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Welcome to my channel! I'm Tia Bhatia, and oh boy do I have many personal stories to tell you. I was adopted when I was a child, at the age of 4 I knew I wanted to be an actress. By the time I was 16 I started training within film and television. I got a lead role in the first thing I ever auditioned for. It was a movie called Dr. Cabbie that released in theatres. Then I got the opportunity to act as another lead in a film directed by Oscar nominated Deepa Mehta. Acting is my passion and I continue to audition and train with full force. Aside from acting, I was surrounded by many friends who were in the youtube world. So I released my video in 2016, and since then I have fallen in love with this platform. My channel is made up of skits, my life stories, and dances. The one thing I love about my channel is that it caters to any age group. So come and be a part of my family, join me on this journey. I find myself entertaining, and I know you will too!

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My Family House Tour

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    Rise AND Shine.38 menit yang lalu

    Everyone : Riya and Tia are so beautiful Dan : _exqueese me_ Edit: OMG THANK YOU FOR 1 LIKE!💞💞 *never mind it was just me...*

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    ArtdhananjayJam Yang lalu

    You are so talented! Great

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    Blessed beautiful family. 😍

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    ColoursoftheWorld3 jam yang lalu

    I came across your youtube videos a few months ago and recently started watching your videos from the beginning. It was meant to be as I am back at the start. I went through the same experience when I was 16 too and I just didn't know how to handle everything. I went from being a super skinny girl to feeling body-conscious and looking at other people and wondering where the weight went when they ate whatever. I was really hard on myself. I felt uncomfortable and stopped dressing in fashionable western clothes and instead covered up more. I let a part of me go, I thought I'd dress like myself when I lose weight in the future because I felt that whatever I did didn't work out for me. At 21, I also started to discover myself and learned to love myself. I'm on my weight loss journey of making slowing progress of working out and eating healthy. Thank you for posting this video.

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    Shrish Singh4 jam yang lalu

    Congrats.. U did it

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    Prerana Sharma4 jam yang lalu

    I dnt know why di but i really really love you❤❤🙃

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    My friend is Shantoya we are really really close

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    Hey Tia your parents are real life hero's.

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    Hellloooo.... Love from indonesia💞❤

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    Ağzım açık izledim

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    u reminds me alot of CL 2NE1

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    She seems to have a really sweet heart and very kind! It’s really difficult to find people like her now days

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    The ECHO you make with the voice in that house though

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    Youy video is excellent but it's fact or it's our tradition every mom did this things but remember these thing make our family more unique than English families we should be proud our mom

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    Ms.Lucy LeivaHari Yang lalu

    Wow. I have two kids,most of the times I miss a lot of their school events because I'm always sick. Taking pain medication everyday. Has a mom I know that she feels bad cause she cant be there for you a lot,but when you have the family's love that is something that helps. Your dad is such an angel same as your mom. Blessings to your family.

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    Your mom is so beautiful and from inside and outside. Your are blessed with a great parents. 🙂

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    Tia and Riya have the same sounds

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