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    Chelsea F.C. FanHari Yang lalu

    5:54 willy got left hanging😂

  2. author

    zaiem salimHari Yang lalu

    Please focus on shooting not any crossbar

  3. author

    Omar SiddiqiHari Yang lalu

    im happy mount is working on his link play and dribbling, good lad

  4. author

    Rahman YusufHari Yang lalu

    I love Chelsea because JT and Lampard

  5. author

    Kepa ArrizabalagaHari Yang lalu

    Kepa working hard 🔥

  6. author

    Wieslaw SobocinskiHari Yang lalu

    All 125 Chelsea Goals From 2019

  7. author

    Ichebi ChristianHari Yang lalu

    My Kepa!!!

  8. author

    Hamza SiddiqueHari Yang lalu

    Was this after the Arsenal game cuz I thought Abraham was out for a few weeks

  9. author

    Shamil RasheedHari Yang lalu

    Actually, why we reduced transfer ban ?

  10. author

    Tom DuvalHari Yang lalu

    Willys best save was at 5:55 with Jamie lmao

  11. author

    spontan photographyHari Yang lalu

    should be give a change for jammie cumming.. poor him never try a single game.. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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    Oliver BrudevoldHari Yang lalu

    Now i see why dont score goals we always aim for the crossbar

  13. author

    Naufal HafifHari Yang lalu

    willian - giroud - pedro kante - jorgi - kova azpi - rudi - cristensen - jemes kepa

  14. author

    Dede hidayatHari Yang lalu

    It turns out that the goalkeeper's basic training is difficult, yes, continue to support Kepa, even though he is not yet at maximum, he is a Chelsea asset..

  15. author

    Red MistHari Yang lalu

    I think 6 -0 chelsea tonight

  16. author

    Mahamud YusufHari Yang lalu

    Bye kante😂

  17. author

    Hmood al IraqiHari Yang lalu

    Good job ma boy

  18. author

    Zulfikar Ow ow owHari Yang lalu


  19. author

    McKyleHari Yang lalu

    instead need to practice hitting set peices into top corners... this is exactly the type of nonsense that leads to the woodwork on gameday as well..

  20. author

    ÜnifangHari Yang lalu

    "its chelsea niel, porstmouth niel, woodwork 5"🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Laz01 GrHari Yang lalu

    Why did Cech destroy his career at Arshitnal ?

  22. author

    Arthur FelipeHari Yang lalu

    yes, its a thing the FRANK generation has and these nowadays dont..... powerfull shoots and precision to make goals, this guys just cant shoot to the goal

  23. author

    hamza sindyHari Yang lalu

    At least kepa is saving them in training

  24. author

    Bailey ClarkHari Yang lalu

    Where’s this from Kepa on match day?

  25. author

    JaheimHari Yang lalu

    wait matic when did matic join chelsea

  26. author

    Paul HHari Yang lalu

    Kepa is the worst thing I’ve ever seen

  27. author

    Antea IvanicHari Yang lalu

    Arsenal is the best!

  28. author

    Tom 4444Hari Yang lalu

    So in training, rather than spending time on stuff to use in games, we try to score from behind the goal and hit the crossbar. Explains why we can’t score really

  29. author

    chicken fcHari Yang lalu

    1:02 Lampard has still got it

  30. author

    Ben DrakeHari Yang lalu

    Kepa out

  31. author

    david culHari Yang lalu

    hop giroud get some minutes

  32. author

    Sub to BradyyHari Yang lalu

    Cech is our best ever keeper and always will be

  33. author

    Robert yafeleHari Yang lalu

    Was that Giroud

  34. author

    BenjaminHari Yang lalu

    Marina Out Announce Someone😡

  35. author

    jermaine larmondHari Yang lalu

    Well kepa is our 1st choice and i still believe in him because he was better last season and he can pass that level if he believes. Come on chelsea💙

  36. author

    Hassan SAVAGEHari Yang lalu

    Chelsea like arsenal comment

  37. author

    Mesum NaqviHari Yang lalu

    Poor Carlo

  38. author

    nieshawn charlesHari Yang lalu

    It's not easy being a 3rd choice keeper on a team, you're not even getting chances to show your skills at other top clubs, thank goodness for this video.

  39. author

    nieshawn charlesHari Yang lalu

    I thought Giroud was sold, sad to see him go though.

  40. author

    Michael EmerickHari Yang lalu

    1:04 LONDON is RED

  41. author

    louis ratnerHari Yang lalu

    This is the problem maybe they should practice putting the ball on the net and not hitting the crossbar

  42. author

    Captain PreshHari Yang lalu

    Why can't kepa save like that in games

  43. author

    Muhammad Qasim JavedHari Yang lalu

    Give Jamie Cumming a chance in place of Kepa...

  44. author

    Yung KantzHari Yang lalu

    1:41 I hope mason not attempting to pass to hudson-odoi

  45. author

    Joko JoestarHari Yang lalu

    Strongest potential to reach him is adama, just need to learn a good finishing

  46. author

    Gareth Ian SeptemberHari Yang lalu

    This the reason why y'all can't finish?

  47. author

    Kirsty MacLeodHari Yang lalu

    Wow that liverpool one god

  48. author

    Chewing TooonsHari Yang lalu

    Maybe just maybe we should be practicing to get the ball IN the goal cause 4 shots on target out of 22 shots is diabolical! I see a loss to bloody Hull!!!

  49. author

    Viktor KoljoHari Yang lalu

    Kepa is very good in training. But not in the match. We most give him a new chans. Remember the last season💙 Come on Chelsea!!🥇💙

  50. author

    PaulHari Yang lalu

    So much goalkeeper training after kepa criticism I think not

  51. author

    Sean NewlandsHari Yang lalu

    Better at hitting the crossbar then they are hitting the net

  52. author

    imad abdullahHari Yang lalu

    You should brought halnd take a lesson from dortmond on how to bring the best players.

  53. author

    raghav vatsHari Yang lalu

    Kepa trains well. Hope Lamps helps him build a better matchday mentality. Feel like he's lacking confidence.... He's got the potential to be a top, top keeper.

  54. author

    Yoatnabli 501Hari Yang lalu

    Kepa good 💙

  55. author

    NFL GAMINGHari Yang lalu

    Hopefully Chelsea can win the Premier league

  56. author

    NFL GAMINGHari Yang lalu

    I hope my comments are given love by the Chelsea football channel

  57. author

    André LuizHari Yang lalu

    Come on Chelsea!!🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💙💪

  58. author

    Brendan RodgersHari Yang lalu

    *_S I G N S O M E P L A Y E R S_*

  59. author

    FUN PLANET AFRICAHari Yang lalu

    3:36 women team signed Isco? 😂😂😂

  60. author

    Rowan - AgarioHari Yang lalu

    I don’t want to go to hard on tammy because its his first premier league season what he’s almost surpassed 20 goals in

  61. author

    EGEMASI MIRACLEHari Yang lalu

    Goodluck guys

  62. author

    Dun Out HereHari Yang lalu

    The most underrated team in Prem history imo. Goals goals and goals

  63. author

    Panashe MashokoHari Yang lalu

    Jamie Cummings is better than kepa

  64. author

    ahh ocHari Yang lalu

    F for Pulisic

  65. author

    Shameema BhyatHari Yang lalu

    Play Gilmour 💙

  66. author

    Maru OneHari Yang lalu


  67. author

    Josh GRIFFITHSHari Yang lalu

    It was Cech they won this

  68. author

    Jimi Van Der VoortHari Yang lalu

    please billy tonight

  69. author

    Alex SimuHari Yang lalu

    👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻, Romania😎😎😎😎😎😎, sa dea like cine e Roman, haiii romaniaaaaaaa😘😘😊

  70. author

    Riddhiman DasHari Yang lalu

    so they get thousands of pounds to perform superbly this days in training and then fail to score or do anything in the final third !!!!!!......u can lose a game but what pisses off everyone is not scoring after 19 shots on target and that too against Saints Bournemouth Hammers Newcastle and lastly Arsenal.

  71. author

    Jay CHari Yang lalu

    Any danger of seeing some chance conversion? And seeing a keeper that doesn’t have weak wrists?

  72. author

    Ousman TourayHari Yang lalu

    Pello love kepa

  73. author

    EnchantedDirtHari Yang lalu

    We're going to win 4-1

  74. author

    RaphaelHari Yang lalu

    i beg you man just be vicious once you get to goal

  75. author

    Duah002 GoodboyHari Yang lalu

    Willy is better than kepa

  76. author

    Vivek KumarHari Yang lalu

    Martinelli > Abraham+Mount+Hudson Odoi

  77. author

    Senny 777Hari Yang lalu

    Put caballero in between the sticks for the next games (including in the Prem). Kepa makes too many mistakes and has the worst save percentage of all 20 starting epl goalies.

  78. author

    Ayuub JamalHari Yang lalu

    Where is loftus cheek

  79. author

    AsFewFalseThingsAsPossibleHari Yang lalu

    Drop the background drums. Why are there so many empty seats ?

  80. author

    Jimmie MunyiHari Yang lalu

    i miss Pedro

  81. author

    eden kimonHari Yang lalu

    We can't fully blame Kepa because our defense is also horrible

  82. author

    eden kimonHari Yang lalu

    Please give Giroud some game time

  83. author

    Elvis MazoniHari Yang lalu

    Keppa you are the future of this club bro pliz work hard on it keppa all the way

  84. author

    Lauri JonesHari Yang lalu

    Why did hazard have to leave the best team in the world Chelsea football club

  85. author

    HeSo PatriceHari Yang lalu

    Instead of doing that train seriously

  86. author

    k1 2k17Hari Yang lalu

    4-0 Chelsea

  87. author

    channel channelsHari Yang lalu

    When our Women's side beat Arsenal 1-4 AWAY, I thought the men would do us proud and beat Arsenal at home. :'(

  88. author

    NFL GAMINGHari Yang lalu

    Is player My favourite Tammy abraham and cristian pulisic..... And I like mason mount and kepa.... I fans chelsea fotball club I from in Indonesia...

  89. author

    Laz01 GrHari Yang lalu

    All these clueless african and asian “managers” blaming and givind advice to lampard think they could do better than him. Remember when everyone said 6th posotion is ok? Look where arsenal Utd and spurs are. Even city lost to some small teams. And klopp didnt finish first at his first season.

  90. author

    SierraHari Yang lalu

    Why cant we put frankie in midfield, he's obviously still got it lmao

  91. author

    Nithish SHari Yang lalu

    Jorginho given some freedom could produce similar magic like Fab. But Costa is just irreplaceable!

  92. author

    Alexandre SalesHari Yang lalu

    Nice training

  93. author

    ViRal Video'sHari Yang lalu

    Nice games

  94. author

    Nicholas Benedict GohHari Yang lalu

    Since when we bought Isco to help the Women's team? HAHAHHA

  95. author

    Nicholas Benedict GohHari Yang lalu

    They keep doing crossbar challenges that's why we ain't scoring. =(

  96. author

    Woyesa WonoHari Yang lalu

    Shame on you Chelsea unable to defeat 10 man Arsenal

  97. author

    Be The GreatestHari Yang lalu

    Who else will Become a pro!!❤️⚽!💪💯

  98. author

    Abdiaziz DahirHari Yang lalu

    Can we start giroud today?

  99. author

    Sai NoomHari Yang lalu


  100. author

    LeoHari Yang lalu

    So this is why we can’t score a goal, we practice hitting the crossbar instead of scoring goals.