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3 hari yang lalu

Grid - Before You BuyGrid - Before You Buy

Grid - Before You Buy

5 hari yang lalu

  1. author

    Joshua TaylorJam Yang lalu

    I don’t care what people say, I hope Riddler doesn’t return in Batman: Arkham Crisis. He’s just super annoying and childish and I have to spend a whole hour to collect 10 Riddler Trophies.

  2. author

    Dylan DunnJam Yang lalu

    Video Games are Amazing Art 🌠✨🎉

  3. author

    Dylan DunnJam Yang lalu

    Open World Games are Amazing Beautiful and Fantastic

  4. author

    syminite1Jam Yang lalu

    It's nothing random about the earth. Everything apart from human contamination would exist in perfect harmony

  5. author

    jose ramiro reynoso ruizJam Yang lalu

    I played like 2 -3 hours last year and meh. The combat sucks and the people and conversations also suck. My opinion though.

  6. author

    Skelly 25Jam Yang lalu


  7. author

    Tomer YudJam Yang lalu

    repetitive quests are the worst

  8. author

    John StatonJam Yang lalu

    I feel that the tyreen and troy are just very generic villians. Nothing about them makes them special as villians. Quirky characters. But they just feel forced personalities. Its really hard to top a villian like Handsome Jack.

  9. author

    Glo BoyDTJam Yang lalu


  10. author

    B13HelghastJam Yang lalu

    Atm I'll play anything that has couch play / splitscreen. 1player only Racegames and 2 player only CoD games are unacceptable

  11. author

    Arif DiamantaJam Yang lalu

    Hi guys, I love Horizon Zero Dawn and AC Odyssey but I never have interest on Skyrim. Will I love this game? I just buy a Switch Lite, looking for games silimar to Odyssey :)

  12. author

    MaverickXIIIJam Yang lalu

    5:58 Wolves hunt in packs!

  13. author

    Olivia WilliamsJam Yang lalu

    Arkham Knight PC version is much better now, and work pretty fine now... and even then at release for me it was not so bad

  14. author

    Robert1064 RvvJam Yang lalu

    warframe is not 2019 its 2020 so i think you put this up before the update about it being held back due to issues with lower end pc's and consoles

  15. author

    atalan jackalsJam Yang lalu

    guys do you think will cyberpunk 2077 be on switch

  16. author

    YukiJam Yang lalu

    he sounds like rusty cage

  17. author

    Carlos MillerJam Yang lalu

    Do really need another PlayStation system when will it stop.

  18. author

    master yodaJam Yang lalu

    2:00 If you are spiritial then nothing in this world is random. Only beyond our understanding.

  19. author

    Evening CommenterJam Yang lalu

    I predict the next assassins creed to take place in Rome. It will be called: "Assassin's Creed: Rise"

  20. author

    Viktor SovJam Yang lalu

    I still and always will love witcher 3 not just lore and music but because of sheer joy of exploring everything.

  21. author

    the gloomy kidJam Yang lalu

    For me personally, this game is just unplayable.. but I can see how it's a great version for portable gamers!

  22. author

    Hijynx87Jam Yang lalu

    Now... is it better than TW3 on the vita via remote play on a good connection? I didn't play my copy yet, ended up playing Borderlands 3 while it was patching the day 1 patch.

  23. author

    TheShachimaruJam Yang lalu

    Well, if you don't own a Switch and you still needed a reason to buy one, here's your reason.

  24. author

    Jack ReacherJam Yang lalu

    Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has a beautiful open world environment. I love it.

  25. author

    gaming whit edd cruzJam Yang lalu

    Why its trash the game is sooooo easy

  26. author

    Hijynx87Jam Yang lalu

    If you want to play this on the go, please get a Satisfye grip or at least one of those grips they sell in the stores. Thank me later.

  27. author

    Tireless WandererJam Yang lalu

    So this is a question for someone who has the game, after you beat the story is it free roam? Because I wouldn’t want to buy this game as soon as you beat the ending that’s it and you have the only choice to do all over again.

  28. author

    marko marinJam Yang lalu

    Can't wait to play it on mobile version

  29. author

    GoombaGenocideJam Yang lalu

    Ubisoft Answer: By re skining and ground-cloning maps made a few years ago

  30. author

    Godfather8 GrJam Yang lalu

    Like αν είσαι Ελληνας 👍

  31. author

    Hijynx87Jam Yang lalu

    The Shitter 3: Wild Runs

  32. author

    NocturnalJam Yang lalu

    A lot of games use a software called world machine as well that uses algorithms to create psuedo random open worlds, making the terrain randomly generated but also giving control of where to put things like mountains and lakes

  33. author

    Joshua DanielsonJam Yang lalu

    I was like oh my IDreporter must be at low resolution settings..... I was wrong. It's the game.

  34. author

    ImPoopnRightNowJam Yang lalu

    Video *GAIMES!*

  35. author

    Crunchy BombedJam Yang lalu

    Love Ubisoft but they should focus on making a better engine for better rendering. Also they will be receiving better hard ware to work with next gen. Also in many ow games the trees from a distance don’t get loaded in. Ubisoft was the best example I could think of

  36. author

    Hadeks MarowJam Yang lalu

    These were NOT the answer I were looking for when I came here. I am an indie dev myself and even I wander about how it's created. What was shown off here is how they can be generated. . . which is a different topic entirely. I was looking for the more technical side of things that come from hardware limitations. You have SOOOOO much stuff in an open world, lots of moving parts and high textures. What I was looking for was how they "fake it". Render distance is a thing and so is pop-in. I want to know how THOSE things work where areas of the map "load in" as you move around. This is easy to fake in a linear game where you just block their path with a doorway or a loading screen, but an open world doesnt give you that but at the same time. . . you can't just load the entire map in all at once, that would just be too much to process and would leave you with less than 1 FPS. That much is WAY more important of dealing with Asset Load-in and Hiding the Load-In rather than just Asset Creation or Asset Generation. Perhaps we can have a follow-up video for this very topic?

  37. author

    Jason BradfordJam Yang lalu

    The open world genre has got to be my favorite videogame genre.

  38. author

    Hijynx87Jam Yang lalu

    Kids these days are spoiled! I would have died to see something like this when I was a kid.

  39. author

    Consumer #1488Jam Yang lalu

    Ubisoft just hit copy, paste, sell.

  40. author

    SvardJam Yang lalu

    Dynasty Warriors 9 is to games as The Last Airbender is to movies.

  41. author

    エッジJJam Yang lalu

    To go to all that trouble and amazing work only to pump the game full of pay-to-win microtransactions... SMH

  42. author

    JohnDaWhale3Jam Yang lalu

    Best open world maps I've experienced: 1. GTA San Andreas 2. Road Trip Adventure 3. Just Cause 2

  43. author

    Tyclone LiveJam Yang lalu

    (2:31) What happened to his arms!!!!

  44. author

    joman66Jam Yang lalu

    I know! .. .. ... .... 0s and 1s! But seriously love yall's videos!

  45. author

    Stupid Penguin SoundsJam Yang lalu

    The Switcher, starring Keanu Reeves, centers around one guy's quest to uncover the truth about about shapeshifters and their verisimilitude. Coming Netflix 2020.

  46. author

    MrGoatSheep 22Jam Yang lalu

    My Mains I’m about to buy ultimate 1.Luigi 2. Donkey Kong 3.Bowser 4.Yoshi 5. Fox

  47. author

    L CJam Yang lalu

    who is that guy name? 1:50

  48. author

    THEIRISHAXEJam Yang lalu

    Does anyone else remember when that far cry game came out like 7 years ago where you could make your own map and story in a bonus mode on ps4? Maybe like 5 years ago

  49. author

    Daniel NJam Yang lalu

    this game was trash from the start so dont bother buying this garbage now. mechanically wise its a decade old and the story boring as fuck. just wait for the netflix series....waaay better then this shit. even illegally downloading this game isn't worth it...boooring

  50. author

    Nitrous OxideJam Yang lalu

    You used the 2nd gen Saturn controller. Not the original, in the US anyways.

  51. author

    PeewhocantbeaimedJam Yang lalu

    Have a Vita. Been playing TW3 on the toilet for a while now

  52. author

    Blake Evans Linkert2 jam yang lalu

    If they put horizon zero dawn 2 on ps5 I'm going to be pist off

  53. author

    Like Blawk2 jam yang lalu

    How to play Witcher properly: 1. Polish language 2. English subs Best thing i ever did lol

  54. author

    TheGamingBear 212 jam yang lalu

    Love this channel.

  55. author

    Renegade Firehawk2 jam yang lalu

    5:55, GenIVIV can go die in a fire while being showered with corrosive acid

  56. author

    ItsYaBoyDanny2 jam yang lalu

    Just imagine years from now, being fully immersed in open world games “Ready Player One” style

  57. author

    Gabriel Cormier2 jam yang lalu

    God, I love this game. A lovely trip down memory lane

  58. author

    Ariel Betances2 jam yang lalu

    Far cry 🔥🔥🔥

  59. author

    Sir Doggo2 jam yang lalu

    I used the mods to destroy the mods -Last guy

  60. author

    Lilcrrt14 1400/XXX2 jam yang lalu

    Me: *reads title Also me: idk but i bet your gonna tell me

  61. author

    David Sv2 jam yang lalu

    You are just being picky this time. The witcher 3 switch's port is what it promissed it would be

  62. author

    Lestat2 jam yang lalu

    If anyone has a PS4 & likes story driven choices you need check out Detroit Become Human. It's a masterpiece.

  63. author

    Warna Beats2 jam yang lalu

    Woah ... This is beautiful 🥺

  64. author

    Justin Nguyen2 jam yang lalu

    Thanks this will help me out in the future as a future game designer! (or at least I hope I can become one)

  65. author

    ANBU Gio2 jam yang lalu

    Gta5 and God of war are tha best and AC orgins was my fav AC

  66. author

    Danz McNabb2 jam yang lalu

    Body Harvest and Morrowind introduced me to proper open worlds~

  67. author

    wesmednard hyppolite2 jam yang lalu

    Copy paste

  68. author

    bpeel222 jam yang lalu

    I imagine video game coders are subtle geniuses for this kind of creativity

  69. author

    LWalsh02 jam yang lalu

    Give the damn system props all the way. Mind blowing that Nintendo gave us this chance and that they are making this a go to port machine.

  70. author

    Joey Otaku2 jam yang lalu

    I dont have a Switch and I have no intention of buyin one. Im just here to look at the (in my opinion) greatest game ever created. If you have never played it, it is THE game to play.

  71. author

    Johnny Testickle2 jam yang lalu

    Only clicked because of Far Cry Primal

  72. author

    Bearbelow2 jam yang lalu

    12:09 observation is a thriller

  73. author

    Jackdeath32 jam yang lalu

    The main story was utter nonsense, but the world and the small stories that populated it really made the game.

  74. author

    CJoseph Ferrerro2 jam yang lalu

    Imho if more lecturers sounded like falcon there'd be a spike in attendance and grades. That's just me tho. Stay blessed plumed one 🙏

  75. author

    Rado Vids2 jam yang lalu

    Looks like pewdiepie's army has finally shown up

  76. author

    Neil Kapuria2 jam yang lalu

    This is how many people play Minecraft ⬇️

  77. author

    Ghost Gamings2 jam yang lalu

    That’s far cry primal in the thumbnail

  78. author

    Jarrett Decker2 jam yang lalu

    All time most favorite game, ever. I have a backlog of games to go through and then I plan to return to The Witcher 3, just to cruise on Roach and listen to the trees. If there is ever a Witcher 4 I'd love to see a pre-Geralt world where Witcher Schools were full and young...

  79. author

    gommeybea2 jam yang lalu

    Will be getting it and plays it on my PC on a a8 and a 750ti lol

  80. author

    Saxumbios2 jam yang lalu

    0:43 Whats that at the bottom right of the screen?

  81. author

    Neil Kapuria2 jam yang lalu

    Bro Frick a Creeper

  82. author

    Tihetris Weathersby2 jam yang lalu

    Open worlds are the best games

  83. author

    Chrono2 jam yang lalu

    Not gonna lie, but ima point out the elephant in the room. I feel like an enhanced edition of Witcher 2 would have been better. One because Im sure most of us have played it and two having 360 hours in this game and 0 in Witcher 2, it would have been nice because I heard that game was phenomenal

  84. author

    Ako2 jam yang lalu

    They’re all mostly empty boring sandboxes so it’s not much of a mystery.

  85. author

    x2 jam yang lalu

    A new gta , I’m tired of the oppressors

  86. author

    PAK2 jam yang lalu

    They copy paste a lot of things

  87. author

    Xeno Best X2 jam yang lalu

    Call me wrong, but the biggest open world game on the Wii U is Xenoblade X.

  88. author

    CasePB2 jam yang lalu

    It is impressive. I agree with the combat being alright but not great, felt very floaty to me.

  89. author

    Leon Kennedy2 jam yang lalu

    Massive open worlds doesn't make a game good. Re4, Uncharted, Last of Us.... Not everything needs to be open world

  90. author

    Felix Kraemer2 jam yang lalu

    Why is ark higher than horizon zero Dawn? I mean i love both games i have over 3000 hours in ark and own a server for it but horizon zero Dawn is just at least as good as ark if not better.

  91. author

    OlafGaming2 jam yang lalu

    Ark is my favorite

  92. author

    Roza2 jam yang lalu

    Thats right, you just got shwibbled

  93. author

    Andreas Laban2 jam yang lalu

    primal carnage extinction was pretty bad game imo

  94. author

    Ghost Dagger2 jam yang lalu

    Who Else Is A True Fan Of gameranx?! 👇 (Btw Subs to Whoever Subs Me) 👇 God Bless You & Your Family🙏 👇 (🤪Good Luck In School On 👇 The Road to 300🤪)

  95. author

    diRiG2 jam yang lalu

    It’s always blown my mind man...the people behind this are just incredible.

  96. author

    Cinema Gaming2 jam yang lalu

    Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V

  97. author

    Bob Charley2 jam yang lalu