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Dreams - Before You BuyDreams - Before You Buy

Dreams - Before You Buy

10 hari yang lalu

10 WORST Games of 201910 WORST Games of 2019

10 WORST Games of 2019

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2 bulan yang lalu

10 SURPRISE Hits of 201910 SURPRISE Hits of 2019

10 SURPRISE Hits of 2019

2 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    KaijudowarchiefHari Yang lalu

    Robin isn’t the hero we want. He’s the hero we need.

  2. author

    David ConrathHari Yang lalu

    The creepiest moment of grand theft auto for me was waking up in a dress on a beach.

  3. author

    TipThePlayerHari Yang lalu

    Is this game worth to buy if I wouldn't play online? Like just the time trails, story mode and just singleplayer.

  4. author

    Valkas IronhornHari Yang lalu

    Sekiro * *the only weird thing we've seen so far is a ghost* * We're playing a guy with a magic prosthetic arm, fled from a snake the size of a building, fought against trolls, fire spitting bandits, giant zombie ape without a head, but yep ghost is the weirdest thing.

  5. author

    Drake BrimhallHari Yang lalu


  6. author

    Raziel BeyHari Yang lalu

    They need to bring it to Chicago

  7. author

    davidpreston45Hari Yang lalu

    2020 and I'm still looking for riddler trophies

  8. author

    Lucky SenpaiHari Yang lalu

    Imagine if EA owned Netflix.

  9. author

    SIDHARTH BHari Yang lalu

    It feels much weirder with the creepy background music

  10. author

    OC1Hari Yang lalu


  11. author

    Thumos AeternaHari Yang lalu

    How about Far Cry: Primal 2 with a Viking theme

  12. author

    Isaac DuerksenHari Yang lalu

    MK11 leaks??

  13. author

    DemonigHari Yang lalu

    can anybody tell me the background song name that starts from 4:45

  14. author

    Deepak PHari Yang lalu

    Put on your earphones and carefully listen 7:25 - 7:30 . You can hear the ghost sound in your head.

  15. author

    Rae Of AstoraHari Yang lalu

    This video has aged well :)

  16. author

    Savage BoyHari Yang lalu

    Batman Arkham knight

  17. author

    Thumos AeternaHari Yang lalu

    Okay fair enough. This was my first Far Cry, so it might have been a different experience for me. After this I got Far Cry 4 and liked it but I still love this primal setting of spears and beasts more. The animals are amazing. I am currently playing Primal over for the second time, this time in Survival mode. I just simply love this game and it is my absolute favorite single player.

  18. author

    Alex CardonaHari Yang lalu

    Skyrim oblivion

  19. author

    Ashutosh K.C.Hari Yang lalu

    I dont understand how the wrong side of the tracks is hard like bruh your can get it done before the tunnel exit

  20. author

    BakedPhoriaHari Yang lalu

    1:59 dude is not looking at that chart

  21. author

    DaniloKING 2Hari Yang lalu

    Watching this as I'M ReBootInG tHe RouTer

  22. author

    Bradders -Hari Yang lalu

    Yeah its good that GRR is gonna help a game but its still not a real fucking game of thrones game, how on earth has there still never been a proper game of thrones game.

  23. author

    firecad2006Hari Yang lalu

    Sega sucks

  24. author

    jtmax24Hari Yang lalu

    There are two more freaky locations in GTA 5 story. If you head over the Hobo camp past Paleto Bay in the tunnel you'll see a poster pay attention to the writing. Then head down to Los Santos to The Gentry Manor Hotel in West Vinewood, around 8 to 10a in the morning go around back of the pool behind some buildings you'll find a wall with 'Help Me' scribbled everywhere on the wall and it looks like the same person that wrote the same stuff at the Hobo camp. (It took GTA players a couple of years to find the 'help me' wall because it's only visible at certain times.) Real creepy shit.

  25. author

    Rasmus LundstromHari Yang lalu

    i have been playing the first The Godfather game since i was a kid with my dad on both the original Xbox, xbox 360 and Wii. I would LOVE a remaster of that masterpiece on the next gen consoles

  26. author

    EthanbloodytailHari Yang lalu

    Infamous 2 was ok it would be better if it didn't have inverted camera look first infamous was the best one

  27. author

    RaiDCallybreHari Yang lalu

    They are probably waiting for the next gen consoles to release

  28. author


    I hate nothing about the game....

  29. author

    Heinzmann DannyHari Yang lalu

    Fallout Shelter?

  30. author

    theKINGSofHari Yang lalu

    There's a wheelchair near a lake in GTA San Andreas. It really freaked me out when I found it.

  31. author

    svxngerHari Yang lalu

    no. shut up.

  32. author

    Hello ThereHari Yang lalu

    Can’t wait for silksong

  33. author

    NBA MixesHari Yang lalu

    this isnt that accurate because need for speed heat knocks everyone away it definitely has the best graphics of 2019 but you didnt even put it top 10? this is wrong

  34. author

    YoungNoizeCreatorHari Yang lalu

    Anyone looking for a similar game to stardew valley check out Harvest Town :D

  35. author

    Arkadiusz WojnoHari Yang lalu

    frankly frankly frankly dislike

  36. author

    Chile V RisesHari Yang lalu

    Everytime ps4 puts a discount deal, this game comes up... and u dd not do a great job in convincing me NOT to buy it 🦇🦇🦇

  37. author

    *Linkzy Zeus*Hari Yang lalu

    technically, in gta you are the serial killer

  38. author

    i have 90 days to change my nameHari Yang lalu

    no wallpaper engine?

  39. author

    BassAddicts AnonymousHari Yang lalu

    All this food and nothing to eat!!!

  40. author

    Cody WislinskiHari Yang lalu

    Yeah in GTA 4 in the expansion if you get too drunk in a nightclub you appear there

  41. author

    White MaleHari Yang lalu

    Number 1 Is a refernece to how evil and demonic Killary Clinton is.

  42. author

    Vivek PatelHari Yang lalu

    Did you know GTA stands for Grand Theft Auto?? Bet y’all didn’t know 😎

  43. author

    Lord SenchinHari Yang lalu

    Bring back The Legacy of Kane series 💖💖

  44. author

    The 8-Bit Sonic FanHari Yang lalu

    You better not be spying on me.

  45. author

    Topic GamesHari Yang lalu

    I done supply lines first try

  46. author

    Timo BarigandHari Yang lalu

    What about the regenerator from RE4?? I almost shit my pants the first time I encountered one

  47. author

    LiterallySaltyHari Yang lalu

    When rockstar got sued so many times that there’s a top 10

  48. author

    Jimmy GabbaraHari Yang lalu

    EA: y does everyone hate me ME:BECAUSE U SUCK AND AND MAKE EVERYONE RAGE(also would u like to get another awnser for $1000000000.99

  49. author

    ImaSexyBeast001Hari Yang lalu

    You can literally torture a man in GTA 5 lmaoo I'm sure clappin some cheeks is fine

  50. author

    slightly amused black kid from the suburbsHari Yang lalu

    Anyone remember that show called xplay or whatever on TV? These kind of channels remind me of that show. Can't remember what channel it was on.

  51. author

    kiven Lightening_MCHari Yang lalu

    Everything bad u say to all people its to u and to your family 😒😒

  52. author

    ruby moralesHari Yang lalu

    Yeah I play Need for Speed I didn't know how to drive a stick in till after I played Need for Speed and then driving stick was really easy that's what video games has taught me

  53. author

    CasasClayHari Yang lalu

    12 years later I finally found the reason why we ran into the creepy guy in GTA IV lol. I never bothered looking it up or remembering it.

  54. author

    Cherubim666999Hari Yang lalu

    I got banned from a porn site for typing parody. "You can no longer access this site. Reason: Using inappropriate key terms"........beat that

  55. author

    RestlessHari Yang lalu

    Prob because they need the next gen consoles to release first.

  56. author

    downscaleHari Yang lalu

    NES Sunsoft Batman

  57. author

    Sarthak BerihaHari Yang lalu

    I bought it yesterday coz it was free😁

  58. author

    stanley ruxHari Yang lalu

    the list is not complete. at least for the bonuses, prototype 2 was amazing

  59. author

    Scooter's GamingHari Yang lalu

    Tried to play the game twice and quit because of the incredibly long dialogue scenes and cut scenes at the beginning. After the Netflix series, I gave it another shot and I’m glad I did. I still wish you could pause during the very long cut scenes, the UI is flawed, and I wish you could upgrade gear level (all of the “relics” I found were sold). But I agree that it’s a great game. The audio design is top notch on top of the graphics. You hear a rich world.

  60. author

    HaDe TwinsHari Yang lalu

    My history teacher once brought he's ps4 to school becaus he had assasin's creed oddysey and did a tour.

  61. author

    Mr StarmanHari Yang lalu

    I remember the heart it drops cash when u shoot it

  62. author

    Joseph.Hari Yang lalu

    @2:53 and I would add : '' and running on the famous windows desktop field ....''

  63. author

    Burning_wakeHari Yang lalu

    Those jay con headphones sync with ps4 i cant get decent ear buds compatible for my ps4

  64. author

    guka mobile gamesHari Yang lalu

    Its babi games

  65. author

    guka mobile gamesHari Yang lalu

    Vat is this

  66. author

    guka mobile gamesHari Yang lalu


  67. author

    SkorpiusHari Yang lalu

    Yeah, leaving the NES on all night. The only game I really remember doing that with was SMB3. Of course, there will be tears when you inevitably lose power some day...

  68. author

    Dormio VibesHari Yang lalu

    Shoreside Vale in GTA 3 was always creepy to me.

  69. author

    Brian WHari Yang lalu

    Not to mention the cheats

  70. author

    DanHari Yang lalu

    Wrong side of the tracks is easy, when you get to the bridge with the overhang, drive up it, get off the bike and shoot the gang members yourself

  71. author

    Danish CannoliHari Yang lalu

    I beat the game 100% twice Xbox 360 and Xbone. I’ve seen the ufo and not once was it during a storm. Just at night and game 100%.

  72. author

    Dude With tudeHari Yang lalu

    Sgt Foley: we have Ramirez Dutch: we have orther

  73. author

    Jason ToddHari Yang lalu

    10:24 Noticing the gun...

  74. author

    Th3 Seek3rHari Yang lalu

    Guys...i need a 2020 update

  75. author

    FFoxy_Playz 28Hari Yang lalu

    It's free on Xbox 360 that's what I'm playing it on

  76. author

    Cherubim666999Hari Yang lalu

    I got banned from a BF game for "sniping" with a pistol

  77. author

    KinoTroikGamesHari Yang lalu

    Where the good ol Link tuck and roll....?

  78. author

    Griffin _Hari Yang lalu

    Everyone was complaining about 3 lain maps and now that they are going everyome loses their shit.

  79. author

    SuperDeansWorldHari Yang lalu

    What about the sprunk factory in GTA 4 😭

  80. author

    Lucas GlasserHari Yang lalu

    what abt that one little house on that island all by itself near paleto bay in GTA 5

  81. author

    Matt IceHari Yang lalu

    10:20 triggered PTSD flashbacks...worse few weeks of my late childhood,waiting to get a new system after that fucking light came on

  82. author

    Enas RadiologyHari Yang lalu

    Poor rockstar...they cant speak for themselves most times :(

  83. author

    Paul HembreeHari Yang lalu

    I would love to see this game become a Series on Netflix or Prime. I think if done right it could be great.

  84. author

    Bruce DallasHari Yang lalu

    Gta San Andreas always had that creepy and eerie feel to it that no other gta has ever done

  85. author

    Marlin L'enchanteurHari Yang lalu

    I loved this game, I hated all other NFS games. Anyone knows how to play this game over modern PCs?

  86. author

    Mr KijijiHari Yang lalu

    I really wanted that pvr function they promised and took away🥴

  87. author

    Chey ZillaHari Yang lalu

    been around since halo 1 l really really hope 343 can get it right on try #3

  88. author

    John PatrickHari Yang lalu

    The pins are for easy access in case of fire dude... when on track...

  89. author

    ia opaHari Yang lalu

    Call of duty Modern warfare for me, matchmaking prefers players with the same skill as you over a good connection wich is terrible.

  90. author

    Adrian RodriguezHari Yang lalu

    I remember playing with the boys and finding the beating heart by accident. Good times

  91. author

    Anthony WrightHari Yang lalu

    How about most of the hard difficulty Velocibox achievments, since the glitches with collision in that mode make progressing insanely difficult if you're not already nearly perfect at dodging obstacles and you aren't ever relying on your next pickup to advance the level (because luck will decide that collision is broken for that moment and you won't progress)

  92. author

    Ellery KinsleyHari Yang lalu

    I was 4 in 2000 and I don't we got a Playstation until Christmas 2001/2 but when we did get it I played Spyro Year of the Dragon and the Lion King Simba's Adventure which both came out in 2000.

  93. author

    JamieHari Yang lalu

    You wanna know a freaky place..............The strip club

  94. author

    B. BoldnasanHari Yang lalu

    F you console

  95. author

    Ryan WoodwardHari Yang lalu

    Why would the guy who made the hot coffee mod for RDR 2 have virtual sex instead of actually having sex? Poor girlfriendless virgin loser.

  96. author

    DmanX PlayzHari Yang lalu


  97. author

    King EnaamHari Yang lalu

    **cough** world map **cough**

  98. author

    Willy FlandersHari Yang lalu

    What happen to Scarface ?????

  99. author

    Stephane GirouxHari Yang lalu

    if your going from a 3ds to lite its a huge upgrade. If you do from a normal switch to lite you will feel gimped in certain games like smash bros.

  100. author

    Kate NHari Yang lalu

    You can make your switch look like a snes tho without skins, they sell shells that look like PlayStation, GameCube, she’s, etc. all you need is some basic electrical skills, patience and access to IDreporter lol