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This is my mind on IDreporter. Stoked to show you guys my life and everyone in it! I'm posting vids every Wednesday, enjoy!
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  1. author

    aabbeeaarr3 jam yang lalu

    C’mon josh u could have gotten them their own burger to try! U really are a Jew! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. author

    Darlene Lesmana4 jam yang lalu

    "Would you marry her" David, pressed to get a greencard: DUDE OFC

  3. author

    After The Flood4 jam yang lalu

    "We never addressed _how_ stupid you were."

  4. author

    Mackenzie Koko5 jam yang lalu

    Where's David at?

  5. author

    TinyTimGameYT Plays5 jam yang lalu

    For once Jonah is loosing

  6. author

    Vishal Kumar5 jam yang lalu

    No audio josh check it...

  7. author

    amar king5 jam yang lalu

    Josh pls must Chek this video its completely no sound 🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐

  8. author

    jujubee xo5 jam yang lalu

    I ship this bromance %100 !!!!

  9. author

    Drazeroth6 jam yang lalu

    Josh: "Tell me the story of when you lost your V Card." Drake: "Well I never thought that it'd be so simple but...I found a way...I found a way."

  10. author

    Ahmad Faden6 jam yang lalu

    Is that porn at 10:04?

  11. author

    Jennifer Mack6 jam yang lalu

    Nick was never grossed out before. Totally copying David 🙄 just be original

  12. author

    Smoke Phatt6 jam yang lalu

    I want his hat

  13. author

    Ja4n6 jam yang lalu

    I haven’t laughed so hard in awhile, this was a good one.

  14. author

    Sherwin Manalo6 jam yang lalu

    Please try JOLLIBEE! DO A MUKBANG!!!!!

  15. author

    Ugitron2177 jam yang lalu

    love wins

  16. author

    landa7 jam yang lalu

    vardons trying to loose weight and ur not helping

  17. author

    Athena Harkin7 jam yang lalu

    when they're all wearing 'clickbait' merch, threesome goals

  18. author

    Angelo Sarmiento7 jam yang lalu

    Is the video muted or is it just my crappy phone?

  19. author

    Brody Maeda8 jam yang lalu

    ok good i’m not the only one

  20. author

    Ezra Zerlvo8 jam yang lalu

    The ripe off anytime

  21. author

    King Solrac8 jam yang lalu

    Did Josh mute the video?

  22. author

    Potatothugginnn8 jam yang lalu

    I just realized after watching your videos for months I was NOT subscribed to your channel lol #fakeFan BUT NOW I AM and I even clicked on the notification bell. LOVE YOU GUYS

  23. author

    Dana Steiner8 jam yang lalu

    Is that Scotty filming ??

  24. author

    mrmod3rator9 jam yang lalu

    About to hit 12M views!

  25. author

    Harry Berry9 jam yang lalu

    Jonah is pretty damn funny

  26. author

    Ben Fulfer9 jam yang lalu

    Can they release a mini series of Drake and Josh grown up?!?! Josh as a CEO or something and Drake as a struggling musician!!!!!!!

  27. author

    Laralanae Velazquez9 jam yang lalu

    I love how jonah and joshes friendship is so FUCKING genuine were can i find one 😔✌

  28. author

    Lucas Dog9 jam yang lalu

    I hate the guy behind the camera

  29. author

    Fam. Koningen10 jam yang lalu

    *SSundee uploads video* title: MEET My BABY! *Josh Peck uploads video* title: MEET MY BABY!! da fuq?

  30. author

    Taylor Eames10 jam yang lalu

    "Prodigy" not "protege!" I can't stand it!

  31. author

    Daniel Flores10 jam yang lalu

    can you guys just cut the burgers next time?

  32. author

    JigglyBanana10 jam yang lalu

    Well plankton went to college, and he isn't as successful as you.

  33. author

    Guy Walls10 jam yang lalu

    “ was Jesus eating a chicken cutlet at the last supper? IDK all I know was he was Jewish”

  34. author

    SMV Family11 jam yang lalu

  35. author

    Switchy Redd11 jam yang lalu

    Jonah take it easy on the chips buddy

  36. author

    Steven 3020111 jam yang lalu


  37. author

    Sir Minx11 jam yang lalu

    There not even that bad they don’t even effect me that much only like a little

  38. author

    Greninja Papu0911 jam yang lalu

    They should make a drake and josh movie as adults now

  39. author

    Athena Harkin11 jam yang lalu

    jonah ' 'i hate germs' also jonah; *eats ice-cream of groud when david and alex throw it at him*

  40. author

    Darkwinger x11 jam yang lalu

    Is Josh bi? Still, it’s pretty cool to see that just like in the show he is also a lovable dork irl

  41. author

    Audrey Jackson11 jam yang lalu

    Anyone else wanted to see what the loft looked like 😂😂

  42. author

    sandeep singh11 jam yang lalu

    Josh go try bills burgers in van nuys.

  43. author

    Luis Gutierrez11 jam yang lalu

    Drake Bell aged soo bad 😭

  44. author

    Glenn Shelton11 jam yang lalu

    Jonah Looks like jontron

  45. author

    valerie patrick11 jam yang lalu

    Jonah wearing a boys in the hood shirt is EVERYTHING ❤️

  46. author

    kallum Kehoe11 jam yang lalu

    I'm shocked you guys are bestfriends tbh but I understand why.

  47. author

    TheDuckVoice 47711 jam yang lalu

    I got so into the grub hub stuff I for got about the sibling vs sibling

  48. author

    Ronnie-Lynn Dolan11 jam yang lalu

    Josh; in season 4 episode 10 of fuller house whoaaaa 🙈

  49. author

    Daniel Martinez11 jam yang lalu

    Why can’t I hear the video??

  50. author

    GenZ Productions11 jam yang lalu

    low budget Justin Beiber ??

  51. author

    Exotic AMVs -Spiffygames-11 jam yang lalu

    2:53 Josh: I don't like that. David: “No, it's really good.

  52. author

    Final1 Guy12 jam yang lalu

    He goes to therapy?whaaaat!

  53. author

    Will Swope12 jam yang lalu

    I be dying after I eat Taco Bell

  54. author

    skylar unvezragt12 jam yang lalu

    He looks like a fat racoon

  55. author

    Jaberwoky 270512 jam yang lalu


  56. author

    Gacha's Fairy Tales12 jam yang lalu

    Why are the comments in a diffrant language

  57. author

    Lindsey Meyer13 jam yang lalu

    What if Jonah got Lipo and was skinny af but still had the big ass head

  58. author

    Ex Cali13 jam yang lalu

    Does the audio not work for anyone else ?

  59. author

    Rasslin Madness13 jam yang lalu

    For some reason my audio isn’t working how old was she when she lost it

  60. author

    Taylor Noren13 jam yang lalu

    Throughout my childhood I loved anything that was on Nickelodeon

  61. author

    Jeffry Jackson13 jam yang lalu

    Why they go Jonah dirty, he said Carl’s junior!

  62. author

    Franku Doge14 jam yang lalu

    Why is your mouth open in all your thumbnails?

  63. author

    Kass14 jam yang lalu

    I'm so happy you're on IDreporter. Between you and Shane Dawson... You're life savers.

  64. author

    abby grace14 jam yang lalu

    i cant hear this video wtf

  65. author

    PaleBoy Archives14 jam yang lalu

    I remember when Drake bell performed at my high school

  66. author

    agsgss dshatst14 jam yang lalu

    What the fuck, are alot of comments in Español, What happend whit the comments in English

  67. author

    Maria Daniels14 jam yang lalu

    Josh do me next!!!!!

  68. author

    Janell Gomez14 jam yang lalu

    Ok Jonah stop trying to be like David LOL

  69. author

    Jacob Miller14 jam yang lalu

    Uber eats

  70. author

    Steven Victor14 jam yang lalu

    Suzy’s laugh is priceless 😂

  71. author

    Edward Drager14 jam yang lalu

    We’re is audio

  72. author

    Makayla Fernando14 jam yang lalu

    imagine doing this with durte dom😂

  73. author

    Mimi Sacko14 jam yang lalu

    That little boy does to much

  74. author

    Keeley Aine15 jam yang lalu

    I love how suzie LAUGHS on every burger. I love her

  75. author

    Patrick15 jam yang lalu

    Yo is he gay

  76. author

    Ana Gabriela Palma Arzubialde15 jam yang lalu

    I just want to give him a hug, i really think he need it.

  77. author

    mike hawk15 jam yang lalu

    french break pizza i had those too

  78. author

    Mr. Gabe15 jam yang lalu

    I can’t hear anything is their something wrong with the video josh

  79. author

    Clara Cuvelier15 jam yang lalu

    Oh my god I wish I could eat like them! Watching David eat is everything and it’s making me so hungry 😭

  80. author

    Juliet Easton16 jam yang lalu

    U dont need any of this stuff babe. U fine the way u are. But how good a friend is josh. He seems a genuinely good friend and all round good person. Love u guys. Xxxxx

  81. author

    Natkat Sanchez16 jam yang lalu

    Ma’am this blanket smells like fish I died 😂😂😂

  82. author

    Alexis Rodriguez16 jam yang lalu


  83. author

    Sharon Lunsford16 jam yang lalu

    Drake and Josh know my Sarah Abdelwahab love

  84. author

    lydiaaaa.__16 jam yang lalu

    I feel bad for joe and his burrito eating. I think it’s fine 😂

  85. author

    Marco Herrera16 jam yang lalu

    The best ad commercial I’ve ever seen lol

  86. author

    Marco Herrera16 jam yang lalu

    This guy is fucking hilarious!

  87. author

    Nicole Fahey16 jam yang lalu

    I just watched Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh today with my niece today. This was her first time seeing it. It’s still so funny! You should watch it and give us behind the scenes commentary of making it for a video

  88. author

    Nintega Dario17 jam yang lalu

    2:36 Lotion

  89. author

    Kat Jazz Kitkat17 jam yang lalu

    3:48 Damn- his hair looks like David's (Now)

  90. author

    adam short17 jam yang lalu

    Dude her laugh with the dog toung sticking out so adorable 🤣🤣🤣

  91. author

    Persianamir2017 jam yang lalu

    curious why the odometer was blurred out?

  92. author

    GodKing4717 jam yang lalu

    Is Josh Peck gay?

  93. author

    GoldNava18 jam yang lalu

    I still can't get over you not inviting Drake to your wedding! I know deep down he's still hurt about it!

  94. author

    Efrain Huerta18 jam yang lalu

    8:48 Chi Town 😂🙋‍♂️

  95. author

    yusrxn18 jam yang lalu

    i cant hear anything :((((( ?????????? the video is full on mute

  96. author

    Rebz The Guru18 jam yang lalu

    whoaa his face looks brighter lol right on brotha lol

  97. author

    king_thu_man18 jam yang lalu

    Josh your getting nick fat

  98. author

    Xbox Central18 jam yang lalu

    Why cant i hear anything

  99. author

    Yk Chase18 jam yang lalu

    no audio?

  100. author

    guineawuv18 jam yang lalu

    The cheeto's cheetah is named Chester Cheetah, lol. Come on you guys!