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Meet FaZe TemperrrMeet FaZe Temperrr

Meet FaZe Temperrr

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Meet FaZe Orba

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FaZe Clan Makes A Wish

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Farewell FaZe ZooMaa

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FaZe Clan vs. 5th GraderFaZe Clan vs. 5th Grader

FaZe Clan vs. 5th Grader

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Meet FaZe Rug

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Meet FaZe Cizzorz

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Introducing FaZe Mongraal

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FaZe Jarvis vs. FaZe SwayFaZe Jarvis vs. FaZe Sway

FaZe Jarvis vs. FaZe Sway

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Nickmercs Joins FaZe ClanNickmercs Joins FaZe Clan

Nickmercs Joins FaZe Clan

9 bulan yang lalu

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    I could probably bench 275 to if my spotter does half the work picking it up for me and I go half of the way down with the bar😂

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    exoboy killer21 jam yang lalu

    You suck ass faze clan your riping people off your talking there hard workings you suck faze clane

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    zdayOG21 jam yang lalu

    OG King

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    zdayOG21 jam yang lalu

    I swear i've seen this video exactly like this like 6 years ago

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    Iconic PxmpsYt21 jam yang lalu

    And they’re not even going all the way down

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    Iconic PxmpsYt21 jam yang lalu

    2hype are so much stronger than them

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    suplex king21 jam yang lalu

    Jarvis is strongest by miles

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    Weiner628626322 jam yang lalu

    lmfao they didn't even go all the way down doing pull ups

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    Kyle-_-22 jam yang lalu

    Congrats on joining faze Ive been watching you ever since you joined .... oh wait nevermind

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    Were faze rug

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    Let me join faze if I get the win

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    I remember seeing an “Imagine Customs” blueprint in a Faze member intro and when Teeqo juggled a football on his head in denim shorts.

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    jason ko23 jam yang lalu

    did he rly just say February is fall?!? lmaoooo dumbass

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    Why is it only fortnite?

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    Christian LimasHari Yang lalu

    Times with temperr 👌🏽

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    The lengths you guys are going to not to get real jobs 😂 losers

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    Not a single rep was completed this day

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    60 people from faze

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    Is anyone watching when Jarvis gets banned permanently

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    Why are there so many guys lmaoo y’all are loud as hell

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    And I’m 10 years old

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    I 69

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    faze is so stupid man.

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    Form doesn’t exist in this😂

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    The cringe...😳

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    Can I join faze

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    I’m surprised how well this montage aged

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    Other faze ???

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    is 16:30 just edited or is he hacking

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    Where jev at😢😢

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    Chris Paul’s 3rd CousinHari Yang lalu


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    Nick WildHari Yang lalu

    Adapt is 5 foot 6 inches tall....rest of these dudes make him look like a giant....tf

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    Still mad , these were good times

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    It's funny, cause every clip of Mongraal in this video has a Secret logo somewhere on it

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    a record breaking number of reps zeeerrrroooo

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    J’fais des petits clips sur mobile aha viens guetter j’ai besoin de ta force 🙏

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    the fuck is there a pepper grinder in the audio or someshit?

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    2:12 those glasses the faze adapt has I have those and got them at Dollar tree

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    if you watched the 1m montage when it got released , you deserve a veteran discount

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    Cave Mitr0Hari Yang lalu

    I Joined FaZe Clan pleas i m whelie nice

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    Why is he being re-introduced

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    XxVeHTic xXHari Yang lalu

    He said red knight???

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    InvhertzHari Yang lalu

    Why does Blazikens hair always look like he just got out of bed 😂

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    Christian MullicanHari Yang lalu

    “let’s try bench” *no one does a single real rep*

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    BradHari Yang lalu

    Swear ill keep coming back to this video till i die

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    No way that’s wP Echo from the cotc vid no way rn

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    damn i felt that he said Skrt😢

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    ozzys a bad ass man hell ya

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    LosecHari Yang lalu

    So none of the 7.39M subscribers dont even know who temperrr is never mind the temperr shot 😖

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    Rim GuardianHari Yang lalu

    The amount of cring just makes my blood pressure rise

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    AlexanderDC8Hari Yang lalu

    can i join Faze? BTW call me Alex (even tho its not my name)

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    Marmar WeekuskHari Yang lalu

    What’s up Pamaj. Native American streamer hitting that 5k mark at Marmar Gaming on Facebook looking to grow. Huge advocate for reconciliation live a sober lifestyle. I live promoting and talking to ppl a 2nd year business student feel free to hit me up would love to connect @marmar306 on Twitter

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    GT UniqeHari Yang lalu

    The FaZe address is 6447 weidlake dr Los Angeles,ca 90068

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    XxSn1p3rG0Dxx 2010Hari Yang lalu

    I think teeqo is gonna win

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    BewixHari Yang lalu

    Absolute FLEX with that Nissan, such a sick car

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    Brutal TeamHari Yang lalu

    AMAZING video well done

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    they all left FaZe 😭

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    FaZe fakie :((

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    how the fuck is no one asking how he had dinner with president bush

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    ShortHari Yang lalu

    This will forever rip

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    Strange Things21Hari Yang lalu

    Why is none wearing a Black Sabbath shirt or Ozzy Osborne for this video

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    Lice ChampsHari Yang lalu

    Is faze kaz still in faze?

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    Parallel RiftZHari Yang lalu

    I got everyone correct

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    Parallel RiftZHari Yang lalu

    They said red Knight when it was black knight

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    Its HazardHari Yang lalu

    anyone else almost cry when Teeqo said it was "skrt" <3 rip

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    YoungZwayHari Yang lalu

    When you have no vid idea

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    Luke ZahonyHari Yang lalu

    What about banks and rice

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    Y was they in the clout house mad ting bruv

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    DraftsHari Yang lalu

    Do you guys like not recruit anymore?

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    Ahmed IjazHari Yang lalu

    The guy is so stupid

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    qll Clan is Better Then Face

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    Ayooo Boston, MA gang where you at

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    Faze kay: i am not strong bro

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    No faze Kay is trash we all know faze high sky is best

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    It’s so nice to see Ozzy having fun

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    They were sucking offsets dick

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    That’ was hard to watch

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    Tommorow is going to be the 1 year since this video came out

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    Paulo HenriqueHari Yang lalu

    this is legendery this was the time, when everything was fun, childhood, six man all night , snd ,quick scope, 1v1 rust, start of trickshotting , noobtubes, trashtalking, goooooodd fucking music that still get into my feelings,aweasome community this games is the sun rise for me mw2 for ever, the maps are the best

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    Moayad YasserHari Yang lalu

    7:45 I've never used aimbot :)

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    I’ve never heard of this channel before but I love ozzy so here I am