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G.C.F in HelsinkiG.C.F in Helsinki

G.C.F in Helsinki

Bulan Yang lalu

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    Inga GricieneHari Yang lalu


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    김복순Hari Yang lalu


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    Alyssa VillanuevaHari Yang lalu

    They should perform this song with this choreography in 2020

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    A.K.M. Refatul HuqHari Yang lalu

    It became funny because of J hope.

  5. author

    Crafty WorldHari Yang lalu

    Taehyung little smirk when everyone was admiring him 0:57 awww

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    Laus VJHari Yang lalu

    babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy JK I love uuuuuuuuuuuu

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    Army sem noçãoHari Yang lalu


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    Nethra ManjunathHari Yang lalu

    I think these is about story of army and bts not leaving them and supporting them and us well I think these is the base of theory how they protect each other care others. Stepping all the hardships and moving to successfully righteous willing to never give up for anything working hard to prove the reality in life.

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    Elida CalvilloHari Yang lalu

    Can we talk about how good and hot they both danced! Amazed by their talent😍💜

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    Stacia SHari Yang lalu

    Namjoon WHAT was that hair

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    Henie minieHari Yang lalu

    Lucu begini jungkook kok ngk tertawa sedikitpun aku nonton ini many times

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    Henie minieHari Yang lalu

    So good? oowww hahahahahaaa

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    Fadilah NurajizahHari Yang lalu

    Suga salam kata mama aku 💜

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    Dani CPHari Yang lalu

    ¿Alguien lo ve en Enero 2020? En serio nadie?!! Mm ok, de todas maneras, es preciosisimooooooooooooooo !! * • *

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    Stacia SHari Yang lalu

    Hey does anyone know what bts's FIRST song was

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    Valeska MontielHari Yang lalu


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    : vHari Yang lalu

    Hay! IDreporter me lo recomendó ❤️😭

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    Emily KarolineHari Yang lalu

    mds será que eu to atrapalhando o casalzinho aí?

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    panda K_pop LHari Yang lalu

    Hermosas mano ❤ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    I'm army ßrissHari Yang lalu

    UWU que paso por aquí

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    Liana ShadwanHari Yang lalu

    3:35 Jungkook looks cute No? Just me? K

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    Yasha MFHari Yang lalu

    Jimin es un ángel...

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    Taehyung luvluvHari Yang lalu

    I love you forever

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    Taehyung luvluvHari Yang lalu

    Happy birthday to Taehyung

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    AliHari Yang lalu

    Dios mío... Estoy llorando, es un bebé. Lo que daría por haber estado desde ese entonces. Es el mejor líder 💜

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    mariangel sanchez cuellarHari Yang lalu


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    Артур АракелянHari Yang lalu

    Лохи бомжи говно

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    Ashley LiHari Yang lalu

    why is this like a boyfriend highlight reel doe 🥺

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    __Aniki___Hari Yang lalu

    Be attention, army. Everything is a reference....

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    진하Hari Yang lalu

    윤기목소리에 뒤질거같다,,,,,,

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    Aren KingHari Yang lalu

    I just Searched for a indila song and this is what I found, It isn't what I expected but DAMM DIS BOIS LOOKING GOOD I THINK IM GAY NOW

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    Ana Lina GHari Yang lalu

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    Catalina RodriguezHari Yang lalu

    can yoongi do these again :<

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    Parnika DasHari Yang lalu

    I miss this era and this kind of music.

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    LalablinkHari Yang lalu

    His voice is so beautiful.❤️❤️love and support him so much. Such an angel

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    __Aniki___Hari Yang lalu

    Tete is a baby

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    Jungkook and Cheska's Valencia FamilyHari Yang lalu

    My favorite performance

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    Tria AmanahHari Yang lalu

    Jungkook 💞

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    Kim TaTaHari Yang lalu

    2014:... 2015:... 2016:... 2017:... 2018:... 2019:... YT 2020: *Suga Opens the álbum*

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    박나현Hari Yang lalu

    근데 발 땜에 삐삐삑이런 소리가 들리긴한데 방탄한테 집중해서 그런지 삐삐삑이런소리가 안 들려..나만 그런가...그런데 우리 한국 아미분들은 어디 계시나요~~~????^^

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    Kim TaTaHari Yang lalu

    YT: 2014:... 2020: Esto es para ti

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    Lin SoHari Yang lalu

    Se le agradece a YT por recomendarme este video de hace 5 años

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    Hannah JasmineHari Yang lalu

    jhope: aw jimin is very no fun. jhope to v: no fun, no fun.

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    Ashley LiHari Yang lalu

    when this boi goes to LA and then eats Korean bbq lol 😂

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    Keila SuarezHari Yang lalu

    por qué? cuál era la necesidad de poner esto en recomendaciones 5 años después??? A LLORAR MMM.

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    Ae LynnHari Yang lalu

    Me: doesn't understand anything Also me: keep looking to his face & smiling like an idiot 🙁💜 Btw eng sub plz 😒

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    YouniverseHari Yang lalu

    2.11 did Tae just dab 😂

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    Andy LolverzHari Yang lalu

    Aaaah que recuerdos 😔✌

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    Kingtan SonyeondanHari Yang lalu

    Who is here in 2020? Before of MAP OF THE SOUL 7

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    SASKiA•FiLM officialHari Yang lalu

    here where all started

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    and you I'm VkookstanHari Yang lalu

    Còn ai hông taa

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    세 보바카티아Hari Yang lalu

    Привет рекомендации 2020 :3

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    Blue bloo booHari Yang lalu

    Wow nice youtuber in 2015

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    Ashley LiHari Yang lalu

    me: hyped cuz I have the same thermogun as him also me: only thing I can afford that's the same as his 😭

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    estefania floresHari Yang lalu

    Me encanta este video,parece un asmr😌😌

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    Sruthy PHari Yang lalu

    How happy they are😍

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    Jyotsina ChhabriaHari Yang lalu

    0:24 my perverted mind oof

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    Una ARMY :}Hari Yang lalu

    2:46 ahí dice: este es el papasito más hermoso y cool del mundo UwU XD

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    TheSavanah2Hari Yang lalu

    So proud of everything you guys have accomplished, keep up the hard work we purple you!! 💜💜

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    김혁신Hari Yang lalu

    너무 기여워 지민 오빠❤

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    AllisonakaSakuraHari Yang lalu

    J hope amaze me, the fact that he can dance stop a moment to pose and continue

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    Devi leonaHari Yang lalu

    2020 :v

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    army forever!!!Hari Yang lalu

    what r they even watching tho?

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    Katherine BTSHari Yang lalu

    IDreporter siempre recomendandome los videos de Bangtan años mas tarde

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    GieHari Yang lalu

    Omg Seokjin is good I wanna see him fight with jdcr😎

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    Elya BTSHari Yang lalu

    2:27 орууу

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    Una ARMY :}Hari Yang lalu

    XD hasta ahora me doy cuenta de la existencia de este unboxing

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    김레이렐Hari Yang lalu

    파이팅 넘치는 둘의 모습이 멋지고 귀엽네요ㅎㅎ

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    Ariadna HCHari Yang lalu

    Algún día cumpliremos nuestro sueño de ir a un concierto de BTS. ❤️✨ Seguiré luchando para que mi sueño se haga realidad. Aunque no tengamos dinero o la oportunidad de conocerlos.. los apoyaremos. ❤️

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    mamta parmarHari Yang lalu

    which song is this

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    Hằng PhạmHari Yang lalu

    JiKook Is Real 😎

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    사랑비Hari Yang lalu

    역대급 ..

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    김예성Hari Yang lalu

    진짜ㅜㅜㅜ가끔 볼 때마다 귀호강 눈호강 해서 너무 행복하다

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    Tuyền NguyễnHari Yang lalu


  75. author

    MaryJane AguilarHari Yang lalu


  76. author

    I DPHari Yang lalu

    Wait,it has subtitles now😲

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    Sygy 17Hari Yang lalu

    Super re-contra-amo sus manos!!! 😍

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    Saffron McNamaraHari Yang lalu

    Jungkooks dancing is literally insane. I dare say he’s one of the best KPop dancers nowadays at this rate. The amount of power he puts into each and every move is so noticeable compared to some of the others (they’re obviously incredible though too, JH and JM are some of the best and top dancers in the industry as well) and literally every move is so damn sharp and quick, it’s unbelievable how he has every single little tiny step down and perfected to a T. Even at 2:10, this one moment here is enough for people to see this dudes got talent. There’s honestly almost no errors in his dancing skills itself, absolutely an underrated dancer. More people need to recognize his incredible skill, even one of their choreographers said he thought Jungkook was the most talented dancer. And honestly seeing as he previously had no practice in dancing at all before becoming a trainee, this improvement and where he’s at right now is beyond rewarding.

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    Jikook stan Park jeonHari Yang lalu

    Taehyung fallow RM exercise is so damn cute💜

  80. author

    노츄NochuHari Yang lalu

    This probably one of the most iconic videos of Maknae Line 🤣 i died laughing when they upload this without subs

  81. author

    Yoru DorimaHari Yang lalu

    Man wonders why his AirPods go missing....

  82. author

    Hau ThaiHari Yang lalu

    STOP at 0:22 and thank me later.

  83. author

    Liane LeafHari Yang lalu

    Taehyung is so damn cute!

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    aninha heartbeat!Hari Yang lalu

    amas q droga :(((( tão pitucos

  85. author

    Suga DaddyHari Yang lalu

    I will always wonder what got into their minds when they did this.

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    마카롱소녀Hari Yang lalu


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    DannaHari Yang lalu

    O dios Primera vez que veo esto.... Y K LINDOS JAHSSHSJSJ EL JIMIN JAJAJAJA ESE DISFRASS ME RE ENCANTÓ SJDJDJ💞💞💞🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠😎

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    Elizabeth MartinezHari Yang lalu

    What cute the vkook

  89. author

    Suju GarciaHari Yang lalu

    Mis vidas ❤❤❤😍los amooooO

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    cute_Chimmy 230Hari Yang lalu

    I wanna be real, real quick. The whole video I was just looking at his face, and I was just like wow....he looks so fucking mature. Like idk what I was thinking when I first got into BTS but I never really took a moment to really see how freaking mature all of them are. It was really weird but refreshing somehow. Ok I'm done lol

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    Katz MelchorHari Yang lalu


  92. author

    Yasmin PermanaHari Yang lalu

    *_kim namjoon_*

  93. author

    Jorge CentenoHari Yang lalu

    멕시코에 오세요

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    Simya WalkerHari Yang lalu

    I just want to take the time to appreciate how hard these boys have been working you can see the time dedication and the love that they have put into the stands and many more they’ve done and this song I just couldn’t be more proud or and I am so happy to say that I stand by them anytime anywhere all I want is for them to be happy and I hope that the path they’re taking I know will be hard but I know they can do it they’ve got this love you guys❤️

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    Elementalstar 10Hari Yang lalu

    Oh wow the Skool Luv Affair album style is so cute I love it 😂😂

  96. author

    Jorge CentenoHari Yang lalu

    Come to Mexico

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    I'm army ßrissHari Yang lalu

    Me pongo muy sentimental al escucharla y no entiendoel porque tal vez xq sea muy valioso jeon jungkook al igual que todo BTS , sabía que no me equivicaría de entrar aquí en está hermosa familia BTS y ARMY , a sido lo más bonito y valioso de mi vida jamás me cansaré de decirlo ¡!