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    Christopher Rodmell4 jam yang lalu

    Still looks in decent condition to be older than the real famous shipwreck Titanic

  2. author

    Running4 jam yang lalu

    This is a lie! They want you with at least 2-4years experience Some don’t have that so they don’t even look our way. They say they’ll train ... but how do I train!?... ooh yeah, I have to know someone

  3. author

    Natalie Hearn4 jam yang lalu

    Spent weeks killing innocent people children and mother's, but rescue the dog, the hypocrisy is unbelievable

  4. author

    Thysta4 jam yang lalu

    What a great man. Salute from Hungary!

  5. author

    4Cabin4 jam yang lalu

    Warrants should be issued for the arrest all the House Managers and Pelosi.

  6. author

    Mike The Stand4 jam yang lalu

    When the fact that from before Mr Trump became President Trump the attacks by the democrats started and have not let up for three years and have so far failed at every turn it is beyond reason that Americans can trust any democrat to hold any position of responsibility and power. No Americans in good faith and conscience who live by any decent moral and ethical code could vote for any democrat to be in a governmental position, you would vote in very untrustworthy people to do the bidding of the people and that would be an act of insanity. You can not trust any democrats.

  7. author

    Nuyo4 jam yang lalu

    People act like they actually care about these 1 billion animals. But yet the still support to kill multiple more billion animals every year in order to eat there flesh. Humans are hilarious.

  8. author

    Durgesh Mahant4 jam yang lalu

    There is a reason why we have hate. . We should exhibit when required.. If hate wasn't required it wouldn't have existed... But this women went one step ahead of all of us

  9. author

    Mr Bondi4 jam yang lalu

    15 years? Yep, that sounds fair, to me. Seems like the judge might be into raping babies too. How could you consider that appropriate? Disgraceful justice!

  10. author

    Vortelaris4 jam yang lalu

    dad to son after this: belt

  11. author

    PGCN RCTT4 jam yang lalu

    based on china astrology strong follow by weak, weak follow by strong obama born in poor family, trump born in rich family we should have next president born in poor in china we have mouse to snake is 1-6 horse to pig is 7-12 obama from 1-6 trump is 7-12 so next is 1-6 again you should or may download china lunar calender on chplay

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    Anya Tranter4 jam yang lalu

    What lovely fathers you are.

  13. author

    Anya Tranter5 jam yang lalu

    Doing an amazing thing breaking barriers with love

  14. author

    Bizim kent5 jam yang lalu

    Hello I am from Turkey greetings from Turkey to australia I say to everyone in Australia ♥♥♥♥♥

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    daryl H5 jam yang lalu

    BERNIE 2020 !!!

  16. author

    daryl H5 jam yang lalu

    Zolinsky Knew b4 he won the Election !!! ... FFS !!!

  17. author

    daryl H5 jam yang lalu

    Opus Dei & Zio-Nazis !!!

  18. author

    CRIS Vlog5 jam yang lalu

    I can already see them bragging to their friends

  19. author

    Chris Smith5 jam yang lalu

    So make sure you don't buy your kid a real looking bb pistol for Christmas, because some criminals in the world stole some from Walmart. Makes perfect sense to me.

  20. author

    Marcus rabb5 jam yang lalu

    Yall Hating On This Girl Disgusting ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽 Rest Easy You Deserve It✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽

  21. author

    Made Guntoro5 jam yang lalu

    So very sad 😢 😥

  22. author

    daryl H5 jam yang lalu

    Rump stopped almost all sanctions against Russia & Putin & the Oligarchs ... LIARS !!!

  23. author

    lulabell 795 jam yang lalu

    Your friends are amazing. That's the true gift. But wow, we sure take so many things for granted. Seeing color... what a blessing to be thankful for! Congrats on your gift of seeing the colorful world around you.

  24. author

    Aldo G5 jam yang lalu

    How about black entitlement 😂

  25. author

    John Samuels5 jam yang lalu

    If the ISL can generate this kind of energy and togetherness, swimming will be bigger than football

  26. author

    MrWαfflα5 jam yang lalu

    Its all fun and games in the judge Until they get to their home

  27. author

    Anamul Haque5 jam yang lalu

    🐨🐨🐨so poor 😭😭

  28. author

    J. A.5 jam yang lalu

    Such a great team of lawyers for the President. They spell it out for the People on how much of a bipartisanism coupe this really is.

  29. author

    daryl H5 jam yang lalu

    GOP won't allow witnesses or evidence ... the EU sends much more help !!! ... TRAITORS !!!

  30. author

    Lin Jeremy5 jam yang lalu


  31. author

    Cathy T5 jam yang lalu

    Why were a 4 yr old and an 11 yr old home alone? Thats much too young. Hes also too young to be using a gun of any kind Where were the parents? CPS on this ?

  32. author

    Immortal San Fan6 jam yang lalu

    A man who cries is not LESS OF A MAN but MORE OF A HUMAN BEING

  33. author

    Debbie Sue6 jam yang lalu

    Is it bad that I hate that girls mom.... *And that dog has injuries because of her, and it wasn't even her dog...*

  34. author

    Soft Drink6 jam yang lalu

    If someone of any gender hits me I will hurt them #Equality

  35. author

    samarth singh6 jam yang lalu

    It was so cute kid r angel

  36. author

    Shmacked Muffins6 jam yang lalu

    His legs may be working but his back is about to be destroyed.

  37. author

    Donald Ducko6 jam yang lalu

    Adorable. Right up to the point he rips your head off. If humans put this much effort into taking care of other humans? Wow. What a world that would be.

  38. author

    irfan Muhammad6 jam yang lalu

    Ask to yourself. Why did you shoot down camels?

  39. author

    Nisey6 jam yang lalu

    Don't have to send them to jail.. Just evict them immediately and give it to someone else.

  40. author

    FreeBird always6 jam yang lalu

    these clowns cannot manage I say will blow up worldwide pandemic

  41. author

    Turkish Punisher6 jam yang lalu

    Only in Islam.

  42. author

    Frank Paws6 jam yang lalu

    in this day and age its sad i feel like this is probably staged

  43. author

    Sweet tooth Marie'6 jam yang lalu

    She got that big in 3 months?? ☺

  44. author

    Berkay6 jam yang lalu

    I think this is kind of a state advertisement

  45. author

    Andy Werner6 jam yang lalu


  46. author

    Elsad Yusifov6 jam yang lalu

    Bütün xilasedicilərə təşəkkürlər

  47. author

    cartersusan6 jam yang lalu

    I have cried EVERY time I watch this.

  48. author

    Jane Avila6 jam yang lalu

    What kind of jail hands out shorts instead of pants, where's the jail at, Tampa Bay ?

  49. author

    michael grelewicz6 jam yang lalu

    Did they charge the guy who ran with murder... this young man did a fine job..!! His training kicked in and he did what he had to do to protect his sibling!!!

  50. author

    stephanie orozco6 jam yang lalu

    the poor koala :c

  51. author

    EvanPlays6 jam yang lalu

    Total garbage.

  52. author

    Random Guy In The Comments6 jam yang lalu

    A 10 yo beagle did a million dollars worth of damage? ...gtfoh

  53. author

    royksk6 jam yang lalu

    Lucky lad.

  54. author

    Adventuring With Allison6 jam yang lalu

    Chills ran over my body when she said that, that’s disgusting

  55. author

    Chicken Rice Warrior7 jam yang lalu

    Day 80: Cute music. Day 800: RAINING BLOOOOOOOOD

  56. author

    ROTTEN RICKY7 jam yang lalu

    Some pos leftist or foreigner new to America took over hoa and is trying to be a bully.

  57. author

    Marko Hynninen7 jam yang lalu

    Kid have some Viking blod 🤔

  58. author

    Richy Cartel7 jam yang lalu

    Ahaa this devise works off sound waves( you said it can't see you but detects "movement" and can tell "how far" you are away from the wall(just like sonar), hence the device cannot penetrate a sound proof wall---to build, use two(2)--2" by 6" pine wood top and bottom plates with pine wood 2" by 4" studs on each side of the wall, staggered each stud appart from each other on each side of said wall.... then, inside the wall roll down from the top of the said wall a 1/8" to 1/4" thick some type of mat ( material like the green plastic kitcen pot hand scrubber) with it only touching one(1) side of the wall. You have a sound proof wall...sound only travels through vibration, hence sound won't travel through to the other side of the wall----and the room will be super quiet(good for a washer/dryer room, not just keeping disrespectful, lawless police from spying on you "in" your own house, you know) I Remain, BILLY THE KID 25JAN20; 01:09 H.H.

  59. author

    Beanos Yeet7 jam yang lalu

    I don’t care what started it I just want to get rid of the fire

  60. author

    Saud Mujahid7 jam yang lalu

    That was kinda racist but why do black folks always overreact like that lol

  61. author

    Kjersti Numinous7 jam yang lalu

    What an amazing man. THANK YOU!!!! You are wanted!

  62. author

    Angel Cruz7 jam yang lalu

    Fired those pigss

  63. author

    Karue7 jam yang lalu

    That prosecutor shoudn't be in his position. What a disgusting man.

  64. author

    Beau Kapeliela7 jam yang lalu

    3:22:25 "Find Congressional's penis"

  65. author

    Ra'heli Da`Nubian7 jam yang lalu

    Im still confused lol

  66. author

    Gabriele Wilken7 jam yang lalu

    Oh mein Gott ist der süß 😍Ich will mit ihm Kuscheln,,🤗🙃❤️

  67. author

    Stephen Miller7 jam yang lalu

    you're fair game folks!

  68. author

    Richy Cartel7 jam yang lalu

    The word "in" your home is the linch-pen word of a 4th Amendment privacy violation by the government...and the government knows this too.

  69. author

    veranya20747 jam yang lalu

    beautiful kids beautiful parents beautiful family

  70. author

    Denny Herlambang7 jam yang lalu

    This woman is wonderful, she has a golden heart, and the message she shared was so powerful, we need to see more something like this.

  71. author

    Nikhil Krishnakumar7 jam yang lalu

    He's got Danny Brown energy

  72. author

    Kousaburo7 jam yang lalu

    Some folks are born made to wave the flag , Ooh, they're red, white and blue , And when the band plays "Hail to the chief" , Ooh, they point the cannon at you, Lord!

  73. author

    Marshalisepic lll7 jam yang lalu

    0:29 gets intercepted/mossed

  74. author

    Exodus 6357 jam yang lalu

    Hit me i'll hit you back

  75. author

    Henry Rathburn7 jam yang lalu

    Where does a teacher get 100,000 dollars for bail in a child molesting case ? Especially when looking at a possible life sentence ...... .WTF .... .

  76. author

    Ppetrosyan Arnold8 jam yang lalu


  77. author

    Jakê Böwlín8 jam yang lalu

    If it's a defense system everything is "Hit-to-kill"

  78. author

    MattyMcPatty8 jam yang lalu

    Nice dog

  79. author

    Issy8 jam yang lalu

    America isn’t that great anyway

  80. author

    BL4z3 H3ATN1X8 jam yang lalu

    Imagine him grown up and looking back at this video his reaction will be wow I was retarded back then

  81. author

    finissol8 jam yang lalu

    “It’s just a $40 flag” The hell are you saying! That is not just a forty dollar flag. It’s not just a piece of cloth. That flag is made from our soldiers own blood, sweat, and tears. So if you have a problem with that leave this country.

  82. author

    TripleAstyle1 A8 jam yang lalu

    ahh shit Trump did something good, CNN must have missed this one too.

  83. author

    羅德夫8 jam yang lalu

    Hear the devil speaking to the ignorant Christian Right. Similar rightwing nationalists voted in the 1930s for Hitler. Now you can hear in America Heil Trump because for the Christian Right Trump is adored as the American style Hitler.

  84. author

    Skully Anderthal8 jam yang lalu

    I never expect such a disgraceful display throughout the past three years by the Democrats.Deception/lies daily,it's no wonder that in previous decades America was being sold out by both Democrats and Republicans.Those trillions of dollars listed in America's deficit has made thousand of wealthy people richer.Based upon present behaviour that is certainly not going to change.People like Joe Biden and son Hunter Biden are great in numbers in Washington raping the taxpayers coffers.

  85. author

    navin maurya8 jam yang lalu

    Please save nature.

  86. author

    Anthony Avelar8 jam yang lalu

    "Have you always loved loaning out money at interest, is it something your father taught you or is it something you came to on your own?"

  87. author

    Simi Truth8 jam yang lalu


  88. author

    E R8 jam yang lalu

    This was amazing. I am an organ donor. I hope when the time comes I can help someone live the rest of their life to the fullest.

  89. author

    Malcolm Harrison8 jam yang lalu

    Well North police don't do shit and Orangeburg County does more there anyway so them quitting didn't hurt anything because Orangeburg County is so big they will just move officers to North. Dumb asses have no job and made no point. As many drugs get pushed through North. No one cares

  90. author

    Saucin 298 jam yang lalu

    Theres only like three different comments repeated throughout this feed

  91. author

    paul sawczyc8 jam yang lalu

    You don't see wooden houses in South America.

  92. author

    Erzai Arcenas8 jam yang lalu

    Did tbey found mikes body?

  93. author

    laurels heart8 jam yang lalu

    Well maybe he’s rehabilitated... its sure a nice house.

  94. author

    Sridhar Roman8 jam yang lalu

    At the 72nd day it greatly looks like a teddy bear which came to life

  95. author

    — corbeau subliminals - - x8 jam yang lalu

    i identify as a martian though-

  96. author

    Jackie Light8 jam yang lalu

    I blame the court system they the judge kept sending the girls home the court system helped murder that mother wonder how they sleep at night

  97. author

    Cassandra Schmitz8 jam yang lalu

    He rules!

  98. author

    Cfour 11008 jam yang lalu

    bullshit, this smells of political manipulation

  99. author

    SaladBoi378 jam yang lalu

    Actions have consequences... Always think more times than you think neccessary before you act, because you will never know it may backfire and how it will...

  100. author

    Rickie Dickie8 jam yang lalu

    Let me guess. ..she has voted on Devils President Donald J. Trump...Disgusting United States of America.