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Chasing Love in Rom-ComsChasing Love in Rom-Coms

Chasing Love in Rom-Coms

11 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    Purple Pepper11 menit yang lalu

    I would die for Claire Fromthebonappetittestkitchen

  2. author

    Imani Canton20 menit yang lalu

    Still wouldn’t vote for her, but these are the voices we need to actually have a bipartisan political system. Period. Socially liberal, progressive etc Republican voices are muted. I’d love to see more of them. I think there can be dialogue “across the aisle” if more of their voices were heard. People don’t realize that most Democrats are pretty moderate/conservative, so I really think we could have much more humane policies etc if they worked together.

  3. author

    Edward Lopez51 menit yang lalu

    Eat that pussy out

  4. author

    Slim567Jam Yang lalu

    Well compared to the last two Star Wars movies the prequels are masterpieces.😂😂😂

  5. author

    MotoRacer171Jam Yang lalu

    In my opinion theres only a few things wrong with the prequels 1. Overuse of green screens 2. Anakin was a BITCH in episode 2

  6. author

    Dustin Venditti2 jam yang lalu

    Donald Trump is an inbred pedophile oh wait all politicians are😂😂😂😂

  7. author

    Petro Botha2 jam yang lalu


  8. author

    Nicki Reed2 jam yang lalu

    Omg. That fucking game show music is too damn loud!! 🤦‍♀️

  9. author


    ** 3:14

  10. author

    jahmen j2 jam yang lalu

    😳KKK written all over it.... Just the thought of both of them accepting them to be displayed is very clear that they are loving that fact this KKK art is hiding under the umbrella of ART. THEY CLEARLY DON’T CARE. Just because you have them in your possession as an art collector, doesn’t mean it’s ok to display them as art and everyone should feel it’s normal ... Yeah, keep it in your home, but thank you for displaying to the world how you really feel. Research their business, spread the word and delete them from your shopping list... Now that’s real ART 😜 Thank you New York Magazine for making this video. I love the unmasking of hate in this TrumpDump error...

  11. author

    Roger Thornhill3 jam yang lalu

    World renowned designer? Your kidding ? That Pink couch and lime green walls and cheesy red lamps look worse than anything I’d find at the local thrift store.

  12. author

    Blue Bird3 jam yang lalu

    A bit too much for my taste, but i admire the vibrancy that truly defined a period of New York eclectic style

  13. author

    dafttool3 jam yang lalu

    It would’ve been nice to see what was outside the many windows, since it obviously has a view to die for

  14. author

    The J Hook Master3 jam yang lalu

    Luke was only in the last film

  15. author

    Fabian Farbeyond5 jam yang lalu

    To be borne a Fabulous!

  16. author

    Athena Reese6 jam yang lalu

    God, I hate them both so very very much.

  17. author

    Joe Blankenship6 jam yang lalu

    Claire is the best. She's so lovable and she's so good at what she does. I'm surprised Netflix or somebody hasn't picked up her show yet.

  18. author

    Aisha Hepburn7 jam yang lalu

    The prequels are masterpieces compare to that sequal trilogy

  19. author

    Ed Swierbinski10 jam yang lalu

    GREAT legs!

  20. author

    Carmelo Folmar10 jam yang lalu


  21. author

    ADV Taiwan10 jam yang lalu

    I loved the Prequels change me my mind ! Yea I loved the pod Race and Jar Jar too ! So bring it son !

  22. author

    Northern Star10 jam yang lalu

    Women should have the amount of rights as a minor. What happened to their brains?

  23. author

    Northern Star10 jam yang lalu

    Modern problems require modern solutions. Men should go trans so that sexual harassment doesn’t exist because according to the laws of society, woman are always innocent.

  24. author

    7colOurs Vlog11 jam yang lalu

    Wow! great... we humans are weak in controlling our emotions especially in sex related stuffs, if we can control our emotions through "yoga" then that will be nice effort to create a rape free society.... i think this is one of the nice methods... (not for Indians..if it is in India the next day news will be... yoga trainer raped by students 🤭lol) Even if the memebers of the group knows the nakedness of themselves but still maintaining the dignity and self respect then that will be heavenly....🤗 this will be a great solution for problems that we face in the present scenario 👌👍 Waiting for the Kingdom of God 🤗

  25. author

    The Finger Of Scorn11 jam yang lalu

    Mark, your son turned into a huge piece of shit even though you kept him out of the business.

  26. author

    Jointhehappymillions11 jam yang lalu

    She forgot her bottoms.

  27. author

    Michael Anderson12 jam yang lalu

    Prequels are much better than the last three abortions.

  28. author

    Wasif Tajwar12 jam yang lalu

    Its seems like her lip syncing with the voice comming out her nose

  29. author

    DavidPalmer712 jam yang lalu

    *Never take side with anyone against the family...ever* Respect Mark

  30. author

    Erika Allen13 jam yang lalu

    Tell me why I didn’t know Linda was played by a guy

  31. author

    Fan Disease13 jam yang lalu

    I grew up with the prequels, that’s why I love them

  32. author

    A M C13 jam yang lalu

    lmao..they are taking themselves waaaaay to serious. how pretentious

  33. author

    Amazon High13 jam yang lalu

    Because people are dumb as fuck and can only intake surface level shit like "haha jarjar so awkward!" And can't appreciate an incredible story. Now we have the fucking Disney Star Wars movies. They may not be "awkward" but they're nonsensical, pointless pieces of shit with great CGI. And I guess people like looking at shit as long as it looks good enough.

  34. author

    D A13 jam yang lalu

    Who else gets a ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’ vibe?

  35. author

    dumbo742913 jam yang lalu

    Just saw comments Cuba story may not b true.....gutted I am

  36. author

    dumbo742913 jam yang lalu

    Born while at sea fleeing Cuba just wow

  37. author

    Franklin Bouret13 jam yang lalu

    Puppy going to town on that shoe lace!

  38. author

    A.j. Bandido13 jam yang lalu

    I think we just met the real Ian Malcolm. Good video.

  39. author

    Laura Wood14 jam yang lalu

    Listen I love love the originals, I grew up with the prequels but they did loose what made the original 3 great and the characters were pretty bad though they misused the guy who played Darth maul the action sequences he could have had would have been mindblowing, the actors aren’t to blame at all, the writing just didn’t come together. Yeah no one should have bullied a kid, a fucking kid!

  40. author

    Laura Contento14 jam yang lalu


  41. author

    Annalouis Foley Foley15 jam yang lalu

    Ronnie and Archie broke up but got back so I hope is season 4 they are back together

  42. author

    Vred15 jam yang lalu

    Thanks, fat virgin Star Wars "fans".

  43. author

    Justin15 jam yang lalu

    I wonder if they won’t include Cruz in the yearbook or not. He dosen’t deserve to be in the book

  44. author

    Lucienne Henneberry15 jam yang lalu

    I loved seeing this! I'd like to know if the artist ever burns himself?

  45. author

    Mayor 1715 jam yang lalu

    Tities 😋

  46. author

    Lucienne Henneberry15 jam yang lalu

    I LOVE looking at how artists display art in their homes!

  47. author

    Harrypotterfan116 jam yang lalu

    Sorry, in my eyes the Prequelhaters are not real Fans and these Sithfans broke George Lucas' heart I am not surprised that Mr. Lucas sold his beloved Star Wars to the Disney Filmempire! The cool Prequels are the best Star Wars films for me because they are so lively, galactic and beautiful, there is variety, dialogues, new style, very good cut, real costumes, music with style, lots of new ideas and galactic infrastructure instead of just junk, Desert and annoying nostalgia as seen in the absurd and so chaotic Sequels! I wish that George Lucas made the Sequels, I mean Mark Hamil and the other actors did their job perfectly but not Jar Jar Abrams, not the authors and not the producers either! Kathleen Kennedy is certainly a nice woman and good business woman but she has no idea about Star Wars, so please step back and leave the responsibility to someone who is a real fan and loves fans. Yes, I love Rogue One, I love Kylo Ren, I love BB-8, I love the Prequels, I love the Original Trilogy and I love Rebels, Clone Wars and half of Episode 7 but I hate SOLO: A Fake Wars Story, STAR WARS 8 and STAR WARS 9 just like Dark Fate, Blue Trek Discovery and Fantastic Beasts 1 I've seen enough traumas dear friends ...

  48. author

    Justin McDonald16 jam yang lalu

    I first heard about Amy from reading her brother's books.

  49. author

    dēaþ17 jam yang lalu

    Poor Jake Lloyd is in a psychiatric hospital with schizophrenia.

  50. author

    Michael Glynn17 jam yang lalu

    What a load of dog poo posing as comedy - unfortunately there is not one iota of self integrity amongst the lot of them. Laugh you idiot!

  51. author

    Byron Contreras18 jam yang lalu


  52. author

    Ultimate destination18 jam yang lalu

    Next a prostitute reacting to any Julia Roberts movie

  53. author

    Nestor Mojica18 jam yang lalu

    I LOVED the prequels. These haters can go suck it.

  54. author

    Marina Martinez18 jam yang lalu

    It's all beautiful! Especially love that Malachite wallpaper on the ceiling. You could pick a different natural stone wallpaper for each room.

  55. author

    Jack Zaffke18 jam yang lalu

    His hair tho

  56. author

    LEFT4BASS19 jam yang lalu

    Anyone else close your eyes and just let your brain bring this to life?

  57. author

    tulipchic3419 jam yang lalu

    Woman are just ornaments to him. If they are not good to look at then they are worthy not of your attention. Complete misogynist.

  58. author

    asad khan19 jam yang lalu


  59. author

    Big Guy’s 45’s19 jam yang lalu

    “I haven’t seen Ann having this much of a bad time ever since Republican congressman Budd Dwyer shot himself on live TV in 1987.”

  60. author

    1 Life20 jam yang lalu

    Who gives a damn

  61. author

    Theory Guy20 jam yang lalu

    Attack of the Clones is whiney garbage. But the other 2 were amazing films. I dont care what anyone says Return of the Jedi is number 1. The Phantom Menace is 2.

  62. author

    Wondermitedelight20 jam yang lalu

    Looking back on the prequels, compared with all the new junk they are fantastic. They still had the “Star Wars feel” and that’s what’s important. And why I hate the new movies

  63. author

    Alexander Daevus21 jam yang lalu

    I can

  64. author

    Redeemer Nigoohaem21 jam yang lalu

    If not for the prequels , you wouldn't t have so many side things sw

  65. author

    Leon idc21 jam yang lalu

    No offense but episode 1 2 and 3 the best of my opinion don't care what anybody else says fr

  66. author

    Dharmabum928721 jam yang lalu

    It’s weird how Ann is actually more clever and funny than all of these folks... These jokes are so bad...

  67. author

    Redeemer Nigoohaem21 jam yang lalu

    I m.35 . I had no problem with the prequels . Yeah , as a kid I sort of got irritated by jar jar ,mainly the way he got lucky in the fights . But after I had no problem with that . Maybe it was planned to be a Sith lord, drunken master . Who knows Phantom menace was good . II was also good and III was great. Second after return of the Jedi not empire strikes back . Empire strikes back might have had better drama , but rotj had better action. And more events As for episode III , it had everything . Not sure witch is the best. But for sure the prequels expanded the universe alot and also in terms of visuals and atmosphere I m not a fast food movie preference guy . I like quality movies The sequels however, are trash . Should be labelled like the wookie christmas specials. Nothing more

  68. author

    Sean Baca21 jam yang lalu


  69. author

    R S21 jam yang lalu

    Prequels were the best. No contest. Plus, Hamill is a raging SJW with TDS, I care little about what he says

  70. author

    Redeemer Nigoohaem21 jam yang lalu

    Always liked the prequels . The sequels are shit .

  71. author

    chipmunktubetop21 jam yang lalu

    This is me at work...

  72. author

    ninuxy21 jam yang lalu

    She is so quirky. She draws like me when was younger... 10x better though.

  73. author

    Emma Cassady22 jam yang lalu

    Ah! I’ve followed her for such a long time, but I’ve never actually seen her before

  74. author

    Leslie Rutherford22 jam yang lalu

    U bootfulllll

  75. author

    Sturmwind0522 jam yang lalu

    I’m just here to invalidate myself. How bout you?? 😂😂😖😖

  76. author

    bofeity22 jam yang lalu

    Anymore cover ups of sexual assault lately?

  77. author

    Catherine MalianHari Yang lalu


  78. author

    Steve Stewie and Lilly AdventuresHari Yang lalu

    Everyone: prequels are bad Mark hamil: its treason then

  79. author

    JRHari Yang lalu


  80. author

    paynensufferingHari Yang lalu

    As much as I love Mark Hamil the dyed hair sticks out like a sore thumb compared to the scruffyness

  81. author

    Catherine MalianHari Yang lalu


  82. author

    keithwinslowHari Yang lalu

    Way to add a clip of chicago in there 1:16 you morons.

  83. author

    Catherine MalianHari Yang lalu


  84. author

    Catherine MalianHari Yang lalu


  85. author

    Catherine MalianHari Yang lalu


  86. author

    Elizabeth BlackHari Yang lalu

    OMG! I'd have a field day in there dusting! Oh, all that clutter!

  87. author

    Satya MishraHari Yang lalu

    All time favourite "Bey-bey". Cracks me up.

  88. author

    Anthony LucianoHari Yang lalu

    The new ones are way way more shitty

  89. author

    Rocket wjHari Yang lalu

    Ann Coulter is married to a BLACK MAN!!

  90. author

    Sasa SusterHari Yang lalu

    I like your work, it looks very honest, but I don't think that you would like to be invisible. Looking at the dress you choose for the interview, and same pattern you had on book promotion ...your dress just screams: 'Look at me! I am here!' It just bombards the optical nerve, which is completly different form being invisible. So, maybe just under all that 'invisibilitty thing', you shoud accept that it's ok to want to be seen. Once again, nice work.

  91. author

    Da Real MvpHari Yang lalu

    Prequels were my favorite and still are!

  92. author

    Someone SomeoneHari Yang lalu

    whats the name of that indoor plant behind them in the loft?

  93. author

    Mike JaquaHari Yang lalu

    I spent the whole video starting at her legs. 🤩

  94. author

    DannynorwHari Yang lalu

    Its because they went "Woke". Sjw pathetic scums trying to ruin real moves with their political bullshit based on estrogen and incel men.

  95. author

    SmytheHari Yang lalu

    When you realize this a rave but with more clothes on...everyone acts the same way...😲

  96. author

    jason daniel barryHari Yang lalu

    I watched the "prequels" (i hate that word for star wars 1, 2 and 3) before the "originals" and anybody who would like to object is welcome😈

  97. author

    graffic13Hari Yang lalu

    Omg Mora's vocab is just " gay man"

  98. author

    Chris RiceHari Yang lalu

    Plot twist: The trashing of the prequels, was a deliberate act to cheapen the star wars franchise in prep for Disney to buy it.

  99. author

    Jeff BachHari Yang lalu

    Had my heart since age of 12.....

  100. author

    Leche de caballoHari Yang lalu

    I like them.