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6 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    Sebastian Castillo4 menit yang lalu

    bro your keyboard sound is more annoying that the ahri lol

  2. author

    Yordles AreBetterThanPoros53 menit yang lalu

    someone should highkey make a playlist for what tfblade listens to cause all he listens to it lit music

  3. author

    NUNU WIN2 jam yang lalu

    6:20 Riot wtf ?

  4. author

    jorgedrexel2 jam yang lalu

    Stupid fuxk

  5. author

    Afonso Pereira3 jam yang lalu

    you call that carry?? aere you dumb

  6. author

    Laydro x3 jam yang lalu

    i can hear josh a here <3

  7. author

    League Content3 jam yang lalu

    silvers be like : bRo UR nEgATive KD u aREnt cARryiNg

  8. author

    Trivium2174 jam yang lalu

    Does someone know the name of the song at the start of the video?

  9. author

    123123123123 1231231231234 jam yang lalu

    EUNE classic. He is probobly a polish player.

  10. author

    Deniz4 jam yang lalu

    Gtfo with that clickbait TF

  11. author

    Netto Verkäufer5 jam yang lalu

    I cant belive karthus was a midlaner

  12. author

    Solomon Oliza5 jam yang lalu

    Song @ 20:22?

  13. author

    Uroš Pivec5 jam yang lalu

    Song at 10:50?

  14. author

    Kurtey5 jam yang lalu

    This is proof that top laners once they try champs with skillshots they cant hit a q to save their lives xd

  15. author

    Azael6 jam yang lalu

    How do you even die that ofen on a champ with 3 dashes and basically no cd on them

  16. author

    Grieger Patrick6 jam yang lalu

    tf Blade found in ads

  17. author

    Harun Yavuz6 jam yang lalu

    He's boosting for Yassuo?

  18. author

    Zeidash6 jam yang lalu

    i knew i didnt like it, i dont like broccoli

  19. author

    SleepyReapersBed7 jam yang lalu

    Watching karthus gameplay is like watching paint dry

  20. author

    Prismatic7 jam yang lalu

    4/6 carrying sure kekw

  21. author

    Kiet Le7 jam yang lalu

    if u play VN server,u''ll rpt a lot of players like that

  22. author

    NeedzNameChangeYo :v7 jam yang lalu

    That outro song is lit everytime

  23. author


    6:27 when your crush likes another guy

  24. author

    I am not mad8 jam yang lalu

    low quality recording

  25. author

    Irax8 jam yang lalu

    TF blade didn't type parties nearby . It was fucking TSM BrokenBlade , so don't call out TF blade for this . Learn to watch and listen better dogs

  26. author

    Lautaro Julián Cabanillas8 jam yang lalu

    Whats the point of this video lol. Awful game

  27. author

    Ugandan Jamal8 jam yang lalu

    outro song?

  28. author

    slashr1018 jam yang lalu

    One of my new favorite content creators

  29. author

    ifordefouw8 jam yang lalu

    Yo Blade, guacemole isn’t made of broccoli. It’s green because of the avocado.

  30. author

    Eray Dalkiz9 jam yang lalu

    Yassuo: Taste the Guacamole TFBlade: I dont Like Broccoli.

  31. author

    Blunt10 jam yang lalu

    What is with the Ali a thumbnails

  32. author

    Jo Lemieux10 jam yang lalu

    Blade the type of dude to eat brocoli guacamole at a party near him

  33. author

    Jey Gonz11 jam yang lalu

    TF blade is too good.

  34. author

    Jurica Sambol11 jam yang lalu

    sad to say bro but honestly i have gotten sick of you swapping accounts theres a reason why ur yt views dropped 50% in the viewership in last 2 weeks for the last 2 years of watching you, you have a new acc every few weeks and lately it has gotten even more insane you never finish ANY challenge and just randomly swap to a new random acc, you have 30+ accounts by now you were on na, then u went to euw to get rank 1 while all the pros in the world are there so you played on ur main euw acc that was rank 1 then you went to a new acc on euw that was lvl 1 and ranked it up went to get challenger u get it to level 30 get to high diamond then randomly swap back to ur challenger account i come in 30 mins later ur on eune getting rank 1 in the span of 3 hours u changed 3 different accounts im just sick of it already and ps bro noone gives a fuck about eune. - from your former eune player and current eune resident.

  35. author

    morning star11 jam yang lalu

    13:26 lmao

  36. author

    Nobody11 jam yang lalu

    when was this streamed? I can't find it :(

  37. author

    Marisa11 jam yang lalu

    Into song plz

  38. author

    Gnarly Cruv11 jam yang lalu

    So i heard you dont like broccoli.

  39. author

    Sido bouz12 jam yang lalu

    Habibi play top stop making videos like this we love you as top laner " irelia ,jax, we miss akali too

  40. author

    New Meta12 jam yang lalu

    Link outro song

  41. author

    dennis kennetz12 jam yang lalu

    You are clearly good at the game, it is not pride to agree you are good when someone asks. It is pride to hoard that over people and constantly tell people how good you are or deny advice because no one is better than you (only if advice is good). You don’t do these things so it is okay to say you are a very good player! Head up!

  42. author

    nMeX Trapstar12 jam yang lalu

    Mage jungle? Lol tf

  43. author

    Blue Eyes Loli Dragon12 jam yang lalu

    19:38 yassuo

  44. author

    archigoku yo12 jam yang lalu

    How does it feels to be Platinum

  45. author

    Quoc Anh13 jam yang lalu

    Blade literally flaming under yassuo's name XD

  46. author

    Leon Valdez14 jam yang lalu

    What region is he playing at? Or why isn't he playing against Moe and all worlds players?

  47. author

    ムɢʀʊӄǟʟǟʀ14 jam yang lalu

    hes so happy playing karthus lmao, i love this

  48. author

    Josue Cabrera14 jam yang lalu

    The sad thing about reporting players like that Ahri, they somehow still play the game like they've done nothing wrong.

  49. author

    Khoa Cao14 jam yang lalu

    8 months ago he cried for 10m about mages and now: "i love karthus" Lol

  50. author

    Vincent van Hoof15 jam yang lalu

    Why didnt u stream yesterday?😢

  51. author

    Apple Banana15 jam yang lalu

    Tf got carried again lo

  52. author

    Kayn Rhaast15 jam yang lalu

    U didn't carry shit lol

  53. author

    FuckThis64815 jam yang lalu

    The way he says Ahri makes me feel a certain kind of way.

  54. author

    CorpseGhoul :re15 jam yang lalu

    I’ve been waiting for your stream all day long since I didn’t plan on going out today and I even woke up at 6am (NA) to see if you were already online & u weren’t...went back to sleep and put my alarm to rewake me up at 8am.....and all day...u didn’t even connect ...I’m so sad....

  55. author

    Taylor Clark15 jam yang lalu

    Yea your didn’t carry this game at all lol

  56. author

    Shaolin Fang16 jam yang lalu

    That speech about confidence and pride was really really well said tbh lol.

  57. author

    Sasuke Uchiha16 jam yang lalu

    Holy fuck that was soo... uninteresting, boring fucking gameplay, I’m unsubbing

  58. author

    Kuivia16 jam yang lalu

    holy shit, i've known karthus jungle has been strong quite often in the past few years but don't think i've actually payed attention to his clear speed. that first clear blew my mind lmfao

  59. author

    H.4716 jam yang lalu

    WP man,That Ahri was horrible

  60. author

    1116 jam yang lalu

    the most uninteresting gameplay :))

  61. author

    GramCrackaG16 jam yang lalu

    😍 tf blade 👩🏻‍🦲

  62. author

    saumolen16 jam yang lalu

    why do your thumbnails have to be so cringe

  63. author

    Chosen By The Sun16 jam yang lalu

    This intro song

  64. author

    willie dobbs16 jam yang lalu

    I think I know what you mean by the way I can do that too lol I have a lot of money to

  65. author

    DubstepGs16 jam yang lalu

    Dude,those Karthus Q's keep on sounding like underwater small explosions over and over if you pay attention to it or is it just me?

  66. author

    Pirren9916 jam yang lalu

    6:25 xD

  67. author

    Vilified16 jam yang lalu

    The only pride TF Blade isn't afraid of is KappaPride

  68. author

    Cream Soda16 jam yang lalu

    omg u really boosted noob

  69. author

    Mark Lane16 jam yang lalu

    Aye, one of the first 20 comments!

  70. author

    mozbel16 jam yang lalu

    köpeksin oğlum köpek

  71. author

    Thepowerlies16 jam yang lalu

    Ults to help his botlane ... His botlane dies

  72. author

    Roxoor RT16 jam yang lalu

    hi xd im 5 th one so gift me haha lol

  73. author

    Stiven Vera16 jam yang lalu

    You´re the best man

  74. author

    JMC16 jam yang lalu

    Fact of the day: the NFL theme song is one of the most used meme songs ever

  75. author

    Nikos Mandravellos16 jam yang lalu


  76. author

    Johan Alarcón16 jam yang lalu

    Duuude i come early give me a hearth bruh

  77. author

    Andy Wang16 jam yang lalu


  78. author

    CHRISTOPHER MORALES17 jam yang lalu

    Blade: "Late game nasus seems to do not as much damage as I want it to do" Also Blade: *2 hits Qiyana*

  79. author

    disadadi18 jam yang lalu

    Omfg I'm so pissed this game always throws retards in my team.

  80. author

    Joseph Mulligan18 jam yang lalu

    R does not work in fountain

  81. author

    AaronTheSlayer21 jam yang lalu

    brocolli isnt in guacamole

  82. author

    ibrahim y23 jam yang lalu

    I got to diamond with 30 fps does this mean that I could've got to masters or challanger if I had 144 fps

  83. author

    Danny Nelson23 jam yang lalu

    in whitch cases do you decide to pick forexample jax, irelia or trynda against the enemy team comp in order to have as best carry potential as possible? or do you just target the solo lane itself?

  84. author

    Lil KazuHari Yang lalu

    Both you guys are so fun to watch together

  85. author

    Matheus Henrique Arantes PereiraHari Yang lalu

    Why buy tiamat first in this matchup?

  86. author

    B. BrineyHari Yang lalu

    I will buy the protobelt so I can "Q" "Protobelt" "W" Plot Twist : Never used protobelt

  87. author

    Charles TheodoreHari Yang lalu

    damn tsm top laner is so handsome :3

  88. author

    Meyer BuaharonHari Yang lalu

    15:18 what the minecraft tree see when im starting minecraft

  89. author

    TekkX GamingHari Yang lalu

    that kled was fucking terrible lol

  90. author

    Raffi SHari Yang lalu

    TF! long time viewer! you have inspired me to play irelia a lot more and i thank you for that. i do want to ask you about the tryndamere match-up, is it a straight lose all the time?

  91. author

    TeemoHari Yang lalu

    I swear to god ,your laugh is like mining dirt in minecraft

  92. author

    james bartanaHari Yang lalu

    can you stop being inhuman, you make everyone look god awe full lol

  93. author

    WJ XHari Yang lalu


  94. author

    buralarindelisiHari Yang lalu

    Fucking Turks. Most of them jihadist supporter.

  95. author

    Cornelio CanelortiHari Yang lalu

    Blades titles and thumbnails are SOOOOOOO cringe omg dude i'm unsubbing

  96. author

    Diego Harold DuvergéHari Yang lalu

    Tf blade is beta af lmao. I love the content tho♥

  97. author

    help yourselfHari Yang lalu

    This is epic. The two apes are playing together. Historical.

  98. author

    ChristianHari Yang lalu


  99. author

    YF ChanHari Yang lalu

    Pls stop this cyber bully, top abuse and mental cruelty

  100. author

    Mllr hrHari Yang lalu

    moe has become such a petty little bitch