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Strictly Dumpling
Strictly Dumpling

I LOVE FOOD!!!! So you have just entered my food universe where I will show you all the best places to eat and some awesome recipes!!!

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    fartzy 13 jam yang lalu

    nobody: Mike: you know what would go good with this broth

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    Leah Mulholland3 jam yang lalu

    This is the channel I watch when I've had a bad day. It always cheers me up.

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    John Wong3 jam yang lalu


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    Dregs Pan3 jam yang lalu


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    Faizur Rafi3 jam yang lalu

    Hey Mickey! I have been watching your videos for a long time now. Love from Bangladesh :)

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    Dj Zombie Queen3 jam yang lalu

    I freaking love pizza a lot

  7. author

    Dj Zombie Queen3 jam yang lalu

    I freaking love pizza a lot

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    William Baker3 jam yang lalu


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    Sara M3 jam yang lalu

    ******BEWARE*********** Don’t watch this if you’re hungry.

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    Lucy Honeychurch3 jam yang lalu

    Non Entree Desserts Cafe has closed down in October.

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    SaigonSon4 jam yang lalu

    Mike needs to chill out with the chilis lol

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    Jamey Smith4 jam yang lalu

    That's a huge plate of stockpot bones for 20 bucks. They gotcha buddy

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    Albert Einstein4 jam yang lalu

    I asked for a little extra spice on my food in a thai place and it became eye watering

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    JD Rome4 jam yang lalu

    You should’ve chewed more. Chewing is the first step of digesting and help you eat more in the end

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    JD Rome4 jam yang lalu

    So how much is this bowl? Can’t be more than 25 bucks surely

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    JD Rome4 jam yang lalu

    Tbh I’ve eaten similar masses of food and you even got a lot of liquid to wash it down. Easy. Someone pay me the flying ticket to get there and I’ll destroy it 😂 Might need an hour though, I get why they give you 50mins

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    Darkwolfy4 jam yang lalu


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    Dillon August5 jam yang lalu

    Looked gross af.

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    Justin Dai5 jam yang lalu

    anyone realized that this is the second place for the worth it ramen episode

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    Matthew Thomas5 jam yang lalu

    ShamWow Guy

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    Dana Bickelman5 jam yang lalu

    What is the song in the intro of the video? I love it!

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    Sea Pea5 jam yang lalu

    Where is the North Carolina BBQ review?

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    dbsommers15 jam yang lalu

    Too bad you had to go to Philly for this :).

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    Rocket 55 jam yang lalu

    Stop that I am crying 😢

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    Rancho GAO5 jam yang lalu

    I am so impressed that you know our Youtiao~

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    Jocelyn Talens6 jam yang lalu

    what's the name of this buffet nd where in the phils

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    BlueBird06066 jam yang lalu

    I’m lucky enough that my mom makes this whenever I ask!!! I have eaten so many different types biryanis in my life that I can say this without a shred of a doubt! I was in Medina, Saudi Arabia this past January. There was this low key restaurant and had one of the if not the BEST biryanis I have ever had the privilege to eat. I still dream of it.

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    D McElveen6 jam yang lalu

    That steak...I could feel how good it tasted for him throughout my very hungry core of being.

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    Bely Reyes6 jam yang lalu

    I have a few pairs of chopsticks, but my favorite ones are the Korean set I have, they are super hygienist, and the spoon it is so convenient too. However, to eat sushi I have a Japanese set that is very pointed and is made out of wood.

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    Angelic Encarnacion6 jam yang lalu

    “A shoft shiver sheet” i hate when he adds “sh” to the beginning of every word when he eats

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    CHIGGA6 jam yang lalu

    feel like only virgins watch this man, we hungry for food

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    Aoi Y.6 jam yang lalu

    Damn baby I thought you were getting breakfast!! I want 6 onigiri and make sure it's spicy I made hot oil for even more kick~

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    Vicy Cross6 jam yang lalu

    Liking this video for the unimpressed waitress lurking in the background for most of the shots LOLOL

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    Joe Polchlopek6 jam yang lalu

    Food porn! :) OK, I can't take it any more. That looks so fantastic!

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    Joe Polchlopek6 jam yang lalu

    Looks fantastic! I hate you for making me so hungry! :) I'm new to this channel - WTF is Mary?

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    Bridget Turner6 jam yang lalu

    u should make ur own hot oil, and i surprised u dont carry hotoil with u... lol

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    Allen Lau6 jam yang lalu

    You know you are from the US when you dont eat the skin and you tried to pick up rice with fork

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    CHIGGA6 jam yang lalu

    those dont look like monks

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    Gambilo36 jam yang lalu

    Your Rice is nice and organised

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    pejman savejblagee6 jam yang lalu

    Love ur videos !!!

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    paul yang6 jam yang lalu

    Brunch you say lol.

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    Maria Mateus6 jam yang lalu

    i have watched this video so many times, and i always act surprise every time

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    dank bread6 jam yang lalu

    Sounds like Cambodian people I'm not being racist I'm Cambodian

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    James Sanders6 jam yang lalu

    I’m full just watching you! Love the show!

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    Harbinger55816 jam yang lalu

    I need to find someone who talks to me like how Mikey talks to his food

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    11keithan7 jam yang lalu

    Hi if u you go to Toronto to get poutine u got to go to the street food trucks by city hall best poutine in the city

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    Don7207 jam yang lalu

    The buffe, should give u a referral link.. How many people wanna come because of u.. maybe a e-coupon??

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    Bridget Turner7 jam yang lalu

    i like the dudes in the back that keep on peeking into ur peek a boo... lol

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    Wonder Whoah!Mom!7 jam yang lalu

    Thumbnail made me think of Jackie chan

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    Gogeta-sama Technical Anime Nerd7 jam yang lalu

    Rainfisj goku

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    Ty Thompson7 jam yang lalu

    Me sees strict dumpling video also me well better grab my food

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    Joan Rath7 jam yang lalu

    I have a set of stainless steel chinese chopsticks from the asian market.I love them.handi N easy to clean when out an about.

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    Reuben Aaron de Lima7 jam yang lalu

    Bro you made my mouth watery 😫😭

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    Denise Pan7 jam yang lalu

    Oh my! I pass by that fancy looking/ancient looking hot pot place before! Lol! I was very curious by the interior and exterior :O Looks so good MIKEY! I gotta go try this with my family or friends! 😍

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    sparky109017 jam yang lalu

    They sell all of these on Amazon!

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    Marilou Devaras TV7 jam yang lalu

    I want to know what restaurant is this? The food is amazing 😉 👍❤️🥂

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    BIG HUNGRY8 jam yang lalu

    Round rock donuts are the bomb, but I damn sure wouldn’t be eating donuts before eating Franklin’s bbq. I fast the day before going to Franklin’s.

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    Lori Marie8 jam yang lalu

    What is your favorite hot oil, is it usually sesame or olive?

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    Denise Pan9 jam yang lalu

    I want to try Mike Chen’s special hotpot sauce!! ❤️

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    Jacob bot9 jam yang lalu

    1 like =1 ramen bowl

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    Asrar Almadar9 jam yang lalu

    401 bowl was the record 😳, are you sure that japanese guy was a human ?

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    Polly Taylor9 jam yang lalu

    Mikey needs to smile more when he isnt stressing about what he's going to eat next or where he's going to eat. You have a really great smile.

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    imthe GUNNER9 jam yang lalu

    Whoever planning to comein India Visit me i will be your guide without any payment.. Insta - @Sanju12m 😉

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    Wikara Gunawan9 jam yang lalu

    In indonesia we use invisible chopsticks

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    sparky109019 jam yang lalu

    That's a medium-boiled egg.

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    SophieUncensored x10 jam yang lalu

    If Mike is not marriage material then I just don't know what is... *give up and puts fork down *

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    greg prescott10 jam yang lalu

    Hey Mike i heard and saw a video that ho chi min city Vietnam (sorry if spelling is off) has a pho burger that you may want to try someday!

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    Ghoulie10 jam yang lalu

    I like this haircut better

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    Brian V.10 jam yang lalu

    wait whaaat you live here now? yasss... do some videos up aurora blvd in shoreline!

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    SophieUncensored x10 jam yang lalu

    Not the right video but who cares I FOUND A HOT POT PLACE IN MANCHESTER UK AND I CAN'T FLICKING WAIT TO TRY IT!!!!!!!!!

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    Ivan Drago10 jam yang lalu


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    Rachel. Dukette11 jam yang lalu

    I love noodles specially pad thai delicious!😋

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    Michael Shih11 jam yang lalu

    Rolling on the floor laughing.

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    Bxüe Møøn11 jam yang lalu

    I would choose Shake Shack, but the only thing that I don't like about their burgers, is there hamburger buns. In my opinion, I think that they are to sweet.

  75. author

    s g11 jam yang lalu

    Aye Mike! Do you sell jackets?

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    natmonster11 jam yang lalu

    the lady at 20:41 looks so sweet and happy :')

  77. author

    Darren Lee11 jam yang lalu

    poseidon is eating his people

  78. author

    clarizjohn11 jam yang lalu

    Formation of a pho baby😂😂😂

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    Jun Sarutobi11 jam yang lalu

    I see that you enjoyed the daing na bangus more than the stuffed milkfish you had, lol those are just the same fish, milkfish=bangus 😁 but it's good to watch and see you enjoying your food, I can almost taste them. Salamat!

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    Jared Giff11 jam yang lalu

    very sickly looking man

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    Jody Archer12 jam yang lalu


  82. author

    Rhys Pascua12 jam yang lalu

    1:19 😨

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    ReadA ynohtna12 jam yang lalu


  84. author

    Mr Wonderful13 jam yang lalu

    Every piece would be medium rare for me looks super delicious

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    Josef Vachuda13 jam yang lalu

    Well, this is really a torture. looks so delicious, and tasty.. This is a food heaven!! I just bite my cellphone...

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    Meepacheep13 jam yang lalu

    I don't dare to go to thailand, lotsa peanuts so i have been told :(

  87. author

    uropy13 jam yang lalu

    The 生煎包 is not steamed by definition. It was meant to taste a bit hard at the bottom. And no hot sauce for 生煎包, only vinegar. I am from Shanghai so I know the right way.

  88. author

    Mason Ren14 jam yang lalu

    I think u think everything is delicious

  89. author

    Torrin Hart14 jam yang lalu

    Me wondering what regular kimchi’s looks like

  90. author

    Dre Eggen14 jam yang lalu

    Why are you ruining that BBQ, by eating it with a fork!!!! All you should need is your hands!!!!

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    Crimsongm •14 jam yang lalu

    How does he eat that much?

  92. author

    TheDrzhivargo14 jam yang lalu

    idk how u talk and eat in front of those ppl lol damn

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    MARIA HARRIS14 jam yang lalu

    What's the name of that food shop where U ate preggo fish, smoked fish, chix skin and wiggly tamago? I tried to read the name of the coffee shop right next to it as the landmark to find that food shop :)

  94. author

    martin goyles14 jam yang lalu

    Is he Asian man?!!!!! Eatin the Texas Brisket?

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    Planet Earth14 jam yang lalu

    sir Aint no bodie Can - reely eated Such a lots OF foods no ways!, pleese Dont not maked NO moor dam vidios on THe youstubes !, ,

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    Pasi Nissinen14 jam yang lalu

    Editing and cutting of the video is too aggressive. Otherwise, nice to see you in Bangkok!

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    tiapet8314 jam yang lalu

    Ok I need to see more of this. My two all time favorite travelers together. Loved it.

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    Mei Lim15 jam yang lalu

    2019 I'm still so amazed by how much you can eat. One bowl of laksa is a whole new meal for me 🤣

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    Lana Adames15 jam yang lalu

    Mike, this was hands down my favorite episode so far. Love you mixing in some history and culture into the day!

  100. author

    David Dinh15 jam yang lalu

    Dude! I want to go to Japan just to eat at this restaurant. My mouth is watering up.