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ELI (2019) ExplainedELI (2019) Explained

ELI (2019) Explained

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11 bulan yang lalu

POOKA! (2018) ExplainedPOOKA! (2018) Explained

POOKA! (2018) Explained

11 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    Blueberry Yoghurt46 menit yang lalu

    This film makes me feel weirdly itchy

  2. author

    Goggandauntiss _55 menit yang lalu

    Sooo, robot Noah’s ark? 🙁

  3. author

    Sean ClarkeJam Yang lalu

    I still don't forgive "Danny" for cutting off Anakin's limbs with his lightsaber!

  4. author

    Shadow-Spider ProductionsJam Yang lalu

    Does the post credit scene reference a super sequel

  5. author

    AnomalyINCJam Yang lalu

    "Quaid, start the reactor..!"

  6. author

    Car SilkJam Yang lalu

    Sometimes I pick a random "whatever" movie so I can multitask, but then I still get completely engrossed in your video. Maybe it's just your delivery, but man it's easy to watch your work.

  7. author

    HesselPowerJam Yang lalu

    5:34 four holes huh

  8. author

    Rett2 jam yang lalu

    I need an ending explained for this Ending Explained.

  9. author

    silverkitsu2 jam yang lalu

    I live in paris .I actually had people asked me if i wanted to play paint ball in the catacombs. This movie made me say no x,)

  10. author

    Alex Walker2 jam yang lalu

    The actor who plays Paul is so underrated

  11. author

    Edward Carnby2 jam yang lalu

    15:39 "Which would take out our satellites after eating through the ozone, and since all satellites are linked, would quickly lead to a massive power loss" Wait, what? Uh, that's doesn't make any sense. Satellites are not in any way necessary for running a power plant. I guarantee you no infrastructure of that nature uses a satellite for basic operating functions, that would be the national equivalent of having a pacemaker that waits for feedback from a remote server on the Internet before sending another electrical pulse to help regulate someone's heart; no engineer would design something like that. I'm not saying your theory is incorrect, maybe the director took a bit of cinematic license, I dunno. But there's definitely no way that crashing satellites would cause a total power outage like you see in this movie, that's a hard no, buddy.

  12. author

    nasrul hazim2 jam yang lalu

    If anybody seeing this in the future. Just wanna let you know that mama was an asshole

  13. author

    Qwerty Uiop2 jam yang lalu

    How many times do you watch a movie before you explain it?

  14. author

    ツknowlesy2 jam yang lalu

    the Babadook is on a whole new levelof creepiness

  15. author

    Ashton Henry3 jam yang lalu

    Anyone else think he kinda looks like the guy from the end of the fxxxing world? The psycho rapist one

  16. author

    Caitlin3 jam yang lalu

    This guy is going to put his back out if he keeps speaking so forcefully

  17. author

    Peppa Pig3 jam yang lalu

    me: not everything can be spooky. stephen: hold my dictionary!

  18. author

    Owli Sketches3 jam yang lalu


  19. author

    Snake_XIX3 jam yang lalu

    Something tells me she's going to be a mommy again

  20. author

    Terese Tomlinson3 jam yang lalu

    Could you do an ending explained of The Purge season 1 t.v. show please?

  21. author

    DNF HUNTER4 jam yang lalu

    Well the end...the moral of the movie is dont lie

  22. author

    the cool amity5 jam yang lalu

    bro I just watched the movie and I went to here just to find out what I just watched like this dude knew it from the start

  23. author

    chris olsen5 jam yang lalu

    The 1% is not conservative

  24. author

    Scruffy Bastardo5 jam yang lalu

    Don't be negative.

  25. author

    Alexia Loaiza5 jam yang lalu

    Can you do a review ok Stoker with Mathew Goode and Mia Wasikowska?

  26. author

    D. Michael Martindale5 jam yang lalu

    Major spoilers can't spoil Alien Covenant. Ridley Scott did that.

  27. author

    Snake_XIX5 jam yang lalu

    lmao the end

  28. author

    bulk_manifesto5 jam yang lalu

    Creeper/moonlight man is one of the scariest thing on a horror movie. I want a separate movie about him.

  29. author

    J Dos5 jam yang lalu

    this movie sucked

  30. author

    David Sanchez6 jam yang lalu

    It’s sweet and weird that the mom helped her daughter become a cam girl again

  31. author

    D. Michael Martindale6 jam yang lalu

    No way is Alien Resurrection the worst of the four. That honor goes to Alien 3.

  32. author

    NUMBUR 1296 jam yang lalu

    Dani is so flipping fine!! 🤣🤣❤❤🤣🤣

  33. author

    Snake_XIX6 jam yang lalu

    You know this is fake because she's a female on facebook without friends

  34. author

    Ashely Lopez6 jam yang lalu

    Good movie 👌 <- *this is not white power* LOL

  35. author

    Some HomlessMan6 jam yang lalu

    Please review the movie “Little Joe” 👌🏼

  36. author

    WtM Idico6 jam yang lalu

    mierda means “shit” in spanish

  37. author

    shasha tarot6 jam yang lalu

    I get nervous being around a bunch of white people lol me too Chris me too ☺ loved this movie

  38. author

    Guillaume Bélanger7 jam yang lalu

    You forgot to mention that the three middle digits on the billboard are 173 (ELI upside down)

  39. author

    DearMink X7 jam yang lalu

    literally just the hollow from terraria.

  40. author

    musicsfan17 jam yang lalu

    So happy I went into this movie having seen 0 spoilers. It was great.

  41. author

    TheHentaiGod7 jam yang lalu

    I just left the theaters, such a good movie.

  42. author

    Peter Van Staden7 jam yang lalu

    You rock dude

  43. author

    Snake_XIX7 jam yang lalu

    Based family

  44. author

    Dad jokes Inc.7 jam yang lalu

    Burn the witch

  45. author

    jacky sun7 jam yang lalu

    This guy living the dream live, runs a bar plays games during the day .

  46. author

    MGamer E7 jam yang lalu

    Fortnite logic: Get high ground Horror movie logic: Get to the ghost, and risk ur life

  47. author

    MGamer E7 jam yang lalu

    Like pls

  48. author

    TheProNoob7 jam yang lalu

    I heard there was a plot hole in this and I couldn’t find it

  49. author

    Snake_XIX7 jam yang lalu

    And then a cow came along

  50. author

    Colin Lai8 jam yang lalu

    Ending explained: Force Ghost I mean Shining Ghost

  51. author

    vantha doun8 jam yang lalu

    I really wish these 3 words were erased from EVERYONE's vocabulary "subvert audience expectations" if a film is lousy then don't make excuses that the audience is too dumb to enjoy it. Don't come up with a philosophical term and say --- I knew what you expected but they I delivered something completely different and fooled you, now you should bow before my greatness and appreciate the film that I gave you instead. Sometimes the audience doesnt appreciate good films, but the other times audiences know what they like, they want to watch a good Star Wars movie with the legacy characters. Rian Johnson subverting audience expectations has caused the new star wars trilogy to go down hill for me. I don't even want to see Rise of Skywalker, let alone Knives Out. I just have a bad feeling in my mouth that this film will try to make itself look too clever for its own good.

  52. author

    Bronco Billy8 jam yang lalu

    I couldn't finish, I hate your voice.

  53. author

    DearMink X8 jam yang lalu

    so if your just really, really tall. Like 8 ft, as there was a 8 ft tall person; You would not be affected by this?

  54. author

    361_. nick8 jam yang lalu

    I dont fucking understand is this shit real?

  55. author

    SierraKobold8 jam yang lalu

    " getting uncomfortable and leaving when questioned about her relationship status, 14 hours on the river" what the hell?

  56. author

    Oliver Fitzsimmons8 jam yang lalu

    Abaddon Hotel? What, was "Satan Inn" too on the nose?

  57. author

    destinedfan8 jam yang lalu

    This movie was really wild to me.

  58. author

    Edward Carnby8 jam yang lalu

    Listening to this synopsis make me feel like the CIA Director at the end of 'Burn After Reading'.

  59. author

    TreeFiddy8 jam yang lalu

    So Creeper is the cousin of Pennywise with a Tesla CyberTruck from 2030, with some mods.

  60. author

    R R8 jam yang lalu

    can you also explain the ending in Ryan Reynold's "The Voices"...?

  61. author

    Alexandre Freitas8 jam yang lalu

    Please review I Saw The Devil (2010)

  62. author

    efnfen8 jam yang lalu

    I came here for Knives Out, not The Last Jedi frothing

  63. author

    Oliver Fitzsimmons8 jam yang lalu

    The big rock is a total grasshole.

  64. author

    Edward Carnby9 jam yang lalu

    I'm starting to really like Pattinson as an actor, he's had some awesome movies in the last few years. 'The Rover' was great and 'Cosmopolis' was weird but had its own charm. Along with this movie he's really starting to prove his skill in the trade.

  65. author

    Ben Clark9 jam yang lalu

    Did this all really happen to them or is it fabricated

  66. author

    Alice Deathbelle9 jam yang lalu

    That ice cream man one makes me so queasy, holy shit

  67. author

    Jacqueline Reece9 jam yang lalu

    I legit broke down and cried at the ending. It was really powerful

  68. author

    Tumey 179 jam yang lalu

    Ocean becan

  69. author

    14Yoshi9 jam yang lalu

    I thought the movie was just starting and then the video ended.

  70. author

    DarkRubberDucky9 jam yang lalu

    This movie maker played Silent Hill 3 a lot. Swallowing a God who is evil? Totes Heather vibes. XD

  71. author

    Mov60019 jam yang lalu

    And what about the scene at the end of the shining, which shows jack on a picture from 1920?

  72. author

    kohl cooke9 jam yang lalu

    I think the main metaphor of the film is more about modern society and less about how old white conservatives suck (though that is definitely an element of it). Marta represents the kind and good hearted immigrant, who the family see as an outsider to an extent and hate for taking the family money even though she earned it (like many racist white people hate immigrants for coming and earning money because for some reason they think it is rightfully theirs). The family represents modern white America, with different factions such as the alt right (lil neo nazi), the racist right (the cheating guy), the hard nosed rich person who doesn't care for politics (Linda, the daughter), the hippie (the dramatic Joni), the well intentioned but easily influenced millennial (Meg college girl), and the just generally good person (Harlan the victim). The death of Harlan represents the end of goodness as conflict divides America. Also, it is mentioned that Harlan bought the house from a "Pakistani guy" referencing native Americans an how they were here before us all but we tend to forget about that. Finally, the climax shows the transition as the population grows more diverse and immigrants are finally accepted, ending the conflict. (Also, please don't assault me for stereotyping, I'm just stating what i saw, and I'm sorry if you don't agree with the politics, that's also just what I observed.)

  73. author

    Der Jude9 jam yang lalu

    Here I am again. Another movie I never seen, but god damn it is this a good channel

  74. author

    efnfen9 jam yang lalu

    why are you so judgmental

  75. author

    XK7Projects10 jam yang lalu

    This movie sounds fucking awesome

  76. author

    Taylor Blaire Causey10 jam yang lalu

    It’s weird she didn’t meet his family until they were married.

  77. author

    im19ice310 jam yang lalu

    damn u stephen and your bedridden victims

  78. author

    Watashi wa baka desu, Watashi no monogatari10 jam yang lalu

    Ik more about the movie from here than the actual movie

  79. author

    eldon Watson10 jam yang lalu

    Missed potential to be a great movie. Changed tone half way through the second act like it was written by two different people. Hot mess of a movie.

  80. author

    Scarlett Hertz10 jam yang lalu

    You should do the Psycho movies

  81. author

    Dominant Persona10 jam yang lalu

    No plot... Good job making it up as you go though

  82. author

    Snake_XIX10 jam yang lalu

    The moonlight man was gay? Steven is suuuuuuch a homophobe!

  83. author

    im19ice310 jam yang lalu

    in the name of everyone probably i'd like to ask: WHAT THE FUCK?

  84. author

    Kingriyaa10 jam yang lalu

    Hair cut ? I though his hair was litterally ina ponytail

  85. author

    B1Slee10 jam yang lalu

    Any normal person would just hand the ducking phone over to authorities.. but I know I know it’s just a damn movie ..

  86. author

    KutWrite10 jam yang lalu

    Liked this. Please stop talking like a 60s AM radio commercial narrator.

  87. author

    M10 jam yang lalu

    Two things: Alex only turns on her after she said she wouldn’t be with him. Since he lost her, he decided to return to his family, as Aunt Helene predicted. He only stabbed her in the shoulder because she squeezed Aunt Helene’s injured hand and it jostled both of them. Edit: With this family, they probably own the local courts and are granted the freedom sign the legally binding marriage certificate after the ceremony. So, she may not legally be a Le Domas.

  88. author

    Jay_ Slayzz10 jam yang lalu

    OMG dude it doesn't have seven more creaters it have two more creatures left.

  89. author

    LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté11 jam yang lalu

    Always call before going over..

  90. author

    pulptarantino11 jam yang lalu

    I got the feeling that by letting everyone leave while standing over them at the end, that she had decided not to help them in anyway. At least that’s what I took from it.

  91. author

    WEEZY SWXNGS11 jam yang lalu

    "dick taught danny about the shining" out of context is funny ash

  92. author

    Karanvir Kooner11 jam yang lalu

    I love the actual ending

  93. author

    jeniel cross11 jam yang lalu


  94. author

    Trading Post11 jam yang lalu

    Just watch the movie & if you still don't understand it then listen to this, if you've not seen the movie then just STFU.

  95. author

    Sinsuki Gaming11 jam yang lalu

    Thanks brah, I was wondering why she decided to make humans go extinct in the movie Liked Subbed 👍🏾 neat vid bruh

  96. author

    Israt Bhuiyan12 jam yang lalu

    Foundflix could be lying his ass off about all of these movies and I'd still never bother using another source

  97. author

    Snake_XIX12 jam yang lalu

    Forgot one simple rule: Don't stand in front of the fucking kill-switch

  98. author

    Tag The Tag12 jam yang lalu

    cover “in fabric”

  99. author

    Damali Dixon12 jam yang lalu

    Although she said that she built her company from the ground up when she received money from her father, I don't think that Jamie Lee Curtis' character was awful. Although it was probably a cell phone, it kind of looked as though Don Johnson had a wad of cash in his hand when his son was being taken by the police.

  100. author

    mally nicole12 jam yang lalu

    me the entire time: _w h a t t h e f u c k_