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  1. author

    Jasrin 200312 jam yang lalu

    Omg so nice

  2. author

    Christian Graham12 jam yang lalu

    How long did it take to do this bc one person could not do it in a few days

  3. author

    xXBattleBlazeXx12 jam yang lalu

    I’m not even this creative in Minecraft

  4. author

    King Bishop12 jam yang lalu

    Just because y'all simple minds can't wrap it around your head that this can be done without heavy machinery doesn't mean it's not possible. How you think we as humans built things before machines even existed? Ya know there was life before Google and Facebook.

  5. author

    アライさん12 jam yang lalu


  6. author

    Isaac Clarke12 jam yang lalu

    This guy built this in 14:14 and it takes me half a day to lawn my yard.....I feel so outta shape☹️

  7. author

    Max P13 jam yang lalu

    Secret? Ring of dirt around a round flat ground... hmm seems legit

  8. author

    Saul Vences13 jam yang lalu

    This are people that can survive in a island no problem

  9. author

    Maliek Beckford13 jam yang lalu

    Avoid that buffalo!

  10. author

    Alex Konani13 jam yang lalu

    Mais algum Br que não tem o que fazer e fica viajando vendo isso por horas? kkkkkk por favor não me deixem sozinho aqui

  11. author

    Aldo Apriliza13 jam yang lalu


  12. author

    Maliek Beckford13 jam yang lalu

    I love it

  13. author

    via cantik13 jam yang lalu

    wo lekemenetaien

  14. author

    GRAZI Bueno13 jam yang lalu


  15. author

    GRAZI Bueno13 jam yang lalu


  16. author

    Svetlana Artemov13 jam yang lalu

    Was he eating the water?

  17. author

    Тагир Касумов13 jam yang lalu


  18. author

    RichardJLC14 jam yang lalu

    Now, let’s hope those wilder beasts don’t come walking across that roof.

  19. author

    Haden Smith14 jam yang lalu

    Ok so let me get this straight this guy Got lost in the woods and videos himself Building a house and makes a pool and Starts acting like a little kid playing in The water?

  20. author

    Холод14 jam yang lalu

    Far Cry primal in real life :)

  21. author

    Francisco Ocasio14 jam yang lalu

    What is that noise.

  22. author

    Zetus14 jam yang lalu

    Wouldnt it get nasty and over fill over time?

  23. author

    Coolinsect 77714 jam yang lalu

    I’m curious if he removed the bamboo pipe(s) or not and if it flooded because he didn’t remove them at the time... some questions I don’t want answered

  24. author weirdo-14 jam yang lalu

    No one: *What I thought I looked like playing outside*

  25. author

    Giorno Giovanna15 jam yang lalu

    Netflix: Are you still watching? Someones daughter: 23:58

  26. author

    Francisco Ocasio15 jam yang lalu

    How long takes to this guys make some like that......days.....weeks...years..

  27. author

    CUSTOM STUFF15 jam yang lalu

    Chuck Norris's child

  28. author

    NOOBx FANNY15 jam yang lalu

    If ww3 will gona happen in his country i bet this man and his family would survive...Great skills and very industrious

  29. author

    دبلان بددلان15 jam yang lalu

    انا مدري وش الي جابني هينا بس والله يهو فن

  30. author

    lourival teodoro15 jam yang lalu


  31. author

    Никита Леонов16 jam yang lalu

    Бл че он воду не перекрывает??🤦‍♂️ Затопит же... 🧜‍♂️

  32. author

    JAI MES16 jam yang lalu

    Si what happens to all these houses when it rains a lot ?🤔

  33. author

    lovely Me16 jam yang lalu

    Him: builds all kind of cool things Me: can’t even build a sand castle

  34. author

    lovely Me16 jam yang lalu

    Him: builds all kind of cool things Me: can’t even build a sand castle

  35. author

    1000 subscribers challenge16 jam yang lalu

    You should make one really big project

  36. author

    Carlos Caencru4 Guillen Cruz16 jam yang lalu


  37. author

    cihangir aglagu16 jam yang lalu

    0.32 great blowjob!

  38. author

    IKBAR GAMING16 jam yang lalu

    Orangnya sendiri aja

  39. author

    Shapree Mallory17 jam yang lalu

    Daaaaamn how many trips was that????

  40. author

    lil mike17 jam yang lalu

    I wish you could come here and build one for me 😣😣😣

  41. author

    Nicholas Gawne17 jam yang lalu

    If im not mistaken this abandoned one you found @primitiveuniquetool was done by another youtuber called the survival.

  42. author

    ILike_Donuts21 ._.17 jam yang lalu

    Guess we know who’s surviving the zombie apocalypse?

  43. author

    Jacqueline Peguero17 jam yang lalu

    Yo soy el comentario en español que tanto buscabas😂

  44. author

    TechPro13417 jam yang lalu

    Like how they have metal tools but have not made a video on a furnace. 😂

  45. author

    Progun Games17 jam yang lalu

    One question how is there enough pressure for the water to travel all the way to the pool?

  46. author

    Danny Soehnlen17 jam yang lalu

    What tools are u using

  47. author

    eskayel18 jam yang lalu

    Whoever’s pushing out these videos is banking off of these guys hard work.

  48. author

    iisMartinez TV18 jam yang lalu

    Hold on a min The US doesn't have bamboo tree's 💀🧐

  49. author

    Галина Краснокутская18 jam yang lalu

    Чувак сделал за пару дней больше , чем я за всю жизнь..

  50. author

    Andjela Unknown18 jam yang lalu

    Please draw a cat one time

  51. author

    HarVall18 jam yang lalu

    Looks like swimming pool from Prince of Persia :D

  52. author

    Official Drake Daníelz.18 jam yang lalu

    Awesome video, i like it so much your video, nice job, regards.

  53. author

    HR18 jam yang lalu


  54. author

    Edgar sanchez18 jam yang lalu

    It's cool and all but how are you going to use the restroom

  55. author

    Apophis STR19 jam yang lalu

    I'm surprised how his arms are still not as thick as my torso.

  56. author

    FIND НOT GIRL FОR SEX - CLICK HЕRE19 jam yang lalu

    ** 2:48

  57. author

    ichka odko19 jam yang lalu

    capitalism, havent you yet satisfied with suffering of sentient being? For money, poor guy built house while destroying and wasting tons of resource for the sake of making a video and a money

  58. author

    Master of all Cephalopods: Comrade Zulaski Kaitzo19 jam yang lalu

    Mom, can we have some "It's not much, but it's honest work"? We have some "It's not much, but it's honest work" at home. "It's not much, but it's honest work" at home:

  59. author

    Maddog4x419 jam yang lalu

    How long did it take him to build that

  60. author

    Зуля Розыева20 jam yang lalu

    How many days was spended on that?

  61. author

    Vicente Souza Santana20 jam yang lalu

    Muito da hora

  62. author

    PS Cubing20 jam yang lalu

    Where does he keep his crafting table?

  63. author

    Luke Charske20 jam yang lalu

    How to build a house under ground.... be chinese

  64. author

    azee20 jam yang lalu

    what happens to all these places they've built?

  65. author

    Nuri Alibay20 jam yang lalu

    0:30 ? SERIOUSLY WTF WAS IT.????

  66. author

    Duy Tran20 jam yang lalu


  67. author

    Edward Suchil20 jam yang lalu

    This is what you can make when you don't have intrnet.

  68. author

    Bad history খারাপ ভিডিও21 jam yang lalu

    vai tui sera

  69. author

    Eddie 3021 jam yang lalu

    After all of those how did they no find a fossil😂😂😂

  70. author

    terahlife21 jam yang lalu

    Wish i had this type of time in a day....

  71. author

    terahlife21 jam yang lalu

    Why not go off the grid! They got me ready to say " fuck it" !! Looks stress free once done. No mortgage, or fucked up bank interest rate😂. Just need food, your spouse and some weed 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  72. author

    UnXpected21 jam yang lalu

    I can't fathom how this could be done without measurements.

  73. author

    d g21 jam yang lalu

    23:55 pause ..

  74. author

    Luke21 jam yang lalu

    He must be passing the camera back nd forth to get angles from 30ft deep to overhead

  75. author

    Staz21 jam yang lalu

    21:27 whos that?

  76. author

    Yann Guerin21 jam yang lalu

    How many days to build that?

  77. author

    Becky Molyneux22 jam yang lalu

    Shows all you need is earth it’s a gift it’s not ours to keep

  78. author

    Becky Molyneux22 jam yang lalu

    Only joking I’m halfway dug up me garden

  79. author

    Becky Molyneux22 jam yang lalu

    Did no one spot the digger n work men at begginig ha

  80. author

    ГАРЫЧ ЛИМОНОВ22 jam yang lalu


  81. author

    YURI BOYKA22 jam yang lalu

    Imagine what they’d build if they had the proper equipment Nd materials

  82. author

    Raj Mina22 jam yang lalu

    Not Any answer

  83. author

    DFC Aldy Renata22 jam yang lalu


  84. author

    I'm not high. You're low.22 jam yang lalu

    0:10 the miracle of birth Edit: even better, 8:44

  85. author

    Aditya Aryan Arts22 jam yang lalu

    It's looking like impossible

  86. author

    avery henderson23 jam yang lalu

    I just wanna know who holds the camera

  87. author

    Daxorz Playz23 jam yang lalu

    S3 arsitektur

  88. author

    Chí Nguyễn23 jam yang lalu

    I don't know a word describe to Video, i think it is impossible when they had built like that

  89. author

    MelodYesterday23 jam yang lalu


  90. author

    Nischaya Paudel23 jam yang lalu

    buy a plot and ask them to build your house

  91. author

    Santiago Ugalde23 jam yang lalu