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    HopelessReminderHari Yang lalu

    I'm buying a grand master with hot pink blade from ultrasaber

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    BECKYfrom KENTUCKYHari Yang lalu

    ToSs A cOiN tO yOuR wItChEr! No I’m serious do it by a like

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    J HHari Yang lalu

    DBZ is the only anime that actually matters. And Gundam Wing. And Mobile Suite Gundam.

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    WavyCarbsHari Yang lalu

    21:46 Chicken and Futility

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    Thomas HouseHari Yang lalu

    Rated never

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    Joe MartinHari Yang lalu

    Who ever came up with this idea needs a raise.

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    Blue SteelHari Yang lalu

    Bah hahaha omfg

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    DJ SAVAGEHari Yang lalu

    Wtf happen to Kirk

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    Isaac JonesHari Yang lalu

    That is so nineties

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    Colin MunroHari Yang lalu

    The type of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation used to treat things like depression and eating disorders is called Rapid Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or rTMS. It’s somewhat experimental, but it has already seen great results. It remotely targets an area of the brain that can be as small as a golf ball and either dials up or down the amount of general activity in that part of the brain.

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    Cylie MyrusHari Yang lalu

    Nerdist isn't the same without Jessica

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    WavyCarbsHari Yang lalu

    that fruity love philter hit different

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    Kamron ThurmondHari Yang lalu

    So it's a Beast Master knock off...

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    Shakti NebiriauHari Yang lalu

    Umm how about he’s WAAAAAAYYYYYY too sexy to die 🔥

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    mitrooperHari Yang lalu

    This show was great, can't believe it's almost 25 years ago already, opening still holds up though. ... ;P

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    francis x sullivanHari Yang lalu

    I'm expected more a vibes of Superman in this Remix!

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    Lev ZhivaevHari Yang lalu

    Great Xena and Hercules vibes!

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    WhimHari Yang lalu

    It also reminds of The Highlander series opening as well

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    WhimHari Yang lalu


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    Sans SouciHari Yang lalu

    FYI that's not MyAnna Buring

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    llfp p401Hari Yang lalu


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    mergandevinasandarHari Yang lalu

    MyAnna Burring and Anna Schaffer got switched around, I'm firing your editor 😝

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    snydly666Hari Yang lalu

    Where are all the celebrid&d videos? I can only find this 12min episode and the full terry cruze video.

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    OUTSIDER40Hari Yang lalu

    I miss 90s intros 😩

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    Jari HeiskaHari Yang lalu

    Bit of a mishap with the credits.

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    George AnthonyHari Yang lalu

    Those fight scenes were amazing!

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    Courtney DurhamHari Yang lalu

    Holy shit that's bad. I mean good. It's spot on. Kudos dude!

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    Scott JonesHari Yang lalu

    11 people didn't toss a coin to their Witchah

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    Lex AHari Yang lalu

    Absolutely loved the first episode, can't wait for the next one.

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    Joel LorangeHari Yang lalu

    that animal actor thing is 100% an 80's trope

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    AeternussHari Yang lalu

    Good job !

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    Saku XHari Yang lalu

    I want toby Maguire

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    NintendoPoliticsHari Yang lalu

    1:09 The CGI is still too good to be considered 90s material.

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    chris6770Hari Yang lalu

    Think I would have preferred this version, given its based on an old video game, makes more sense! Floss a groin to your twitcher etc.

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    M1rr0rsedgeHari Yang lalu

    But what if you put those portals in a vacuum / or nearly 0 resistance like space?, Then could you technically make it into a perpetual motion device?

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    Stan HillardHari Yang lalu

    Man, this is so spot on. It's ridiculous. Bravo

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    Mat CooperHari Yang lalu

    Toss a coin to the team that made this! Amazing! That nut punch had me floored! >< <3

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    Lukas ClaussonHari Yang lalu

    The ending got me good xddddd

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    Scott SHari Yang lalu


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    svsguru2000Hari Yang lalu

    This is so perfect.

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    Lil'BroHari Yang lalu

    Just imagine Kevin Sorbo as Geralt and Lucy Lawless as Yennefer... :D

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    GhadenteHari Yang lalu

    Out now on VHS and betamax!

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    Tyler LHari Yang lalu

    No, no he’s not. Lol, gave up his powers. Should’ve guessed

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    filigrantHari Yang lalu

    Why is he soooo annoying?

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    TsukiraAquariusHari Yang lalu

    Don't talk about the heat death of the universe in a fantasy discussion; least you summon those of the Madoka Magica fandom.

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    lasarith2Hari Yang lalu

    You know 80/90s tv was never that bad - it was Vhs tape that had all those lines and glitches.

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    Mike MagikHari Yang lalu

    Does electricity rather can it make your muscles expande bigger than normal

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    Mya Writes ThingsHari Yang lalu

    this is hilarious!!! I feel like I just watched an episode of Lois and Clark or Star Trek: Next Generation and then started channel surfing and found this gem

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    Grumpy GregHari Yang lalu

    I miss the bad audio and video quality of my ute. Makes me appreciate the improvements in technology though.

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    Not LikelyHari Yang lalu

    How can something be so bad and yet be the best thing you’ve ever seen?

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    The War KettleHari Yang lalu

    Best video on this channel of all time!!

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    SwanStar DesignsHari Yang lalu

    This is pure gold!!!!!!!!!

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    John KillionHari Yang lalu


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    Josh SchwartzHari Yang lalu

    Giving Star Trek commentary in a Star Wars Hoodie is bold!

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    Alejandro FierroHari Yang lalu

    Now I need a Xena, Hercules and The Witcher Crossover

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    Mason789Hari Yang lalu

    Felt like a cross between Captain Scarlett & Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

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    Kevin From VirginiaHari Yang lalu

    @Nerdist It looks like you listed the wrong names for both Anna Shaffer and MyAnna Buring.

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    Stephen MartinHari Yang lalu

    I love that you made the special effects look shitty.

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    Ryan StewartHari Yang lalu

    Hahahhaha this is straight up 90s fabulous!!!

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    ajshimHari Yang lalu

    I needed this in my life.

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    Roger LeonardHari Yang lalu

    I just had a Kevin Sorbo flashback

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    ajshimHari Yang lalu

    So...still waiting on that Hercules & Xena crossover with The Witcher.

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    john-paul berHari Yang lalu

    im just waiting for bruce campbell to show up steal the show and earn his spin off

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    Jana MeehanHari Yang lalu

    Excellent Star Trek. I loved this episode. When Data asks Picard, "Why are you stalling, Captain," Picard says, "Because I don't want the game to end," this broke my heart. So well acted. P. Stewart rocks.

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    Anthony SandsHari Yang lalu

    It's INSANE how real this feels! "Toss a coin... to your WITCHER", Fuckin' brilliant

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    Ricky TseHari Yang lalu

    STO: is this how Tal Shiar Adapted Borg tech came from?

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    Phil WatkinsHari Yang lalu


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    ML RHari Yang lalu

    Don't think you included enough ST cliches in the review.

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    Jirou LiergeHari Yang lalu

    Now imagine a crossover episode with Xena and Hercules.

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    P.j. WHari Yang lalu

    this makes me wanna watch it even more now⁉😆👍✴

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    Luis of LBC Media ReviewsHari Yang lalu

    Everyone gives Syndrome from incredibles credit for wanting to make everyone Super so no one is super but Thats a Lex Luthor idea. Give props to the OG.

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    Matt KreyHari Yang lalu

    Nailed it!

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    Justin FencsakHari Yang lalu

    Now do 80s version

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    sithousHari Yang lalu

    Damn, we're getting old... Thank you for the reminder. haha.

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    Hector ReyesHari Yang lalu

    I LOVE this! Makes me miss Xena and Hercules.

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    Nik LangHari Yang lalu

    I mean, if you want to get rid of, say in inter-universal evil alien race called the combine, than use a moon portal.

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    Chad W SmithHari Yang lalu

    This is far better than I expected when I clicked.

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    Darkest ArgentumHari Yang lalu

    *checks for Sam Raimi's name on the credits*

  79. author

    Sharp DesignHari Yang lalu

    Witcher: The Legendary

  80. author

    Czech MateHari Yang lalu

    Because. It looks cool. See what I did there?

  81. author

    Natty WalloHari Yang lalu

    Or actual intro for the first The Witcher series from 2002 😂

  82. author

    Zaynio FIXHari Yang lalu

    Great work on this one

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    Stephen SommersHari Yang lalu

    In the 80s they would have cast Arnold or Doulph as Geralt and made Yemen a sexpot and just ruin it.

  84. author

    Aleksandra TomickaHari Yang lalu

    Perfect :)

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    TonyKanameKuranHari Yang lalu

    Warner Bros. Television presents... The Witcher

  86. author

    Supa! XxSc1z0rxXHari Yang lalu

    Damn..... Now I miss watching Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.

  87. author

    Raurii GatienHari Yang lalu

    Remind Me The Game Of Thrones 90'S Version Good Work by the way

  88. author

    TrashtonHari Yang lalu

    Dis dat good boof

  89. author

    clanofshadowsHari Yang lalu

    This isn't the first Witch TV series. There was at least one other a while back maybe two.

  90. author

    Alan HardcastleHari Yang lalu

    Much better into

  91. author

    ivan carlsonHari Yang lalu

    John de Lancie was too busy making My Little Pony

  92. author

    Byron KennedyHari Yang lalu

    So 90s

  93. author

    Lark88Hari Yang lalu

    This seems more like a trailer from the 80s to me. Look at this one for comparison.

  94. author

    lastbeerHari Yang lalu

    Narrator told more solid story than Hissrich...

  95. author

    Pe terHari Yang lalu

    😂evil or evil

  96. author

    Perry HartmanHari Yang lalu

    LOL! WOW! Nerdist really out did them selves on this. Man the 90's where strange.

  97. author

    Andrev SaddlerHari Yang lalu

    I was waiting to hear him say "Fuck!!" Lol

  98. author

    Fresh KaizerHari Yang lalu

    This is giving me major "Hercules the Legendary" journeys vibes.

  99. author

    madestmadhatterHari Yang lalu

    Fucking why did we stop advertising movies like this?

  100. author

    João Phellipe Freitas PintoHari Yang lalu

    10 ou of 10 i would watch this show in 90´s...