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    Adam Goncalves7 jam yang lalu

    RIP David Stern former NBA commissioner.

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    karis greg8 jam yang lalu


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    mogucci218 jam yang lalu

    Best Passer Of All Time💯💯

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    Bryan R.8 jam yang lalu

    Years later GP and J Will would win a championship in 2006 with the heat...

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    Jake Doc8 jam yang lalu

    very surprised at how great bucks played, considering they were playing back to back, and the previous game went into over time. bucks are just that damn good i guess

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    Sean Felder8 jam yang lalu

    Kobe and Shaq was one of a kind,3 NBA championships

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    theodore irving8 jam yang lalu

    Warriors just make sure you don’t trade pool ...He’ll be a good leader for the second unit ...All he has to do is drive and kick can’t nobody stop him from getting to his spot

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    zonefromtha9198 jam yang lalu

    So nobody going to say anything about lebitch Lanes only guarding the lil people he was scared to whole zion

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    Kyle Wallace8 jam yang lalu

    These 2 were amazing.

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    panopticonartist8 jam yang lalu

    Looks like jrue holiday had an absolutely shit game

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    Shane Pigg8 jam yang lalu

    if the raps want another championship or even want to beat the bucks they need for one these 3s to fall when are 3 point offense isn't effective we tend to have to drag along through the game while behind 2nd we always have great games against milwaukee trust me i love them these two teams dont hate each other they just both good and well run into each other come playoff time and it would be an epic ecf if these teams make it raps defense has proven to be top 5 and bucks offensive attack is unlike what we've ever seen come playoff time when raps have key players back and bucks wont have to do back-backs it will be great

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    Lost DAoC8 jam yang lalu

    LeBron straight up bullying out there.

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    Isaiah Branford8 jam yang lalu

    Who saw when Ric Flair came on the court?

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    SlendyNative128 jam yang lalu

    7:38 Zions head has to be way over the rim 😳

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    Jonathan Muldrow8 jam yang lalu

    Caruso MVP chant?

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    maurice92938 jam yang lalu

    Stop saying coby dammit! Say white!😂😂

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    ZENIGMATV8 jam yang lalu

    They does Bradly get to start when he’s the weak link. Caruso better!

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    Jonathan Muldrow8 jam yang lalu

    The Zion King was good But The King was great.

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    Tyler Viette8 jam yang lalu

    No one loves and cares for the game of basketball like LeBron does. He shows us once again whos the King. LeBron deserves to be on the NBA logo. Zion is incredible, but the foul calling was a little extra, he should have got around 22-25 pts not no fucking 31-33 off free throws. LeBron went to the night 2 times. The 2 times he went to the line were on AND 1s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give him his fouls, he drops 50 tonight. All of LeBrons points were from the field. All of Zions points were from the stripe. Real ball players see this and know that tonights performance speaks way beyond the 40 cause they are all fucking buckets they aren't free points.

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    Jack Apostol8 jam yang lalu

    What can I say? Mamba out Me: Absolutely out☹️

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    hansome91b8 jam yang lalu

    Lakers Nation.💜💛💜💛 Blessings Family.🙏🙏🙏🙏 Nice Win.💜💛💜💛👍😁

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    Christian Hernandez8 jam yang lalu

    At least Beal is getting paid a lot

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    Jereddy8 jam yang lalu


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    Adam Lapointe8 jam yang lalu

    Lebron getting into playoff mode

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    siva ks8 jam yang lalu

    Would love to see pelicans making into the playoffs ......

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    PennyWhysTV8 jam yang lalu

    No one: Lebron: *AYYEEE*

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    Andisite8 jam yang lalu


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    CARL MOBLEY8 jam yang lalu

    Still stunning that some people think JAMES is overrated.Just a ballhog.STUNNING.

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    Owen Bintang8 jam yang lalu

    Is it steph curry?

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    4T Take0ff8 jam yang lalu

    “The G.0.A.T🐐 vs. Future G.0.A.T🐐”

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    잭콩 R68 jam yang lalu

    What happened to Ja and Celtics WOW

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    rrboss338 jam yang lalu

    Holliday on bron is straight out disrespect to both bron and hollidady what where the pelocans thinking

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    caped crusader8 jam yang lalu

    did Giannis travelled in top 4?

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    Herschel Bacharach8 jam yang lalu

    Where's Caruso's block??!

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    Herschel Bacharach8 jam yang lalu

    Where's Caruso's block??!

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    Falcons/Hawks/Braves Fan Extraordinaire8 jam yang lalu

    Zion didn't guard LeBron? 🤔🤷‍♂️😒 Mr. Dunks and Layups didn't want no smoke with the King 💯😂😂

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    Joshua Bloomfield8 jam yang lalu

    No caruso black on lonzo ? SMH 🤦🏽‍♂️

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    Mark Kyle8 jam yang lalu

    Sad to see jrue gets bullied by lebron

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    Super Fahim8 jam yang lalu

    Can some just fire three referees, the real reason Raptors lost because the referee was calling foul on them for no reason, and when ever Raptors get a foul they only get one free throw but when buck get a foul they 2. That's unfair. When some them crowding Giannis the referee calls a foul but when some of the bucks were crowding Fred Vanvleet the referee didn't call it. Every 5 minutes it always a foul Raptors. In the first half the Raptors was all focused they had good defence and they were in the lead but in the 2nd half they were to mad to play to mad to play because at the referees because for the fouls they were getting for no reason.

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    Disc Golf'r8 jam yang lalu

    Bradley Beal you can score 100 and your stank ass Wizards would still get beat 😆

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    Genes Gene8 jam yang lalu

    He Coby for something.

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    - boobooman4 -8 jam yang lalu

    Damn why he gotta be so washed.

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    Cole Bare8 jam yang lalu

    8:17: Commentator says there are only 9 and 8😂

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    poop boi8 jam yang lalu

    6:12 nice

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    NARONALD JOHNSON8 jam yang lalu

    Fuck the lakers

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    Carlo Gaming8 jam yang lalu

    I dont agree on the top spot. Caruso's block should be the the top spot.

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    Thomas The Dank Engine8 jam yang lalu

    Where's Caruso's block on Lonzo??????

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    M.J. DIESEL8 jam yang lalu

    Better than kawhi...middleton is like pippen now...

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    Qween _OfLuv8 jam yang lalu

    #CreanCity #FearTheDeer #GoBucksGo #22Middleton #34Antetokounmpo #6Bledsoe #11Lopez 💪🏼👏🏼

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    zisis fotis8 jam yang lalu

    Legends Never Die

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    Mark Losabia8 jam yang lalu

    every time he said coby that was like a flash back but in a bulls jersey...

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    De boi Cris8 jam yang lalu

    Im a bucks fun but I love when they play the raptors Bc the raptors never give up like the bucks which always makes it a good match up unlike the lakers giving up when they played in December.

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    Jc Balagot8 jam yang lalu

    if pg stay in okc this team is underrated and one of fear's team in western

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    full sender8 jam yang lalu

    Lebron plays like NBA2k

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    Erik Endres8 jam yang lalu


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    Charlton Gio Prepeña8 jam yang lalu

    Zach Lavine on the number one

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    : Aamir1k8 jam yang lalu

    am i the only one thinking who tf decided to put jrue on lebron 😭

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    SirCharles2468 jam yang lalu

    Bulls team can't close out games.... has happened too many times this season, I believe this is a mentality and confidence issue and that stems from young players with improper coaching... we need to get rid of upper management, this team has potential but will go nowhere with leadership that shows so much weakness and lack of talent.

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    Miguel S8 jam yang lalu

    Tatum the closer for Boston ✌🏽

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    Roberto Barbosa8 jam yang lalu


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    iambey98 jam yang lalu

    The Morris twins both just have a different energy about them selves. Really adds that extra fight to any team.

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    viktor duran8 jam yang lalu

    fakest tough guy of all time.. never once threw his hands.. all bark

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    Jeric Suan8 jam yang lalu

    zo clearly lost his composure after that block by the bald mamba

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    Dante's Chaos8 jam yang lalu

    Lack of size against the bucks and gordon's toes on the line will haunt this team probably

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    Ferguson Hobby Farm8 jam yang lalu

    Zion “added” 29pts! That is one of his best! Pelicans had way too many turn overs!

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    iambey98 jam yang lalu

    Great game, but Danny had a break 3 on 1 with Bron and AD and ummmm. Nvm lol

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    ajpmwな8 jam yang lalu


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    Larvancio Ramos8 jam yang lalu

    Dominique & Kemp were the BIGGEST DUNKERS ever!!!

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    Schuyler Savage8 jam yang lalu

    This isn’t some 28 year old who’s been in his prime for years just having a good month. No. This is a legit mid-season JUMP that Tatum has made. It isn’t a fluke. It isn’t a hot stretch. I don’t know how many more insane games IN A ROW he has to have before people finally switch from “wow he’s GOING to be..” or “wow for 21 he’s SOO...” or “he’s BECOMING an...”. Look No He IS a SUPERSTAR. It’s happened. It just so happened that he made this huge jump mid seaosn as opposed to what we always always see, during the off-season. He’s a top 10 player hands down. Of course you can disagree, and we will all see how he finishes the season, but if you have been watching him since about January 20th until now, game in game out, it’s just clear as day that this dude HAS ARRIVED. Sure, for his age it’s absolute insanity how good he is, but even despite his age, he’s insanely good. Like he’s transcended being great for his age, he’s not great for even an all star. He’s top 10 in the game right now. Yes his career resume might not be, yes his overall season stats might not be( if you look at advanced stats on both ends of the court though you might be surprised...) but ever since he made all star and since kobes passing, he is permanently on another level, and that level is clearly, easily, a top 10 player. He’s the 2nd best player in the East right now, so unless you think the West has 8 guys better than him right now, he’s top 10. Honestly, when this seaosn is said and done, dude might be the best player in the East. Don’t forget, not only is he doing this game in and game out ON BOTH ENDS While leading the celtics to wins over good teams and a 13-4 record the past month plus, but he’s gone up against 3 players considered to be possibly the best in the world at either offense, defense, or both, and he’s clearly been the best player on the court against all of them( and one game he was going against two of them at once). I think what really makes it fair to call him top 10 ever since his leap is that he isn’t just putting up ridiculous scoring numbers, but he’s playing elite defense, and the #1 thing: his team is WINNING. There are so many good players in the league right now, great players, but how many of them, at least over the course of the last 15 games, say you say have been as good as tatum offensively, defensively, and team success wise??? Any?? Definitely not more than 10, that’s for sure. I mean look we got guys like Lillard and Beal dropping 50 spots left and right!! But their teams aren’t winning and while that’s clearly not on them, they aren’t playing great defense themselves to possibly help their teams cause in all areas like Tatum is. Yes I’m personally a fan of Boston and of Tatum, but I was very critical of tatum at times during the first 2 months of the season when I felt that he had been the 3rd best Celtic on the team, and he had had an unacceptable number of poor shooting nights to be taking the most shots on a team with 3 other very capable all star level scorers playing with him. I still loved him as a player, and I knew he was only 21, but I felt that he was getting more hype than his teammates were, teammates who had outperformed him at that point in the season. Lol well, I’m obviously glad that he did whatever he had to do earlier in the season to work and kinks out and get to where he is now, lol, but I’m just making it clear that I’m not just someone who always talks up tatum because he’s one of my favorites. I think we all should be just as critical and analytical when judging our favorite players as we are when judging players we don’t personally support, because that way, when said player is playing fantastic ball, our opinions should be taken more seriously and seen as accurate, as we have tried to remain objective and never manipulated the data to fit a narrative we want to spread about a player we personally support. Tatum is arrived. It’s here. It’s now. He’s down it against anyone who comes to challenge. Also, while it’s ok the celtics lost to the lakers because that game once again proved that Boston is clearly good enough to hang with LA, no matter where the game is played, we all saw how terrible those calls were at the end of the game and I think it’s very likely that if the end of game officiating had gone a little differently, the celtics record would be 14-3 in their last 17 and not 13-4, and Tatum could lay claim to not only outplaying Kawhi, lebron and AD in a 2 week span, but also to playing a crucial role in beating both teams. Oh well, though, that 32 point win a month ago still tastes good enough to get the nasty taste out for that (possibly corrupted) 2 point loss

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    Haroon Usman8 jam yang lalu

    imagine disliking this video

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    Arhoni Jungio8 jam yang lalu

    RIP Kobe

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    Hamilton Massey II8 jam yang lalu

    But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. 1 Thessalonians 4:13‭-‬14 KJV

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    Christian Allen8 jam yang lalu

    I been called this lebron leads the nba in assist so most not gonna be prepared for when he drives especially holiday he didn’t have the size or speed to stop him 💯 this should show most of y’all that just cause lebron getting old he can still have a great scoring game if he wants to

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    Kyle Petruzziello8 jam yang lalu

    These State Farm ads are giving me suicidal thoughts

  75. author

    MC J2J8 jam yang lalu

    8:54 thats some voyage travel. 🤦‍♂️🤣

  76. author

    Elvin Dayana8 jam yang lalu

    Bueno, y es que ahora ya no hay habilidad, creatividad, magia en la NBA? No es posible que las mejores jugadas tengan que ver casi exclusivamente con donqueos!

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    Cole Isaacs8 jam yang lalu

    I got real emotional at the Kobe part 😭

  78. author

    Panahhs 78 jam yang lalu

    eat your cereal

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    LiSAっ子8 jam yang lalu

    carry is tactics!!!!!!

  80. author

    Grega Klar8 jam yang lalu

    I give that question a 9

  81. author

    jtcollins19908 jam yang lalu

    that was gentry's fault why was holiday on lebron so much he was cookin him all game I love it lebron post up hes lowkey unstoppable when he does

  82. author

    Cody Owings8 jam yang lalu


  83. author

    Comedy Bros8 jam yang lalu

    I don't understand Kyle Kuzma. He shows flashes of the player he should be, but for the most part, he's mediocre this year. If he played like he has the past few seasons, boy oh boy, the NBA would be in a world of hurt.

  84. author

    Stalker Hacker8 jam yang lalu

    You can't win over the bucks without kawhi

  85. author

    JuiceMan7978 jam yang lalu

    This video could be updated every game.

  86. author

    Jayson8 jam yang lalu

    Dude! This guy is Houdini with the rock. Major props.

  87. author

    RA JA8 jam yang lalu

    i see a future in pelicanz ingram and zion will be great duos like okc back years

  88. author

    Gold Child8 jam yang lalu

    Lebron put on a CLINIC

  89. author

    Jeremy Ronquillo8 jam yang lalu

    Jrue Holiday is so Lowkey nobody even noticed how Lebron fucking punished him, when hes so supposed to be one of the best defenders in the league.

  90. author

    Jasson Poirier8 jam yang lalu

    Oh boy get ready this is the east finals again. It's going to be great. We will beat you again bucks fans ,but it will be awsome ball.

  91. author

    Lauren G.8 jam yang lalu

    Awesome Game. I Still Miss Kobe

  92. author

    MalleyaBull8 jam yang lalu

    0-0 free throws tatum

  93. author

    elice058 jam yang lalu

    Need them shoes @3:36 Vol. 2 “Lift Off”

  94. author

    Julius Lim8 jam yang lalu

    LeBron es el GOAT

  95. author

    Sandy Beach8 jam yang lalu


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    Richard Cisneros8 jam yang lalu

    Blasfamy when they PUT anyone else above MICHAEL JORDAN, the only one close to him is KOBE BRYANT and that's because he studied M. JORDAN'S MOVES plus his hard work and dedication on the basketball floor 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

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    Mika OW8 jam yang lalu

    6:38 no one gonna think how fast he went on that fastbreak?

  98. author

    Wicked APM8 jam yang lalu

    There's a better lebron dunk in that same game and where's Caruso's block?

  99. author

    337 BootBaby4lyfe8 jam yang lalu

    Coby needs to start you heard the announcers lol

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    Shanaya Taylor8 jam yang lalu

    Let us all acknowledge Theis for a min y’all. He’s making all those guys look good. This the same team they thought was not going anywhere without Al. What a bullet they dodge with Al price tag and the way he’s been playing. Lol. Lastly let’s not ignore the fact that we’re watching Tatum become the next BIG thing in this league