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    kurt mcdormanJam Yang lalu

    wher did you find your quick stick hand controls

  2. author

    Aidan WJam Yang lalu

    "Come over, my parents are in Hong Kong."

  3. author

    Aidan WJam Yang lalu

    Next time: Bolivia's Most Dangerous Road.

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    Alexandr BenediktJam Yang lalu

    1:00 i think this was not real capture, i think maybe CGI or something like that ?

  5. author

    Jacob MaszarosJam Yang lalu

    What year are those Mazdas there 😋🔥🔥🔥👌👌👌 as fuck

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    Louis TurnerJam Yang lalu

    And then

  7. author

    Louis TurnerJam Yang lalu

    So hard to watch bad daddy brad. It’s like watching my dad try to be hip but he breaks his hip instead

  8. author

    Louis TurnerJam Yang lalu

    Cleetus stole the idea from you guys! But clit is weird so of course he stole your ideas.

  9. author

    EXTREME LIFE MOSCOW2 jam yang lalu


  10. author

    Zeke Newton2 jam yang lalu

    The demon is more powerful

  11. author

    Андрей Регеша2 jam yang lalu

    Блок - красавчик! Отличный заезд, трасса живописная!:)

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    ZiggiesAquatic Exotics2 jam yang lalu

    Yeah count : 1000000000006

  13. author

    ZiggiesAquatic Exotics2 jam yang lalu

    Yeah ! Lol

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    Umut KÖSE2 jam yang lalu

    08:00 start drift

  15. author

    VINMAD6662 jam yang lalu

    Definitely subscribe ------ U "F" in crazy muther f ers ....... LOVE IT..... STAY SAFE ~~~~ PEACE

  16. author

    Clayton sommerer2 jam yang lalu

    The 13b was not last available in the rx7 til 2002 it was available in the rx8 until 2011 🤷‍♂️

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    Ana isabel Loaiza sanchez3 jam yang lalu


  18. author

    Wil Blackburn3 jam yang lalu

    Who else came here for the sounds?

  19. author

    ron baer3 jam yang lalu

    since rob is a pro now does this mean there will be no more un-professional episodes

  20. author

    Daniel Hodgetts3 jam yang lalu

    ATF fluid works well too massive white clouds definitely not allowed in competition but for science ;) hehe

  21. author

    Anthony Baltodano3 jam yang lalu

    Brad does not give a single fuck about noise, moved that jack so fast And that ad was priceless.

  22. author

    raphael marchand3 jam yang lalu

    Let the tire sit in wd40

  23. author

    Omega team3 jam yang lalu

    Is that a 6rotors?

  24. author

    Jeff Daguro3 jam yang lalu

    rob dahm approved

  25. author

    The Wayward Grape4 jam yang lalu

    Please can you record/upload in at least 1080p 60fps or ideally 4k. 1080p just doesn't do yourselves, the owners or the cars justice.

  26. author

    B Unit4 jam yang lalu

    good show!!!!

  27. author

    KaNe KsVp4 jam yang lalu

    I have that car in need for speed

  28. author

    Alexandr Kadukov5 jam yang lalu

    7:00 jump !

  29. author

    Nebosvod gonzalez6 jam yang lalu

    Bugatti is Doing to Quad Turbo. That's Makes Sense.

  30. author

    Cody7 jam yang lalu


  31. author

    00felixb7 jam yang lalu

    This man must have some serious shoulder muscles driving a race car with one hand on the wheel

  32. author

    hey lets play this7 jam yang lalu

    WTF? How is Heineken racist?

  33. author

    UN-common Sense AUS7 jam yang lalu

    Pac is just a money machine PHIL LAIRD builds and tunes the best rotors in Australia

  34. author

    ISecureLondon8 jam yang lalu

    Kinda clip that you watch every second and don’t skip 👀

  35. author

    Jess B8 jam yang lalu

    Anyone notice the gold xe xf ford falcon up on the hoist?? wonder whats happening with that.

  36. author

    Jess B8 jam yang lalu

    Massive hats off to PAC for keeping the rotary bug alive. I live in Western Australia and its a dream of mine to have PAC built car the quality is second to none.

  37. author

    JK Low8 jam yang lalu


  38. author

    tyler24119 jam yang lalu

    So this is why you had to find a new location. Way to go out with a bang though!

  39. author

    john ramos9 jam yang lalu

    I do feel like he cheated and was spraying . He oddly knew exactly that it was gonna gain 40 hp n then mysteriously knew it was gonna run a 10 . Not to mention them pointing it out

  40. author

    RacecarAndChill10 jam yang lalu

    I want to party with these Aussies

  41. author

    grumpyassoldman grumpy10 jam yang lalu

    can or will he build me a car? best ive seen in years..kinda like a clean rat rod.does he have a channel to fallow? in 10-20 yrs he will be one of the great car builders..

  42. author

    Dirt Track Dave10 jam yang lalu

    16:1 on alcohol!!! Dang

  43. author

    JB GTO11 jam yang lalu

    Why do the LOW IQ RETARDS think they need to use PROFANITY to THINK they sound cool when they actually just sound stupid?

  44. author

    poopy doodooz11 jam yang lalu

    Lol this dude's transmission cost more than my daily driver with brand new tires on it

  45. author

    JB GTO11 jam yang lalu


  46. author

    mrmadmike42711 jam yang lalu

    If say that’s a 787b motor hiding in there

  47. author

    Zach Bowles11 jam yang lalu

    the land down under is the place to be!

  48. author

    bridged13b11 jam yang lalu

    Best episode! When they started the Mazda 6 I could smell the methanol and castor oil, mmmmmm

  49. author

    Joseph Carlson12 jam yang lalu

    George has male Nightelf World of Warcraft hands.

  50. author

    Marc Rossbridge12 jam yang lalu

    Australians all let us rejoice.......

  51. author

    The Car guy91112 jam yang lalu

    Those revs sounded good

  52. author

    ViperDemon6819 Wright12 jam yang lalu

    Gotta get them aussies back to the new burnyard, break it in real proper ;-)

  53. author

    FalconerPhoto12 jam yang lalu

    The truck joined the Me Too Movement after Ken returned to the US.

  54. author

    Wild _Toilet12 jam yang lalu

    I drove a foxbody mustang for the first time back in July or August. I just had my permit but my parents friend was letting me drive it with my dad and my friend for a little and considering I was the only person there other than the owner that drives a manual car (2000 civic 5 speed I bought soon after getting my permit), I wasn’t complaining. Before then I liked the Foxbody but I liked other cars more than it, to me it was just a boxy mustang that looked cool. But immediately I knew why people love these things. The previous owner used it for drag racing so the transmission wasn’t perfect but it had a NOS bottle in the trunk so that was cool. It’s the build up of the power that gets you, it doesn’t even have much power/torque but it’s the noise that consumes you. I couldn’t stop thinking of that Foxbody, that lime green menace to society. So loud the whole neighborhood and surrounding area hated it but god I love it. So cool and violent and loud and ridiculous. It’s like if you could turn a rebellious high school student into a car, that’s what it would be.

  55. author

    Janne Kokko12 jam yang lalu


  56. author

    akeshi Onimuza12 jam yang lalu

    This track Should be wrc special stage in the game

  57. author

    Mark Serna12 jam yang lalu

    Seeing how terrified Hert was in the drag car was amazing

  58. author

    Mauro Villegas13 jam yang lalu

    I wanna meet ken 😔

  59. author

    a3t3a13 jam yang lalu

    1:30 milliseconds of timing to make sure that tire doesn't bump the end of the barrier. Shit could have been lethal

  60. author

    Legendary244213 jam yang lalu

    11:15 the smoke censors the car killing

  61. author

    Heath Eberley13 jam yang lalu


  62. author

    Pill Cosby13 jam yang lalu

    He obviously does it for DALE!

  63. author

    Hilal Yendork13 jam yang lalu

    That’s one of the cleanest cars Iv ever seen!!!!!!!

  64. author

    barra 245t13 jam yang lalu

    Yeah pac performance,if you don't know,now u you know

  65. author

    kineticarbon fpv simoz13 jam yang lalu

    Best episode ever!! Us Aussies love our rotas beyond anyone in the world. Pac is king here when it comes to our beloved Mazda's 😁😁😎😎😎

  66. author

    Ramon Ramos13 jam yang lalu

    They good bot puerto rican are the best in the word

  67. author

    Heath Eberley14 jam yang lalu

    I want you guys to do this more PLEASE!!! this was a sweet vid

  68. author

    Nathan Downs14 jam yang lalu

    All hail Chris Slayer!!!! Such a badass multitalented dude!!!!

  69. author

    Will Cutlip14 jam yang lalu

    What ECU are they using?

  70. author

    Mountain biking with Devin14 jam yang lalu

    Who’s here from forza

  71. author

    scoobee914 jam yang lalu

    Oh man I fucking love that car! First car was a corona mk2. Had a chance at 70 GTO($500). Parents threatened person I was gonna buy it from. So I ended up w/ 1000# toyota. Toyota used to start body style on corolla platform then it would become celica/supra, pretty smart. 1900cc raw screaming hemispherical fury (8rc), god what a fun little car. Years later I had a datsun 510 that was very similar in that it was like a pop can with a high reving engine. So much fun. Also its a testament to that car that my brother and 2 sisters all bought toyotas after watching me torture that car for years.

  72. author

    Yushan Chen14 jam yang lalu

    I envision chairslayer having a global company supplying hand control systems not just for cars

  73. author

    Zed15 jam yang lalu

    +1 Aussie pride

  74. author

    john lally15 jam yang lalu

    looooved this video great work guys!

  75. author

    Let’s go Pat’s 015 jam yang lalu

    Wrong 👎🏼;the best Rotary come from 🇵🇷 P.R 🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🏼🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷

  76. author

    Let’s go Pat’s 015 jam yang lalu


  77. author

    Let’s go Pat’s 015 jam yang lalu


  78. author

    Let’s go Pat’s 015 jam yang lalu


  79. author

    Let’s go Pat’s 015 jam yang lalu


  80. author

    Let’s go Pat’s 015 jam yang lalu

    Wrong 👎🏼🥊the best Rotary come from 🇵🇷 P.R. Baby💪🏼💪🏼🔥🔥

  81. author

    Piotr Paczuski15 jam yang lalu

    Literally the best BM built I've ever seen. So classy, so outstanding, yet not overdone. Kudos.

  82. author

    ProperJimmy15 jam yang lalu

    Honestly one of my favourite episodes ever. Really solid editing to keep a long vid engaging, informative and fun.

  83. author

    Shaun Koger15 jam yang lalu

    Good god almighty that’s a sick build my 260 project will be not on that level that’s for sure lol well done sir 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  84. author

    Infinion 315 jam yang lalu

    damn i got a headache from watching this, the cam shaking n aiming too fast is nausiating

  85. author

    dluffmcgrufflovestostuffmuff Nstuff16 jam yang lalu

    Can you guys put that audio clip on zedge of the turbo chatter please

  86. author

    weezlz16 jam yang lalu

    Bro you guys really got new big ass wheels just to throw spacers behind them. What even is this. Why not get the correct size wheel?

  87. author

    Dark Charizard16 jam yang lalu

    Your neighbours must hate you

  88. author

    Kitbash Customs16 jam yang lalu

    This mans shredded tf outta that place

  89. author

    Michael Oxlong16 jam yang lalu

    2 things, 1 I think you need a bigger lot. 2 get an American made car painted like that... and have it have some real torque.

  90. author

    Muhammad Awis abd Shahadan16 jam yang lalu

    Mantap kan?..

  91. author

    Alberto Reyes16 jam yang lalu

    Where is ur eat protection that you had custom made 🤕

  92. author

    Muhammad Awis abd Shahadan16 jam yang lalu

    kereta ni kena guna bonet depan transparent baru nampak engine dengan jelas...kan?..next

  93. author

    Ja280817 jam yang lalu

    This car is a classic; and I’ve been into and driving Honda’s since 2004

  94. author

    D MD17 jam yang lalu

    Doesn't look cheap! That I know!

  95. author

    ethan Burkholder17 jam yang lalu

    Dude Perfect Panda

  96. author

    Dave lon17 jam yang lalu

    Glad to see Rob killin it in an Lex. Who is going to talk about Hert hammer skills, actin like guy hammerdikin

  97. author

    Court Thompson17 jam yang lalu

    Hope you guys gone down to New Zealand when you where here, if you come for mad Mike's summer bash that would make for some awesome content.

  98. author

    Camel Yamus18 jam yang lalu

    Sos un grosoo.. tenes que entra en la peli.. rapido y furioso 10 la ultima.. 😎

  99. author

    Drunkn18 jam yang lalu

    taking 900 hp pro trucks to get taco is the coolest shit ever

  100. author

    Я Шварцберг18 jam yang lalu

    very danger!!!