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I Have a COD SECRET...I Have a COD SECRET...

I Have a COD SECRET...

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Battlefield 6 BAD NEWS...Battlefield 6 BAD NEWS...

Battlefield 6 BAD NEWS...

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PS5 Price Leaked..PS5 Price Leaked..

PS5 Price Leaked..

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Black Ops 5...Black Ops 5...

Black Ops 5...

2 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    ShwiftyboiMenit Yang lalu

    Did he seriously say the fal was better than the ebr 14

  2. author

    Jonathan Murillo9 menit yang lalu

    Spectre iron sights are literally so clear and the gun doesn’t kick much to begin with...

  3. author

    IChooseToBelieve 24610 menit yang lalu

    Why is M4a1 not on here

  4. author

    IChooseToBelieve 24623 menit yang lalu

    The AW M-16 was good with the reflex sight

  5. author

    FaZe 2K32 menit yang lalu

    The event was so dope 😲😲😲

  6. author

    Allen Taju33 menit yang lalu

    All time favourite black ops 2 Twitter @AllenTaju

  7. author

    John Sanseverino45 menit yang lalu

    mw3 marksman?

  8. author

    ImagineCin3ma53 menit yang lalu

    Like my vid and subs, I'll do the same (I'm loyal) 👍

  9. author

    PrimalShepard V255 menit yang lalu

    Who else instantly thought Stonehaven?

  10. author

    Wes C59 menit yang lalu

    The 3rd person in mw2 was the reason I bought the game lol. I was obsessed with it

  11. author

    LP JAYJam Yang lalu

    Top 10 hottest skin 1.Prisoner

  12. author

    nomadisaidsJam Yang lalu

    Why is every comment about the spas lol😂

  13. author

    NycProductionsJam Yang lalu

    The BO1 Spas has the stock folded on top. So technically that is not the iron sight

  14. author

    1000 subscribers whitout any videoJam Yang lalu


  15. author

    Shannon ShortJam Yang lalu

    Shows a video of spas 12 but doesnt show the iron sights?

  16. author

    Marcus BiertonJam Yang lalu

    Anyone else notice how for black ops one he said the ak74, the actual name for it was the ak47u

  17. author

    Ryan MaddisonJam Yang lalu

    Were is the cod 4 m16 but great video

  18. author

    Berserk HunterJam Yang lalu

    Complains about BO1 Spas 12 BO4 Rampage: Am I a joke to you?

  19. author

    Food SlotJam Yang lalu

    I love you chaos. But how dare you

  20. author

    thedogefogx420 thedogefox420Jam Yang lalu

    Just started it about 1-2 months ago and I am really enjoying it but sometimes it's hard to find lobby's in certain modes

  21. author

    Alonso Lopez MorenoJam Yang lalu

    I actually like the m14 sights (i am a beast with that)

  22. author

    iBluXBLJam Yang lalu


  23. author

    Im Fizz2 jam yang lalu

    if you make a video about iron sides maybe get gameplay that actually shows them prperly

  24. author

    nintendians2 jam yang lalu

    10. look clean to me. 9. it's okay but little room to see the enemy. 8. the shoulder stock kind block both sides of the screen. 7. it's okay. 6. it's clean. 5. the front sight looks blurred. 4. like #6. 3.the clip blocks your right side. 2. like #7. 1. look like any m16 in the call of duty series.

  25. author

    Michael Horton2 jam yang lalu

    Why do I want to win? Why wouldn’t I? Lol

  26. author

    Technical duty2 jam yang lalu

    I love. Black ops 3 and 2

  27. author

    jason shuff jr3 jam yang lalu

    What about Nox or Cormak in advance warfare

  28. author

    Ken Johnson3 jam yang lalu

    I was waiting on the MG34, BO1 scorpion, WAW Browning, and WAW Degtyaryov

  29. author

    TylerB253 jam yang lalu

    The Ameli? Are you high?

  30. author

    johnny Gunn3 jam yang lalu

    I don't play any other cod other than infinite. I can't wait till the next gen

  31. author

    Ryan Maddison3 jam yang lalu

    Show cod 4 not mwr

  32. author

    Ken Johnson3 jam yang lalu

    Mtar-X iron sights were lovely, it fit the recoil perfectly. I was getting crossmap kills with it.

  33. author

    XxHasonyxX Cod3 jam yang lalu

    I read Iron Iran 🤣😂

  34. author

    Riley Local4 jam yang lalu

    periphreal vision

  35. author

    Pluto4 jam yang lalu

    Can we push 20 subs

  36. author

    Pluto4 jam yang lalu

    Can we push 20 subs

  37. author

    Pluto4 jam yang lalu

    Can we push 20 subs

  38. author

    Pluto4 jam yang lalu

    Can we push 20 subs

  39. author

    Pluto4 jam yang lalu

    Can we push 20 subs

  40. author

    Pluto4 jam yang lalu

    Can we push 20 subs

  41. author

    Joel Faford4 jam yang lalu

    The galil in bo1

  42. author

    British Kamata Kun4 jam yang lalu

    The AN-94 from Battlefield 4

  43. author

    LJ Johnson4 jam yang lalu

    I haven’t even watched it yet and I know the 725 gotta be in here. People who still use it in hardcore have literally zero skill in the game

  44. author

    Codeman Cool4 jam yang lalu

    More like BO2 remaster!

  45. author

    FlyFinch4 jam yang lalu

    1sub=1sub. That’s how it goes.

  46. author

    General Grievous4 jam yang lalu

    I just love COD WW2

  47. author

    Mememan5 jam yang lalu

    Broke people play fortnite

  48. author

    Rohit Nishad5 jam yang lalu

    Forward assault mobile should have been on this list..

  49. author

    Aron1755 jam yang lalu

    Sub swap!

  50. author

    Yeet the Meat5 jam yang lalu

    Silent hill was terrifying for me and I still have never finished it.

  51. author

    Kawii Zat5 jam yang lalu

    6:15 why tho, he was hurting nobody ):

  52. author

    Darren Gardette5 jam yang lalu

    The more I played the USS Texas the more it wasn't cargo

  53. author

    FlyFinch6 jam yang lalu

    1sub=1sub. That’s how It goes.

  54. author

    Darren Gardette6 jam yang lalu


  55. author

    Flying IPIS6 jam yang lalu

    I am from 3 years ago.

  56. author

    Itsjack playzroblox206 jam yang lalu

    The cod infinite warfare is cool

  57. author

    xXTkillXx _6 jam yang lalu

    I surprised there’s no ak or a varient of it on here

  58. author

    Tyler Roback6 jam yang lalu

    The Bren was just awful

  59. author

    Lewis ward games6 jam yang lalu

    I want the FAD back loved that wepon

  60. author

    Demon & Angel7 jam yang lalu

    I got 9/10

  61. author

    Secret_JJFasaYT7 jam yang lalu

    Season 2

  62. author

    Itz_Fireshot1017 jam yang lalu

    I am returning all support to everyone so please let me know once done

  63. author

    Felipe Gutiez7 jam yang lalu

    How dare you ? The G36C has one of the cleanest Iron sights from COD history

  64. author

    Doogie Itis Cena7 jam yang lalu

    My channel is doogie itis cena, bout random things

  65. author

    Spectrum/OGBot028 jam yang lalu

    Ummm, yes technically the Kar98k and M2Carbine get more attention but that’s because they are indeed better and there is no reason why they shouldn’t be put on this list bc they are most definitely used as snipers even though they are listed as marksman rifles

  66. author

    Melrose Dunkley8 jam yang lalu

    My chanell is RVD Studio

  67. author

    OZ vines uncensored8 jam yang lalu

    Great info thanks for your advice .Thanks

  68. author

    AidanPlayz _YT8 jam yang lalu

    Hey I am a growing IDreporterd about to post my first vid drop a sub I appreciate it.😀

  69. author

    No Luck JK8 jam yang lalu

    Subswaps anyone??

  70. author

    Ghost _shadow3131-_-8 jam yang lalu

    I don’t have a pc so I can’t really play csgo Sonia play standoff 2 on my phone

  71. author

    Christian McGrath9 jam yang lalu


  72. author

    Johnathon Pease9 jam yang lalu

    The original stinger machine gun had a rate of fire around 1300 rounds per minute it is franken gun combo of the garand bar an the browning anm2 30 cal anti aircraft machine gun

  73. author

    Vujnovic6349 jam yang lalu

    You all know that MW2 had the best killstreaks

  74. author

    Brian’s Buds & Brews9 jam yang lalu

    MG42 in MW 2019

  75. author

    1 210 jam yang lalu

    Idk why but i really like the mtar-21 slights

  76. author

    Chad Walker10 jam yang lalu

    Pre patched Proteus from infinite warfare.

  77. author

    tiget201311 jam yang lalu

    Jugg moose was fun as hell

  78. author

    Postcat MCV12 jam yang lalu

    it's not now

  79. author

    Vellow Gaming12 jam yang lalu

    Vellow gaming this îs my channel

  80. author

    Callum Norris12 jam yang lalu

    "There are 2 videos, one is red, one is blue" Proceeds to show a playlist of over 1700 videos in the red spot

  81. author

    Lilianah Martinez12 jam yang lalu


  82. author

    Stefano X12 jam yang lalu

    I was expecting mw 2019 fn scar

  83. author

    jayden Thompson12 jam yang lalu

    I thought the spectre was decent

  84. author

    Jacob GuitarCovers13 jam yang lalu

    Wasn’t the saw in black ops 2

  85. author

    It'z Toa5t13 jam yang lalu

    7:16 with certain attachments the bren Is a god!

  86. author

    Marlen Gilpin13 jam yang lalu

    The stinger in real life was one of the most fastest firing gun in ww2!

  87. author

    Justus Martin13 jam yang lalu

    Tac .45 was my mfn jam! Literally made entire classes around it and the B23R.

  88. author

    mani productions13 jam yang lalu

    Short answer 175 gb Long answer the video

  89. author

    Brandon Kelley13 jam yang lalu

    I actually preferred the g36 with iron sights 😂

  90. author

    RoosterZanalT313 jam yang lalu

    I actually always used the mtar x iron sights

  91. author

    Wolves13 jam yang lalu

    10 hours

  92. author

    Roby Slagley14 jam yang lalu

    The best one in my opinion was the ninja pro. I don't really know why, but it's always been my go to. And i would love to win the PS4 I literally dont own any console atm😂 my Twitter is @realdealslagley

  93. author

    Mr. Collins14 jam yang lalu

    The ebr is a good gun the sights are fine for me.

  94. author

    Dancehall king tv14 jam yang lalu

    My channel is about dancehall vybz

  95. author

    Allen Brown14 jam yang lalu

    The spectre had good iron sights tho

  96. author

    Bryan Parham14 jam yang lalu

    I also gotta say that the VAST majority of these sights are using the night engagement sight which is basically larger to compensate for low light visibility.... And the Uzi has you looking over the ACTUAL sights unlike BO that had you looking through the legit sights..... I can’t complain enough over videos like this because people don’t like the literal looks and actual sights that the guns offer...

  97. author

    StrazerPlayz14 jam yang lalu


  98. author

    Jared J15 jam yang lalu

    Any one want mw3 back ?

  99. author

    Slice of Cheese15 jam yang lalu

    I loved the g36c iron sights. First gun I ever got gold in any game

  100. author

    Javier Montoya15 jam yang lalu

    Complaining about COD iron sights, he hasn’t seen rainbow 6 siege iron rights 😂😂😂