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    DeeNice6812 menit yang lalu

    The actor who play's 'Washington' is the best actor no one knows about, Nathan George. He gives an incredible performance in this, 'Ratched' is the most hated, but 'Washington' is second. He was a black actor who didn't like the one note blaxploitation stereotypes, most male black actor's received, he instead wanted to play more complex characters like 'Washington', and also 'Ice' in 'Short Eyes'. He gave one of the great stage performances in 'No Place To Be Somebody', and I believe Michael Douglas remembered and cast him in this movie!

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    Harold Beckwith9 menit yang lalu

    Young Bruce Wayne

  3. author

    Grigor B. 210 menit yang lalu

    This Trashy Movie Is A Rip-off of Punch-Drunk Love with Adam Sandler and Emily Watson Which Was A Good Movie From 2002.

  4. author

    Thyago Emanuel17 menit yang lalu

    Best movie horror!

  5. author

    Walkingtalkingvinyl19 menit yang lalu

    2020 anyone? 😭

  6. author

    April Basuroy BiswasJam Yang lalu

    Most men few women has no self-control.

  7. author

    kingjappyjoe420Jam Yang lalu

    Easily my favorite movie of all time with a female lead. Amazingly done by Hilary and the rest of the great cast

  8. author

    KaBoomJam Yang lalu

    Margaret Hamilton? No way, the Wicked Witch herself! Which in real life, was not wicked at all.

  9. author

    iiCupcakeiiJam Yang lalu

    Lordy I love this movie ❤️

  10. author

    rowan de eschJam Yang lalu

    Wild and crazy, yeah!

  11. author

    Rod The GreatJam Yang lalu

    Wow the f***ing 90’s I would’ve loved to feel what its like to live in the 90’s!!! Unfortunately I was birthed in 98.

  12. author

    Laviña Gretel2 jam yang lalu

    mr. Bean

  13. author

    Himawari Love2 jam yang lalu

    "Life as we know it" in different setting

  14. author

    CHERRY COLA2 jam yang lalu

    And there all back for BB 3

  15. author

    Juan Camilo Zuñiga2 jam yang lalu

    Me entristece 😔💐

  16. author

    Andrew Dilbeck2 jam yang lalu

    Is not the actress fault that the movie is crap if the had a great script it could have been better.

  17. author

    Laura White2 jam yang lalu

    Leo I’d rather be somebody wife than be on screen

  18. author

    Griffith Harland2 jam yang lalu

    "WHY LIE??"

  19. author

    Beatrice Nkundwa2 jam yang lalu

    On dirait un prince Italien.

  20. author

    Natalya Roberts2 jam yang lalu

    I have never seen Pocahontas but think I might watch it.

  21. author

    Ernie Shadde2 jam yang lalu

    Hey Jesco try huffin some ether it will put you on the moon

  22. author

    Jimbabwe2 jam yang lalu

    I'm now seeing why I haven't heard about this movie... because its garbage

  23. author

    olivia tucker3 jam yang lalu

    Retired Extremely Dangerous. Sounds about right.

  24. author

    Smartphone & Laptop Troubleshooting3 jam yang lalu


  25. author

    Smartphone & Laptop Troubleshooting3 jam yang lalu


  26. author

    Darth Dimmadome3 jam yang lalu

    Indigo Prophecy the movie

  27. author

    Darth Dimmadome3 jam yang lalu

    One of the MOST underrated movies of all time.

  28. author

    Jackie Chun3 jam yang lalu

    Reminds me of the Gallagher family from Shameless tv series

  29. author

    SushiKitty3 jam yang lalu

    Its 2020 and im still watching!!

  30. author

    TRUEBLUEGOBLUE3 jam yang lalu

    I would've worn the hump off the nurse's back

  31. author

    John Schwab3 jam yang lalu

    Did we say "official trailer"? We actually meant "condensed version of the entire film." Sorries!!!

  32. author

    Inttroverted Monk4 jam yang lalu

    Man this movie takes me back. Classic

  33. author

    Si Dunue4 jam yang lalu

    So this was basically a comedy featuring white face and drag? I am guessing with ubiquitous social media presence, the outrage at this movie will be stronger if it was released today (I used "outrage" instead of "ban" because idiots from either far-end of the political spectrum would come and argue otherwise).

  34. author

    San chez4 jam yang lalu

    american you made a lot Perfect movies im french and I say your country have big talent

  35. author

    Nyla Poonsingh4 jam yang lalu

    God ur god

  36. author

    3lit3gn0m34 jam yang lalu

    Me after realizing I had this in "My List" on Netflix: 0:32

  37. author

    Ratel.H Badger4 jam yang lalu

    Never really got the 69 joke. Seemed a bit out of character that it was the number they would be thinking of. More likely 666 being metal heads, than 69.

  38. author

    BlankCanvas885 jam yang lalu

    There's something so deep and meaningful about this movie. It's hard to watch though b/c it's so gut-wrenching, in large part to Switchfoot's haunting music. (Come on, Only Hope!) They don't make 'em like this anymore!

  39. author


    Our time is getting closer .soon we will have to fight Satan and his Army . Stand we me as God will protect us .

  40. author

    Mandy Rivera5 jam yang lalu


  41. author

    Joey Engelhardt5 jam yang lalu

    I saw this in the theaters at age 8

  42. author

    Moisés Castro5 jam yang lalu

    Interesting! ImI.

  43. author

    Joey Engelhardt5 jam yang lalu

    My favorite Sequel of all time

  44. author

    C W5 jam yang lalu

    Any idea who narrated this trailer? I've heard him in tons of trailers

  45. author

    Mercury Maiden5 jam yang lalu

    He was great in this!

  46. author

    Vineet Honkan5 jam yang lalu

    I saw it many years ago and when I found out about a place in Ontario called Collingwood I thought that's where this movie was filmed...

  47. author

    Yamaha Guy175 jam yang lalu

    I probably would have never watched this movie because these movies aren’t my type but it was on tv and I really enjoyed it

  48. author

    dasig5 jam yang lalu

    whos here from halsey?

  49. author

    Esteban Ruiz6 jam yang lalu

    I loved this movie, but they should have been more faithful to the book, especially the ending.

  50. author

    E&A6 jam yang lalu

    This looks like one of those trailers you can make on imovie

  51. author

    Karim Labbée6 jam yang lalu

    This is Tom Tucker first feature film.

  52. author

    Beh Reh6 jam yang lalu

    dose The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo came to any one mind

  53. author

    Trey Greene6 jam yang lalu


  54. author

    Stephen Hill6 jam yang lalu

    Tropic Thunder brought me here

  55. author

    strangereggos 076 jam yang lalu

    Me watching this In 2020 bc the people from the conjuring are in it

  56. author

    BrownBearBoxProductions6 jam yang lalu

    I miss 80s 90s and 2000s😫😭😭😭😭😭

  57. author

    Chirag Chaurasia6 jam yang lalu

    They used the pulp fiction music in the background.

  58. author

    husk kie7 jam yang lalu

    still the best 2020

  59. author

    Karim Labbée7 jam yang lalu

    I remember seinng the movie when it came out it was the most anticipating movie of all time and i loved it and yes i saw the original trilogy years bofore..

  60. author

    Guilherme Krenski7 jam yang lalu

    First battle royale

  61. author

    FaintIguana7 jam yang lalu

    Flight 93 took off from Newark 4 minutes before the 1 WTC was hit

  62. author

    Karim Labbée7 jam yang lalu

    In 1997 i had two choice seinng Batman and Robin or MIB i choose the second option still glad i made that one

  63. author

    Петр I Великий7 jam yang lalu

    Even now, those who think that children are the most important in our lives they live. Children can be the meaning of life but that is a made-up sense, not a real one.

  64. author

    Joey Engelhardt7 jam yang lalu

    My Favorite Martin Scorsese movie along with Goodfellas and Taxi Driver

  65. author

    Joey Engelhardt7 jam yang lalu

    Classic Halloween movie

  66. author

    Frosty Ken7 jam yang lalu

    I searched up "oz cartoon inside body" Gladly I found you since I forgot the name of this movie XD

  67. author

    Karinne POIREY7 jam yang lalu

    Brad Pitt and GP are invisible in this movie, because of Freeman :|

  68. author

    iiGacha Shadow!ii7 jam yang lalu

    My English teacher showed me this, and he said “This is a childrens movie that is...absolutely nightmare fuel. Not for kids at all.”

  69. author

    Ivanna Amil7 jam yang lalu

    The movie is so incredibly heartbreaking and it really impacted me bc im 13, but I didn’t cry💀

  70. author

    MatJustChillin8 jam yang lalu

    1:33 BACKPACK KID????

  71. author

    Brickarchitekt8 jam yang lalu

    The Netflix Version is much better

  72. author

    fv Jain8 jam yang lalu

    I am a simple girl , see Evan's and click

  73. author

    Joey Engelhardt8 jam yang lalu

    My Favorite Tom Hanks performance along with Forrest Gump and Saving Private Ryan

  74. author

    michaeljfiorito8 jam yang lalu


  75. author

    Emanuel Francisco Pacheco Hernández8 jam yang lalu

    Walt Disney Pictures Presents A Vanguard Animation Production

  76. author

    Emanuel Francisco Pacheco Hernández8 jam yang lalu

    Day Diliver

  77. author

    Emanuel Francisco Pacheco Hernández8 jam yang lalu

    When Duty Call

  78. author

    darren alway9 jam yang lalu

    Bubbles got me here!

  79. author

    Sıla Polat9 jam yang lalu

    This movie so good.

  80. author

    MrDionysos019 jam yang lalu

    to be honest, i prefer this movie than Terminator Dark Fate

  81. author

    Airsofting Action group9 jam yang lalu

    I love this film totally awesome in every way!!! And great acting 👍👍👍

  82. author

    Martina Grlic9 jam yang lalu

    Can’t beat this gem!

  83. author

    Chanel -Segura9 jam yang lalu

    Jon was hot

  84. author

    Annie V9 jam yang lalu

    Not quite my favorite movie, but I love the unusual storyline and concepts. I've always found the style of story within a story (within a story within a story etc.) interesting, or in this case it's dream within a dream. I love its soundtrack. And their names, really awesome: Cobb, Ariadne, Mal, Arthur etc.

  85. author

    Annie V9 jam yang lalu

    More than 10 years later and I still don't know. Is he still dreaming, did he get stuck in the dream forever or did he actually manage to wake up? There's little details here and there, but some of them point that he woke up, whilst others that he is still dreaming.

  86. author

    Finlee Shhh9 jam yang lalu

    This movie so full of holes. Irritatingly so. Worse than Swiss cheese! How do a bunch of 11 year olds put beds on the roof? And that’s just for starters

  87. author

    Space Ace10 jam yang lalu

    Poor Eddie Murphy, hilarious actor but has a horrible agent.

  88. author

    Attila70910 jam yang lalu

    Very underrated movie. I remember seeing it at the time and didn't understand why there was only 10 people in the theater. Cerina Vincent made the best foreign student ever! (:

  89. author

    Fernanda Moreno.10 jam yang lalu

    Donde puedo verla? No me aprarece en ningún lugar completa y en español latino 😭😭😭

  90. author

    Donavon Paige10 jam yang lalu

    I Heard this Movie was Bad.

  91. author

    Jay Bisky10 jam yang lalu

    Wish that first morning escape scene lasted longer it was terrifying

  92. author

    Jay Bisky10 jam yang lalu

    One of the zombie gold standard movies

  93. author

    Annie V10 jam yang lalu

    "You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling."

  94. author

    Daniel Anderson10 jam yang lalu

    And this is a prime example why using real animals in a movie is better then cgi animals

  95. author

    derek10 jam yang lalu

    Haha this doesn't look like that bad of a movie

  96. author

    Yan10 jam yang lalu

    Jordan Cronenweth's work on "Blade Runner" remains unsurpassed... The best cinematography of all time.

  97. author

    Rayna10 jam yang lalu

    I remember when this film came out like it was yesterday, can't believe it's already been 15 years..

  98. author

    Kaleigh Yats10 jam yang lalu

    I thought this entire time that it was young alex turner on the cover of the submarine ep

  99. author

    Ruby Perez10 jam yang lalu

    I remember I bought this movie in VCR at a yard sale lol

  100. author

    Bryon Gilmore10 jam yang lalu

    Watch this film !