- Counting to 100k
- Counting to 200k
- Reading the Dictionary
- Watching Dance Till You're Dead For 10 Hours
- Reading Bee Movie Script
- Reading Longest English Word
- Watching Paint Dry
- Ubering Across America
- Watching It's Every Day Bro For 10 Hours
- Saying Logan Paul 100k Times

*Do not email me asking for money, YOU WILL BE IGNORED AND BLOCKED.

20,000 Magnets Vs A Car20,000 Magnets Vs A Car

20,000 Magnets Vs A Car

8 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    Victor Liljeberg13 menit yang lalu

    <3 mrbeast

  2. author

    Flowz13 menit yang lalu

    Yo I’m a youtuber with over 19k subs and I would love to help you plant trees 😁

  3. author

    Levi ZxZ13 menit yang lalu

    Him 300k in 10 hours Me 3-4 likes in 10 hours

  4. author

    Briana McQuay13 menit yang lalu

    Did anyone else notice one of chalders eyes were bigger than the other?

  5. author

    Jennifer Swimmer13 menit yang lalu

    Tell “vlog squad”

  6. author

    Arcade Laur13 menit yang lalu

    Scientists:we will die til 2050 MrBeast and da boyz:Hold ma beer!

  7. author

    JAYKAY kumul13 menit yang lalu

    Chandler is beat by a caterpillar 😂

  8. author

    Jude Gasim13 menit yang lalu

    Go to Area 51 in that tank

  9. author

    Shayne MarcusVeVo13 menit yang lalu

    I love Mr Beast

  10. author

    Sketchy Doodles13 menit yang lalu


  11. author

    David Brackett13 menit yang lalu

    Last to leave chocolate milk bath

  12. author

    Trippy Tripp13 menit yang lalu

    I mean... I'm a brand new IDreporterr.... But I would help you plant trees!!!

  13. author

    Genorisity GT13 menit yang lalu

    Reminder : pewdiepie dared you to fill your pool with g fuel

  14. author

    JustBBA13 menit yang lalu

    Legend says that MrBeast replies to random comments ...

  15. author

    Jordan Reddy13 menit yang lalu

    turns into a wrong turn movie lol

  16. author

    Dynasity13 menit yang lalu

    It’s dude perfect all over again

  17. author

    Subashini Kannan14 menit yang lalu

    India is the best

  18. author

    Kiwi_9114 menit yang lalu

    why didn't it burn down

  19. author

    Dan Surf14 menit yang lalu

    Could you do 24 hours on the side of a mountain. So climb up then set up some portaledges

  20. author

    Jennifer Swimmer14 menit yang lalu

    Send it to Jenna and julien

  21. author

    Animator Mike14 menit yang lalu

    Spend 24 hours in the north pole!!!

  22. author

    HippieHorseLover14 menit yang lalu

    Hippie a$$ tree-plantin' hero. A firm handshake & a nod to you!

  23. author

    CJ Cavana14 menit yang lalu


  24. author

    VORT_THAMEMES IDK14 menit yang lalu

    Where’s Area 51

  25. author

    Bony don’t Likes socks14 menit yang lalu

    Who ever plants mote trees gets stuff

  26. author

    Liam14 menit yang lalu

    They went here because they didn't want to raid area 51 XD (just a joke)

  27. author

    ᴠᴇʟᴏᴄɪᴛʏ14 menit yang lalu

    My staring was 2:29

  28. author

    Jennifer Swimmer14 menit yang lalu

    I love you mr beast

  29. author

    CJ Cavana14 menit yang lalu

    In the UK

  30. author

    destiny love14 menit yang lalu

    Mr beast planning to grow tress this October....he should have his team dispatch in different countries and ask fans for help

  31. author

    Obito Uchiha14 menit yang lalu

    Lets plant trees on the moon .

  32. author

    comocosplay //youtube//15 menit yang lalu


  33. author

    Hans Wurst15 menit yang lalu

    12:28 What about the Trash right behind you Faker?!

  34. author

    Ayub Yusof15 menit yang lalu

    Do you want to hear a joke... Christ mosturise

  35. author

    Diego Saul15 menit yang lalu

    Chandler asked for a weapon for a damn reason

  36. author

    Thomas Cordero15 menit yang lalu

    I was watching late and when I saw the millipede, I swear I felt something on me

  37. author

    Hasbro killed me to sell new toys15 menit yang lalu

    Never knew that mr.beast and the boys collaborated with primitive technology

  38. author

    Dan Melody15 menit yang lalu

    *Half my bag is first aid* *night comes and they don't have a house*

  39. author

    I Want People to be Whooshed15 menit yang lalu

    "We are gonna survive only with the stuff in our bag" The stuff in bag *literally more than in my entire house*

  40. author

    Laurent leighton pilapil15 menit yang lalu

    hehe 0:09

  41. author

    Domenik bauers15 menit yang lalu

    3:50 LMFAO! Someone make that go viral haha!

  42. author

    Atte16 menit yang lalu

    Chandler is such a loser he probably got bitten by a mosquito and thought he was poisoned

  43. author

    BaN slikmh16 menit yang lalu

    I wonder if morgz will copy this XD

  44. author

    Adrian Fonseca16 menit yang lalu


  45. author

    Luckyest16 menit yang lalu

    Why weren't you at the Area 51 Raid?

  46. author

    Callie_. Spence16 menit yang lalu

    Kevin Hart

  47. author

    wizinca16 menit yang lalu

    i am subed so you cant kick me

  48. author

    keneki playzroblox16 menit yang lalu

    6:09 pause it . Who is that guy?

  49. author

    Travis Mccarty16 menit yang lalu

    Ok I got friend requests on Facebook from mr beast

  50. author

    Tony Kyz16 menit yang lalu

    I am a IDreporterr with 14k subs

  51. author

    Αρρωστος16 menit yang lalu

    +1 to make mr beast the first president of earth

  52. author

    That_Random_Queen17 menit yang lalu

    Nearly every tittle of mrs beast at the end is for 24hours

  53. author

    Demon Axes17 menit yang lalu

    “A log to the face would hurt” -MrBeast

  54. author

    slayls17 menit yang lalu

    I want to help grow trees

  55. author

    Aussie Boys17 menit yang lalu

    Mrbeast hurry up and take all the money that you made from this vid then delete it before Morgz copy’s it

  56. author

    Samari Allen17 menit yang lalu

    Rip chandler

  57. author

    My Profile Picture is God17 menit yang lalu


  58. author

    Ava Mickovski17 menit yang lalu

    Suzuki inavation excites

  59. author

    GIVE ME RENT?17 menit yang lalu

    Chandlers my spirit animal

  60. author

    RAMI_SR_123 YT17 menit yang lalu

    No one: MrBEAST: “you listen to the ears you get water” -MrBEAST, 2019🇺🇸 👁 👁 Me: I just open the tap to get water dah

  61. author

    Herobrinediamond Panes17 menit yang lalu

    Can we help from Philippines the channel is Batang Hamog TV

  62. author

    Fire Shooter18 menit yang lalu

    Survive in the ocean plssssss

  63. author

    Galaxy Turtle18 menit yang lalu

    Do last to leave treehouse

  64. author

    FlashGaming18 menit yang lalu

    How did somebody else talk on the walkie talkie when mrbeast said it should only be chris and mrbeast?

  65. author

    tula rawat18 menit yang lalu

    What if the purge was real NO LAWS Who would want to bust into area 51

  66. author

    Rencarl Espinosa18 menit yang lalu

    I'm disappointed

  67. author

    Act Of Vengeance18 menit yang lalu

    Karma. You did something good, something good will happen to you.

  68. author

    Rencarl Espinosa18 menit yang lalu

    Are you dumb just circle all around in the equator more than 100× and if you see the country of Asia over 100× then that proves earth is round

  69. author

    Limbo _18 menit yang lalu

    *m i n e c r a f t*

  70. author

    Cedrick Gelicame18 menit yang lalu

    Next plant trees in the amazon rainforest

  71. author

    Josh Wilesmith18 menit yang lalu

    For the Trees!!!!

  72. author

    Owos519 menit yang lalu

    Wow these minecraft texture pack is so releastic

  73. author

    Oh Wow19 menit yang lalu

    Me and the boys

  74. author

    Senne Vangoidsenhoven19 menit yang lalu

    3:46 nice bridge in thé middle of the rainforest 😂

  75. author

    Jayden_ Graham19 menit yang lalu

    Idea: living in a submarine for 24 hours

  76. author

    Leighanna Rutledge19 menit yang lalu

    I wanna plant a treeeeee

  77. author

    chai kiu19 menit yang lalu

    Is this the burned down Amazon Rainforest?🤔

  78. author

    TheiPhonePianist19 menit yang lalu

    man i want money too to fund university tuition fees

  79. author

    Gaming Vortex19 menit yang lalu


  80. author

    Monkey_Joke19 menit yang lalu

    I really do love your challenges but UFD tech needs you more than you need us right now so please go help their son.🙏🙏🙏Still love your vids.

  81. author

    mightywhitey5719 menit yang lalu

    They got that torch for dabs no cap

  82. author

    yeet more yeet19 menit yang lalu

    As you can see I can’t see

  83. author

    Julian Griffiths19 menit yang lalu

    7:15 she’s hot af

  84. author

    Shubh Shah19 menit yang lalu

    Who is here after the 20th

  85. author

    Vika Greenas19 menit yang lalu

    What about the carbon dioxide or something poisoning

  86. author

    colashwood19 menit yang lalu

    Today is my birth day

  87. author

    Felix Mader19 menit yang lalu

    Have you been at area 51?

  88. author

    Zidan Zameer20 menit yang lalu

    Mr beast : this first aid kit is taking up all the space in my bag *Proceeds to yeet it* A few hours later Chandler gets poisoned

  89. author

    Domenik bauers20 menit yang lalu

    They're literally walking through poison ivy no s*** they are itchy

  90. author

    EepisPeepis20 menit yang lalu


  91. author

    Trinco ツ20 menit yang lalu

    0/10 Trees didnt speak vietnamese

  92. author

    Ace Boiii20 menit yang lalu

    We should get PEWDIEPIE to get in a challenge!

  93. author

    Noob Wars20 menit yang lalu

    Hi mr beast im noob wars i would love to help

  94. author

    ok really20 menit yang lalu

    You guys definitely got salmonella

  95. author

    Flynn Law20 menit yang lalu

    Morgz gonna have a hard time...

  96. author

    Cj Nj20 menit yang lalu

    Uh 2 days ago it was Sept 20

  97. author

    Matteo Eugster20 menit yang lalu

    AREA 51 RAID 👌

  98. author

    Agent Devil0720 menit yang lalu

    I want to make a difference

  99. author

    Arnavh's Crazy Warehouse21 menit yang lalu

    Yaaaaaas he's doin it!!!! He's gonna plant dem trees!!!!

  100. author

    Cloud Gaming16421 menit yang lalu

    What if your really small youtubers