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Binging with Babish is the realization of a young(ish) man's dream to combine his love of film and cooking, and to have some fun in the process. Join us each week as we recreate the foods you've always wanted to try in movies and television - and if you're not careful, you just might learn a thing or two.
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Donuts | Basics with BabishDonuts | Basics with Babish

Donuts | Basics with Babish

11 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    Joshua Ortiz8 menit yang lalu

    Vodka in pie crust?

  2. author

    Fish Drowner9 menit yang lalu

    How much did the woman cost and is it possible I can grind it in the milkshake instead of putting it on the sid e

  3. author

    Zack Fink9 menit yang lalu

    Damnit Babbish quit making my face leak!

  4. author

    Exal10 menit yang lalu

    You should definitely do a Harry Potter series running up to Halloween!

  5. author

    AmSo Tv13 menit yang lalu

    affogato the vanilla ice cream has to be super cold and the espresso shot has to be hot right from the espresso machine, it has to create a foam basically like a float

  6. author

    Mitchel Paulus15 menit yang lalu

    Make the snow cones from monsters inc.

  7. author

    cool username16 menit yang lalu

    Cool glasses and mugs!

  8. author

    Kylee Ann17 menit yang lalu

    Greta video! If you let your frothed milk sit though, the foam will rise to the top and you need to reincorporate it by tapping and swirling or else you can’t do latte art because all of your thin steamed milk will slide out and the foam will plop down on top at the end 🙂

  9. author

    Zakat Almosen18 menit yang lalu

    I don't think garlic is sacrilege because it's not in the recipe. After all, I prefer parmesan to pecorino and pancetta to guanciale. My friends in Rome would gladly murder me for this, but that's not the point. I think it's just because in italian cooking we use garlic in a very deliberate fashion. Some dishes have garlic, some do not. This way you know what you can eat without burping death for hours. A lot of italians, me included, HATE garlic. It just stays with you for ages. Everything you eat after just tastes like shit. Every time you burp you kill your friends. It's not about the taste, it's just too invasive. Since american cooking shows became popular, I have lost trust in restaurants. A lot of guys now use American recipes, just to feel more modern. So now I actually have to ask whether there's garlic in my DAMN CARBONARA. And it's always uncomfortable. It's like asking if there's shit in my breadbasket. Than being said, I believe cuisine should be tailored to the customer. Chinese restaurants are great at this. Most dishes don't even exist in China. Chinese restaurants in the US have a totally different menu than the ones in Italy, and I think that's great. If Americans like garlic everywhere then let them have it, being anal about it isn't going to change anything. Just don't let that devil spawn near me. I'll be chillin here, eating delicious horses like a proper Italian.

  10. author

    AmSo Tv18 menit yang lalu

    you make amazing videos but you are overthinking this

  11. author

    Peng Fei Dong21 menit yang lalu

    Californians: "_*cries in marijuana cigarettes*_" ***REEFERS***

  12. author

    Han Dynasty21 menit yang lalu

    Chef is mad cuz you cooking a risotto in a rice cooker.... just kidding I'm all for it fk the chef.

  13. author

    Rob C.21 menit yang lalu

    Videos are great but you lost me with how you use your fork.

  14. author

    Heidi Hamilton21 menit yang lalu

    I'd definitely expect a good (dry) cappuccino to just be foam and espresso. Not a half steamed milk and foam

  15. author

    qantux22 menit yang lalu


  16. author

    Aqua UwU23 menit yang lalu

    Your trending

  17. author

    Dillon Avery24 menit yang lalu


  18. author

    ReFlexz24 menit yang lalu

    "5 DOLLAR MILKSHAKE SOO EXPENSIVE" But in my country one cost alot more.

  19. author

    JundaComputersGmbH25 menit yang lalu

    WOW he drives a brand new Audi A4 with Virtual Cockpit???

  20. author

    Tina Clayton25 menit yang lalu

    We are simple people. We se Jojo, we click.

  21. author

    Umi Alam27 menit yang lalu

    Loooooll people who don’t get the doug demuro reference probs so fucking confused

  22. author

    Va1tik29 menit yang lalu

    my favorite line from this video. But is it a member of the clean plate club? At these prices you bet you ass it is. XD

  23. author

    Fuzz Destroyer30 menit yang lalu

    I would make this but I can't be fukt going out and buying all the ingredients.

  24. author

    Leopard Bra Brado31 menit yang lalu

    Slayer owners be like "Awe...that's so cute".

  25. author

    Phil_Beavers35 menit yang lalu

    5:48 since when are wedges round?

  26. author

    Fredbear14 SFM36 menit yang lalu

    Banish:This is Jess, Jess is my girlfriend. Everyone: *Im Shoooked*

  27. author

    Ana Raquel Novoa36 menit yang lalu

    Jess is very pretty 😁

  28. author

    Isaac Stevenson36 menit yang lalu

    A large shake from McDonald’s costs $5.10

  29. author

    Ben Tapia36 menit yang lalu

    That IDreporter money must be good if you’re dropping Louis XIII into a milkshake. Movin on up!

  30. author

    Smore Queen37 menit yang lalu

    Omg hii Jess 👋🏽👋🏽

  31. author

    Joshua Batchelor38 menit yang lalu

    I need my being with babish gf addition

  32. author

    AUrora12922 Absolute trash :339 menit yang lalu

    Honestly the noodles look delicious

  33. author

    Snake_OW39 menit yang lalu

    It needs tomato soup

  34. author

    Chinmay Upadhye40 menit yang lalu

    I make better rotis than this guy. He didn't work the dough enough to make it light and elastic

  35. author

    Natureallyme46 menit yang lalu

    Oh so this is what ur face looks like! 😂😂😂🤷🏾‍♀️

  36. author

    John Carnahan48 menit yang lalu

    Holy shit using Angel's Envy in a milk shake is incredible

  37. author

    Elizabeth Borkland49 menit yang lalu

    This is a pretty funny and informative video.

  38. author

    Gg gg50 menit yang lalu

    Make the calzone from we bare bears

  39. author

    Jaime Garcia51 menit yang lalu

    Hey guys I just uploaded a VIDEO!! I need help and support I just started doing IDreporter and I wanted feedback I’m so close to 100 subs ! THANK YOU !!

  40. author

    Ben Singer53 menit yang lalu

    You had me until "saucep'n" - what are ya, guvna? A Cockney?

  41. author

    Thorne_101_57 menit yang lalu

    Hey could you try this pinterest recipe/your own preferably for an air fried bundt cake? Literally they made the regular batter for a lemon cake, put it in the pan and threw it in the air fryer and Ive never felt the same since 😂 could you try it out and see if its any good?

  42. author

    chewie182659 menit yang lalu

    Does anyone know what brand or type of "plastic" wrap he is using?

  43. author

    Rick GlanvilleJam Yang lalu

    isnt shawarma lamb??

  44. author

    KoikilledkingsJam Yang lalu

    great now i want to watch Kung Fu Panda

  45. author

    Gsvb Gdb.Jam Yang lalu

    He didn't do any research huh

  46. author

    Sam GushJam Yang lalu

    i hate you

  47. author

    Dr.FailJam Yang lalu

    five dollars? where I live it's six dollars!

  48. author

    Troy DaviesJam Yang lalu

    Jess was they best feature for sure screw the milkshake dude..

  49. author

    Mobster_Lobster69Jam Yang lalu

    what a sweet heart, Morimoto lol

  50. author

    HΞLLBΞNTJam Yang lalu

    I swear, your italian is getting both better *and* worse at the same time.

  51. author

    eener nanisJam Yang lalu

    For everyone that's wondering, making this with normal vanilla, no alcohol, no edible gold and any type of milk, still tastes good. Nothing impressive, and a waste of fucking time, but still better than a waste of time AND money

  52. author

    n0wthAm8Jam Yang lalu

    Aw you are so cute together

  53. author

    danny huangJam Yang lalu

    The Ov'e Glove

  54. author

    FraJam Yang lalu

    3:10 "a single shot of espresso" in america maybe, that's like 3/4 european shots

  55. author

    Ethan NapierJam Yang lalu

    You should've added the German "eiskaffee", that's literally if coffee became a dessert

  56. author

    Juan FloresJam Yang lalu

    I made the mistake of wearing headphones during this video The slurp at the end was one of the worst sounds to ever enter my ear holes

  57. author

    suantai burgessJam Yang lalu

    Awww Babby, the sudden gf reveal tho😭😍

  58. author

    MrMasterDebateJam Yang lalu

    Crazy part? If you account for inflation, that’s a 13 dollar shake today.

  59. author

    Max GreenJam Yang lalu

    suddenly it's just "salt" and not "kosher salt"...

  60. author

    Rick GlanvilleJam Yang lalu

    just make a calzone

  61. author

    LittleOxfordStJam Yang lalu

    Going straight to this from Unraveled is like IDreporter whiplash

  62. author

    John JohnsonJam Yang lalu

    Note: If you are not Mexican there is a huge probability you are doing it wrong.

  63. author

    Ammaar QamarJam Yang lalu

    2:20 "garlic chili cock sauce"

  64. author

    Daniel FureyJam Yang lalu

    Steamed hams?

  65. author

    Frank MJam Yang lalu

    Hope you and Jess work out! Mainly because, of course, I hope everything and everyone works out, but also because I'd hate for a "Everyone, meet ___. Jess and I didn't work out." episode or something.

  66. author

    DIM GAMINGJam Yang lalu

    I bought an espresso machine but returned it after a week because it‘s too much work for a fail of coffee.

  67. author

    doublevizzionJam Yang lalu

    Question: do you do all the cooking or does she do some?

  68. author

    TehHitmarkerJam Yang lalu


  69. author

    Zuriat AmeduJam Yang lalu

    Hello there Mr.Babish, A request I have for you, will you make the Mississippi Queen from Regular Show please i now bid you a due. Or Bensons chicken wing chili from Regular Show will make me joyfully hop, so pretty please with a chicken wing on top?

  70. author

    Charlie ChanJam Yang lalu

    Deveining is tedious as all hell ughhhhh

  71. author

    BataanJam Yang lalu

    Babish vs Josh from GMM. Make it real!

  72. author

    Kasey O'DeaJam Yang lalu

    Holidays are coming up, how about gingerbread from Shrek? Please don’t forget the gumdrop buttons.

  73. author

    Alberto GomezJam Yang lalu

    5:26 the breaking happens Your welcome👌

  74. author

    Charlie ChanJam Yang lalu

    Jake! You're president now! Oh my god!

  75. author

    G M8 LIFJam Yang lalu

    make pewdiepies meatballs

  76. author

    Max's videosJam Yang lalu

    Here is some ideas for episodes: Pitt Cola from Gravity Falls Brown ice cream from my brother,my brother and me All cakes from Battle for dream island Mr.White and Mr.White's pasta from Ruby gloom Blue milk from Star Wars Stay Puft marshmallows from Ghostbusters Linda's spaghetti from Bob's Bugers

  77. author

    Zack-Attack!Jam Yang lalu

    What is the right or wrong way?

  78. author

    Kirbybob square pantsJam Yang lalu

    I want to eat the stuff you cook

  79. author

    I’m Bad At NamesJam Yang lalu

    Please make an old style Enchanted Golden Apple, you only need 82 gold ores which you just need an iron pic to get and an apple

  80. author

    Oscar McCormackJam Yang lalu

    You forgot to rail a line of heroin after

  81. author

    Gear PrimoJam Yang lalu

    I want to watch all your video's in one go, some videos I'd watch mulitple times if only they didn't make me so dang hungry!! love the humour you use in your videos, you're awesome!

  82. author

    Rage GrimReaperJam Yang lalu

    Most controversial recipe ever since its from the show with the most controversial ending

  83. author

    senza had the weedJam Yang lalu

    Wait a minute u used a metal straw im sorry but I'm gonna say it *visco man sksksksk and I oop-*

  84. author

    Charlie ChanJam Yang lalu

    Never cared for coriander....weird flavor profile.

  85. author

    Luna RoseJam Yang lalu

    I have zero intention of making anything from these videos, but they’re so comforting and inspiring.?

  86. author

    antivfx editsJam Yang lalu

    i'm trying to make this rn. I'll edit it and tell y'all the results (:

  87. author

    Chanel HJam Yang lalu

    As a former barista and former European resident, I approve

  88. author

    Jake KJam Yang lalu

    Where's Eds sauce and the good burger?

  89. author

    Charlie ChanJam Yang lalu

    Oooooooooooooooooo! - Mordecai and Rigby

  90. author

    scoatbeats Scotty FlippinJam Yang lalu

    She’s lucky

  91. author

    Kevin ReyesJam Yang lalu

    Don't lie to me when you see this IDreporter title your head started to play "Hey Panini don't you be a meanie"

  92. author

    senza had the weedJam Yang lalu

    This is jess my girlfriend Me:huh u made kosher salt a human u my sir are a madlad

  93. author

    revydmatJam Yang lalu

    A little too Babish !!!

  94. author

    senza had the weedJam Yang lalu


  95. author

    jiggamanogJam Yang lalu

    "Its burnt you donkey!"

  96. author

    Scott PetrovitsJam Yang lalu

    "Butter is the one and only true way for grilled cheese." Can't get 'em all right, I guess. Mayo is the correct answer.

  97. author

    Milenko PopovicJam Yang lalu

    Bottle of Louie the Xlll cost about 2500 euro for a bottle 0.7lit . Thats retail market price . Imagine restortant price...

  98. author

    Lil BugattiJam Yang lalu

    Regular show made alot of foods

  99. author

    Bruno MartínezJam Yang lalu

    You could also add to the affogato espresso liquor! Borghetti is a really good one

  100. author

    Scar BarJam Yang lalu