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Curry PrawnsCurry Prawns

Curry Prawns

8 bulan yang lalu

Rich Butter CakeRich Butter Cake

Rich Butter Cake

9 bulan yang lalu

Crispy Hot Chicken WingsCrispy Hot Chicken Wings

Crispy Hot Chicken Wings

10 bulan yang lalu

2018 Garlic Harvest2018 Garlic Harvest

2018 Garlic Harvest

Tahun Yang lalu

Taro/Yam RiceTaro/Yam Rice

Taro/Yam Rice

Tahun Yang lalu

Banana Chocolate BreadBanana Chocolate Bread

Banana Chocolate Bread

Tahun Yang lalu

Sweet And Sour FishSweet And Sour Fish

Sweet And Sour Fish

Tahun Yang lalu

Ginger & Scallion SauceGinger & Scallion Sauce

Ginger & Scallion Sauce

2 tahun yang lalu

Mapo Tofu (麻婆豆腐)Mapo Tofu (麻婆豆腐)

Mapo Tofu (麻婆豆腐)

2 tahun yang lalu

  1. author

    Naomi Grace17 jam yang lalu

    😮 ohhhh good idea 💚

  2. author

    Mahmudul Hasan TahsinHari Yang lalu

    We call it 'Bhapa Pitha' in Bangladesh. It's just slightly different here. We don't use banana leaf and instead of palm sugar, we use jaggery made from date juice.

  3. author

    Wey Peng Ho2 hari yang lalu

    My muah chee texture doesn't turn out well....mine is soft and not chewy....

  4. author

    Emmanuel Haankwenda2 hari yang lalu

    Mom: Did you make your noodles Me: Yes Mom: What did it cost Me: The whole week Great video though, i tried it they were really good noodles thanks.

  5. author

    Aisy Fairuz2 hari yang lalu

    Why I can’t get my dough smooth? I means it always kinda have holes and bumps when i stretch it. And i keep knead it but it doesn’t get smooth

  6. author

    Shania Kader3 hari yang lalu

    Who saw the glitch at 1:12

  7. author

    Suhaila Shifa3 hari yang lalu

    hi, did u use the egg whites too? wouldn't the egg whites seperate and cook itself into stiff hard eggy parts inside the jam?!

  8. author

    MrKErocks3 hari yang lalu

    So a sweet mayo without mustard.

  9. author

    Human Being4 hari yang lalu

    Easy to follow simple instructions! Thanks! BTW I cringed when you threw away the beautiful broth!

  10. author

    Ted Diey4 hari yang lalu

    What is the song title?

  11. author

    luvjoesong4 hari yang lalu

    Wow... Looks delicious, will definitely give it a try. Can I know how much gram is the chicken? Maybe I will try with 2 chicken leg, the paste slightly reduce and bake in the oven for 35 to 40 mins? Thank you 👍🏻💕🇸🇬😊

  12. author

    Bartolome Jr. Nuñez5 hari yang lalu

    I thought it was onion 🤣

  13. author

    Rashida Khatun5 hari yang lalu

    boring to watch ..😑😖😫

  14. author

    HS Tan5 hari yang lalu

    i use pan mian and it good

  15. author

    vu Phan6 hari yang lalu

    Can we make this with chicken eggs instead? Thanks!

  16. author

    Mariah had a little Lamb6 hari yang lalu

    I made my take on it: Some lemongrass, curry leaves and fry the paste in coconut oil. Replace chicken with battered fish

  17. author

    Sumi Yati6 hari yang lalu

    thank you mom for recipe n i am want to make latter n waithing to have time

  18. author

    Ira Poklan6 hari yang lalu

    i like it when u made it without machine. nice video.

  19. author

    Jenni Lee6 hari yang lalu

    You don't give recipe but only the method to make tart! How much flour, sugar, and egg yolks?

  20. author

    Nick_ P_6 hari yang lalu

    is this a dish or like a dipping sauce? can you keep refrigerated for repeated use or maybe freeze it?? thanks.

  21. author

    kelly tan7 hari yang lalu

    Hi, is the clove edible too?

  22. author

    Esther S7 hari yang lalu

    Thank you!! This was so yummy!

  23. author

    天地一贱7 hari yang lalu

    Can basmuti rice be used?

  24. author

    it me it me7 hari yang lalu

    wow....so delicious...eat with nasi minyak...😋

  25. author

    The Tipsy Cookery7 hari yang lalu

    Great recipe! 😍

  26. author

    لدنيا البهجة8 hari yang lalu

    thanks this recipe is very simple i can do it fast and enjoy ramen

  27. author

    Mrinal Pachani8 hari yang lalu

    This method keep all the wives busy at kitchen. If your wife is lazy, give this task to her.

  28. author

    Mrinal Pachani8 hari yang lalu

    She practiced whole night and I got the chance to have it in breakfast.

  29. author

    BrandNewBoston8 hari yang lalu

    This is scrambled eggs with a little bit of rice! 😂

  30. author

    om ghosh9 hari yang lalu

    No need to boil .. ha ha ha...

  31. author

    Ronney Rendon10 hari yang lalu

    That is a beautiful mortar and pestle, may I ask where you got it from? All the ones I've found are pretty small!

  32. author

    Ronney Rendon10 hari yang lalu

    Mucho Gracias!

  33. author

    Fatema's Cooking School12 hari yang lalu


  34. author

    Connie’s Cooking Channel12 hari yang lalu

    This is a great steak quesadilla recipe video. I will probably use beef stir-fry meat instead of sirloin. Thanks for the easy and quick tutorial.

  35. author

    Jfransss12 hari yang lalu

    In the Philippines it is called Lomi. Very similar and it actually looks the same.

  36. author

    Amy Garza13 hari yang lalu

    Very slick and awesome! Peace and blessings !

  37. author

    Joel Montoya13 hari yang lalu

    So it's really a fajita that looks like a quesadilla.

  38. author

    lingering flowerscent14 hari yang lalu

    I'm making this awesome recipe Wahh I'm hungry and I'm craving some good fried rice~

  39. author

    Saeeda Peerzada15 hari yang lalu

    1:21 *i was like u could have done it without the zip lock*

  40. author

    nesha's vicinity16 hari yang lalu

    yummy, thanks for sharing

  41. author

    Mooi Yap16 hari yang lalu

    Thanks for sharing. Is the filling suitable for curry puffs?

  42. author

    bamboomkin17 hari yang lalu

    This is a good channel and also good recipe. Thank you for the video

  43. author

    Jen Travels18 hari yang lalu

    I want that.

  44. author

    Nok Pipin18 hari yang lalu

    daun pandannya berapa lembar yah kak ?

  45. author

    Methii Yiimii19 hari yang lalu

    Does it work with other milks.

  46. author

    Hahay Buhay19 hari yang lalu

    thank you for the recipe, what kind of gloves did you wear? thanks

  47. author

    Mix Nutz N Boltz19 hari yang lalu

    that is so cool to watch. definitely gonna make it home made now

  48. author

    Z Ukein19 hari yang lalu

    How to store it for months and months

  49. author

    Cassy Ng19 hari yang lalu

    I got lazy 😂😂😂 while kneading the dough

  50. author

    Rachael Tiow20 hari yang lalu

    Hi there. Is there a substitute for mackerel? :) Thank you.

  51. author

    SK Ng21 hari yang lalu

    This is how my mum made!

  52. author

    Vidath Akalanka Wijayapala22 hari yang lalu

    Wow it's really nice💟💟💟

  53. author

    luvjoesong23 hari yang lalu

    Hi, I already have readymade sambal made from dried chillies paste, onion, garlic, shallots, salt & sugar. Do I still need to add belacan & tamarind solution for this recipe?

  54. author

    Remya Samla23 hari yang lalu


  55. author

    Cat Meow24 hari yang lalu

    Jimin got no jams

  56. author

    linamartins1924 hari yang lalu

    Thanks so much for this recipe. You are the best. Regards from Portugal Lina

  57. author

    Zen Williams24 hari yang lalu

    Do you have to use duck eggs

  58. author

    2019 รักประเทศไทย PC26 hari yang lalu


  59. author

    Sadhana Nagindas27 hari yang lalu

    Is there anyway u can replace the eggs?

  60. author

    Jamie Hendrickson27 hari yang lalu

    How do you determine whether you'll end up with firm or medium-firm tofu? I have a recipe that specifically calls for medium-firm and neither silken or firm would work.

  61. author

    Gagandeep Singh27 hari yang lalu

    Let the dough rest and eat noodles in the restaurant ...

  62. author

    David Cockerill27 hari yang lalu

    Excellent, but eat the trimmings, no waste then.

  63. author

    captain teamtitans27 hari yang lalu

    it is obvious that you should start with a non-stick wok. try cooking this dish several times, I am sure you will improve. good try though

  64. author

    marelyhanh morpz28 hari yang lalu


  65. author

    Joenathan Stan29 hari yang lalu

    Thank you

  66. author

    Canadian Brewing ChannelBulan Yang lalu

    Thank you!

  67. author

    Lucille MauricioBulan Yang lalu

    Can i use chicken eggs too?

  68. author

    Elvin TaiBulan Yang lalu

    Can put in the fridge for how long ya?

  69. author

    Norm EstitsBulan Yang lalu


  70. author

    M MramBulan Yang lalu

    Thank You! For sharing your recipe and the link to making the fish 🐠 paste, which I just watched. Delicious 😋 😋

  71. author

    Mayuri BarapatreBulan Yang lalu

    It needs lots of patience man!😕

  72. author

    Suparna DasBulan Yang lalu

    can i make this with out fish sauce?

  73. author

    Fredes SalvadoraBulan Yang lalu

    This is the perfect how to make spring rolls skin.

  74. author

    Mahesh SkyzzBulan Yang lalu

    For those eggs not from refrigerator. 8 mins is perfect!! For 4 eggs

  75. author


    idreporter.net/v/video-KDIJYmxZsvo.html&feature=share here pumpkin bread recipes

  76. author

    microsat2Bulan Yang lalu

    can the fish meatball float in cold water?

  77. author

    pucrobBulan Yang lalu

    I normally make cheddar jalapeño no knead bread in the shape of a baguette, but I like these pin wheels better for antipasto.

  78. author

    sujatha SaikumarBulan Yang lalu

    It will become a restless dough

  79. author

    anri44444 k0Bulan Yang lalu

    So simple, thank you

  80. author

    Nia MisniaBulan Yang lalu

    I cooking this already when i stay on singapore that good,but to much work

  81. author

    An Odd UserBulan Yang lalu

    What's the difference between galangal, turmeric and ginger??? They all look the same, is just using one of them fine?

  82. author

    nagwagi2000Bulan Yang lalu


  83. author

    GrapheneBulan Yang lalu

    Question:. What about a fish stock or dashi stock. Was this flavorful? I like your fishball recipe, but this may need a little more umami, no?

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    Truthfears GuiltyBulan Yang lalu

    looks delicous but a lotta work.

  85. author

    Iqbal FaizBulan Yang lalu

    Gonna try this. Thanks!

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    Ama gagaBulan Yang lalu

    I just got confused how many times she put back and forth in that poor ziplock, need lots of patience to watch this video..... anyway at the looks beautiful but I am not going to make it.. I will go my way with same results 😜

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    megBulan Yang lalu

    Hi. Over at this page idreporter.net/v/video-dTtSRBi5d3o.html the video look exactly like yours? Is this another of your channel?

  88. author

    TENISH RAOBulan Yang lalu

    Bodok sial

  89. author

    Ryan BriggsBulan Yang lalu

    Beat the dough not torture it

  90. author

    CONTACT JOYBulan Yang lalu

    This method of mixing the water and flour and the resultant gooey dough is exactly the way my Filipina sister-in-law taught me to make Philippine LUMPIA WRAPPERS! Even stretching the dough, grasping a ball of it and swirling it against the bottom of the skillet is EXACTLY the way I was taught! The filling can be vegetables, meat or a combination and then the LUMPIA is fried golden in a shallow amount of oil. Perfect recipe and method. THANK-YOU very much. I learned this method in 1964, when I was 16 yrs old. Watching this video and hearing the dough slap the bowl brought back many fond memories!

  91. author

    Anjeanette MarieBulan Yang lalu

    What is a good replacement for rice vinegar? Don't have one selling here

  92. author

    Arif JalalBulan Yang lalu

    Nice recepie thanks i v8sited singapore i eat there so i l9ve to watch this recepie

  93. author

    Thayalan Sundra RajooBulan Yang lalu

    Please please please trim the edges before putting anything on the bread,,you're literally throwing away bits of butter,cucumber,sardine filling that .

  94. author

    All in one channel with microwave recipeBulan Yang lalu

    Nice recipe

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    Rosario SaynoBulan Yang lalu

    Thanks for sharing i try it.. godbless

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    John HoweBulan Yang lalu

    Why is not a longer rest.. my I suggest perhaps 4 days?

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    Dunnia MBulan Yang lalu

    Looks amazing,yummy 😋😋😋😋👌😘😘

  98. author

    Steve RamanBulan Yang lalu

    just excellent

  99. author

    CauliflowerBulan Yang lalu

    Use cold water for better results, it holds more stuffing and doesn't break while steaming.

  100. author

    MBulan Yang lalu

    Can I use more flour instead of corn starch?