Rachel & Jun's Adventures!
Rachel & Jun's Adventures!
Rachel & Jun's Adventures!

We're an American/Japanese married couple living in Japan, traveling places, bothering our cats, and doing dumb stuff for your enjoyment!
This is our vlog channel. I make no guarantees as to the quality of content on this channel.
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Tokyo, Minato-ku, Kitaaoyama 3-9-5
Okamoto Biru 201

Beware Nagoya AirportBeware Nagoya Airport

Beware Nagoya Airport

20 hari yang lalu

Our cats meet a dogOur cats meet a dog

Our cats meet a dog

3 bulan yang lalu

We did stuff for a dayWe did stuff for a day

We did stuff for a day

3 bulan yang lalu

So we got a RoombaSo we got a Roomba

So we got a Roomba

5 bulan yang lalu

fragments of June 2018fragments of June 2018

fragments of June 2018

7 bulan yang lalu

boss fightboss fight

boss fight

7 bulan yang lalu

Prepping for our movePrepping for our move

Prepping for our move

8 bulan yang lalu

Helping my friend moveHelping my friend move

Helping my friend move

Tahun Yang lalu

When Nagi meowsWhen Nagi meows

When Nagi meows

Tahun Yang lalu

Opening your packages!Opening your packages!

Opening your packages!

Tahun Yang lalu

How I cleared my skinHow I cleared my skin

How I cleared my skin

Tahun Yang lalu



Tahun Yang lalu

Jun gets a new bike!Jun gets a new bike!

Jun gets a new bike!

Tahun Yang lalu

We visited Lake Biwa!We visited Lake Biwa!

We visited Lake Biwa!

Tahun Yang lalu

Japanese Cat ProductsJapanese Cat Products

Japanese Cat Products

2 tahun yang lalu

German Snacks part 2!!German Snacks part 2!!

German Snacks part 2!!

2 tahun yang lalu

Where have we been?!Where have we been?!

Where have we been?!

2 tahun yang lalu

Japan's Squirrel Park!Japan's Squirrel Park!

Japan's Squirrel Park!

2 tahun yang lalu

Trying German Snacks!Trying German Snacks!

Trying German Snacks!

2 tahun yang lalu

A Day in OtaA Day in Ota

A Day in Ota

2 tahun yang lalu

Cat Hair Shedding SeasonCat Hair Shedding Season

Cat Hair Shedding Season

2 tahun yang lalu

Secret Santa! What I got~Secret Santa! What I got~

Secret Santa! What I got~

2 tahun yang lalu

Our cat is dumbOur cat is dumb

Our cat is dumb

2 tahun yang lalu

  1. author

    Son Goku51 menit yang lalu

    Ok I am sorry for saying this but If u can't tell if dumb af

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    Flamingo FunJam Yang lalu

    1:44 look at the caps i swear you guys wrote them!

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    Kla dia2 jam yang lalu

    I wanna go although i might die in the cat place due to allergies im willing to take the risk

  5. author

    Nyftii3 jam yang lalu

    My cats would adore that. We already have a small cat tree from when they were kittens and one of mine is getting too fat for it lol. I should get a new one

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    Melike Tuna5 jam yang lalu

    I can watch this all my life!!! 15:03 Just look at these pawssss ughhh 😻😻

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    Andrew gamer6 jam yang lalu

    Oh no

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    TexStar Gaming6 jam yang lalu

    This makes DFW(Dallas Fort Worth) look like a kiddie ride.

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    Zuha zulfiqar6 jam yang lalu

    Same situation with my cats....

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    FLAPPING WINGS TV6 jam yang lalu

    We had a black and white siamese cat in our garden too but she died in a car accident sadly :<

  11. author

    Pupuy Osas8 jam yang lalu

    Dogs area: the white dog is lazy! Cats area: All cats are lazy! Lol

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    firefly__ 4u9 jam yang lalu

    3:44 Rachel: What is it? Poki: I don't know! Let's check

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    move I’m gay10 jam yang lalu

    the dog seemed to not acknowledge the cats

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    PinBall Wizard10 jam yang lalu

    I could easily tell them apart Haku is a *CHONKY ABSOLUTE UNIT* Nagi is a small cat

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    WolfFireheart10 jam yang lalu

    Daw, Nagi got a auchies on his noes. I'm willing to bet it was Poki xD

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    Alan H11 jam yang lalu

    Poki is a stray cat so he ok with it

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    POKI DESERVES NO PRIVACY!!!!!!!!!! he is just that so evil.

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    Bro hes not japanese?

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    3:48 😂

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    Michelle13 jam yang lalu

    We need an update!!!!

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    usaginomame121713 jam yang lalu

    Narita Terminal 3 is like this. It's like a race track walking between terminals. For international flights they also have very little immigration officers for this terminal so it takes forever.

  24. author

    1979 Hellcat14 jam yang lalu

    Not an airport comment - but are u guys ok? I know a week ago a huge typhoon hit Japan. - I hope everyone is safe. 🙏🏻❤️❤️

  25. author

    Tanya Lawrence14 jam yang lalu

    You should shave the cats, i do my furball once a year when summer is starting qnd he loves the after feel. Only dowhside is my partnerand i in our underwear in the bathroom with fur coates

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    Caesare15 jam yang lalu

    Me: Holiday in japan for 9 days, never sweated until we were back home Jun: The AC damn nasty and hot yo

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    Andrew Christ16 jam yang lalu

    very good dog.

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    Laser Shard19 jam yang lalu

    Where is the part when they say “You guys are such druggies”?

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    Shrija Chatterjee20 jam yang lalu

    Rachel and jun I love u and your vids an I and u Al are animal lovers.

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    Just now watching and this needs at least 5 sequels

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    Kyler Kasper21 jam yang lalu

    How many times have hats broken cats

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    What breed is your cat ?

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    Kyler Kasper21 jam yang lalu

    Jun and Rachel are the ultimate couple with cats, only thing I wanna know is if they like kamen rider

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    Destiny Green21 jam yang lalu

    You look beautiful Rachel! As always Nice facial hair Jun! Very handsome

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    Hakuna Matata22 jam yang lalu

    poki is poki

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    Lol while i was watching this my cat nn my bed farted. It smells really bad

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    ll 523 jam yang lalu

    Yeah. Very small apartment

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    MegaKittyCatHari Yang lalu

    all other cats in the world loves these cat towers, cat beds and playing and stuff, my cats hates those things, only one of my cats likes playing, the other 2 i got just fight with each other and sleep

  40. author

    Krystyna KapnerHari Yang lalu

    Did Jun just casually throw something into the clouds?!?

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    Pippity Pop'n PopsiclesHari Yang lalu

    This is why I dont want kids when I'm older because I can have furry cat babys instead

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    No clickbait Chilling music I just want these thing happen on other YT channel

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    Yo a typhoon recently hit Japan are y’all alright? Did you lose power?!

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    Nothing Players In dark souls

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    i love this channel so much sometimes i’m like just chillin and i’m wondering how y’all are doin 🥺

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    Ahh poki looks so cute in the thumbnail

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    Pretty cat 🤗

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    I luv cat's more than my brother lol

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    how were you guys after the typhoon? we didn't lose power haha

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    Aj lynx :p Aj lynx :pHari Yang lalu


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    WendyThePoohHari Yang lalu

    Nagi: why do I hear boss music?

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    Brittany 2HHari Yang lalu

    I'm sorry, I know this is the wrong channel, but Jun's kitchen seems to have shut down? Where did he go? Why isn't he making videos?

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    Do DodolHari Yang lalu

    I from Indonesia

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    Claire YangHari Yang lalu

    Rachel: We're gonna shove the cats in now... cause we're... great cat parents! Jun: No, they need to learn

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    Runningtothe SunsetHari Yang lalu

    You two are the cutest couple I’ve ever seen in my entire life

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    Finally poki is fixed I wish my cat is ;w;

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    My favorite cat there is Nagi Because he/she is so cuuuttee

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    Oh my gosh, I am so sorry about your experience you had in terminal 2. You were sprinting like sonic the hedgehog. Oh my gosh, it seems this was so stressful, dreadful and exhausting. Poor thing, Rachael, take care of yourself. I work as a flight attendant. It is good to do a quick research whenever your travel, always check the flight status. Familiarise yourself in the future as I used to work at the airport. Make sure, you have a light luggage.

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    Sandy LeeHari Yang lalu

    long time no see..wow...when did yall move to this beautiful place??

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    Azzy :3:Hari Yang lalu

    - poki falls off tree - (Simba theme song plays )

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    Rica PolotanHari Yang lalu

    Nagi is the sweetest babie!

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    Which produckt they used can anyone informed me.

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    Long gorle

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    My cat is sitting next to me like "Are you cheating on me..."

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    They don't eat the dogs

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    What if Baku knows the cat the guy adopted and could smell the other cat

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    Thats a really epic fight at the end of the video

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    More vids like this its so hilarious hahaha

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    Like:Poki Comment:Haku Comment:Nagi

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    He grooms you (licking you) because he loves and cares about you

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    А где Наги?

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    Isn’t it good if a she,tear doesn’t have any animals up for adoption? Since it would mean all of those animals went to happy homes and have good lives now

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    House tour pls!!

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    Haku: feed me or I'll smack you 😡☺

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    Hydrofoils are super cool. I didn't know it was possible to use them for an entire ferry!

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    Same thing in Osaka at KIX. It is actually much more convenient but yall gotta know about if before or you have a big problem...

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    Poki really looks like he's a "puspin" or "pusang pinoy" (cats from Philippines) just a regular cat here in my country

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    Can you list place for children in japan. In november and march.

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    Thirsty Pokey, Anxious Rachel, Stealthy Jun

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    This channel is about simplicity and beauties of life

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    if you peple thick thay look coot but which one look coot ot you dogs or cats l thick cats😍😍

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