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Who is 'Spill'??Who is 'Spill'??

Who is 'Spill'??

5 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    Unhappy Bacon6 jam yang lalu

    I'm sorry, but she doesn't deserve it. She wants to work for NASA but she can't be professional, nor does she seem to respect other people? Hell no. I don't want a person like her working for NASA if she's going to act like a child and be unprofessional, and rude

  2. author

    Sam Curran7 jam yang lalu

    Shut up why are you being a nob

  3. author

    Latu Malupo7 jam yang lalu

    Lost her job you racist shit! 🤣😂

  4. author

    Ry ROme8 jam yang lalu

    That's common knowledge. Stick someone with a needle of aids blood and it's rip, maybe. I feel Suge was a middle man and the top guy was you know who. Suge is not that stupid to do the work himself. Got some street rat to do it. Hollywood can twist anything and make you believe anything. There entertainment is getting off, on the fact that you believe this shit.

  5. author

    Farshad Binam9 jam yang lalu

    Hi Hitler

  6. author

    THELEGEND 279 jam yang lalu

    Imagine being such a neckbeard to rob some dude out of some plastic? The fuck are you gonna do with them shove them up your nose?

  7. author

    Miles Moore10 jam yang lalu

    People will always hate. Ignore them.

  8. author

    Your Local Communist10 jam yang lalu

    Who told Kanye he can sing?

  9. author

    DCF Hyper11 jam yang lalu

    I bet he Stepped on a lego

  10. author

    digna umana11 jam yang lalu

    This doesn’t make any sense that’s why it’s called acting the reason why they act like a baby is because they’re acting because there’s people that like watching it there’s other people that do way worst and they still could do IDreporter and upload them

  11. author

    TimeTime12 jam yang lalu

    Sports broadcasting degree ? Ha ! Ferrell really would have benefited from clown school. BTW .. School's entrance goes to the highest bidder. Ha !

  12. author

    Anthony Chofiee12 jam yang lalu

    What crime did she commit because what I seen does not break any laws an the woman is not a fugitive WHY DONT YOU JUST COOL IT OK THIS WAS NOT RACIAL PROFILING

  13. author

    Anddres Torres13 jam yang lalu

    Rules of Mexico..... 1) don’t get involved in drugs at all. 2) don’t try to act tough 3) mind your own business....you do that you will be fine.

  14. author

    Nails Jackson13 jam yang lalu

    Haha, Well give all the money and fame back if you don't want what comes along with it. Find a way to make money behind the scenes

  15. author

    Liam Sison14 jam yang lalu

    The rock!

  16. author

    ChemaHD14 jam yang lalu

    Nigga cartels don’t fuck around tf you thought was gonna happen

  17. author

    sansboy 18414 jam yang lalu

    Assgore is one of the song I can think of

  18. author

    Lemon Juice14 jam yang lalu

    Not all of these are bad. Fidget toys are for people like me who have ADHD, ADD, etc.

  19. author

    Davron16 jam yang lalu

    Probably fеntanyl... Or drugs laced with it. I lost my brother like that. The epidemic is out of control.

  20. author

    bluewaffle74ab16 jam yang lalu

    He needs to grow up was probably his dad who stole it.

  21. author

    Evie Ashley17 jam yang lalu

    Cole CLEARLY states in the clip YOU showed that they are evacuating just in case. Stop hating. And y’all can’t tell me that other you tubers don’t have click bait for there videos. And also o think that anyone else would evacuate there house if a fire was near and they were 5 MONTHS PREGNANT! Just stop and think that if you were in Savannah’s or Coles place and you had a five year old child and your wife was 5 months pregnant than you would most likely evacuate your house too. I just wanted to put that out there. 🙄 so y’all can stop hating on them and let them live there life. 🙄😡

  22. author

    jay domingue18 jam yang lalu

    theres no way to win 42million on penny slots.but they should have payed her the max jackpot.

  23. author

    ImaginaryCUBEBOSS1718 jam yang lalu

    Yea my dignity

  24. author

    MaryJane Blues18 jam yang lalu

    Love themmm

  25. author

    1HEART 7SEAS 1MOON19 jam yang lalu

    I wish someone would steal my heart :(

  26. author

    Ryan Lewis19 jam yang lalu

    Cross the line

  27. author

    Ryan Lewis19 jam yang lalu

    Ross is a god he would never

  28. author

    Enid Lugo20 jam yang lalu

    If she has schizophrenia, it is very difficult to help her because by law you cannot make her take her medication, and the illness itself makes her not believe she has it, and become highly distrustfull of doctors and anyone who suggest she take medication. It’s a really shitty illness and unfortunately she is right at the age of onset. Her family needs to get involved and try to help her, but it will be very uphill. She will probably never fully recover as for most people the illness is incurable. People need to be talking more about mental illness and try to get laws passed that allow relatives to help patients like her, who can’t really help themselves.

  29. author

    nicole grigsby20 jam yang lalu

    Crazy 🤬

  30. author

    HeyyItzManny20 jam yang lalu

    3:00 yes my virginity

  31. author

    dumbo742920 jam yang lalu

    Drinking MAGA will make you crazy.

  32. author

    Eugene Dawson21 jam yang lalu

    My son love leggos. And trust me. Two boxes can easily run over 100$. Easy.

  33. author

    Kylie Jenner21 jam yang lalu

    Im 5'3 at 12 Im tall so I watched this to make me feel better

  34. author

    sen_dd22 jam yang lalu

    0:24 you're welcome

  35. author

    pristineHari Yang lalu


  36. author

    Noreen FlandersHari Yang lalu

    Not really figure of speech

  37. author

    ChrisHari Yang lalu

    ahh...first world problems...so novel.

  38. author

    Alex MonteroHari Yang lalu

    Lele Pons: *I'm LaTiNa!* Lilly Singh: *As a colored, bisexual woman I...* James Charles: *I'm a celebrity.*

  39. author

    Ronald WhitakerHari Yang lalu

    The time traveler was talking about in 2030 Yolanda Renae King would be the President of the USA. She is the granddaughter of Martin Luther King and in 2028 will be 20 years old and the first female president of the US and also the youngest due to a new provision that will allow her to be President before turning 35. She will beat Mike Pence who will be president for only 4 years following Trump.

  40. author

    johnathan sparksHari Yang lalu

    As you said you don't know what he can afford. But the key word is you don't know. Just because someone says one thing and does another doesn't make them a bad person. They could have been shy or embarrassed to put themselves out there for the world to see. People like you are a good reason to not film and post their acts of kindness. He's a teenager who did a nice thing for a person who he didn't have to do it for. I wonder how much money you make and how many people you have helped in your lifetime? The important thing is the message it sends to others. Help one another, be and be grateful you are in a position to help someone let alone receive it. Critiquing someone's kindness and being skeptical of such Acts make you a ugly person inside. In the end. If all he wanted was acknowledgement of his "so-called Good Deed" by others. What's wrong with that. He could've done it for every wrong reason. But the act itself stands in the eyes of other to want to start helping and being a better person themselves. I ask, why knock it when you dont even know them or the entire story. You said it yourself. "You don't know". I'm a glass is half full guy. Seeing how you treat kind hearted strangers. I can see you're a glass half empty person. Keep it up. It's your character and integrity in the balance.

  41. author

    AJHari Yang lalu

    Who tf robs a house for legos?

  42. author

    Isaiah PerlaHari Yang lalu

    Bruh if only eazy wiped out suge

  43. author

    SowpmactavishHari Yang lalu


  44. author

    fivetimesyoHari Yang lalu

    Admitedly, this is sick. But having said that, Epic Mealtime did it first.

  45. author

    Tim LolsHari Yang lalu

    When I built these as a kid, I only built them so I could destroy them lol

  46. author

    XXXIOMARA XXHari Yang lalu

    Shaneeee get me on fentys list

  47. author

    kingcalafiaHari Yang lalu

    They should slam people with a hefty fine for these ludicrous 911 phone calls and charge them with a hate crime. It is pulling emergency responders from real emergencies.

  48. author

    Max JoshHari Yang lalu

    This "couple" are just together for the money and IDreporter fame also hannah isn't right in the head she has a fetish

  49. author

    Alexa MondragonHari Yang lalu

    I feel shocked because I just noticed and I was watching a video an I remembered I used to watch toy freaks and wanted to know how big they are so I search it and I don't see their video and found out and got sad because I have not seen them in 5 YEARS it's sad that it gone😭😢😢😢😭😭😭

  50. author

    Cody StephensonHari Yang lalu

    i had my v card stolen by my uncle.

  51. author

    JamesInjustice2Hari Yang lalu

    Walmart needs to raise thiers.

  52. author

    Hope SunshineHari Yang lalu

    I hate the “she’s young and figuring it out” comment. I am still young and I used alcohol and meth and spice and a bunch of bad shit to “figure it out” and it didn’t help. Neither did sex and codependency. So no she shouldn’t be left alone

  53. author

    Leaving NadirHari Yang lalu

    At the end, Dawn Major - woman interviewed with her son. Her son is wearing a Steel Panther t shirt and is smiling through. Lmao The irony she is complaining

  54. author

    NEON_RED_BLUE _GREENHari Yang lalu

    😳Man these couple are goddam crazy😳 and ❤️ make sure you subscribe to them guys! ❤️

  55. author

    Jarlaxle DaertheHari Yang lalu

    Can the Internet "replace" my "stolen" multi-billion dollar empire? Because that would be great, thanks in advance!

  56. author

    Monica LorenzanaHari Yang lalu

    Mental i'll souls!

  57. author

    John ForgeHari Yang lalu

    Wheres her parent's they need to help her.

  58. author

    John ForgeHari Yang lalu

    She needs help. But they should get her into treatment like Eugenia Cooney. Please help her.

  59. author

    KING DHari Yang lalu

    She sound stupid

  60. author

    StratusHari Yang lalu

    You're not a very good commentator.

  61. author

    James RHari Yang lalu

    This is a serious issue, but this woman's horse teeth are soooo distracting !!!!

  62. author

    Agent JHari Yang lalu

    Her singing is bad.

  63. author

    James DaleHari Yang lalu

    Yall dumb and crazy thats a good yt channel dummy yall b***

  64. author

    joe monroeHari Yang lalu

    *person acts weird* All of youtube: SHE NEEDS HELP

  65. author

    Dee NinjahHari Yang lalu

    HATE all Coulters reactions she just looked like she didn’t get ANY of the jokes. She isn’t that foreign. Obviously that was her strategy to pretend she didn’t get any of the jokes so it seemed like the jabs to her weren’t funny and so confusing so by default they wouldn’t land. Obviously she couldn’t take it. What a cowardly strategy!!

  66. author

    Emmet AndisHari Yang lalu

    She using psychadelics

  67. author

    PootHari Yang lalu

    Dommy is hot af

  68. author

    Brad MarschallHari Yang lalu

    Thats what happens when u have a nick name woth the word young. What are those wow thats this dudes only thing he has

  69. author

    Mrs. CBPHari Yang lalu

    Still blowing Joe......

  70. author

    Mrs. CBPHari Yang lalu

    Doing what???125.000 is a lot of money 2 blow Joe!!!

  71. author

    KYAW MOE HANHari Yang lalu

    God sorry for me watching this

  72. author

    Jose ErivesHari Yang lalu

    Your fired! Fkng mf raicist fuk!!!! No more $125 000 job!

  73. author

    etc.Hari Yang lalu

    Feminist are cancer

  74. author

    Alex JonesHari Yang lalu

    I guess 1 word is stronger than the entire european blooded race on the earth. Good job being scared of black people.

  75. author

    Nezha EnnafiiHari Yang lalu

    🖥 ⌨️🖱

  76. author

    venkataraman somasundaramHari Yang lalu

    It will probably take about a million years for theses genes to mutate and change. In the mean time non whites just have to put up with it.Racism is in white peoples genes.

  77. author

    LOVER LINKHari Yang lalu

    shes always on drugs and hope she gets help :(

  78. author

    Ed WhiteHari Yang lalu

    Another story you will NEVER hear on the @LarryElder show.

  79. author

    015b Q34Hari Yang lalu

    Someone here said I hope the burglar stepped on a lego well I hope a Lego steps on the burglar

  80. author

    Jake LeggatHari Yang lalu

    Lost my teddy once, was pretty bloody awful for a 1.5 meter lad, but nothing to bad

  81. author

    Jasmine PhillipsHari Yang lalu

    Didn’t know you could lose your job for conduct off the job that has nothing to do with your job ...ijs but she is crazy 😜 has anyone nicknamed her yet??? ...myb Loosing her job Lindsey... 💁🏽‍♀️😜

  82. author

    Ann RieHari Yang lalu

    What is AAA? Im german btw

  83. author

    Jason ViperHari Yang lalu

    hey DONKEY TEETH WITH SMALL TITS, you know that part you say "open you're mind" say that to the leftist moronic people that believe EVERY BLACK PERSON THAT plays the "victim card" when a white person says nigga. yet some black people that do this still listen to music with "nigga" in it, watch movies with "nigga" in it but remember EVERYTHING IS RACIST if u are white hahahahahahahahahahaha

  84. author

    David GHari Yang lalu

    Way to assert some wild claim of it being a white “nationalist” (aka white supremest) sign! LOL you moron. Great way to turn the universal symbol for OKAY into ridiculous nefarious RACISM (only white racism of course too). What’s next, thumbs up 👍🏻 means Holocaust?

  85. author

    Sam KlinkHari Yang lalu

    Are we calling Dom a popular IDreporterr now?😅

  86. author

    Daniel BorrieHari Yang lalu

    Kids React

  87. author

    OwUHari Yang lalu

    When you run out of money:

  88. author

    Garrett BrandoHari Yang lalu

    Every time I see her, 'D.N.A' plays in my head

  89. author

    Anna NeprawskeyHari Yang lalu

    wait ... was that sam pepper on her live ???? AM CONFUSED !

  90. author

    This Dysfunctional LifeHari Yang lalu

    Wow! She definitely needs help! Wishing her well!

  91. author

    Anna NeprawskeyHari Yang lalu

    aww this is why i love Dom <3 bless him

  92. author

    TrickybuzHari Yang lalu

    I remember when she was on FBE

  93. author

    Rayelle RichardsonHari Yang lalu

    Hii sub and turned on nf

  94. author

    What's TrendingHari Yang lalu

    What do you think of this situation?

  95. author

    Sajeel AliHari Yang lalu

    Who else want a death wish

  96. author

    Huso CidemHari Yang lalu

    Fuckin donating money to some losers lego addiction..while kids starve to death in poor war torn countries...but u ppl have always been stupid fucks

  97. author

    my gacha worldHari Yang lalu

    If their going to a funeral that means they lost a loved and certainly they will not take pictures with you they will throw you out celebs love their fans because their fans got them in the spotlight but it’s disrespectful to invade their privacy like that

  98. author

    my gacha worldHari Yang lalu

    Telling a person that they can’t wear or do something because that’s a “black people thing” or a “white people thing” is the real racism here

  99. author

    Dan SHari Yang lalu

    Anybody who responds to words with violence is not a hero. If you believe that is the proper way to respond to words, then you would teach your children to throw punches when they hear things they dont like. I dont think you would, so stop celebrating adults that respond the way an poorly raised child would respond.

  100. author

    unkown unkownHari Yang lalu

    She was sòo cute