Hi! I'm Matt from Demolition Ranch and Vet Ranch!
I don't only shoot guns and fix puppies, let me show you!!!

Construction Begins!!!Construction Begins!!!

Construction Begins!!!

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19 hari yang lalu

The Expansion!!!The Expansion!!!

The Expansion!!!

2 bulan yang lalu

We Got a Pet Fox!!!We Got a Pet Fox!!!

We Got a Pet Fox!!!

2 bulan yang lalu

My Scope Collection!!!My Scope Collection!!!

My Scope Collection!!!

2 bulan yang lalu

He Messed Up....He Messed Up....

He Messed Up....

3 bulan yang lalu

She’s Stuck Up There...She’s Stuck Up There...

She’s Stuck Up There...

3 bulan yang lalu

My new Arrival is HUGE!!!My new Arrival is HUGE!!!

My new Arrival is HUGE!!!

3 bulan yang lalu

Can We Keep It?!?!Can We Keep It?!?!

Can We Keep It?!?!

4 bulan yang lalu

The Most Dangerous GloveThe Most Dangerous Glove

The Most Dangerous Glove

5 bulan yang lalu

Dozer's Last Video...Dozer's Last Video...

Dozer's Last Video...

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6 bulan yang lalu

The New Camper...The New Camper...

The New Camper...

6 bulan yang lalu

The Dream Garage!!!The Dream Garage!!!

The Dream Garage!!!

7 bulan yang lalu

We Have The Worst News...We Have The Worst News...

We Have The Worst News...

7 bulan yang lalu

This Is Frowned Upon...This Is Frowned Upon...

This Is Frowned Upon...

7 bulan yang lalu

New House Tour!!!New House Tour!!!

New House Tour!!!

7 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    Roger Hogan2 jam yang lalu

    What knife are you carrying

  2. author

    Lora Brown2 jam yang lalu

    Wow, just wow. Love watching the journey

  3. author

    Thomas Patton2 jam yang lalu

    My Grandpa has the same tractor

  4. author

    Jerry Lifsey2 jam yang lalu

    7:49 not cool since they just beat Texas A&M (and UT Vols)

  5. author

    matthewJshaffer2 jam yang lalu

    making progress! ill help. fly me out there and ill do whatever i can

  6. author

    David 87192 jam yang lalu

    Lincoln is fearless 👍🏻

  7. author

    Max2 jam yang lalu

    I just bought a hundred clamps and they may or may not be going to somewhere in Texas

  8. author

    Arrowhead Entertainment2 jam yang lalu


  9. author

    Michael L2 jam yang lalu

    You should shut off the fuel to the go karts when you finish and let them run until they die so the carbs don't get all gummed up from sitting with fuel in them for extended periods.

  10. author

    Tim D Barnett2 jam yang lalu

    Yep in Granny gear that tractor should pull that tree with no problem. But yeah, cutting it up would make it easier. Mark is incredible, out there working so hard regardless of what he is going through. I beat cancer but it was nothing compared to Mark’s ordeal. I pray for him and his family every day. Love all you guys!

  11. author

    Urbanflow Vlogs2 jam yang lalu

    How's the progress on the bronco? I haven't heard anything about it in a while

  12. author

    martin doyle-embery2 jam yang lalu

    Matt: “go slow at first Kid floors it

  13. author

    Richard Martin2 jam yang lalu

    I can see Lincoln starting a IDreporter channel. Demolitionranch 2.0. Thanks for the entertainment.

  14. author

    The85F0X2 jam yang lalu

    I have an xrs 150 and they are super fun, tons of parts for them too

  15. author

    Daniel Forrest2 jam yang lalu

    Not sure why he doesn't take the bushhog off and tow it straight from the tractor

  16. author

    James2 jam yang lalu

    The rounds with acrylic are awesome. Since they sent 2 you should drill into one amd set off the primer to see what happens.

  17. author

    Gone Fishing be out late2 jam yang lalu

    Love the videos matt been watching and giving every video a fat thumbs up 👍For years!!! 🎉🎉

  18. author

    Holly C. Heil2 jam yang lalu

    Hi i watch you over Utube in Germany you bring me a little bit of home so it's great following your story. I see that you do a great deal of fundraising und well it would be so great if you could extend that to Children's Cancer Research. We get just 4% of the funding and the protocols, treatment is that of an adult. My grandson at 5 months got B-Cell Acute Lynpmhoblastic Lukiemia he unfortunately has the bad gene which means only a 20% chance of not having a relapse. You yourself have seen with Mark the ravages of chemo, the pain and never ending blood test along with everything else. It would mean a great deal if you could help us getting the word out childhood cancer isn't rare and we need more than 4% of all the funding to help find better ways to treat our children suffering. The treatments are the cause of death often times and even after remission it's still not over. I understand it's a big Huge ask but please consider Pediatric Cancer Research as one of your fund raisers. My ex husband just did the Ironmann World Championship for Mighty Max our grandson with. Goal of 10,000 but he didn't reach his goal. He did finish the race and is over 60 years old. Maxwell our grandson is now four and we are seeing the effects of the medicine he had to take. ADHD we suspect and other neurological problems. Still he's a wonderful little boy who like millions of others need chances that research could give them. Anyway thank you for sharing your wonderful family and bringing me a bit of home. Best wishes Holly Heil

  19. author

    TheDestroyer322 jam yang lalu

    I think you need a new camera, in the last 4 or 5 videos it constant,y has a clicking sound in the right ear when you wear headphones and at first I thought it was just my headphones but everything else I watch works fine and doesn't have and clicking only your video do it.

  20. author

    Justin Leary2 jam yang lalu

    What happened to the bronco????????????

  21. author

    Claudia Koster2 jam yang lalu

    American coot. Rail? belongs on the edge of water... they can barely fly. I think he needs some help.

  22. author

    Billy Bob America2 jam yang lalu

    Is that Mark Carriker or Dale Gribble running the Ford tractor...? 😊

  23. author

    Christopher Fortner2 jam yang lalu

    I liked this blog, it was wholesome and heartwarming :).

  24. author

    Junior Walden2 jam yang lalu

    Roll tide !!

  25. author

    Jacob Friett2 jam yang lalu

    Bunker branding needs to make some umbrellas

  26. author

    massi massinissa2 jam yang lalu

    Family Goals 😍

  27. author

    Brian Wright2 jam yang lalu

    Sledge hammers might be faster

  28. author

    Antonio Falsetta2 jam yang lalu

    So you need some help this Saturday or next?

  29. author

    Jerry Lifsey2 jam yang lalu

    Matt needs to figure out how to put a PTO on the Humvee

  30. author

    스크린캠프 Screen camp2 jam yang lalu


  31. author

    Tony Trumble2 jam yang lalu

    I about wet my britches when you showed the Crimson Tide flag lol. Your reaction was priceless

  32. author

    Morgan Viking2 jam yang lalu

    Matt, what caliber would it take to break the stucco but not go straight through the wall? Shotgun?

  33. author

    leeroy Crankens2 jam yang lalu

    is that a picture of Hickok45 on your wall? 8:34

  34. author

    psycho marader2 jam yang lalu

    get a 2016 ford f350 platinum edition they work really well with pulling heavy loads we pulled a 5th wheel and a pontoon boat at once and it was really smooth

  35. author

    Reginald Smith2 jam yang lalu

    You could use a wider blade on the air hammer. Work smart🧠👈🏽not hard🤯. You could use a sledgehammer too.

  36. author

    Dorothy2 jam yang lalu

    Nice to see your brother doing better

  37. author

    Jordan Bailey2 jam yang lalu

    please get in touch with Simon Wilson and get him out to the ranch I think a Collab between you two would be epic and you both have a very similar "anything is possible" mindset

  38. author

    S M2 jam yang lalu

    Love that Make America Great Again hat @ 25:00, knew I was on the right channel 👍🏻

  39. author

    CLP2 jam yang lalu

    When McMansions go bad.

  40. author

    Jake Gower2 jam yang lalu

    Great looking shirts!

  41. author

    The Kingsmen2 jam yang lalu

    I want a family 😒

  42. author

    Daniel Forrest2 jam yang lalu

    Wasn't the title of a recent video "He lied to my face"?

  43. author

    Daniel Forrest2 jam yang lalu

    Wasn't the title of a recent video "He lied to my face"?

  44. author

    Matthew2 jam yang lalu

    For Lincoln being so young he is naturally good at holding a go pro @OffTheRanch Unless its the stabilisation helping as well but still he is very good

  45. author

    Krzyszton Philip2 jam yang lalu

    You should build a glass observatory on top of the mansion

  46. author

    KNAPPSTER K2 jam yang lalu

    Why dont you put tarps up to block the rain?

  47. author

    dirnol2 jam yang lalu

    Awesome! I thought my great grand pa-pa's 3D printed C-Clamp got cut from the last video, so it was a super cool surprise to see you open it here! Glad you liked it!

  48. author

    Ron G2 jam yang lalu


  49. author

    Jason Clements2 jam yang lalu

    Put a bed on it turn into a Utv

  50. author

    John Shannon2 jam yang lalu

    Its Decayed Ranch and or Zombie Home Ranch. But if anyone can put Humpty Dumpty Ranch back together, its Matt Carriker! Keep it goin.

  51. author

    Matt Rooney2 jam yang lalu

    Love the Reno Ranch! Keep up the good work

  52. author

    David Lundberg2 jam yang lalu

    Thank you for the inspiration and showing that it's possible to buy a completely run down house and make something of it

  53. author

    TangledKoala 242 jam yang lalu

    Lincoln looks just like you!!

  54. author

    Carlos Colossal2 jam yang lalu

    HER BODY IS AMAZING AFTER POPPING THOSE LIL RASCALS OUT 😳😳😳still got the body of a 28 year old blonde

  55. author

    BLACK BOTO2 jam yang lalu

    Matt, when will you get your ultra-4 back?

  56. author

    KNAPPSTER K2 jam yang lalu

    Finally the good ole family vlogs which off the ranch was founded on.

  57. author

    Jason Barton2 jam yang lalu


  58. author

    bobbycone22 jam yang lalu

    Maybe slack in the throttle cable?

  59. author

    Joy Sudduth2 jam yang lalu

    I love that we can see the process. I would probably curl up in a corner and cry if I was renovating the mansion though... Just saying. Holy crap.

  60. author

    Bob Guy2 jam yang lalu

    They definitely reminded me of Kerbals when their heads were bobbling.

  61. author

    Kenton Durrant2 jam yang lalu

    Great video. You should not fear how things look right now. In the future your dreams will be fulfilled and the house you saw in your dreams shall be completed to your satisfaction. You may want to check into a sealant for your lumber frame. I saw it after hurricanes caused flooding in various areas. It is a spray on application and it is supposed to kill any mold or mildew remaining and prevent it from reoccurring. Check with your local suppliers. I believe it was the color green once applied and dried. Also watch those nails and staples. They may have been air staples and nails. The smaller version we used had an epoxy heat activated glue that made them harder to remove and more painful if you step on one. Take care, keep up your great job and always keep living your dreams.

  62. author

    looseballs19662 jam yang lalu

    Would have been curious to see Linc's reaction if you said that you were loading them up to sell because you just don't have a good place to ride them anymore....poor kid would have been crushed maybe don't say that LOL. P.S. gotta tie them down give them a shake and say those are never gonna stay there LOL.

  63. author

    Nathanael Whipp2 jam yang lalu

    MAGA baby let's gooooooo

  64. author

    bobbycone22 jam yang lalu

    OK, the C-Clamp Demo sign is the best thing that anyone has sent you yet. That thing is the tits!

  65. author

    Jacob Valenzia3 jam yang lalu

    If you need a tractor or lawn mower just get a ventrac compact tractor it's the Swiss Army knife compact tractors.

  66. author

    Donald Duck3 jam yang lalu

    Get a job

  67. author

    Sheepdog Smokey3 jam yang lalu

    7:54 - Now Matt, just remember, our first year in the SEC, our Fightin Texas Aggies beat the Tide! Sadly, until we find a new RC Sloakum, it's gonna be hard to repeat that! 19:30 - I was in High School, and we had a go kart, and when i was riding (in a neighborhood) the throttle stuck, I managed to turn right to avoid hitting a garage door, zig zagged through a few trees, at full speed, then my Dad and Brother popped the spark plug so it would die. I had a death grip on that wheel, and I've not been in one since!

  68. author

    Pastor Suzanne Taylor3 jam yang lalu

    Am enjoying this renovation very much.

  69. author

    Eric Cantu3 jam yang lalu

    I have a go kart like yours and you have to pull the choke first,it’s under the diver seat!!

  70. author

    Upstate Shenanigans3 jam yang lalu

    I think a few mag dumps with the Beowulf will take care of that stucco, work smarter not harder. Guns are tools right? You just got the wrong tool lol I don't really think shooting anything at it would actually help but it would be interesting

  71. author

    scorcher6463 jam yang lalu

    Soo I guess I am now contractually obligated to say: ROLL TIDE ROLL bama CS student btw

  72. author

    v KEITH v3 jam yang lalu

    Hey I have the same thin blue line sticker on my truck

  73. author

    Eoin O'Reilly3 jam yang lalu

    if i was that kid i’d be hockying it down that track

  74. author

    whyamialive033 jam yang lalu

    Ok just hear me out... what if we put go kart and airsoft together?👀👀👀

  75. author

    A I3 jam yang lalu

    Wonder how it rotted.... it looks properly protected....

  76. author

    Mike Provenzano3 jam yang lalu

    Now Bunker Branding needs to make demolition ranch kids apparel. DRK

  77. author

    crane mechanic tx3 jam yang lalu

    Take the shredder off and hook to tractor directly

  78. author

    Riley green3 jam yang lalu

    I have no affiliation with Alabama but that was the hardest I laughed in a while with his reaction to the Alabama football flag🤣🤣

  79. author

    Ryley W3 jam yang lalu

    lol I was thinking of saying something about the "that's not going nowhere" but he already said it. a few years ago my dad and my brother and I went and got some wheels and suspension parts for go carts and we're going to build one but never did, will have to bring it up with my dad because those look fun to bomb around in.

  80. author

    Upstate Shenanigans3 jam yang lalu

    He huffed and he puffed and he stomped bitching about that damn stucco? My phone insists that's the correct spelling on stucco, looks strange to me lol

  81. author

    Rob Beebe3 jam yang lalu

    A sledgehammer might help more than a jack hammer here

  82. author

    bobbycone23 jam yang lalu

    Well... You're welcome for your new house Matt! I'll be expecting a thank you card in the mail. 😁

  83. author

    Mark Adkins3 jam yang lalu

    So , when is the house warming party ?

  84. author

    Jason Corbin3 jam yang lalu

    🐘 Roll-tide 🐘

  85. author

    George Morgan3 jam yang lalu

    Matt get some goats to mow the pasture you could set them lose at the demo house too and clear some of that wild brush.

  86. author

    Betternet3 jam yang lalu

    Dont worry it's prolonged exposure that'll cause more rot. One or 2 rains shouldn't matter

  87. author

    Mark Adkins3 jam yang lalu

    Perfect timing for Halloween with the skeleton house , lol

  88. author

    John D3 jam yang lalu

    Matt if you and Mere ever want another kid, would you consider adopting me?

  89. author

    Liam Roarke3 jam yang lalu

    *ROLL TIDE!!*

  90. author

    Twinkster 79193 jam yang lalu

    I don’t comment on people’s videos like ever but you make my day especially after loosing my twins I know I can watch your videos and still get a smile on my face your amazing man God bless you

  91. author

    Connor E3 jam yang lalu

    most of the knives have been out of stock for months -.-

  92. author

    Jax Wise3 jam yang lalu

    who hates fords say in the reply section bellow

  93. author

    jf c3 jam yang lalu

    that solid aaaaaa that's probably fine, would keep me buying that place after its done.

  94. author

    John Fallon3 jam yang lalu

    I'm fairly new to your channel.( awesome by the way ) I saw you were donating to the vets from Iraq and af I was wondering if you had done anything for the Vietnam Vets in the past

  95. author

    Laura Rigdon3 jam yang lalu

    Beautiful Alabama Flag 🤣

  96. author

    Rachal Quinn3 jam yang lalu

    Matt! Look up Open Source Ecology for maker-built tractors and other farm equipment!

  97. author

    Brenda Lambert3 jam yang lalu

    Thanks for supporting veterans. HooRah. I'm a female veteran with 4 years active Army and 12 years Army Reserve. I couldn't make my 20 due to a mva.

  98. author

    Nathan Fox3 jam yang lalu

    i still cant fathom how you gonna fix this but if you do it will look freaking amazing on that hill

  99. author

    Chad Bostic3 jam yang lalu

    Pops retires and loses the sleeves. 💪🏼

  100. author

    Lala Louieee3 jam yang lalu

    Living the dream! Exactly how I want to raise my kids!