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Legendary Free Kick GoalsLegendary Free Kick Goals

Legendary Free Kick Goals

14 hari yang lalu

  1. author

    Arthur Souza31 menit yang lalu

    Messi aprendeu com esse cara.

  2. author

    Mona Utari34 menit yang lalu

    tbh i didn't see any dark side.

  3. author

    Janaleni PiyangaysuJam Yang lalu

    Falsoinyih manjunyakwye

  4. author

    Leandro SantosJam Yang lalu

    Esse era craque , em termos de técnica, habilidade na minha opinião foi o maior jogador da historia de Portugal , nem Eusébio e nem cr7 tinha a magia com a bola nos pés igual o Figo.

  5. author

    Mohamed B. Mansaray2 jam yang lalu

    Guti was a combination of Xavi and Iniesta

  6. author

    Helbert Martins2 jam yang lalu

    No logic

  7. author

    Franklin Walker3 jam yang lalu

    This Guy have infinite skills

  8. author

    glenda comanda3 jam yang lalu

    Fauta 2 dias para o robinho vim na minha rua

  9. author

    Dava Junior3 jam yang lalu

    whatever what u post 4 me it is not the best.. the best freekick with juninho n the best player in the world ... only one.. n he's the goat messi..

  10. author

    MarB Madyrb3 jam yang lalu

    Lol messi lol cr 7 this were top players

  11. author

    Danilo Lima3 jam yang lalu

    Sem palavras ❤💥🇧🇷

  12. author

    RelaxImABot4 jam yang lalu


  13. author

    VicK Reyes4 jam yang lalu

    No me llamen Guti. -Guti.

  14. author

    Dieguito beat4 jam yang lalu

    Bastante cremoso

  15. author

    Sam Van Jones5 jam yang lalu


  16. author

    جكليته مايعه بعد6 jam yang lalu

    I think this man has three lungs and two hearts. What is this strange speed???

  17. author

    Daniel Barrera6 jam yang lalu

    Y eso que sólo estuvo un años

  18. author

    Manuel Benito7 jam yang lalu

    I dont understand how a player could be as good and incredible as this legend. I have no words or adjectives to describe this its simply magic. A player who runs, has skills, shoots awesome with both feets and has power and strenght. Simply R9NALDO. LEGEND

  19. author

    Delp7 jam yang lalu

    The best young player ever??? Mbappe scored 30 goals more than him at the age of 19. Ronaldo 9 goals mbappe 39

  20. author

    박성윤7 jam yang lalu

    나에게 축구영웅은 호돈신밖에 없다

  21. author

    Jardel do Uno imaculado Souza8 jam yang lalu

    No começo Neymar se arrependeu de sair do Barcelona. Não mais porque no PSG Neymar tem amigos de verdade. Ele fez a escolha certa.

  22. author

    Turbito Escort8 jam yang lalu

    Cuando futbol era futbol

  23. author

    Orhan BAŞOL8 jam yang lalu

    Most overrated of all times

  24. author

    xx xx8 jam yang lalu

    Lewandowski 5 goals in 9 minutes?

  25. author

    milan kengur9 jam yang lalu

    Better to stand up than roll around like Neymar

  26. author

    buğra uğur9 jam yang lalu


  27. author

    Omarlaiz Omarlaiz9 jam yang lalu

    Omg he is killer not defender 😅

  28. author

    Gorka Allister9 jam yang lalu

    Raul !!!

  29. author

    Hector Sanchez9 jam yang lalu

    Que genio!

  30. author

    mohamed alamin9 jam yang lalu

    i just wonder how could p. munich left toni cros to leave

  31. author

    Jordan Benson9 jam yang lalu

    GOAT. Simple

  32. author

    Srk King10 jam yang lalu

    Free kick master lio Messi where is Messi (fake channel )

  33. author

    Jake Lamotta10 jam yang lalu

    Why do the English think theyr soo hard😂😂

  34. author

    Hugues Dje11 jam yang lalu

    J'ai même pas les mots pour qualifier un tel joueur MY GOAT

  35. author

    abdi libaax11 jam yang lalu

    10 star weak foot

  36. author

    Jfer Alfa12 jam yang lalu

    Definitivamente no existe nadie que pueda hacer lo que Dinho hacía...

  37. author

    Hugo Stiglitz12 jam yang lalu

    David Beckham would like to thank the Magnus Effect!

  38. author

    Angel Villarreal12 jam yang lalu

    Despreciado en la selección

  39. author

    Deivid Santos13 jam yang lalu


  40. author

    현지훈13 jam yang lalu


  41. author

    Abubakar faheem13 jam yang lalu

    This video is proof for Barca who thinks messi is everything. We have 33 Laliga titles for a reason and 13 UCL. Best club in the history of modern football. #Halamadrid

  42. author

    Tennis Paolo13 jam yang lalu

  43. author

    Ammar Studio14 jam yang lalu

    hi mr bundesteam can u email me i need to ask you something tq..

  44. author

    GFB FENERBAHÇE16 jam yang lalu

    FENERBAHÇE'DEN bir efsane geçti

  45. author

    Ronny Luz16 jam yang lalu


  46. author

    Gustavo Souza17 jam yang lalu

    BRASIL E O PAIS DO FUTEBOL RESPEITA 🤙🏿🇧🇷🤙🏿🇧🇷🤙🏿🇧🇷🤙🏿🇧🇷🤙🏿🇧🇷

  47. author

    Giulio Romano Baldolini18 jam yang lalu

    I love your videos, but i think is better made more goals of leagues and cups and less of summer friendly matches with stupid goalkeepers 😅 in this video, for example, you could insert Totti vs Juventus in 2013 and Zlatan vs Fiorentina in 2008 or 2009 ⚽️

  48. author

    Hassan Shahid19 jam yang lalu

  49. author

    Элик М519 jam yang lalu

    Бля какой же он крутой футболист

  50. author

    Benibenone365 Botez19 jam yang lalu

    Idiot. Only real goals???

  51. author

    Fatih Demirci19 jam yang lalu

    Please no music 😥😥😥😥😥

  52. author

    karl Rensburg19 jam yang lalu

    Mad skills, Brazilian player's rule.

  53. author

    AJAY HANSDA20 jam yang lalu

    Gread ronaldo

  54. author

    Phong Trần20 jam yang lalu

    9:14 when you try to be cool like your friends but fail miserably

  55. author

    Panda Caribbean Tech20 jam yang lalu

    The only player in football history that could faced goalkeepers on one on one period

  56. author

    heyyWilll heyyy20 jam yang lalu

    imagine he yell at the opponents with his high pitch voice

  57. author

    chassagnon adrian20 jam yang lalu

    9:48 juste avant la blessure de sa 2ème saison, si seulement il y avait but..

  58. author

    فؤاد هجري21 jam yang lalu

    من فــــضل الله عليه حـمـدالله رب العالمين أن الفضـــل بــيد الله يؤتيه من يــشاء طب الحديث توصـلنا لعلاج القـذف السـريع و عـلاج ضـعف الإنتصــاب تواصل معانا اعبر الوتساب ☎♞WhastApp 00212649557676

  59. author

    Golan Iskandar22 jam yang lalu

    very terrible explosive power when he was still in uniform in Barcelona and inter Milan

  60. author

    فؤاد هجري22 jam yang lalu

    من فضل الله عليه حمدالله رب الــعالمين أن الفضـــل بيد الله يؤتــيــه من يــشاء طب الحديث توصـلنا لعـلاج القـذف الـسريع و عـــلاج ضـعف الإنتصــاب تواصل معانا اعبر الوتساب ☎♞WhastApp 00212649557676

  61. author

    رضوان المكي23 jam yang lalu

    من فظـــل الله عليه حمدالله رب العالمين أن الفضـــل بيــــد الله يؤتــيــه من يـشاء الطب الحــديث توصـلنا لـعلاج القذف السريع و عـــلاج ضعف الإنـتصاب تواصل معانا اعبر الوتساب 💪 WhastApp 00212649557676

  62. author

    فؤاد هجري23 jam yang lalu

    من فضل الله عليه حـمـدالله رب العالمين أن الفضل بيــــد الله يؤتــيــه من يـشاء طب الحــديث توصلنا لـعلاج القذف السـريع و عـــلاج ضعف الإنتصــاب تواصل معانا اعبر الوتساب ☎♞WhastApp 00212649557676

  63. author

    رضوان المكي23 jam yang lalu

    من فــــضل الله عليه حمدالله رب العــالمين أن الفضـــل بيــــد الله يؤتيـــه من يــشاء الــطب الحديــث توصـلنا لـعلاج القذف الـسريع و عـــلاج ظعف الإنتصاب تواصل معانا اعبر الوتساب ☎♞WhastApp 00212649557676

  64. author

    YuriHari Yang lalu

    Estilo Denilson ... So dribla...

  65. author

    핵기합Hari Yang lalu

    Attack point (goal+assist) Neymar(0.96) >>>>> Ronaldinho(0.67)

  66. author

    Winslow TjiptadiHari Yang lalu

    I personally thought beckham was meh until i know a little bit more about soccer and watch his passes.. Lots and lots of great players out there but none does it like beckham..

  67. author

    Winslow TjiptadiHari Yang lalu

    I personally thought beckham was meh until i know a little bit more about soccer and watch his passes.. Lots and lots of great players out there but none does it like beckham..

  68. author

    Mohamad Edo SaswitoHari Yang lalu

    Roberto Carlos Legend 👍😍💪💥

  69. author

    Happy khan. Khan.Hari Yang lalu

    Real Ronaldo

  70. author

    최기웅Hari Yang lalu

    카를로스 좆간지 요새는 저렇게 파워풀한 프리킥커는 못본듯

  71. author

    GSP vlogsHari Yang lalu


  72. author

    Reach Boy loyHari Yang lalu

    Cambodia 🤑❤️😘😘🇰🇭

  73. author

    Vinícius MendesHari Yang lalu

    3:56 coitados dos marcadores kkkkkkkkkkkk

  74. author

    Dgnius MakilevenHari Yang lalu

    God Tier striker !!!

  75. author

    Fadhil Ar-RaihanHari Yang lalu

    MESSIX 😎

  76. author

    KT1Hari Yang lalu

    Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chille and all South America would never runs out best talent on football, just tell me...what secret of your people? Best talents on football always born everyday on South America!!

  77. author

    eka nurHari Yang lalu

    Haji guti

  78. author

    Juan PerretHari Yang lalu

    Roberto Carlos: *stands over free kick* Keeper: *prays*

  79. author

    ClothildeHari Yang lalu

    Holy fuck that Roberto Carlos goal was unbelievable 😲

  80. author

    Vai Corinthians #BiMundial 51 é PingaHari Yang lalu

    The best Ronaldo

  81. author

    Dih carHari Yang lalu

    He's always only one little step ahead of his opponent but it's enough for him to win any duel. Cerebral player!

  82. author

    Hassan ElgoilHari Yang lalu


  83. author

    Jose OchoaHari Yang lalu

    Estos son Los GOLES de Karim Benzema El mejor #9 del futbol

  84. author

    João Batista Rodrigues Barbosa Neto RodriguesHari Yang lalu

    Si eres mucho mito neymar

  85. author

    World of DataHari Yang lalu

  86. author

    Ice TruckerHari Yang lalu

    The real Ronaldo!!

  87. author

    AJ9 FootballHari Yang lalu

    BOYS AND GIRLS, I HAVE DISCOVERED THE SECRET TO TOPSPIIIN !!! I dropped a video on it if anyone wants to learn it ! :D

  88. author

    Георгий ГроховскийHari Yang lalu


  89. author

    where's my dra goneHari Yang lalu

    Lionel messi is probbably a golf player i guess...

  90. author

    Durant LHari Yang lalu

    Super Crack.

  91. author

    Julio MarkouHari Yang lalu

    6:23 what a pass ...

  92. author

    Mfalme MassaiHari Yang lalu


  93. author

    Jaime EspinosaHari Yang lalu

    Alv que pinche nostalgia ver este video, neta de verdad hasta una lagrima me salió, que chingon era este jijuelaverga, ahora esta bola de llorones, pinches hachazos que le tiraban y le valia vrga, solo la neta cuando le daban un mega madrazo es que veia que era humano este cabron, el mas chingon de todos los delanteros de la historia y me agarro a vergazos y que chingue a su madre el que diga lo contrario.

  94. author

    Murat AlkanHari Yang lalu

    Türkçe yorum arayanlar...

  95. author

    Hassan ShahidHari Yang lalu

  96. author

    pritam kumar SinhaHari Yang lalu

    Look at the video and you realise...ohh Cristiano Ronaldo is a copy of phenomena who kept his body injury free.

  97. author

    Cömert KütükHari Yang lalu

    Yorumlarda Türk arıyorum

  98. author

    Eric_765380 Alves AntonioHari Yang lalu

    Melhor time que eu vi jogar sem dúvidas.

  99. author

    Alex TGHari Yang lalu

    1:33 that pass though... 👌

  100. author

    Anderson NagipeHari Yang lalu

    Nostalgia, assistir a esses pés de rato hj se dizendo que são craques esse sim foi genial!