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Nature: Bear vs. fishNature: Bear vs. fish

Nature: Bear vs. fish

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Alec's missionAlec's mission

Alec's mission

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A model familyA model family

A model family

8 hari yang lalu

Veterans in watercolorVeterans in watercolor

Veterans in watercolor

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Nature: SalmonNature: Salmon

Nature: Salmon

29 hari yang lalu

Heaven sentHeaven sent

Heaven sent

29 hari yang lalu

Nature: Bat swarmNature: Bat swarm

Nature: Bat swarm

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No deeper loveNo deeper love

No deeper love

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The armless archerThe armless archer

The armless archer

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Almanac: S.O.S.Almanac: S.O.S.

Almanac: S.O.S.

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Nature: Spider websNature: Spider webs

Nature: Spider webs

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  1. author

    Christian AlemanMenit Yang lalu

    This world is better because you were in it. God Bless you Ruth Coker Burke. You are an Angel among us.

  2. author

    Nik Del2 menit yang lalu

    All the best for you, Olivia, you're fantastic!

  3. author

    TJ Wilson4 menit yang lalu


  4. author

    moe16110 menit yang lalu

    OMG... she looks gorgeous

  5. author

    40TuberYou13 menit yang lalu

    Dollar Stores sell junk food

  6. author

    Peter Allen13 menit yang lalu

    Mel is the best and so is his lovely late wife,they dont make em like that anymore.

  7. author

    WickedWood0417 menit yang lalu

    OMG that ladies glasses. If you dont know who I am talking about then you have not watched the video.

  8. author

    Mike Cane18 menit yang lalu

    Grocer needs to man up. He should read this:

  9. author

    Sandra Mercado18 menit yang lalu

    Many stores sell the same stuff junk food it’s like cigarettes or alcohol you careless of the price and buy it I’ve been in many 99 cents stores and they sell fruits vegetables too you are the responsable person of your health and buy what you really need and like that’s it 🤔

  10. author

    WickedWood0419 menit yang lalu

    How bad would you feel if you recognized your body when they showed "fat" people but left off the heads.

  11. author

    Tucker Tuenge22 menit yang lalu

    F*ck all merchants of death..... Don’t be hypnotized by low prices people. You get what you pay for... Support local small biz.. The consumer has the ultimate power.

  12. author

    magna czagany25 menit yang lalu

    When Marcello Mastroianni talked about her in a documentary he was in awe of her many years later. When he first came to the US she was asked to take him around and introduce him to people in the business. He remembered this beautiful young girl that spoke fluent Italian to his great surprise. Too bad they never appeared in a film together as far as I know. Miss them both. Somebody should take advantage of Mel Brooks still being around and in control of all his faculties and involve him in directing a film or making long interviews just let him tell his stories. Why don't you ?

  13. author

    Delight27 menit yang lalu

    I just got my blue ray disc of Blazing saddles..I love it so much

  14. author

    Татьяна Ивановна Накалюжная28 menit yang lalu

    Как Иріаір

  15. author

    C.O. JONES28 menit yang lalu

    I don't know about the food but if you are just making it and you have three or four or more kids- What a treat it is to take them to Dollar Tree , to the toy section and say "O K kids,Everyone gets one toy each...." They love that and you know it will cost you only three or four bucks....

  16. author

    Jesse Quinn Harrison30 menit yang lalu

    🧐👍✌️👌 4(A's)+2(B's)+2(C's)+2)D's(+1(E)+4(H's)+1(J)+1(m)+1(O)+5(P's)+4(S's)+3(T's)+2(W's)=THiRT33N L-E-T-T-E-R-S The 33 Phoenix Points of Pride: Ak-Chin Pavilion Arizona Biltmore Arizona Center ASU West Campus Ben Avery Shooting Facility Burton Barr Central Library Camelback Mountain Cutler Plotkin Jewish Heritage Center Deer Valley Rock Art Center Desert Botanical Garden Encanto Park Heard Museum Herberger Theater Center Heritage Square Japanese Friendship Garden Mystery Castle Orpheum Theater Papago Park Hunt’s Tomb Hole-in-the-Rock Phoenix Art Museum Phoenix Mountains Park Phoenix Zoo Pueblo Grande Museum Shemer Art Center and Museum South Mountain Park St. Mary’s Basilica Symphony Hall Talking Stick Resort Arena (Chase Field) Telephone Pioneers of America Park Tovrea Castle Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza Wrigley Mansion ⛩🏜🏢😉

  17. author

    Todd Salkowski31 menit yang lalu

    I just can't believe how sharp and funny Mel Brooks is at 93. Just amazing. His health and mobility is equally impressive. He is living proof that "laughter is the best medicine."

  18. author

    Janet Joiner32 menit yang lalu

    Our son was born with some minor birth defects but didn't affect his life. As he reached his teenage years he was stricken with a scitozphrenia. His father has done nothing to help his son. He has financial means but does nothing. This country does nothing for people affected by a disease that is no different than anything that affects others. I'm glad there are places like Shriners to help people.

  19. author

    Tina Fava33 menit yang lalu

    They are really reaching now. People are going to eat that stuff anyway!

  20. author

    Ash P34 menit yang lalu

    Music in school is so👏 damn 👏 important! 👏

  21. author

    🔴Warped🔴35 menit yang lalu

    Maybe don't live in the middle of nowhere.

  22. author

    Max_Leipzig36 menit yang lalu

    So wie er aktuell aussieht scheint es oft einen Termin beim Schönheitschirurgen gegeben zu haben

  23. author

    Ash P37 menit yang lalu

    Literally I love Lizzo more than I love ANYONE and I don't even know her. I start every single morning with her postive "musical medicine".

  24. author

    Carmela Szymanski38 menit yang lalu

    Live Well Lady..Youre Family is A Blessing..JUST LIKE YOU..🤗💖😽

  25. author

    Double Star39 menit yang lalu

    Mel is a treasure

  26. author

    Michael Schneider46 menit yang lalu

    You can't blame the stores. It's the stupid people who undermine their own health and welfare. You get what you pay for, and you pay for what you get.

  27. author

    Andrzej Sobkowiak49 menit yang lalu

    CIA agent, George Hickey, killed JFK.

  28. author

    O K49 menit yang lalu

    The boomers are mad

  29. author

    direfranchement54 menit yang lalu

    Amazing and a real blessing that he is as sharp as he is at that age.

  30. author

    Believe in Yourself57 menit yang lalu

    Dollar Tree is my go to store for so much.

  31. author

    jnyfumare59 menit yang lalu

    Tom Brady's HOSPITAL PASSES have turned this guy into a near vegetable.

  32. author

    Chuck Willis59 menit yang lalu

    DON'T NEED MORE DOLLAR ANY THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. author

    DRAKKENFIRE22Jam Yang lalu

    Deal or No Deal? Definitely a deal, and the playing field is actually fair. The “negative” impact of dollar stores driving out local businesses and encouraging unhealthy diets is really the fault of the consumer. You have a choice to support your local grocer. There’s no law that requires consumers to shop at a cheaper store. Most major national chains also started as local stores as well. The only difference is that the entrepreneurs were smarter and willing to take financial risks to expand. Like it or not…that’s true progress, and it promotes healthy competition that benefits the consumer. Being able to purchase goods and services at a lower price is always a good deal. For local entrepreneurs who don’t have foresight and are not willing to take risks, they will get left behind without the help of the local community. It’s all about choices. Furthermore, governments need to get out of the business of trying to regulate what people eat. Sugary and processed foods are not healthy, but eating it is a personal choice. If you can drive 20 miles to watch a ball game, why can’t you drive 10 miles to the nearest grocery store? Trying to hinder the freedom of choice will only encourage people to travel to other cites or adjacent states to buy their sugared and processed foods. We are still a free country. Until we decide to surrender our freedoms, stop pushing socialist ideals.

  34. author

    Amy SternheimJam Yang lalu

    If you care about your community BUY LOCAL!! F**king dollar stores are NOT locally owned stores! Dollar store executives only care about their wallets and their mistresses! The "food" at these places seem cheap because we already paid for it in agrobusiness farm subsidies(taxes). To Chet's in Iowa: advertise you ARE local! You live in the community. Your children went to the local schools. You attend a local church, lions club, kiwanis club, etc. I hope you weather this onslaught and your grandchildren continue the business!

  35. author

    Evan LongfellowJam Yang lalu

    I have to say, God works in strange ways.

  36. author

    Cam SJam Yang lalu

    Wow, America is worse than the UK right now!

  37. author

    R GJam Yang lalu

    We all are excited to see your dreams comes true and best wishes to makes our lives easier, faster and brighter.

  38. author

    Shirl YoJam Yang lalu

    Love her and the inspiring.

  39. author

    Tshepo MorapediJam Yang lalu

    I happen to know dolly's music through a programme in Botswana that was called country and western. Even up til now I listen to her songs And of all her songs I like Coat of Many colours coz when you are from a poor family you'd understand what she was talking about

  40. author

    Gary DimaggioJam Yang lalu

    Nothing but a big rip off Dollar general is the worst offender that rips poor people off

  41. author

    Suzy HarthcockJam Yang lalu


  42. author

    John TorrezJam Yang lalu

    Of course the Dollar Tree representative is gonna defend her stores. Doesn’t mean she’s right though. Do you really think people are gonna choose frozen veggies when there’s an even bigger variety of the unhealthy foods to choose from? Only in America.

  43. author

    christian sealandJam Yang lalu

    Typical grocery stores have been robbing the public blind for decades. Good riddance...

  44. author

    postbreakJam Yang lalu

    Imagine thinking the Dollar store is the devil, meanwhile making more money than the people who shop there by about double. When you have no option, Dollar General gives you options. People can't afford or don't live by a grocery store. Walmart, Dollar General, Krogers, they all sell the same crap. All these laws restricting Dollar stores do is cause people to waste more gas to go to another Dollar store.

  45. author

    William FrankJam Yang lalu

    I AM QUITE FOND OF DOLLAR GENERAL a store that understands low income people.....if that pushes old grocers out of business ...well... that is business

  46. author

    Elżbieta EJam Yang lalu

    Chciałabym Cię kiedyś tam - podziwiać.

  47. author

    Heat3YT2Jam Yang lalu

    Everyone who met Hendrix says what a nice person he was.

  48. author

    Daniel LehmanJam Yang lalu

    The baby boomer generation and it's consequences have been a disaster for the human race

  49. author

    Maureen RochaJam Yang lalu

    How can you not love that kid to pieces? Both of my children have had multiple health problems so I feel for his parents and admire so much what a wonderful son they have raised. It’s heart breaking watching your child suffer day after day. They have given him the gift of perspective and the ability to try and look on the brighter side and to know that everything is temporary. This bad day will pass and that bad mood will pass and tomorrow is another fresh start to try again.

  50. author

    Mark MaloneJam Yang lalu

    One of my favorite singers, one of my least favorite political hacks....I pray for her good health though....a legendary singer and talent....

  51. author

    SANDY MILLERJam Yang lalu

    We have the 99 cent only stores(which does not sell everything for 99 cents but they have signs that tell you that) here in the West Coast.... California Nevada etc that sells fresh fruits and vegetables at 99 cents or a little bit more. And can give people a chance to buy fresh produce at good prices. I LOVE THE 99 CENT store!!!!! 😀😀😀😀💛💗💙💚💜!!!

  52. author

    Karen CogsJam Yang lalu

    Comic genius! ❤️❤️

  53. author

    d abdellaJam Yang lalu

    People can really get carried away at dollars stores . I use to ,but then I remembered, cuz I'm old enough. When I was a kid we had five and dime stores. So really what you could buy at them is now a dollar. Dd

  54. author

    Chester IzzyJam Yang lalu

    Is that a guy or female

  55. author

    cwing fungJam Yang lalu

    Rip Carol spinney😢😢

  56. author

    Giant AsparagusJam Yang lalu

    County should force them to carry some produce. If not it shouldnt be hard to subsidize the last lonely town grocery store.. smh Anyone want to start a traveling delivery produce system?

  57. author

    turbulusJam Yang lalu

    these kids are idiots.. GenX seems to have been the last generation with a relatively thick skin

  58. author

    Fulgencio Real CruzJam Yang lalu

    Hadn't seen blazing saddles before till just recently .. and I love it lol that was comedy

  59. author

    Mark PowellJam Yang lalu

    Love. This. Guy.

  60. author

    Ray LoJam Yang lalu

    He's good at basketball, but if his bones are so brittle a sneeze could break a rib then why do they let him crash into wheelchairs on the b-ball court???!!!

  61. author

    M RJam Yang lalu

    All I can say is...WOW

  62. author

    Raven ClawJam Yang lalu

    It is the way the rich can get ride of the poor and make money while doing it!

  63. author

    Jenny Mosley-WuJam Yang lalu

    I never buy food at dollar stores. I usually get greeting cards and school supplies.

  64. author

    Real_Sgt_Tom2 jam yang lalu

    Blazing Saddles couldn't get made today and that's a world that is more sad than funny...

  65. author

    Ray Lo2 jam yang lalu

    His little friend in the bowtie ain't too bad either!

  66. author

    MS 372 jam yang lalu

    The entire town stopped going to the local grocery store to support a dollar store?! Lol.. let them and every other town like that die out

  67. author

    bonzology2 jam yang lalu


  68. author

    volcrazy892 jam yang lalu

    I wish DG would invest more in their market stores. My first job was at a DG Market - a DG that also sells fresh fruits, veggies, eggs and dairy. I live in a small town, but big enough where there are several grocery stores, and I really feel like that would be a great opportunity to put DG Markets in towns where there is nothing else in the way of fresh food and produce. There have been several DGs opened in my area over the last 3-4 years (at least four that I know of), but there is still only the one DG Market. They would be perfect for these areas in this video. Instead, they seem content on opening just the normal DGs.

  69. author

    Dee Dee Winfrey2 jam yang lalu

    Mel Brooks you are my hero.😊❤🌍

  70. author

    Nicol Christopher2 jam yang lalu

    I wonder if they were faithful to each other.

  71. author

    Jethro Dacanay2 jam yang lalu

    I wonder is the interiors really looks quite empty or the estate also decided to sell some of the stuff at that home to christie's in 2004

  72. author

    Dennis Snider2 jam yang lalu

    No one goes to dollar stores to eat healthy

  73. author

    Terry Rude2 jam yang lalu

    See!! BS!!

  74. author

    H Kay2 jam yang lalu

    '' I went _too far_ with the N word ''

  75. author

    Dennis Snider2 jam yang lalu

    5:53 that woman stole The old guy from six flags glasses. 😂

  76. author

    John Lee2 jam yang lalu

    Rheingold is NOT a good beer.

  77. author

    Laurice2 jam yang lalu

    I admire the strength and resilience of those patients and families living with this disease. There’s promising research, but for now laughter seems to be the best medicine. It’s still sad because for now there’s no cure.😔

  78. author

    Zachary Wissinger2 jam yang lalu

    He’s a good salesman, 900+ for the Clipper. That’s a base model, can’t even upgrade him to a Sterling 5A Series.

  79. author

    Kawy Thowy2 jam yang lalu

    This a sickness. My brother hoards like this. And has NO idea he’s doing it. And it’s all junk. Literally junk. Sad.

  80. author

    Jess Stuart2 jam yang lalu

    I wish they would have gone into more technical detail on how the timing information is encoded on the GPS signals, and what kind of location resolution the GPS III system will provide.

  81. author

    A.B.Pride.122 jam yang lalu

    White is a color, therefore white people, are people of color too. 1 more thing, why is this black wahmen telling me about being white, what does she know about being white. You started the "white folks can't talk about black issues" thing, so when it comes back at you, just shut up & respect it...

  82. author

    Michelle Ovalles2 jam yang lalu

    Both adorable! They are great people! Major Pete is one of the smartest candidates!

  83. author

    Ted Negurski2 jam yang lalu

    Mankiewicz is an SWJ snowflake.

  84. author

    Steven de Ruijter2 jam yang lalu

    I literally cried of happiness<3

  85. author

    sunflower power2 jam yang lalu

    Bob Barker has a birthday this week too... right?

  86. author

    Danielle McClelland2 jam yang lalu

    Those grocers could have stocked meats fresh vegetables and other products not found in dollar general alt

  87. author

    Charles Grace2 jam yang lalu

    Every item sold in Dollar General stores is sold in supermarkets where people make the same choices. Grocery stores were closing down long before dollar stores became prevalent due to factors that have nothing to do with dollar store competition. As a resident of a rural area I am personally grateful to Dollar General for providing some retail option that is not miles away. Economies change and this is an example. Local governments have no business telling a company that they can’t do business in their community and they have no business telling consumers how they should spend their own money.

  88. author

    advent hatsan2 jam yang lalu

    God bless you carry-on with truth

  89. author

    rockit7302 jam yang lalu

    Also, I must say, that store where they were doing the interview and looking at the "healthy" selections in the freezer? That is a mirage. There is not a Dollar General store anywhere in America that is that clean, orderly, and professional with no stock strewn along the floor waiting to be put up. That store actually looked like the floors had been recently swept, mopped, and waxed.

  90. author

    slevin kelevra2 jam yang lalu

    Why was this not added till now ? Since you did not show it on the original airing of the show ?

  91. author

    Tondria Sanders2 jam yang lalu

    How about a death salon in Sacramento?

  92. author

    Farije Hajre2 jam yang lalu

    HOW can a person have such pretty voice huh ? I think she’s an angel from now 🥺💚💚

  93. author

    stacy skywatch2 jam yang lalu

    Freemasonary is nothing more than satanism,, They worship Lucifer the fallen angel and they do everything in opposite to the word of God,, we need to rid the world of all secret societys or it will never be civilized period,

  94. author

    Michael Jackson2 jam yang lalu

    Simple solution, buy the everyday needs from mom and pop stores regardless of the extra cost. In return the prices will eventually drop. All of America needs to do this

  95. author

    Sharon Smith2 jam yang lalu

    I love dollar tree. Shop there a lot. Don't buy sugary stuff. I shop walmart and local dillions grocery store. I buy stuff at each store for price. Like my gallon of water ..1 dollar at walmart...1.50 at dillions. I buy certain things at each store.

  96. author

    VAGA Official TV2 jam yang lalu

    First ☝️😀 Greetings from Tirana Albania 🇦🇱❤️🇦🇱

  97. author

    rockit7302 jam yang lalu

    Dollar General doesn't offer anywhere close to the variety of food items that you can get in any grocery store. If they are closing because of DG, that means they are poorly managed or way over priced to begin with. Or both.

  98. author

    ROXY THE ANGEL DRAGON3 jam yang lalu

    Omg period dude Just wear wat makes u comfortable u dont hv to wear wat everyone else is wearing

  99. author

    Carmen Santana3 jam yang lalu

    Chet is a CROOK. He was selling food overpriced. That is why people there use dollar general.

  100. author

    jmarie w3 jam yang lalu

    Woman stated median income of $40,000 a year shop at their stores - Well at $16,000 a year on Social Security with $16.00 dollars a month on my food card I need to shop at both Dollar General and Dollar Tree. Think it is time for these places to give Wally World a run for their money don't you.