu

    Buys 1,400$ keyboard 3:30 𝗟𝗼𝗼𝗸 𝗮𝘁 𝘁𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗳𝗹𝗲𝘅

  30. author

    Roger Smith4 jam yang lalu

    How about less links in your descriptions, and ones that actually point to the products your reviewing or replacing. The TV link points to an Amazon page with Asus laptops...

  31. author

    TJN Slayz4 jam yang lalu

    Imagine the happiness of this girl's brother..

  32. author

    medigilclafouti4 jam yang lalu

    SMT off gaming benchmarks NEEDED !

  33. author

    k ly4 jam yang lalu

    man lucky brother indeed

  34. author

    retold story whale4 jam yang lalu

    linust my mom saw i was watching this now i dont know forenite herkcedjvnsdjknvdsklnjfvnj

  35. author

    saransh sinha4 jam yang lalu

    No water cooling

  36. author

    MemeSpaghetti4 jam yang lalu


  37. author

    Amnesiac4 jam yang lalu

    it's a very good processor i started saving money to buy it :-)

  38. author

    Comrade Penguinski4 jam yang lalu

    I used to have that AMD Laptop

  39. author

    Kiran Bala4 jam yang lalu

    You should do all these on new mac 2019 case that you bought.

  40. author

    LEGnewTube4 jam yang lalu

    Didn't know those DNA kits sold your info... Glad I've never bought one.

  41. author

    Farmer Sanchez4 jam yang lalu

    Will it have a similar or close performance if you replace the 3600 with a 2600?

  42. author

    Unknown4 jam yang lalu

    Wish sells counterfeit products.

  43. author

    banana man4 jam yang lalu

    I have that glass table and chairs @ 17:05 ! Love that 😂

  44. author

    blue03r64 jam yang lalu

    have you been sued yet? they send threatening letters to rossman all the time.

  45. author

    HAI HAI4 jam yang lalu

    bruh 21

  46. author

    Racheal Livespent4 jam yang lalu

    The WAN show needs an Outro, not just putting the outro twice

  47. author

    Serginho Filho4 jam yang lalu

    AMD kills Intel, Linus make the burial.

  48. author

    Charles Gibby4 jam yang lalu

    Why 8TB of NVMe? Data Science. It's not going away. It's not even about the full capacity. 2TB of data on NVMe is faster on an 8TB drive than a 4TB drive. Yes, people SHOULD do this on a nice quality workstation or a server or the cloud, but a LOT of the development still happens on local systems.

  49. author

    Bashir Sfar4 jam yang lalu

    24:28 the sight of that brz made my jw drop. FT86 gang where yall at

  50. author

    ClipSwitch Flashlights4 jam yang lalu

    Cable management guys. It's not just for the inside of your PC

  51. author

    evandarkfire4 jam yang lalu

    2016 - Apple has too little ram and too little storage 2019 - Apple has too much ram and too much storage Wat? More options are better even if no ones going to buy it. Having the option is better than never having it, even if it does cost a lot someone that needs 8TB of storage and 64GB of ram may be able to justify it.

  52. author

    LT1VETTE C54 jam yang lalu

    >intel could take years to catch up >amd literally still has less fps in games despite twice as much cores, threads and a 2 times smaller die size Bruh

  53. author

    liz bollinger4 jam yang lalu

    fyi people tried hard to make this so that doesnt mean to speak bad about him

  54. author

    Scott Aveles4 jam yang lalu

    Not a big deal. Apple II's had ramdisks

  55. author

    Jon Donnelly4 jam yang lalu

    It's a great cpu, it runs on a cheap mainboard, it's extremely good binned silicon so it uses no more power than the 3900x and on top of that it might even work on your old mainboard! It will fly off the shelves.

  56. author

    Mahmudfortnite 81824 jam yang lalu

    Anthony ugly af

  57. author

    Enissay4 jam yang lalu

    @Linus, Black Friday is here, please update your video about "wich CPU to choose" of last year <3

  58. author

    Gil Behar4 jam yang lalu

    2019 remake

  59. author

    Odin Griffen4 jam yang lalu

    my PC is old and barely runs DS1 properly. i use it for emualtion of all consoles up to the ps3 in terms of games. i do own hardcopies of all the games and own all the consoles, but most stay in a box on a shelf lol

  60. author

    Lynx4 jam yang lalu

    Wish i had a store like this here

  61. author

    Tek834 jam yang lalu

    Now lets talk about Games / Apps usage. For me it's 99% games 1% apps - so Intel wins. Could be true for most people. What upsets me is AMDs binning process. They picked all good CPUs and left everything below 3950x with shitty quality. 3600, 3700x, 3800x, 3900x can't even reach their advertised clock speeds.... and you cheer to that scam?

  62. author

    Altered Serenity4 jam yang lalu

    "Why would you ship a system with front IO USB 2 connectors in 2018" Why would you ship a system with PS2 connectors 2018...

  63. author

    Montisaquadeis4 jam yang lalu

    My i5 3570k is perfectly fine for 1080p@60 gaming BUT chokes on streaming newer/heavier games and thus the only reason I feel like upgrading to the new 3700x to replace it.

  64. author

    McYeetson4 jam yang lalu

    Actually the 2600 with 1660 probably doesn't even need an oc.. So I'm just going to leave it to preserve its life

  65. author

    bofomofo4 jam yang lalu

    I think that if you're looking for a cheap laptop you should look what Lenovo and Acer are offering.

  66. author

    keith watkinson4 jam yang lalu

    Dont you take any notice of them Linus we love you from the uk.

  67. author

    eloiseslimery4 jam yang lalu

    Can I connect a xbox

  68. author

    John Ryan4 jam yang lalu

    Now you can easily get $5624 without any trouble what you need through this link:

  69. author

    Riyamu4 jam yang lalu

    I'm just waiting for the prices of intel to drop, and also for amd to make better gpu's than nvidia that will eventually lower the price

  70. author

    Brandon B4 jam yang lalu

    Wait what ford is considered a sports car lmao

  71. author

    Dan Ortiz4 jam yang lalu

    I like this format, next one, get 3 pro players for each team and let them compete with the pc that each team build. that would be SICK!!

  72. author

    aranphor4 jam yang lalu

    I use my PC for gaming and as a home recording studio. 16 is a minimum and I just went to 32 on my latest build. MUST HAVE. Beside ram right now is dirt cheap.

  73. author

    Saltiinutz4 jam yang lalu

    Why isn't linus moving 43;20

  74. author

    Johannes4 jam yang lalu

    Linus: 512Gb is my magic number... Me: What? I've got 2.5Tb in my laptop. And everything on my pc, which has 6TB of storage.

  75. author

    Cameron Bean4 jam yang lalu

    Broom Replaces Linus... "Brinus"

  76. author

    pr0xZen4 jam yang lalu

    There's a whole lotta people out there that has been desperately holding in to 4-5-6 year old phones, because anything on the market today is too big for them. Not neccessarily in use, but for carry. This offers a smaller form factor, without resorting to a stoneage phone that hasn't got even a security update since 2014 and you can't get a new battery for, or going with a crappy $15 dumb burner'esque phone.

  77. author

    Simpson4 jam yang lalu

    please never do this call in thing again.

  78. author

    Peter Desrosier4 jam yang lalu

    I mean, they still hold the we are about to enter 2020. Just purchased mine!

  79. author

    Massirito Qokaj4 jam yang lalu

    Linus you have to check this , is even possible ??

  80. author

    Jay Zee4 jam yang lalu

    Didnt even know they still made those horrible Chrome books lol

  81. author

    EndCSline 04 jam yang lalu

    the definition of portable desktop..

  82. author

    gerv554 jam yang lalu

    Chris has quantum leaped from 1922 to be here today.

  83. author

    Arashk Mahshidfar4 jam yang lalu

    What do you mean?! My lenovo Z50 laptop with an i7 4510U 2.00 GHz and GeForce 840m with no setup is bad?!?!

  84. author

    titanium12284 jam yang lalu

    Soon will have turn signals on our chairs if u swing left itll blink left. New models will reverse lights.

  85. author

    rulleh4 jam yang lalu

    Rooting for you AMD to knock Nvidia back down to size too. Their price gouging has gone on too long.

  86. author

    FUBAR 004 jam yang lalu

    43:21 FSP case looks alot like the walmart overpower case lolz

  87. author

    Jan Willem de Geest4 jam yang lalu

    Sheesj apparently microsoft is NOT ready for 8k :|

  88. author

    crush dino4 jam yang lalu

    I thought he was gona say "speaking of unplanned.... I'm gona be a dad!"

  89. author

    FarmMiner4 jam yang lalu

    AMD be like: What competition?

  90. author

    Idos 2024 jam yang lalu

    Does anyone realise that Linus has a whatsapp shortcut on his desktop...

  91. author

    BartholomewJS4 jam yang lalu

    Discord is the shittiest cancer among all VoIP software...

  92. author

    Luke Morris4 jam yang lalu

    I think that not having wireless support on a 3000+$ vr pc is a bit of an design oversight, especially if it’s that hard to upgrade for the casual consumer.

  93. author

    HazeCake4 jam yang lalu

    linus please start talking like your coworker

  94. author

    Sreeram S Nair4 jam yang lalu

    Was Andy that Chinese guy who was slim? OMG look at him now!

  95. author

    Arnodude534 jam yang lalu

    I'm serious if anyone right now still chooses an Intel platform over AMD it's either out of not knowing better or out of the same type of fanboyism like Apple customers; that Intel's CPU's must have some non-existing magic around them. How can anyone still opt for Intel right now? What kind of "explanation" do these people have for still preffering Intel??? AMD all the way baby

  96. author

    The Grumpy Englishman4 jam yang lalu

    Was he checking out her ass?

  97. author

    Matheus4 jam yang lalu

    The winner was obviously Windows

  98. author

    pulesjet4 jam yang lalu

    Only those living in the Concrete Jungles will be without Personal Transportation. At the Whims of they're keepers. The Rual Dwellers THE DOERS, Will maintain a means to do so.

  99. author

    Valenwynn4 jam yang lalu


  100. author

    Smoked Messias4 jam yang lalu

    YES! I've been asking for a new scrapyard wars since.. well since the last one I guess! Thanks! - I love these.