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Nik Nocturnal
Nik Nocturnal

Solo artist from Toronto, ON. I love creating instrumental metal music and covering amazing tracks from some of the greatest bands of my time.
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If Mythology Was MetalIf Mythology Was Metal

If Mythology Was Metal

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Slavic Metal

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10 Types of Music Careers10 Types of Music Careers

10 Types of Music Careers

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Heaviest Riffs: Drop C#Heaviest Riffs: Drop C#

Heaviest Riffs: Drop C#

5 bulan yang lalu

Nik Nocturnal | Cascade |Nik Nocturnal | Cascade |

Nik Nocturnal | Cascade |

5 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    SICRoosterKido4 menit yang lalu

    Huge Sylosis fan here since.. dunno, long ago. Edge of the Earth is one of the best albums ever.

  2. author

    Thomas Keyser9 menit yang lalu

    If you want to hear more Sylosis, PLEASE check out Reflections Through Fire. Also, as a guitarist you'll appreciate they're in E standard

  3. author

    Andrés Velásquez29 menit yang lalu

    I love your videos!!! Could you recommend 7 string guitars? Thanks

  4. author

    Ваня Ч33 menit yang lalu

    Go do some riffs in f standard, maybe even after the burial edition. Caise you've already done same shit with slipknot

  5. author

    Dmitri Arekhta33 menit yang lalu

    JP6? Nice! Missed the moment when you've got it.

  6. author

    sic38 menit yang lalu

    How many of those music man guitars you own m8!!?

  7. author

    getaround 140 menit yang lalu

    Was not expecting this so like thank you.

  8. author

    Alex Motoc43 menit yang lalu

    "Buy my cheap course online for the low low LOW price of 999.99$" Its just a .txt file that says "get good lmfao"

  9. author

    Bojan Mitrović57 menit yang lalu

    Damn Nik, you really need to check them out, they are such an underrated band... Their whole discography, a masterpiece!

  10. author

    Kabelo SehankaJam Yang lalu

    I love their proper riffy, trashy melodic metalcore style. That's why they're one of my favourite bands ever 🤘

  11. author

    Psycho BeardJam Yang lalu

    Lorna Shore - Immortal

  12. author

    Gladiator MediatorJam Yang lalu

    LORNA SHORE - Immortal

  13. author

    Velakor2 jam yang lalu

    Kmac did it better but screw this cashgrab band, i wouldnt support them. watch?v=ixIWm9B5BLE

  14. author

    sylosistv2 jam yang lalu


  15. author

    Muhammad Anshari2 jam yang lalu

    Dude you must react new song from motionless in white - another life !!!

  16. author

    Evgenia Emelianova2 jam yang lalu

    I’ve never heard of them, they are so good !! Thank you for your reaction and such a discovery 🤟 Have you heard Valley Of Chrome - Victorious and Skillet - Victorious? 2 amazing metal albums’2019 with the same name. Check out also Russian old school metal, they remind me early Linkin Park albums AYTKACT - Phoenix

  17. author

    G Be2 jam yang lalu

    Did you reacted on Orbit Culture?

  18. author

    George J2 jam yang lalu

    Check out my „Scream Aim Fire” cover 😊

  19. author

    Max Pinto2 jam yang lalu

    Padge is the reason I picked up a guitar 13 years ago. This warmed my heart

  20. author

    AKMETALHEAD952 jam yang lalu

    Such a sick band! Josh is an insane lead guitarist and a great vocalist as well - his pitched screams are cool. I think he should do more backup vocals in Architects with their future material... it would go great with Sam's voice! I was stoked when I found out he joined Architects, cause Sylosis is one of my older favorite bands, and Architects is a band I came to love much later on. I was also a little surprised because stylistically the two bands are so much different.😂 I first discovered this band like 10 years ago when I was just starting high school. It blew me away to find out all of their songs are in E standard, when I first got into them. Their old album, Conclusion of An Age got me hooked, mostly due to Josh's nice guitar work and the catchy melodies. They had a different vocalist back then, before Josh took on vocal duties. The old vocalist is in the band Heart of a Coward, and they're pretty awesome too. They are definitely one of the best examples of riffs in standard being super heavy imo (along with Opeth). Lol I suggest you check out more of their discog! You should check out the crazy sweep section in their song Empyreal!

  21. author

    Michael Mancini2 jam yang lalu

    Good shit, I used to love this band

  22. author

    Space Ghost2 jam yang lalu

    Reflections Through Fire is the first Sylosis song I heard and was instantly hooked.

  23. author

    Verner Palk2 jam yang lalu

    I first saw and met them in 2014 when they were warming up for Killswitch Engage. That was a nice live. Empyreal in the end. Was listening these guys before I got more into Architects.

  24. author

    MGawna3 jam yang lalu

    They’re so fucking good, like a mix between thrash and melodic death and trash metal

  25. author

    Brendan PD3 jam yang lalu

    the rapper you we're thinking of with the Garbage trucks and stuff is NF

  26. author

    Khairul KRhacx3 jam yang lalu

    Reaction Revenge The Fate please

  27. author

    Pav Kim3 jam yang lalu

    bro, where is “while she sleeps- fakers plague” reaction/cover ??

  28. author

    Kzzyn19903 jam yang lalu

    You have to check out the rest of their songs, they kick major ass. The drummer is from bleed from within and the bassist is also in another band called conjurer, check both out :D

  29. author

    Beatdown Shanson4 jam yang lalu


  30. author

    Josh Harris4 jam yang lalu

    Check empyreal or leach out next

  31. author

    Nehal Roy4 jam yang lalu

    I'm a simple man I see Nik's videos I click like

  32. author

    Cameron Hallquist4 jam yang lalu

    Yes thank you for not Choosing “Tears Don’t Mosh” a heavier Bfmv song is appreciated 🙏

  33. author

    Mr XmaX5 jam yang lalu

    More bullet for my valentine! Skin? No way out?

  34. author

    CADS5 jam yang lalu

    Is the app IOS only ????

  35. author

    Tim Grant5 jam yang lalu

    Josh talked about it in an old video, he uses standard tuning but to get that extra heavy push in spots, replaces power chords with a fourth on the E and root on A. Makes it sound dark af

  36. author

    DJ_Youtuber0025 jam yang lalu

    Men can relate ahahah my classmate lol🤣 she's hella like that all

  37. author

    Nagat0r0 Kun5 jam yang lalu

    Make Fakers Plauge cover, pls

  38. author

    011001000111011001101110011101005 jam yang lalu

    God damn it this song is so good. Thanks for covering this/introducing me to this band

  39. author

    Corwin5 jam yang lalu

    The drummer is Ali Richardson, who also plays in Bleed From Within. He's a killer drummer, his BFW work is some of my favorite.

  40. author

    Rajat Shaw5 jam yang lalu

    If you want to check them out, you HAVE to listen to the song 'Teras'

  41. author

    GodModuleSenpai6 jam yang lalu

    Sylosis - I Sever next? 😍

  42. author

    Judah Atkins6 jam yang lalu

    Glad "that clean part" wasn't yet another sparkly strat sounding part. I mean Periphery is my favorite band, but some of their cleans are too bright, some other metal bands have that problem

  43. author

    Remus Herciu6 jam yang lalu

    I got a dormant heart tattooed all over my chest a few years back in hopes of them getting back together just because they're THAT good. Guess it worked lol

  44. author

    Canadian Metal Head6 jam yang lalu

    My all time favourite band! So happy they are making new stuff! Definitely check out the Conclusion of an Age album! The Blackest Skyline is a sick song!

  45. author

    Владислав Толмачёв6 jam yang lalu

    What about Loathe - Aggressive evolution?

  46. author

    Irvin Monsivais6 jam yang lalu

    Pls react to Bad Omens - Dethrone

  47. author

    Chin-san6 jam yang lalu

    I love watching peoples reaction on the breakdown, best part. Love your reaction bro.

  48. author

    IFLAMES7 jam yang lalu

    It's a song for Death Stranding come on man. Do you even game bro?

  49. author

    crb68527 jam yang lalu

    Nik i love the cuts and stuff you do in these reaction videos now. Definitely makes it more enjoyable to watch. 10/10

  50. author

    GardoTheFury7 jam yang lalu

    PewDiePie's next Video "Nik Nocturnal did an oopsie" Well done m8 haha <3

  51. author

    SnakeHuntersTV7 jam yang lalu

    I would like to make a reaction video on one of your's. Can we make this happen?

  52. author

    Windex7 jam yang lalu

    react to Carry The Weight by We Came As Romans pleaseeeeee

  53. author

    HyperMeL8 jam yang lalu

    Are you munky or head? Both? Siiiick

  54. author

    Sammy Alx8 jam yang lalu

    Nik: also While She Sleeps released a new song today... Me: U WOT M8??!! *dives into it*

  55. author

    JudgementStorm18 jam yang lalu

    Just because I’m interested in seeing something different. How willing are you to making a metal version of Dipper Mouth Blues?

  56. author

    Dats The Tea8 jam yang lalu

    The most annoying one for me is the single strummer -_-

  57. author

    Jose Andres Cofre8 jam yang lalu

    And Black Veil Brides new singles reaction?

  58. author

    Vaas Montenegro8 jam yang lalu

    I miss Jamie Graham in this

  59. author

    Travis Anderson8 jam yang lalu

    Why you gotta attack me like that?!

  60. author

    Explosion Rhino8 jam yang lalu

    Thanks got a band to listen to at work tomorrow

  61. author

    Rob Barkhouse8 jam yang lalu

    React to pulse of the dead by parasite inc

  62. author

    Chris S8 jam yang lalu

    That solo was up there with the likes of John Petrucci in terms of how cleanly executed it was, Josh is a super talented guy! I also had never heard a Sylosis song before now either, so I will definitely be checking out more of their stuff. Chunky RIffs need to be a thing by the way Nik... Gojira should just about cover the whole series! 👍

  63. author

    ferna22948 jam yang lalu

    You took the right decision!

  64. author

    Joseph Siburt8 jam yang lalu

    Nik should check out unleash the Archers Awakening... Pretty please

  65. author

    iScream909 jam yang lalu

    Wildways much xD?

  66. author

    ghithrif 319 jam yang lalu

    love ur reaction man, check their other song pretty sure u gonna like it check "teras" by sylosis too, that's their old stuff but still really cool and really heavy.....and they play it in E standard

  67. author

    Back to Bass-ics9 jam yang lalu

    Fully cover Beyond Oblivion or i riot

  68. author

    Cody Bruce9 jam yang lalu

    That was my first time listening to sylosis. Dude hoooly fucking fuck...I'm so pissed I've slept on these guys. So sick and it's nice to hear something that doesn't sound generic

  69. author

    Alif Ryandiputra9 jam yang lalu

    please react to palaye royal - new american dream! i hope you like it!

  70. author

    Nana9 jam yang lalu

    Josh Middleton can do Dimebag squeelies

  71. author

    Kernel Panic10 jam yang lalu

    check this out..

  72. author

    Sadam Death10 jam yang lalu

    Biasa aja sih .. Mungkin karena kebanyakan dengerin yg model kaya gini

  73. author

    Salamander Man11 jam yang lalu

    Synth Theater lmao

  74. author

    HispanicWithAGuitar Why?11 jam yang lalu

    This is my first time listening to them as well man. Glad I watch your channel quite often. I’ll always discover some new music.

  75. author

    Zonnie Hoffer11 jam yang lalu

    4:01 PFFFFT HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! You're Face! I'm Wheezing!!!!!

  76. author

    The Grinder11 jam yang lalu

    By far and away one of my favorite bands around! So glad they’re back! Josh Middleton is a god

  77. author

    Thinkskater11 jam yang lalu

    Teras is my favorite by them , a serpents tongue / empyreal tied for a CLOSE second.

  78. author

    Adry Albín11 jam yang lalu

    5:02 gojira mode on xd 🔥🔥

  79. author

    Sergio Teto Duarte Coronel11 jam yang lalu

    Sylosis is the law !

  80. author

    Deft12 jam yang lalu

    D I S G U S T <3

  81. author

    Alexis Taylor12 jam yang lalu

    Wow, for once you haven’t listened to a band.

  82. author

    Noah Greive12 jam yang lalu

    Omg 1 day ago I'm so happy we still do this

  83. author

    Tyler Shinn12 jam yang lalu

    “Just throw a solo on top” sounds fucking exactly like a god damn Periphery song 😂😂

  84. author

    J Baran12 jam yang lalu

    Hand of Blood cover when Nik?

  85. author

    Hunter Forsberg13 jam yang lalu

    They are making a comeback after three to four years. Also, their drummer plays for Bleed From Within. :3 Sylosis never disappoints. 🖤

  86. author

    Crest Fallen13 jam yang lalu

    Sylosis Top 10 must hear list: Out from Below Empyreal The River Apparitions Kingdom of Solitude Paradox Dormant Heart Teras Where the Sky Ends A Dying Vine And I am still missing out some unreal bangers.

  87. author

    Rosea Medicum13 jam yang lalu

    I think a lot of Ronnie's hate comes from other bands fans who don't like a good rapper outdoing the heavy metal too.

  88. author

    Donavan Cargin13 jam yang lalu

    Getting children of bodom vibes from the vocalist.

  89. author

    thorsten_cit13 jam yang lalu

    sometimes i wish metal was still like this, sick cover bruh

  90. author

    Crest Fallen13 jam yang lalu

    Josh evolved from riff lord to riff god

  91. author

    Bruno Utermtk13 jam yang lalu

    Every react: Chorus: A Nik: ok, so this is the Chorus, all right.

  92. author

    Matt V13 jam yang lalu

    Bleed From Within & Architects members in one band? That's kind of awesome

  93. author

    määp13 jam yang lalu

    i agree with the ambient thing, i think their album Edge of the Earth has more ambient moments

  94. author

    Bradley Gavel13 jam yang lalu

    My favorite metal band by a mile they just don't write bad songs. Out From Below is top shelf, please check it out :D

  95. author

    Frederick Korth13 jam yang lalu

    Which i would hear a solo like that on an architects song

  96. author

    Ron Paxton13 jam yang lalu

    Thanks for the great information Nik. Here's a question ... Do you happen to know if it's possible to download a preset from Tone Cloud that was created using BIAS Amp 2 Pro and a 3rd party speaker cabinet IR? I have several presets in Tone Cloud that I created with BIAS Amp 2 Pro that utilize a custom cabinet IR and it would be great if they could be downloaded to one of the four (4) user presets on the Spark and still sound the same as they do when I play them directly from BIAS Amp 2 Pro. Can you verify that this is possible? Btw ... I understand that the Spark does not have all the controls that BIAS Amp 2 Pro does, but I don't care. I don't need that capability on the Spark, I only want to play the Spark and have it sound the same as the BIAS Amp 2 Pro original.