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    BeastJam Yang lalu

    Another security that cant handle anything, one more reason to keep steel

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    Truck DieselJam Yang lalu

    Sometimes you get what you ask for

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    Nubi QJam Yang lalu

    Wouldn't be surprised he's not selling half the amount he use to after breaking free from the "higher ups" in the music industry if you know what I mean?! The whole entertainment industry is satanic. You don't get anywhere in that industry otherwise....

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    GODZILLAJam Yang lalu

    Truth is out boy, go make you fuckin update now! If you got the balls to admit you were wrong taking sides with that cunt.

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    boastfulsJam Yang lalu

    Is this a jokr

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    TheSwimpsu99Jam Yang lalu

    Who gives a fuck

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    PaleRiderJam Yang lalu

    What a nasty couple

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    Sonic Salt SlugJam Yang lalu

    Tmz reporters at Walmart should get stabbed.

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    Teck RyleeJam Yang lalu

    Wtf would you buy another dog such a dumb bitch

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    Chelsea O.Jam Yang lalu

    What happened to cardi head

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    Elliot ClassenJam Yang lalu

    Who the hell are these people? And why should I give a fuck

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    Lin FeiJam Yang lalu

    Good let them keep their family. I'm a small IDreporterr based in China guys. Feel to stop by 😘

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    Esther DoyleJam Yang lalu

    Disgusting Man shows his ass you can wear the fancy clothes but you can never take the jungle out of them

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    thomascamprJam Yang lalu

    Breaking news Janelle took a huge dump

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    Sherry MurrayJam Yang lalu

    No one cares.

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    Kevin SouffrantJam Yang lalu

    They fyna kill the second dog.

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    The PunisherJam Yang lalu

    i remember hearing about this story years ago so cool i am a huge fan of both rock and rap and i like both scott stapp and t.i.

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    Bass Town NcsJam Yang lalu

    epic video

  19. author

    Bass Town NcsJam Yang lalu

    amazing video

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    Diamond FisherJam Yang lalu

    I'm starting to think that you guys got some kind of deal with her contract with her because you guys keep promoting her you talk about her at least twice a month it seems like....why who cares what she's doing???? She's living life raising her kids with her baby daddy......what's the big deal???? And you guys talk about her and no other teen moms 🤔🤔🤔🦀

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    BIG VEGASJam Yang lalu


  22. author

    Tiffany MilesJam Yang lalu

    He prolly was really for her brother 😂

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    Scott TravisJam Yang lalu

    Vic went to prison for killing dogs. how come David gets away with it????

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    Wick716Jam Yang lalu

    Dustin are you delusional. You said you hated the cast. You wrote a book about how you hated them. You went on several interviews about this. Now you want to be on that show. You burnt that bridge

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    Jai NormanJam Yang lalu

    I bet she taste so good

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    josh cJam Yang lalu

    Wow, tmz has gone to shit... who are this Californian douches bags on this shitty show..

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    100k YouTuber-49 DaRealJam Yang lalu

    Thy r together . He lost now he wanna a rematch/ 🙇👍 1) sub 2) likes 3) comments 4)two thumbs up 👍 5)smash that bell 🛎

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    Chris 2xJam Yang lalu

    Why is this important ..😑 she only brought a dog bed ..

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    Mr. Dig BickJam Yang lalu

    Midgets gone wild

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    ALEX MASONJam Yang lalu


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    L01 JJam Yang lalu

    Why did they think they could have the twins and Abira in the same room together? 😂😂😂

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    vanshipmanJam Yang lalu

    It’s really cool to see that Gene’s kids are well spoken and behaved human beings, unlike their Dad who really is an egotistical pig.

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    desiree reederJam Yang lalu

    doctor: “you have 1 minute and 35 seconds left to live” me:

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    JustKennJam Yang lalu

    Well at least we get another season of their foolishness. Monie has on knee high boots...but LOL they all they up to her thighs.

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    Allen HanJam Yang lalu

    Wow. She must be really into cocaine. That is a deviated septum surgery tape. That means she was doing cocaine for years abusively.

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    Analy SorianoJam Yang lalu

    I need a man like Jordan

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    Chase MiserJam Yang lalu

    Get your hustle on make some money quit looking for a easy come up. Did you trademark the dance? You didn’t sue all the people doing your dance in the streets. You just know Fortnite bring in hella money and you don’t ahaha.

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    Marcus Dick2 jam yang lalu

    Its all Scripted...

  39. author

    Vee Cee2 jam yang lalu

    Do Americans learn about African slavery?

  40. author

    David Hodges2 jam yang lalu


  41. author

    Darth Star Killer2 jam yang lalu

    That’s alright they didn’t make that BIG of a mess

  42. author

    Ros Ulep2 jam yang lalu

    Tmz is cheap.

  43. author

    IronCowgirl* Bree2 jam yang lalu

    Knew it was gonna a little video clip on the came straight here for the little comments! 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

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    samantha simon2 jam yang lalu

    Shes a whore

  45. author

    Paula Grey2 jam yang lalu

    When he picked her up...I lost it..😂😂😂..

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    Weltschmerz2 jam yang lalu

    "as much as I want to be a regular person" says the guy with 69 tattooed on his face

  47. author

    ebuz2182 jam yang lalu

    He should of pulled this shit at The Apollo.

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    David Daniels2 jam yang lalu

    I think Tyra forgot the point of the picture. It looks like she's trying to model solo instead of be enthusiastic that she has a baby and connect with the kid for the picture.

  49. author

    youngboy never broke again2 jam yang lalu


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    g Hesse2 jam yang lalu

    See every body laughing at these clowns

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    WaLah Belle2 jam yang lalu

    The husband came through

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    Mia Hughes2 jam yang lalu

    It’s been two years since husband cheated. he has done everything he can to fix his mistake. I just can’t get over the fact some other girl was having sex with him while he was married to me. Two years and I still can’t stomach it. @redhackpro on instagram he was able to hack into my husband mobile phone, You can also send him a whatsapp messages +1 937-815-1491. he has changed. he has learned his lesson. What good is that now? All I see is a nasty slut who had a nasty girl on him with his penis in her.

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    AF_NE_MJFANGIRL2 jam yang lalu

    I think Michael tried hard HIMSELF to became the king of pop, and it wasn’t for his brothers...

  54. author

    Jay Love2 jam yang lalu


  55. author

    Christian Rangel2 jam yang lalu

    What in the hell are we goin do nowww ?!?!???

  56. author

    Vincent Policicchio2 jam yang lalu

    Tv Gold. Gremlins got mean as fuck when you gave them food after midnight.

  57. author

    Opposite George2 jam yang lalu

    “Never had no shows, never had no movies! Seinfeld. That’s it!” Ouch! lmfaooo

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    Darlana Green3 jam yang lalu

    I have a problem with this chic😈 Star Brim) she kidnapped a #5 year old boy 👦, Why they want her in their school 🏫 I don’t get that 😎

  59. author

    Carter Sosa3 jam yang lalu

    Lol this shits funny and they think the other owners are any better you heard him it’s the “culture” this is what they all believe and live by

  60. author

    Isic Prado3 jam yang lalu

    Break it up😂👊👏

  61. author

    Tony Amati3 jam yang lalu

    *Not sure why you're reporting on a clearly staged-for-tv moment. Smfh.*

  62. author

    Next Up Sounds3 jam yang lalu


  63. author

    gamer Crazzy3 jam yang lalu

    Fuck TMZ making jokes fuck you

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    HOLLYWUD MEPSHYIAH3 jam yang lalu

    I know this a old video; But Viola said if he don't be on her show that Cobe will end up at the bottom of a well some where ! Wow !!! & now the mans dead;& his daughter 2/26/2020

  65. author

    Denzel Mcelrath3 jam yang lalu


  66. author

    Abdikadir Hassan3 jam yang lalu

    why is he spitting spitting and spitting.😒😒😒

  67. author

    Ryan P3 jam yang lalu

    His 2 therapists need 2 therapists

  68. author

    Sky Gravity3 jam yang lalu

    Wow neither of them can throw a drink...

  69. author

    King Pastrano3 jam yang lalu

    Lemme guess the twins & Albira Lil ugly ass! Lol

  70. author

    arnold oliver3 jam yang lalu

    He should not be fired because of a mistake

  71. author

    King Pastrano3 jam yang lalu

    I love that show lmao

  72. author

    trill full3 jam yang lalu

    Midget fight!! 🤣💀

  73. author

    Kermit Frog3 jam yang lalu

    You can here some dude going "walk the line." Still phoenix's best performance.

  74. author

    Margaret Ramirez3 jam yang lalu

    *Its like preschool kids on Halloween*

  75. author

    Josh Olson3 jam yang lalu

    The Fans gived him another chance to change his attitude and there are gonna be fans that won't forgive him for blaming his fans for his Owen problems

  76. author

    Mario Castillo3 jam yang lalu

    Chris is there chilling waiting for he’s food 😂 ...

  77. author

    Armondo Hicks3 jam yang lalu

    They had them warrants in da cut for GODMOTHER aka Star Brim 👌👮🏻‍♂️

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  79. author

    Chuck Chukwood3 jam yang lalu

    Just like that skit in jackass 2 with the midgets in the bar.

  80. author

    Woke Individual4 jam yang lalu

    And this is why barely any tears we're shed she died

  81. author

    Nate breezy4 jam yang lalu

    Put it like this we can’t control if we come out white or black

  82. author

    adolf39674 jam yang lalu


  83. author

    Miata Hooks4 jam yang lalu

    Idc if I was a billionaire, that man was gone pay for that scratch. Have to learn to pay attention to your surroundings.

  84. author

    Trump 2020 For The Win4 jam yang lalu

    Over compensating

  85. author

    N Lee4 jam yang lalu

    Handheld camera - footage too shaky for security camera

  86. author

    F.R. F4 jam yang lalu

    The guy look at himself in the mirror just after taking the shades. Does he have an once of conscienceness ??

  87. author

    Saint Clarity aka Casanova Brown4 jam yang lalu

    Yo if I was a security I would have fell out laughing

  88. author

    juliana paul4 jam yang lalu

    Soon as :50 hit shit went right tf off🤧💯

  89. author

    Bananas Ooh nah nah4 jam yang lalu

    God damn he’s cool.

  90. author

    Nestor P Cortez4 jam yang lalu

    Glad nobody lost a weave.

  91. author

    DreamySteezy4 jam yang lalu

    Imagine killing someone for money, total scum of the earth.

  92. author

    Christian Benett4 jam yang lalu

    Gigi calling him a respectful king by a beautiful women is amazing. We need more women to talk about their men like that in 2020!!! Please ladies step up ❤️

  93. author

    Lalalalala!4 jam yang lalu

    Wait so what happened? What did she do that made these ppl want to protest at her event?

  94. author

    hennesey0074 jam yang lalu

    TMZ... smh... we can ALWAYS count on TMZ to show PoC in a bad light... FOH...

  95. author

    MimiMella34 jam yang lalu

    Damn brother nature took a massive L. Got beat up outside then came back in to get beat up again. 😬

  96. author

    GrnEyesAmy4 jam yang lalu

    Bunch of idiot's

  97. author

    Lalalalala!4 jam yang lalu

    I thought he was gonna say his divorce settlement. I heard he made a lot off her. For some reason I thought their incomes weren't that different. I guess I was wrong

  98. author

    drttyu liqm4 jam yang lalu

    I’ve never heard of him before but I feel so bad. Dying so young is tragic. I hope it doesn’t happen to me. God bless Pop Smoke’s family. Rest In Peace man... ;(

  99. author

    Josh Walker Vlogs4 jam yang lalu

    And ACTION! 🎥 🎬

  100. author

    Madlen kate4 jam yang lalu

    she thinks she could distract with her sadness, she's a sick bi*