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Meet FaZe OrbaMeet FaZe Orba

Meet FaZe Orba

8 hari yang lalu

FaZe Clan Makes A WishFaZe Clan Makes A Wish

FaZe Clan Makes A Wish

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Farewell FaZe ZooMaaFarewell FaZe ZooMaa

Farewell FaZe ZooMaa

Bulan Yang lalu

Meet FaZe RugMeet FaZe Rug

Meet FaZe Rug

2 bulan yang lalu

Meet FaZe CizzorzMeet FaZe Cizzorz

Meet FaZe Cizzorz

2 bulan yang lalu

Introducing FaZe MongraalIntroducing FaZe Mongraal

Introducing FaZe Mongraal

4 bulan yang lalu

FaZe Jarvis vs. FaZe SwayFaZe Jarvis vs. FaZe Sway

FaZe Jarvis vs. FaZe Sway

5 bulan yang lalu

Nickmercs Joins FaZe ClanNickmercs Joins FaZe Clan

Nickmercs Joins FaZe Clan

5 bulan yang lalu

Introducing FaZe JarvisIntroducing FaZe Jarvis

Introducing FaZe Jarvis

7 bulan yang lalu

FaZe Pamaj is back...FaZe Pamaj is back...

FaZe Pamaj is back...

7 bulan yang lalu

"Welcome to FaZe Clan""Welcome to FaZe Clan"

"Welcome to FaZe Clan"

7 bulan yang lalu

These clips are insane...These clips are insane...

These clips are insane...

7 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    Ngun Iang Sung Thawng2 menit yang lalu


  2. author

    Prabhnoor Hans10 menit yang lalu

    These nerds suck at hide and seek. They can barely run.

  3. author

    ZP15 menit yang lalu

    this could not have been more unfunny ... and faze pays this dude to do this? wow thats bad.

  4. author

    Amine H18 menit yang lalu

    Cant believe that 6 years flew by so damn quickly. I remember my jaw dropping when I first saw this and I downloaded it on my phone to show it to all my friends at school. Times were much simpler and more fun.

  5. author

    Stacey Greiving23 menit yang lalu

    Who’s better like sway comment mongral

  6. author

    ZP24 menit yang lalu

    lol wow idk why i was a fan. biggest hoe ass, big bitch org. in the entire world. grats banks. Everyone knows your a sell out and a hoe. no foolin anyone.

  7. author

    Nafetalai FANGALOKA27 menit yang lalu


  8. author

    Saii30 menit yang lalu

    Dope Video

  9. author

    j.w.a38 menit yang lalu

    FaZe Kay is like Andre the Giant, Big but fucking retarded😂

  10. author

    Alexander Ramirez41 menit yang lalu

    I live in Compton 👨🏻I used to go to Longfellow and currently on c high and gg orba representing Compton

  11. author

    Jakob Rončević41 menit yang lalu

    Black night not red night

  12. author

    jose meza42 menit yang lalu

    He sed red night

  13. author

    Prince Raz57 menit yang lalu

    Fuck FAZE CLAN

  14. author

    Comically Insane57 menit yang lalu

    A total of 5 full reps were completed in this video

  15. author

    Only ControllerJam Yang lalu

    Who is H1ghsky1 :(

  16. author

    Bryson LafromboisJam Yang lalu

    7 years later still love the game

  17. author

    BallxMayhem 583Jam Yang lalu

    6:44 anyone see Jarvis's face

  18. author

    Duke DindJam Yang lalu

    My parents made me and my brother do walk sits as one of the punishments at 3 and 4 years we were forced to stay up for over 10 minutes

  19. author

    Oscar HerreraJam Yang lalu

    Temper: YoU’rE UsInG ThE AiR Broooo

  20. author

    ᴄᴏᴅɪɢᴏ ʙʏʀᴏᴅʀɪɢᴏʀɢJam Yang lalu

    F for Jarvis:(

  21. author

    Kai Belzer2 jam yang lalu

    No one: Literally no one: Not a single soul on Earth: Apex: *I hAvEn’T wOrKeD oUt In ThReE mOnThS*

  22. author

    Blue Cetro2 jam yang lalu

    This reminds me of the old days on MW2 with the clean edits

  23. author

    EnjoyYourPizza2 jam yang lalu

    0:24 I love when the mouse pad flies in and makes a sound effect lmao

  24. author

    Its Glare2 jam yang lalu

    Anyone watching in 2020?

  25. author

    mike buck2 jam yang lalu


  26. author

    DinoRipper 212 jam yang lalu

    I played it trickshot course orba

  27. author

    Eddie Szabatin2 jam yang lalu


  28. author

    etn 2102 jam yang lalu

    Take the W

  29. author

    Tisha Boelhower2 jam yang lalu

    I think that blaze is gonna win

  30. author

    Spruce Gaming2 jam yang lalu


  31. author

    Geordie Mendez2 jam yang lalu

    yoo I cant believe you just passed my house!!! bruhh

  32. author

    SuperAdamLuffy3 jam yang lalu

    RIP Jarvis all his hard work went wasted because he use aimbot and got ban

  33. author

    Bobby Robison3 jam yang lalu


  34. author

    GoPro Fishing3 jam yang lalu

    Temper was heated

  35. author

    ChrisThe God3 jam yang lalu

    3:40 he is not wrong

  36. author

    Infazorr3 jam yang lalu

    Best days of my life wish I could just go back and experience it again

  37. author

    Captain Baller3 jam yang lalu

    At least close to your chest

  38. author

    Captain Baller3 jam yang lalu

    They didn’t even bring bar all the way down to the chess

  39. author

    maria ceja3 jam yang lalu


  40. author

    Alexandra Rodriguez3 jam yang lalu

    I eat 5 cheeseburgers a day

  41. author

    Carl Eppihimer4 jam yang lalu

    You guys are not benching right at all your suppose to go down to your chest

  42. author

    Ethan Tiongson4 jam yang lalu

    Why couldn’t black ops 4 give me the same feeling this game did?

  43. author

    COLIN DEMPSEY4 jam yang lalu

    2:55 Why does Adapt's arm look so goddamn short?

  44. author

    MilesUhDay4 jam yang lalu

    you did not find faze kay

  45. author

    Twistyzz4 jam yang lalu

    miss this shit

  46. author

    The OG4 jam yang lalu

    This isn’t a who can gain the most weight challenge it’s the torture our fans challenge

  47. author

    Flys4 jam yang lalu

    Almost at 10 mil views!!

  48. author

    文AndresYT4 jam yang lalu

    And Mongraal?

  49. author

    Carson carson4 jam yang lalu

    They don’t know how to do a pull up, curl, or bench

  50. author

    Jo Zu4 jam yang lalu


  51. author

    Tiller4 jam yang lalu

    Who actually puts in the comments who they think will win like 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️😂😂😂

  52. author

    nolan leonard4 jam yang lalu

    When IDreporter ads run your workout

  53. author

    Martha Revolorio4 jam yang lalu

    1000 and fucking 1

  54. author

    Marz Pro_Bro4 jam yang lalu

    Fortnite sucks

  55. author

    Bandit Wolf4 jam yang lalu

    I would love to see rug get on cod again

  56. author

    Darkslayer_534 jam yang lalu

    With that form of curls I could do 85 (I'm 14 and my pr is 45)

  57. author

    Voltz Seeker4 jam yang lalu


  58. author

    GTRWolf37 Gaming4 jam yang lalu

    Jarvis: I just got deported back to the Ik! Frazier: no way Jarvis you’re insane bro!!!

  59. author

    Darkslayer_534 jam yang lalu

    Lol nice 26 second wall sit also does anybody else like watching these videos to laugh at terrible form

  60. author

    Mutombo4 jam yang lalu

    Crickets crickets 🦗

  61. author

    booBriTe4 jam yang lalu

    Meet faze orba orba: I'm I a joke to u

  62. author

    Jacob Banka4 jam yang lalu

    Wtf was that bench though 🙁

  63. author

    Marshawn Ford4 jam yang lalu

    O shit brovr

  64. author

    Moki_Jp4 jam yang lalu

    My man said niken

  65. author

    Andy_Frxsh4 jam yang lalu

    Dam when life was so good ..

  66. author

    Gabriel Guidie5 jam yang lalu

    am I the only one who has never heard of cheo

  67. author

    BH Extraction5 jam yang lalu

    When they were benching didn’t even touch there chest 😂😂 I’m kinda ashamed of some of these people

  68. author

    Cool KId5 jam yang lalu

    I didn’t find this jokes funny. Looks like he paid them to laugh. As you can see Jarvis brother in 16:05 he’s on his phone and he’s no laughing. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣he’s so irrelevant, they called hi stranger in the tittle🤣🤣🤣

  69. author

    Shallδ5 jam yang lalu

    hi martoz

  70. author

    Toxic gameing5 jam yang lalu

    I bench 295 and I'm 14

  71. author

    Anthony Reyes5 jam yang lalu

    Thats Insane Bro

  72. author

    Jerbear Lubambala5 jam yang lalu

    Y’all are dookieeeee

  73. author

    ItsPruneJuice5 jam yang lalu

    APEX: I haven't worked out in two months other faze members: but, you haven't worked out at all? APEX: hey! don't blow my cover!

  74. author

    Chase HD5 jam yang lalu

    Jarvis why

  75. author

    Samuel Ferguson5 jam yang lalu

    “red night”... that was the black night brother😂😂

  76. author

    What are those Bop5 jam yang lalu

    I got the

  77. author

    Jawad Shakeel5 jam yang lalu


  78. author

    Martin Ignacio Castillo5 jam yang lalu

    F for Jarvis

  79. author

    ULO ghostyyy5 jam yang lalu

    Wtf is Kaz doing in the fucking back of the class room

  80. author

    Xd Frtnt1015 jam yang lalu

    This video predicted the future Jarvis got banned because of aimbot

  81. author

    John B5 jam yang lalu

    Faze clan wins evetything

  82. author

    LetsPlayWithRafsan5 jam yang lalu

    Faze Kay gonna win

  83. author

    Antonio Nakhle5 jam yang lalu

    I don’t get that faze ewok joined faze with only 37 k subs

  84. author

    Julian Shrawder5 jam yang lalu

    Recruit fearless fe4rless

  85. author

    KeAyra Shidler5 jam yang lalu

    I think Adapt will win...

  86. author

    KeAyra Shidler5 jam yang lalu

    Jarvis is going to win...

  87. author

    Marilu Ocampo6 jam yang lalu


  88. author

    Claris Williams6 jam yang lalu


  89. author

    Jeremy Elcham6 jam yang lalu

    1 round Jarvis

  90. author

    AnX6 jam yang lalu


  91. author

    Velfi Gamer6 jam yang lalu

    Faze sway cracked

  92. author

    Nade6 jam yang lalu

    im not crying u r

  93. author

    quancold 126 jam yang lalu

    I think jarvis

  94. author

    quancold 126 jam yang lalu

    I think jarvis

  95. author

    Liquid Zmic6 jam yang lalu


  96. author

    Liquid Zmic6 jam yang lalu

    No mats the man had 848 wood, 893 stone, 810 metal

  97. author

    trezz veno6 jam yang lalu

    imagine not getting anywhere close to your chest

  98. author

    Riley O'Hara6 jam yang lalu

    Im better than orba and thats saying something

  99. author

    Liquid Zmic6 jam yang lalu

    When the man says he’s lagging but he not not fucking lagging

  100. author

    C.J. Manuel6 jam yang lalu

    Kay wins